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What did you do in KSP today?

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7 hours ago, Mukita12 said:

what do you guys think?

Great work and great plane, but if I don't point out your plane is missing a wing, you're gonna think we're all not paying attention...  :)


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(1.6.1) As hoped, when I checked in at the Ocean Ranger outpost on Gilly at the start of my lunch-break session yesterday, the print of the Caue Serpente Yards was indeed complete. After transferring fuel, the Eve-bound station launched.

Still wondering how I'm going to fill this thing full of Rocket Parts so it can do it's intended job. On the other hand, it's not going to do much until I can get an engineer out there anyways...

Fifteen minutes later when it hit a 10 kilometer periapsis, the station was put into a 10 kilometer orbit, at which point the station's mass driver was brought on line and Ocean Ranger shot up 2400 units of ore in order to fulfill a long-standing contract. CSY burned to head to Eve afterwards; it'll arrive at a 150 kilometer equatorial periapsis in 51.75 hours. After leaving Gilly's sphere of influence and fulfilling the conditions of the contract, I went ahead and just dumped the ore; I'm concerned the station won't have sufficient delta-V to circularize when it gets towards periapsis, though with the mass driver it should be able to receive an extra load of fuel from space station Eveport if push comes to shove. In the meantime, I've ordered up another Dystopia Planitia Mun 7 at Ocean Ranger, which will become the Samwell Tarly Yards over Gilly upon launch. STY will take 97 hours to print; space station Gillyport is expected to be complete in another 32 hours.

After ordering up a Boop-Boop 7x probe at the Dystopia Planitia shipyards over Kerbin, I began the process of sending LSV House Harkonnen to Eve to act as a temporary fuel carrier between Eve and Gilly. Eve is still on the far side of Kerbol relative to Kerbin, so it was once again necessary for me to conduct the "slow warp" method - Harkonnen warped to a position 1.3 Gm over Kerbol and then maneuvered such that she was shedding off orbital velocity relative to Eve, taking advantage of the opportunity to refuel her Exotic Matter tank in he process. I did eventually get Harkonnen to Eve late last night, where after two final warp-backs she settled into a 948.3 x 758.2 kilometer, 6.5° orbit. Harkonnen is fully loaded right now, so she'll probably stay over Eve until the first time I need to go grab supplies in mass. That'll likely happen after Caue Serpente arrives... 

Finally, after a failed attempted yesterday, the Alexander L. Kielland outpost informed me that they had completed their re-print of the Echo Flyer 7b quadcopter. After fueling, the new aircraft - designated Echo 4 - launched and flew to ALK's landing zone, at which point engineer Gilford Kerman boarded and flew twelve kilometers out to the landing site of the Cigar 7 Eve descent vehicle and its attached Beer Can Test Article payload.

Somebody ordered from Domino's? After 25 hours of waiting, I bet y'all are hungry. Probably have to pee pretty badly by now too...

Gilford then got out of the craft to begin the process of connecting it to the Cigar.

Dude. That just looks painful. (Yes, it was a toss-up between this shot and the one where the 'copter blade was sticking into his head, and I went with this one. Don't judge me.)

That's a pretty long tube...and I can honestly say that I'm glad nothing exploded at this point...

Once hooked up, the passengers aboard the Test Article transferred over to Echo 4 and Gilford detached the Cigar. With everybody safely off the craft, Gilford recycled the Cigar and the Test Article, and then boarded Echo 4 for the flight back to ALK. After landing at ALK, Gilford hooked up Echo 4 to the outpost long enough for the passengers to offload, then unhooked the craft and resumed his station in the outpost's Factory module. At that point, I ordered up a full Beer Can 7 Eve ascent vehicle so I could get my passengers back into space for their return journey, their itineraries fulfilled by visiting Eve's surface. The Beer Can will take 195 hours to complete...which, for those of you who don't want to do the math, is 32.5 Kerbin days. Some of my colonization contracts haven't taken that long...

