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What did you do in KSP today?

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Jeb flew a couple of tourists out to some mountains at the edge of the Arctic.

On the way he made a low run along a river.


Then on arrival in the Arctic, Bob and Tedberry headed for the peaks.


Took a look at the line where ice meets grass.


Tedberry stretched his legs while getting his photo taken.


Then they headed for the top, but only made it to just under 3km up (not the top), as they were finally defeated by lumpy terrain near the summit.


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2 hours ago, Klapaucius said:

@Jett_Quasar  That walker reindeer is just brilliant!


7 minutes ago, stargazer424 said:

Hopping Reindeer rover! Great Design!

Everyone was talking about making hopper bots for low gravity moons so I thought... what the heck, I'll try.  I'm pretty happy with the results.

 - Jett

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Something interesting for SSTOs... looks like drag calculations only get updated when you open and close cargo bays (and service bays and fairings etc); they don't get updated when you move things around with robotics.  This opens up some avenues for cheaty interesting designs that fold out from a cargo bay on the pad/runway, and NEVER experience drag as long as you never open the cargo bay in atmo.  I was only looking to have retractable service equipment like RCS, but there could be lots more possibilities.

https://kerbalx.com/fourfa/BG-drag-test for some rudimentary examples

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36 minutes ago, fourfa said:

Something interesting for SSTOs... looks like drag calculations only get updated when you open and close cargo bays (and service bays and fairings etc); they don't get updated when you move things around with robotics.

I had discovered that too, and I think posted in this thread (if not this one, another). It ruined my idea for a paddleboat sub. At the time I thought water physics didn't allow for working screw props (i just needed to be more patient):


When I saw lines like this this, I thought it wouldn't work.

or this

but waiting a little, it looked like this with small yellow lines... then it became like this and then this ... so they do work after the blades spin up a little at first.

My plan was 2 rotors with control surfaces.inside of a cargobay, with the paddles sticking outside the cargobay. Ideally only the ones going backward would experience drag with the water, and the ones going forward would be shielded from drag because they were inside the cargobay. Instead looking at the aero forces, the paddle that started outside the cargo back experienced drag throughout its entire cycle, and the ones that started inside the bay never experienced drag.

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Today I made a stock recreation of the MAV in the movie, The Martian, with my own modifications and created a new 3.5m custom command module

Will be posting pics as soon as i get off from work

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Not much to report to y'all. I might have to roll back to 1.6.1; the game's taking ten minutes to load for me at this point and I can't play for long before the lag gets bad.

Log's pretty minimal - Jonas Grumby made its burn to Ike and will arrive at periapsis in just under three hours, and in the process of hooking up the Spamcan 7c lander to the Enchova Central outpost on Duna, the damn 'can tipped over (more precisely, hooking up the resource station to it launched it into the air spontaneously and it flipped). Blew one of the craft's RTGs in the process; it still has three more thank goodness and i was still able to get the colonists she was hauling into the outpost, but I'm going to have to upright that 'can if I want to be able to use it again. In the past, I would've used a KAS electromagnet for the job; those are gone now, so I spent some time on Saturday thinking of "something else". Winch cable and connector port was the solution I came up with - put the winch cable on the Delta 1 quadcopter, put the port on the lander, connect the two and have it lift it upright that way - but apparently there's some issues with OSE Workshop and 1.7.2; print started and got to 100% done but refused to acknowledge it finished, and it was messing with my KAC timers too (trying to tell me Grumby was at Ike already when I knew better). It'd be another reason to roll back.

Hoping to have better luck today.


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1 hour ago, Tweak[Box] said:

Today I made a stock recreation of the MAV in the movie, The Martian, with my own modifications and created a new 3.5m custom command module

Will be posting pics as soon as i get off from work

Very Curious to see this.

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1 hour ago, fulgur said:

I failed to make a helicopter. It lifted off the ground and then crashed back down again.

I'm still shocked it took till my third one to have that happen.  Although the second never left the ground, so it doesn't really count. 

In my own career, I've been pretty busy last night & today.  Jeb finished out the speed/altitude record contracts with a spaceplane flight "to the edge of space" - ie 60km.  I again used the forerunner of my Falcon spaceplane & cleared 60km with fuel to spare.  I don't think I would've had enough to circularize if I'd pushed it, though.  To make for a simpler flight, Jeb launched from the dessert airfield, turned east & flew up to 60km then back down to land at KSC.



I overshot a little & had to circle to land on runway 27



In the meantime, Val, Ambera & Kelrik have spent a few few weeks on a Mun base for contract.  I also spent some time hunting a Mun crater until I rolled the rover multiple times and smashed the scanning arm.  


After returning home for some R&R, they were sent to Minmus to get the new Minmus outpost up & running.  Jeb is still in the doghouse for his unauthorized flight into interplanetary space a few months ago, which is why he's been stuck doing aircraft test flights & the occasional crazy trip to the Mun inside cobbled together craft made from trusses & octagonal struts.


After the outpost landed safely, Val expertly brings the lander down nearby - this one has had science experiments and additional snacks attached for use at the outpost


Ambera & Kelrik worked diligently to get the surface experiments set up & running



Once everything is set up, Val moved the lander closer to allow Kelrik to easily move the spare snacks containers to the base.  After a few days, the combined Minmus Rover & Speeder bike arrived.  The rover is pretty generic, but the speeder is a new design of mine to allow for higher speed exploration of Minmus.  After running around the local area without finding any large rock formations in the rover, Kelrik headed back to base to test out the speeder bike


Oh, good, it does work....


And I was able to find my very first large Minmus rock formation a few km's from the base.



Then returned to base for a safe landing.  Kelrik marked the location with a flag so he & Ambera can go back tomorrow to scan it.


I've since redesigned the speeder - the Spider's have switched to being mounted forward & rear facing in the new version & are toggled with AG1 while the vernier thrusters used for forward thrust in this version are now located underneath to provide lift thrust.  This version worked, but it was a handful to fly - only the overpowered reaction wheels made it serviceable.


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I redesigned the light Eve tilt-rotor Ikarus for more balanced aerodynamics, and discovered that with a few tweaks it performs excellently on Duna as well. It cruises there at over 100 m/s with unlimited daytime endurance. I also fitted a large scanning arm in the cargo bay, on an alligator hinge so I can flip it out to easily reach scannable features. 

That's going to be perfect for a multi-role light craft there. I'll use it for science, for scouting out base locations, and possibly other things. It was also easy to get it to orbit just by strapping on a couple of boosters. I just need one more node in my career game and I can build it.

I think this career will be the first one where I establish a base on Eve as well. These rotorcraft make all kinds of things possible!

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