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What did you do in KSP today?


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8 hours ago, Jett_Quasar said:



 - Jett

Constructive criticism you should probably make the cargo stage a little more like dragon 2 if you are trying to recreate gray dragon :)

Good job though

The Next mission (for sandbox)

Expedition Vall


Expedition Vall preflight previews. The final mission of part 1 and the most interesting one yet. This mission will bring the limits of our tech to bring out the best results

We have two goals of Expedition Vall

1. Fly it to Vall and return the Crew

2. Bring deployable gear and get all surface features

We also have one more long term goal: Fly under 10 years since the crew can't be in space for any longer

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Went to Minmus today. While taking orbital EVA observations, Corely turned back toward the spacecraft and I thought it was worth a screenshot.


Because the lander was designed for the Mun, it had enough delta V to make 6 landings. All told, the mission returned 54 experiments and over 4000 science.


Before sending a mission to Duna, I want to first set up an orbital station so my kerbals can wait for the return transfer window in comfort. What I came up with is the Modular Orbital Station Design (MOSD) and sent two prototypes to the Mun for testing. They're decently maneuverable during docking, but the monoprop got dangerously low and I had to switch to the other module to finish. Some structural modifications are also needed.


First module comes with a dish antenna on top that gets manually relocated by the setup crew. The Duna Station will probably have 3 modules to start with, and maybe a centrifuge ring later.



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My career continued to march onwards today.  Mostly. 

I sent a tourist/ore scouting mission to the Mun, found what I thought was a good concentration, left a flag to mark the area & then brought the crew & tourists home.  Sent a rover to scout out an exact LZ for a fueling base, except the rover was missing just one thing - an ore scanner.  But it did find a large crater (my first) <800m from where it landed.



Then I sent the base over and upon landing, I realized it was only a fair ore concentration - the 11% I thought was ore was actually alumina.  Got a nice view of the base in orbit before it went to the Mun:


The really big news, however, was another Moho satellite arrived in orbit along with 2 remote landers.  The first lander to arrive was a little too tight on its dV budget - I ran out of fuel about 30m above the surface.  Smashed the engines, landing struts, a battery, the primary solar panels and BOTH antennas.   So much for that one.....


The second one benefited from unlocking NERV engines and had a much more forgiving dV budget.  It was also the one I built to fold up for launch, so I was happy it survived.  Deorbit burn:


Slowing down for landing.  TWR was a little on the low side, but it worked:


Set it down right on the day/night terminator:



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So it's been a while since I've posted something here, but here is a clip of me flying my recently built Bell F-109 (Bell D-188) and a shot from the previous flight I did, with Jeb and Bill standing by the side of the jet. Yes, it does go supersonic.




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Just some mine changes and adding words.
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(1.6.1) Didn't play very much yesterday due to the holiday, but I did wind up getting a few things done.

First up was the G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft that had conducted a pass through the very upper limit of Jool's atmosphere for the current exploration contract. I had been concerned about getting that craft to LSV House Atreides in Jool's orbit so that it could be hauled back to Kerbin to count for the next exploration contract, which requires me to return a craft to Kerbin from Jool flyby and orbit. At apoapsis, I burned enough to make it fully orbital, then turned on KAC, set it into rendezvous mode and cranked it all the way up to twenty orbits. I burned just enough to get an encounter on the nineteenth orbit; this is 59 hours from now. The good news is that the G-LOC has 1,100 m/s of delta-V remaining. It only took 900 for it to make the dive down to Jool's atmosphere, so it should have ample fuel for the rendezvous. I just have to wait a little bit. 

After I was ensured the G-LOC would be able to get back to Kerbin, I busied myself with a launch of a Spamcan 7a lander from the Scan Queen outpost on Ike, where pilot Aldler Kerman had delivered three colonists the day before. The 'can made its way back to space station Ikeport, rendezvousing and docking successfully. After taking on fuel, colonists Mellorf and Nerim Kerman boarded the 'can and another excursion to the outpost took place, with the 'can landing safely. After Aldler hooked up the 'can to the outpost via KIS resource station, the colonists disembarked to the outpost and the outpost refueled the lander, which then returned to Ikeport yet again with Aldler aboard, affecting yet another successful rendezvous and docking. At that point, Aldler boarded J.G. Backus docked at the station, which then took on fuel. Backus departed the station and burned for Duna, where it is scheduled to rendezvous with LSV House Corrino for transport back to Kerbin. As of this post, Backus is still within Ike's SOI.

Over Duna, another G-LOC 7a successfully rendezvoused with Samzor's Shipwreck, successfully 'rescuing' pilot Samzor in a high, inclined and retrograde orbit over the red planet. The GLOC does not have sufficient delta-V to flip the direction of its orbit and affect a rendezvous with House Corrino, but I've had the brilliant idea to go ahead and flip Corrino's orbit once Backus docks. You can get away with that sort of crap when it comes to warp ships (like Corrino). If the G-LOC still doesn't have enough delta-V to make the rendezvous, I can dispatch Backus or Eunice Howell docked to Corrino to go pick it up and bring it back. In any case I'm confident that I'll be able to bring Samzor home. Where he'll likely stay: his stupidity attribute is 97% (i.e. he's as dumb as a stump...).

Gilligan with Jeb and Val at the helm arrived at Kerbin from its recent jaunt to Mun, where tourists Guslan and Milner Kerman went for a quick orbital jaunt. The craft docked safely at space station Kerbinport just this morning, with Guslan and Milner transferring to a waiting Auk XVI 12-passenger spaceplane currently docked at the station. Plan is for them to return to Kerbin with the return folks from the Eve expedition, which will happen just as soon as I can get them off the surface...