Very last thing I did yesterday was tell engineer Jergar Kerman aboard LSV House Atreides over Jool to print up a stock lab module, which he'll have done in 4.5 hours. Plan there is to keep the lab long enough for Jergar to level himself up - he's pretty productive just by himself, and he's only got a 1-star rating. Given his experiences, Jergar should level up to 4-star, at which point the lab will be recycled and it'll be time for Jergar to begin the process of printing up a communications satellite network for Jool. Going to have to modify my standard Pink Noise 7 design for bigger comms dishes, given the distance between Kerbin and Jool. Also scheduled for today is an Auk II 8-passenger spaceplane flight from KSC to space station Kerbinport to begin a two-kerbal tourist mission to Mun and a five-kerbal colonization mission to the Scan Queen outpost on Ike. After that, it's flying time. I need to get engineer Luddorf Kerman to ALK with the Echo 3 quadcopter - that's 1500 kilometers on Eve at sub-sonic speeds - and I've got a surface temperature survey to do 500 kilometers southeast of KSC. The Auk is on the runway and the Echo Flyer 7 craft I'll use on Kerbin is sitting on the launchpad as of this post. I also just launched the aforementioned probe from Dystopia Planitia, and I will be maneuvering it into position as the day progresses. Finally, I've finished my calculations for a craft that will be capable of leaving House Atreides' position, skimming Jool's atmosphere and returning. If my use of the Vis-viva Equation is right, it will take a 510-662 m/s burn to get a probe down to the requisite altitude over Jool (shooting for 1,970,000 meters from a 7584.6 x 6159.3 kilometer orbit). I'll design the craft with at least three times the high-end figure (i.e. ~2000 m/s); that should ensure that it will be able to return to Atreides when its job is done (knock on wood). 

Fair amount going on overall right now. But right this second, I should probably attend to my paying job...

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Yesterday I sent a science collecting mission to the Mun with the goal of biome hopping to collect a load of science data. Arrived at the Mun lower on dV than I'd have liked. Came down and landed with a hard bounce, attempts to correct used lots of fuel. Looking at the dV I didn't have much over 400dV so I decided to put it down and send a rescue. On the landing I again came in poorly and actually lost my poodle out from under the landing legs and 3 of 4 solar panels.

So onto the rescue. I sent an unmanned rescue mission to get the science, what little was collected, and Kerbals back. I got to the Mun and was able to rendezvous with a "station" in orbit to top off my fuel levels. I then proceeded to land (in the dark without lights) on my side. Fortunately I'd just saved prior to the docking with the station. I revert to there and spend a while watching as my 45* orbiting station didn't go over the landing site really well at all. Took 10 days to get to a point where the landing site and the orbit would intersect in the Kerbol light. Landing went WAAY better only 1.4km away from the crashed ship.

Kerbals return on the rescue ship first stopping to top off/empty the Mun Station and head back to the Kerbin Science station depositing the data there to go over in the lab. Ended up unfortunately taking a bunch of fuel from Mun I'd not needed and my Kerbin station's tanks were full so it burned up in atmo.

Now I await the science processing and prepare my plans for my first manned Duna mission.

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I built and tested a multi-part extendable fuel arm for my ground fuel stations.  This time, I am leaving my Minmus base alone - the simple, short arm is plenty for there, even if it isn't as cool.  I can reposition a ship closer for teeny bit of dV if I land too far off. 


I did send an ore ferry with a pilot & VIP tourist to bring 500 units of ore back to Kerbin for contract.  Good thing I had spare KAS joints at the base - I completely forgot to stick one on the ferry.  Other than that and a bouncy but eventually successful landing, the operation went well.


Returning home with the load of ore:




While the ore ferry was heading back to Kerbin, the first of my Eve probes for this career arrived, a Pioneer-ish satellite in polar orbit.  That netted me a few hundred science, enough to unlock very heavy rocketry, which will make future mining base launches less painful



I also had my Eve remote lander arrive and make an pass through the very upper parts of the atmosphere while establishing orbit.  Tomorrow, I'll get it landed (hopefully) or splashed down (it probably floats) and get another load of science sent back.  I also have my Moho folding lander & another Moho satellite that should be arriving at their destination soon.

18 hours ago, James Kerman said:

Today I broke a kerbal by using his head as a jack to get more clearance for the large scanning arm.

I had something similar happen on Kerbin while (destructively) testing rover.  I am happy to announce the victi..er..test pilot's broken neck healed completely with no after-effects once he made it back to KSC.  It was really something watching him walk to the remains of the rover while his head was flopped back looking at the sky.

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Started  work  on  my  ore  refinery  on  minmus.

Sent  a  scanner, forgot  the  antennae, sent  another  scanner, forgot  the  batteries.

