What did you do in KSP today?

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I finished modeling the S.L.O.T.H. rover body and put it into the game:



As with the NASA Tri-ATHLETE system, a pair of S.L.O.T.H. robots work together to lift the payload off its lander and transport it around. I just need to finish the rover body and then decide if I need to make a cargo palette or not..

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Bought some plane parts and made a surprisingly balanced plane first attempt with no edits. It just flies rock steady aside from a lack of lift. I might fiddle with it but it's incapable of breaking 6000m as it is so it's not exactly something I want to spend too much time on.



It's original purpose was to collect on 7 very close proximity observation contracts surrounding KSC, but they're 20km up soooo... maybe next time.

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11 hours ago, Loskene said:

Tilt rotor blades are designed to be halfway between a prop and heli blade, essentially, and the patch only gave us one or the other. I wonder how much of a fudge factor between the flight regimes of the two types of blades there is, because presumably they knew people would make tilt rotors and didn't see reason to add a special blade model for it. The small heli blade and the large prop blade are roughly the same size aren't they? An engine nacelle with a mix of blade types might be interesting for jack of all trades flying.

Yes, that is true, we donˋt have mixed purpose blades, but my build already uses propeller blades for VTOL mode and it works flawless and with lots of precision. I guess, there is no need for different parts, just other needs for balance and rpm settings. It already transitions well between the two modes, but the centers misallign, which causes the problems.

What is a real pain though, is the LF engine consuming so much electricity.

Edit: The electricity usage actually comes from the reaction wheels and the probe core... my fault. The engine works perfectly fine. :)

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And more stuff... test-helicopter, that is actually pretty precise in its controls... can ascend and descend at quite slow and controllable speeds.


And the continuation of the VTOL propeller plane... it is now almost perfectly balanced, so you can actually control it, without SAS and reaction wheels.


Now onto gaining horizontal speed...

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Making an Eve reentry pod for my rover 




Here's the close up and cross section 



This is the full view, it's covered with heatshields on both ends and procedural fairings on the sides. 


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I've been refueling in LKO and thought, maybe I should get into a Minmus Orbit and send a refuel craft with drilling capabilities to do refueling there? I could shuttle lots more fuel with less fuel usage due to the much less gravity forces :cool:. Heading for Minmus!




And we have arrived!



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Launch of the Heritage  Spaceship its mission is to explore Duna and bring back courageous kerbonauts !


Second stage to orbit and fairing opening.


Since the spaceship was quite large and the launch dangerous I decided to bring the crew with a different mission.


Time to go nuclear ! It's a long trip to Duna...

y4mhODeEO3PKdP5Pr2XrkMDHLBtYz8E4Pw9z1IU2gIilOkBlreLqX2JUc2TQTV_TqnN_1t0cvZA3IhBuqtKE9gZIvINrf0K-i-IwY42haCUXwQXwBLeZ67VV7oY0CWF_65WzGuvY9rQfiu9EyM_c2tfKkmseojyDTwFPVl9OaOFkLHbdcM0i9FVEsyd3_6KRGSP?width=1024&height=655&cropmode=none  y4mXs8WXAIY2Kw_p2xL3yn4Dr3DEIBI4wiZJyGo_dtSFCxJZjk3hMQij_Pvk7tJrp_mUhDrwPHvOxvqOohs4_VETp0DBvy7YSCJJRIGeNhMzZN8iFCDEZh1hTauXBqgNFbTPo9j6HJVIDBqTaxkp0xyc4tVvx0cGzjVU5_KdAqgiicqVFBIPHXrNpCtCWGFIG_8?width=1024&height=655&cropmode=none

After a communication satellite deployment a dedicated lander with science experiments, rover and ground installation land on Duna with the complete Heritage crew.

y4mL50UCJHPz71w_pGprYMvptp9WOYRjnNQqZtlf  y4mx3tujfgZpQOEnoRPN-CJ3lg5i_I-DhFDmOV6iZbKoHqVu7lh0xLGEYN4fv6lPCMfYb2OfKRDM2EwKGYk3KYtMXhxhCPntMlMnc93b2bmfbqF5F86IkuZ8IZt2lFtZUgq3WhMCGl2zBKXmqSOz9273c3Rp1xSzqnxz2sGHGQTcnw3GyOyEuXQRX54idCZl7AL?width=655&height=1024&cropmode=none

Strange and beautiful sunset of Duna

y4mAy390hgz0WNZY7mjT11NPUZpCABP8J2Zqx5ux7Qukxd_OCHmvVP3ce-_FmJNB88NmUQJqXo5EC_zJsegEbr0NI_XrkE1UZargDijX92MCbbyxoQDVRcY2o9Vf0rBAOuNoO7HnqmPjMpb_OqkW8pW0KF9k03Blz7kRhkSZB-jG2qvihUBVPG5IZYhs9wq0Q4R?width=655&height=1024&cropmode=none  y4mAtCYo_lC1pEzNveST9-Ld7DjiTkQjIrEuy-Cf

Duna ground activities.