Finally, while it was waiting for the G-LOC to return, House Atreides completed its print of a Pink Noise 7a communications satellite carrier.

Is it sad that these are the only kind of screenies I have today? Anyway,
Atreides, Jool to the left, Tylo visible to the right.

Once finished, the satellite was released and headed to a circular equatorial orbit at a distance of 8,946.4 kilometers, or one orbit every six hours exactly.

Boy, solar panels are damn near worthless out here. Might need to make an RTG variant for the Eeloocomm sats or something when the time comes...

Joolcomm Alpha circularized its orbit this morning, releasing Joolcomm Bravo and Joolcomm Charlie thereafter. Bravo and Charlie have each completed their (excruciatingly slow due to Ant engines) positioning burns, and eight hours from now I should have the equatorial portion of the communications satellite constellation over Jool complete. Atreides doesn't have sufficient Rocket Parts remaining to build another probe for the polar component, so she's pretty well stuck there until the G-LOC returns. It occurs to me that House Corrino will finish up its work at Duna first, so I should be able to send her over to finish the job. I should start printing up a probe aboard...

So today I'm trying to get Backus and the G-LOC back to House Corrino, positioning Joolcomms Bravo and Charlie, and starting another Pink Noise probe. I might get to start positioning said probe if nothing else happens. Still need to figure out why KAC is telling me I've got a Boop-Boop 7x probe under construction; that thing launched and finished its mission days ago. Also looks like Gillyport's getting close to completion at Ocean Ranger on Gilly, and my Eve orbital shipyard is getting reasonably close to its final position as well.

Yeah. Lots of waiting for stuff to get built and/or get where it needs to be. Excitement. Always...

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I started experimenting with a new craft and its various variants.

Still early days but seems promising so far ^_^ 

(some beauty shots!)








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I'm taking a break off Expedition Eeloo since the next two missions (Expedition Vall and Expedition Eeloo) will be long. So I am working on my own personal save file great great space race






I did a mun mission and soon Duna but images not out yet

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Today was a rather eclectic day in my career.   First, I had a pair of high-G tourist contracts so rather than launch 2 of my G-chaser rockets, I made a new 4-seater for the fun of it, and it worked so well they were unconscious well before the central SRB burned out:


Then I had a science probe/relay & a lander arrive one after the other around some place, i forget its name....


This was actually the predecessor to my Moho folding lander - only the landing legs fold on this one.  After I launched it, I thought - "hey, I could just make the whole thing fold up to fit in a smaller fairing..."


Then I got a pair of asteroid capture vehicles launched into retrograde orbits for an upcoming asteroid encounter.  My first (of this career) sunrise in the west:


Second one leaving the pad.   It ended up with quite a bit more dV remaining since the first one spent extra fuel finding a matching orbits with the incoming asteroid.  This one was able to launch straight into a matching orbit (with the first vehicle) and saved a few hundred dV.


Finally, I started working on my career first manned Duna mission with the launch of the Duna Express tug - designed to dock with a crew vehicle & push it to Duna & back.  This is the first time ever I've built a launcher with drop tanks on the first stage - the Mammoth provided plenty of TWR, but was lacking in total dV and for reasons I'm unsure of, I slapped 4 long 1.25m drop tanks around the sides of the first stage rather than adding an extra tank to the core.


Circularizing in LKO.  The tug has ~6300 m/s dV before the crew vehicle docks.  In addition to fuel, it carries enough snacks for a 4-kerbal crew for ~3 years. 




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Today, I discovered an extrasolar asteroid.

The asteroid I discovered today has an extremely high inclination and a moderately high eccentricity.


The scientists on Kerbin have already confirmed from the spectrum that the composition of the asteroid has major differences from most kerbolar system asteroids, and the asteroid is most likely a captured extrasolar asteroid. A mission to the asteroid is projected to be one of the top priority missions to be considered in next year's Decadal Survey 2020.

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6 hours ago, panarchist said:

@BadOaks Which parts mods are you using on this save? 

Mostly Nertea's Near Future stuff and Restock. The trusses are from NF Construction, expandable habitats are from Station Parts Redux, and solar panels are ROSAs from NF Solar. Just about everything else is Restock.

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2 hours ago, BadOaks said:

Mostly Nertea's Near Future stuff and Restock. The trusses are from NF Construction, expandable habitats are from Station Parts Redux, and solar panels are ROSAs from NF Solar. Just about everything else is Restock.

Most of it, I recognized, but there's a couple parts that looked like they might have been from another mod. (I use most of the NF mods in my main save)

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Had an extended few days off, so I built a Sundiver probe.

Now, I've done one or two of these in the past—elaborate, multi-ton, Ion-drive probes that required a manned Mun base to mine, refine, fuel, assemble, and launch, and a slingshot maneuver around Jool, all of which required in-game years of effort and flight time, and lots of careful planning...

However, I didn't really feel like spending that much time, so I just went with a direct launch. Thank you, Sea Dragon!












Atmospheric plasma sheath seen below...shortly before probe destruction.



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21 minutes ago, panarchist said:

Most of it, I recognized, but there's a couple parts that looked like they might have been from another mod. (I use most of the NF mods in my main save)

Any parts in particular? I can let you know which mod they're from specifically.

The first of three station modules arrived in Duna orbit today. I slapped one of my Mun rovers on top as a secondary payload to fulfill a contract.







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