Went  send  a  third  and  I  got  a  message  I  have  never  seen  in  my  2+ yrs  playing  this  same  career...... Insufficient  funds.

I  literally  have  no  way  of  making  money, the  only  contracts  that  pay  out  are  on  duna  and  I  cant  afford  to  go  their......:(

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(1.6.1) Started my day yesterday with a quick check of the Scan Queen site for Rock resources (none there - go figure) and a couple of quick redesigns of the Pink Noise 7 communications satellite carrier - the Pink Noise 7a is equipped with RA-100s, while the 7b is equipped with RA-15s. For both of the new models, an extension was added to the decoupler to give some extra room to accommodate the larger dishes as well. I'll be deploying a pair of 7as while LSV House Atreides is still in orbit of Jool. Speaking of Atreides, my plan to build a lab, level up engineer Jergar Kerman and then recycle the lab worked - Jergar is now rated as 4-star with a productivity level of about 5.3 by himself. Pretty happy about that. Jergar's currently building a G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft, which is slated to do a quick dip into the atmosphere of Jool to satisfy the latest exploration contract and then return; construction will take about four hours all told. Engineer Ardon Kerman at the Bi-La Kaifa Shipyards over Duna is currently conducting an identical build, and should be done in eight hours.

After positioning a Boop-Boop 7x probe over Kerbin for contract (didn't get a replacement contract there), I loaded tourists Guslan, Milner, Mellorf, Surigh, Newgard, Virwig and Nerim Kerman aboard an Auk II 8-passenger spaceplane, which took off for a rendezvous with space station Kerbinport. Botched the timing of the ascent so the rendezvous took a little longer than normal, so I decided to pass the time by having pilot Kardon Kerman and scientist Verbur Kerman board an Echo Flyer 7 at KSC to conduct a temperature survey contract 450 kilometers to the southeast. 

It's always a relief to get to your target zone and find out that all the points are on land. Learned on Eve that this thing doesn't float...

Discovered that the flight ceiling of the Echo Flyer on Kerbin is 11,000 m, which is high enough to visit a lot of places on the planet. Still subsonic, which means I probably wouldn't use it for contracts on the far side of the planet.

The Flyer hit all five waypoints prior to the Auk's arrival at Kerbinport, fulfilling the conditions of the survey contract. At Kerbinport, Guslan and Milner got in the back seat of Gilligan docked at the station, which departed and burned for Mun; she's still about an hour out as of this posting. My other tourists boarded J. G. Backus also docked at the station, which departed after taking on fuel and set up a rendezvous with LSV House Corrino in high orbit. The Auk itself departed the station after the tourists had embarked on their respective journeys, de-orbited and returned safely to KSC 09, after which I had Kardon and Verbur start making their way home.

Land ho! And apparently also a floating phosphorescent flag! 

Kardon eventually parked his Flyer atop the VAB, because kerbals. (In truth, my kid wanted to see me park it there; I had planned on returning the thing to the launch pad...).

Since 900 kilometers round trip was obviously not enough subsonic 'coptering for one day and since I had a bit of time to kill before Backus made its rendezvous with Corrino, I decided to go to Eve and the Echo 3 quadcopter, which had previously picked up engineer Luddorf Kerman from a point 1,500 kilometers west-northwest of the Alexander L. Kielland outpost. After about ninety minutes of flight (23 minutes real time at 4x physics warp), I had to land the 'copter for the night to prepare for the rendezvous. In that time, Echo 3 covered about 1,100 kilometers (means I logged ~2,000 kilometers of slow-speed flight all told yesterday). Echo 3 still has about 375 kilometers to go until it returns to ALK. I plan on having Luddorf plant a flag before entering the outpost; once there I should be able to level him up to 3-star and have him join engineer Gilford Kerman in the outpost's Factory, and I hope his presence will knock a few days off of the build of the Beer Can 7 Eve ascent vehicle under construction at the present time. Right now construction of that craft is expected to take another thirty days.

This morning, Backus made its rendezvous with Corrino and with no other consists scheduled, Corrino warped to Eve. She arrived at 868 m/s - the slowest arrival speed I can recall - requiring no warp backs; after some maneuvering, she settled into a 318.5 x 275.8 kilometer, 3.75° orbit over the red planet. After taking on fuel from Corrino's stores, Backus departed and burned for Ike. She'll arrive there in a little less than 2.5 hours. Backus's tourists are scheduled to head to the Scan Queen outpost for an 11-day colonization mission. 