Time to return home after a long and successful mission (well actually the rover has been destroyed in a rock collision and the communication satellite lost).

y4mbouCaH7gXBL0i1cCeOOdc9mVL7v_P2IXhJadr  y4m3nUZXbdSAjLovvAW1bAnQ358bDz5_juDES9cnUYkhUjCbEBW2fPUM4RJcabMZ2gq1wmQg93La9V5EPzLCxs7tzlKjDWy4QOvRYCd7Eo7_cm1QFabJHCclBxDdxUqK3HDrUXImyzR3UDu7cimNn_ogFmLVeT2opRCG8mzCqD38_geflEsrinEZNDbd9WwgRPl?width=655&height=1024&cropmode=none

I'm happy to have finish this mission, I was expecting to make it for a long time.

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(1.6.1) Been a busy week, y'all. Hoping I've got time to finish getting this post together before I have to get other things done today. I'd leave it all coded for y'all to interpret yourselves but that's hardly fair. TL, DR - Eve's operational and I'm trying to get Jool/Bop going now. Lots of screenies for y'all.

My day on Tuesday began with LSV House Harkonnen in orbit of Eve, which delivered fuel supplies from its own stores to space station Eveport. Having fueled the station fully, I had pilot Gwenlock Kerman undock Strange Cargo from Eveport. After that, I began making the delta-V calculations to see how much it would take to get Strange Cargo to rescue Malgar Kerman in high orbit and back to the space station, and in the meantime I had Bill and engineer Gemlorf Kerman aboard LSV House Corrino also in Eve orbit begin printing up a Bill Clinton 7cE retrieval probe; this probe was the last remaining piece of the system needed to get crews back to Eveport from the surface.  Printing of the probe took 2.25 hours to accomplish. In the meantime I  completed my calculations and discovered that Strange Cargo would come well short of the mark fuel-wise to complete the rescue mission, so I had Gwenlock return the ship to the station.

At the Scan Queen outpost on Ike I had a contract to conduct nearby surface samples. It was night, so I had the crew print up a night vision camera for the nearby TBD 7c rover and had engineer Thombles attach it. At that point, pilot Janpont Kerman EVA'd from the outpost and entered the rover to begin the contract.

Ike's generally boring to look at, even in night-vision green...

After Janpont drove five kilometers to the first waypoint, I had to stop playing. On loading the next session, the rover spontaneously combusted - luckily, it did so in a manner where I was able to get Janpont out from the craft and she was still close enough to Scan Queen to jetpack back. I had to print up a new rover, so the crew set about with printing up a Hellhound 7, which took five hours to finish up. Meanwhile, Corrino finished up her print and after fueling it up, the new probe detached and made its way safely to Eveport. Once Scan Queen finished the print of the Hound dubbed India-3, Janpont continued her mission.

Ike - driving there's kinduva cross between Mun and Minmus, potentially as perilous as Mun but with the strong potential to save yourself after many, many, many, many flips like on Minmus...

After hitting four more waypoints that took her a distance of 26.3 kilometers from the outpost, the survey mission was completed and Janpont drove the rover back to Scan Queen.

Wednesday turned out to be a red-letter day for my space program. It began with the completion of space station Gillyport at the Ocean Ranger outpost on the surface of Gilly. After fueling, the new station launched.

It occurs to me that eventually I will be doing this from Bop. I should probably make a version with a less beefy booster and no fairing...

Gillyport eventually maneuvered into a 21,945.3 x 21,935.4 meter, 0.213° orbit over Eve's moon, at which point her reactors and mass driver were brought online. Meanwhile, the crew at Ocean Ranger began printing a Spamcan 7 2-passenger monoprop lander, which they completed six hours later. After fueling, the new lander launched, rendezvoused and docked with Gillyport, at which point Ocean Ranger shot up 550 units of ore to the new space station in order to complete an ore hauling contract. 

After ordering up a Bill Clinton 7b grabber probe at the Dystopia Planitia shipyards to do a junk hauling mission over Kerbin, KAC informed me that after 220 days in space the Ray Charles 7 telescope was finally approaching its periapsis. The probe made a burn to put it into its final position over Kerbol.