Today I'll probably try to get Luddorf to ALK, and I'll probably have Gilligan dock up at space station Munport to take on fuel before returning back to Kerbin; neither of her tourists are doing a surface excursion. I might also get my colonists to Ike today, and I should have a couple of prints finishing up for other missions. I do have a rescue mission to conduct over Duna; that's going to need one of the prints to finish up but since Corrino is there, getting the craft back to Kerbin won't be a big hassle. I might also be able to start building up a comm satellite constellation at Jool, depending on how the day goes.


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Expedition Bop and Pol

"Two are better than one... Right?"

Not as hard as Expedition Dres but it was annoying with returning. Since I was returning Jool kept r encountering making me mess up with returning to kerbin so that was a pain in the kerbin.

Best moments of the mission








Next mission will be expedition Vall  Moon that no one remembers during jool V mission a special thanks to game play question answered for helping. Find all of the over 20 images and over 10 videos on Kerbalanders.wordpress.com And thank you all

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I got my career first Eve lander to the surface - although it's a floater rather than a lander.  Oh well - I equipped it with inflatable floats for just this reason.   First dawn on Eve:


My remote rover did a little better, coming down where the wheels were useful.  I was happily surprised nothing exploded on atmospheric entry:


Entering the purple haze:


Once landed, sepratrons pull the parachute tower away, leaving room for the solar panel & antenna to open up:


Finally, nothing special but Kelrik finished refilling the ore & fuel used to complete a "Return ore from Minmus to Kerbin" contract and was looking quite proud of himself.  I really love the Mk 2 lander can now, Squad did a wonderful job on it.


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On 7/2/2019 at 7:16 PM, Hotel26 said:

Great work and great plane, but if I don't point out your plane is missing a wing, you're gonna think we're all not paying attention...  :)


i mean. atleast i nailed the landing

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6 minutes ago, Mukita12 said:

i mean. at least i nailed the landing

Don't sell yourself short, my comrade!  You nailed the landing -- and the port wing.  :) And if that was your first test flight, I'm sure you brought back a kilo of telemetry.  The boffins can now work some overtime...

As is oft-quoted, but here in full: "If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing.  If you can use the airplane the next day, it's an outstanding landing.", Chuck Yeager

Do you have a KerbalX site?? 

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6 hours ago, AlexPlaysKSP said:

I Made a succesul Orbiter.

With the Orbiter i went to the orbit.There was some fuel left,so i landed on kerbin.

(In Sandbox mode)


Now fire up some screenies, so we can see the craft, with which you reached this great achievement! :)

And welcome to the forums!

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(1.6.1) Yesterday I began my day with the Echo 3 quadcopter at Eve. Engineer Luddorf Kerman still had about 375 kilometers left of his ~1,500 kilometer sub-sonic flight to go.

Nightcam over Eve...still boring at twenty kilometers up.

The flight went well and half-an-hour later (real time), Echo 3 landed at the Alexander L. Kielland outpost.

Now, where's the urinal?!?!?!

Luddorf disembarked, planted a flag and then went in through ALK's front entrance, whereupon he was processed in the lab's Habitat to 2-star status (I had originally been thinking he'd make three stars but then remembered that 4 XP was skipped over in determining stars - he has 13 XP from the flag-planting, so he's 3 XP short) and then transferred to help engineer Gilford in the outpost's Factory. His presence jumped the outpost's productivity up to 11.3 and halved the time remaining on the ongoing construction of the Beer Can 7 Eve ascent vehicle; it now finishes up in fifteen days. Luddorf will be one of six kerbals riding in the Beer Can when it finally makes its historic first manned Eve ascent flight to (knock on wood) orbit.

Incidentally, Echo 3 wound up clocking in 3,700 kilometers for its round-trip flight - 1,100 to go take a pressure survey, 1,100 from there to go pick up Luddorf, and then 1,500 back to ALK. For perspective, in The Martian, Mark Watney drives 3,200 kilometers to the Schiaparelli Crater. Watney had to drive that at a much slower speed  (25 kph = 6.9 m/s, as opposed to my 220 m/s) and he didn't have 4x physics warp available, so he still wins in the "massive pain in the ass" category.

Next up, Gilligan arrived at Mun, with Jeb and Val ferrying tourists Guslan and Milner into a quick orbital jaunt. Gilligan got a rendezvous with space station Munport at its orbital insertion and went ahead and docked with the station. After taking on fuel, Gilligan departed Munport and burned to return to Kerbin; she'll arrive at periapsis in a little under a day.

J. G. Backus, meanwhile, arrived at Ike and set up a rendezvous with space station Ikeport, docking with the outpost successfully. Upon docking, fuel was transferred to the station's Spamcan 7a lander, upon which pilot Aldler Kerman along with colonists Surigh, Newgard and Virwig Kerman boarded and made their way to the Scan Queen outpost on the surface. Aldler hooked the lander up to the outpost for refueling while the three colonists disembarked to the outpost. Aldler will be riding the Spamcan back up to Ikeport to pick up the other two colonists scheduled for delivery to Scan Queen later. 

After ordering up a Bill Clinton 7b probe at the Dystopia Planitia shipyards over Kerbin to conduct a junk hauling mission (estimated construction time: 23 hours), LSV House Atreides in orbit of Jool finished its print of a G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft. After fueling, the G-LOC was cut loose and burned to lower its periapsis to 199,500, just low enough to skim Jool's upper atmosphere and fulfill the conditions of the current exploration contract. I realized after the burn was complete that I had made a serious error in my delta-V calculations for the mission - instead of calculating for a periapsis of 199,500 meters, I had calculated for 1,995,000 meters - an order of magnitude too high. The end result was that the burn took about 900 m/s of delta-V instead of 600, and the G-LOC only has twice the calculated amount instead of a more comfortable 3x.

G-LOC 7a preparing to enter Jool's atmosphere, with Laythe visible in the background.

The flight into the atmosphere at least went as planned - just deep enough to count the contract completed while not spending more than fifteen seconds in Jool's atmosphere. Next contract has me returning a craft to Kerbin from Jool flyby and orbit - which I'd like to be the G-LOC. I'll have to do a small burn to keep the craft out of the atmosphere, and then save as much fuel as I can for a rendezvous with Atreides - it's going to be a slow process as likely as not, and I may wind up not having enough fuel to pull it off. I'll be sure to keep y'all posted. Meanwhile, House Atreides has begun the print of a Pink Noise 7a communications satellite carrier to begin setting up a comm relay constellation over Jool. She doesn't have enough Rocket Parts aboard to build the polar sats needed to finish the constellation, so once this print job is done (and hopefully once the G-LOC has been retreived) she'll be heading back to Kerbin.

Last thing that happened yesterday was the completion of another G-LOC at the Bi-La Kaifa Shipyards over Duna. That G-LOC launched to conduct a rendezvous and rescue mission with Samzor's Shipwreck, which turned out to be in an inclined and retrograde orbit; a good amount of the G-LOC's fuel was spent in the flip. At this point I'm pretty sure the G-LOC will make the rendezvous but won't have sufficient fuel to make her way to LSV House Corrino in orbit. I'm considering flipping Corrino's orbit - you can do that sort of thing easily enough when you've got Alcubierre Drive available - and then retrieving the G-LOC with Eunice Howell, which is currently docked to Corrino. That's probably the best course of action to ensure a successful rescue. I'll have to return to a normal orbit to take on supplies, and then I'll be awaiting Aldler's return after that before Corrino heads home.

Haven't actually played today, and with it being Independence Day here in the States, whether or not I actually will play is highly dependent upon what all my family decides to do today. Got plenty to do if I do wind up playing...

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I built and rigged my Tracking Servo, a part that I was hoping @SQUAD would have an equivalent of in the BG expansion:



I already have a tracking controller in Kerbal Actuators, but it needs to be slightly adapted to support the DLC servo.

Tracking Servo by @Kuzzter Industries... :)

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I built a VTOL cargo plane! It sports 20 Wheesley engines and more intakes than I can be bothered to count. Most of them are useless in flight but are needed to avoid flameouts when taking off vertically. I tried everything I could think of to reduce the number, including putting intakes on spinning servos to make them move faster (it didn't work). It can lift an almost-full orange tank and costs well over 100,000 funds. I'll post a download link once I work out the rest of the kinks.



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