I don't remember if I even had an outpost on Mun when this craft was launched. I imagine not...

The telescope's final orbital position is 10.7 x 10.5 gigameters over Kerbol in an equatorial orbit. It will be searching for Class E asteroids that may eventually threaten Kerbin. It's found one so far.

Next up was the retrieval of the G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft over Jool. Relatively low on gas, I had allowed it to take its time to make its way back to LSV House Atreides in orbit after a quick dip into Jool's atmosphere nine days earlier. As hoped, the probe was able to make the rendezvous with Atreides and docked safely to the warp ship with 320 m/s of delta-V remaining.

What happened next was something I was quite proud about. Ever since I got space station Eveport up and running, I haven't been able to shoot more than about half-a-tonne up to the station from the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on the surface via mass driver, despite having set up the configuration file of the Pipeline Mass Driver part to be able to send up fifteen tonnes easily. I spent two full weeks investigating the problem, which eventually required me to look into Pathfinder's source code to track down. Ultimately, through an empirical test I was able to discover that the tweaks I was making to the configuration files weren't being carried over to my extant mass drivers. I had to go into the persistence file with Notepad ++ to manually update the file with the values I wanted, but after doing that, I was able to shoot up fifteen tonnes. My re-tuned mass driver was subsequently used to refuel House Harkonnen, House Atreides, Eveport and the Caue Serpente Yards fully. Sustained operations at Eve are going to be possible after all...and I couldn't be happier about it. All that remains to be seen at this point is whether the Beer Can 7 Eve ascent vehicle will make orbit safely, an event that is slowly but surely approaching.

Wednesday also saw a parts test over Eve using House Corrino to make and then recycle the test part, and Ocean Ranger also finished printing the Samwell Tarly Yards, launching them into a 25,058.5 x 25,026.2 meter, 0.78° inclined orbit over Gilly. Ocean Ranger conducted yet another parts test, after which House Atreides warped to a flyby of Bop.

I will have more business with this meatball later, pretty sure.

Atreides then warped back to a 639.4 x 547.6 kilometer, 1.95° inclined orbit over Kerbin.

This is a first - arrived at my target going too slow. Didn't take too much to get up to speed, though.

After refueling the G-LOC the craft departed and prepared for de-orbiting, which is the first thing that happened on Thursday. The craft came down relatively safely 45 kilometers west of KSC along the slopes of Mt. Killakerbal and unlocking the next exploration contract, which will see me orbiting Bop, performing an EVA there and returning a craft from Bop orbit.

I didn't have a lot in the queue to do, so I went ahead and began the next tourist/colonization expedition. This started by loading up tourists Magbus, Dilmon, Ally, Mertrey, Wilzon, Enfal, Nataler and Bobory Kerman along with scientists Wehrdas, Neilman, Vernor and Herby Kerman and engineers Macnie, Gemul, Matdon and Jubald Kerman aboard an Auk VII 16-passenger spaceplane. The plane lifted off from KSC en route to space station Kerbinport.

Got to remember to upgrade the Auk VII's RCS thrusters one of these days. Plane flies okay until it comes time to dock, then it's a solid gold brick.

After docking, pilot Gregald Kerman was temporarily relieved as capsule commander of Necessary Evil docked at the station, with Val taking the command chair. The tourists boarded Necessary Evil, while pilot Edsy Kerman (already at the station) along with Wehrdas, Macnie, Gemul and Matdon joined Jeb aboard Gilligan docked at the station. The remaining crew that hitched a lift aboard the plane disembarked to the station's crew quarters to await future expeditions. After taking on fuel via mass driver from the South Base outpost near KSC, Gilligan and Necessary Evil departed the station en route to House Atreides.

♫ Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale / a tale of a fateful trip / that started from this cosmic port / aboard this jank-ass ship... ♫

Val came awful close to clipping one of the station's radiator panels on her way out. I know that when you hit one of those things they make all the others fly...so I'm just as glad nothing happened here...

While en route, engineer Jergar Kerman aboard House Atreides began printing up a Pink Noise 7 communications satellite carrier, which he had done a little over two hours later. House Atreides also took on fuel supplies from South Base, and the Auk was allowed to return to KSC, where it landed safely at KSC 09. Gilligan and Necessary Evil both arrived at Atreides yesterday. I had a mishap when I shut off Necessary Evil's engine a little too early; she clipped House Atreides, taking off one of her two antennas in the process. Atreides suffered no damage in the collision.

Hope you use Geico, Val.

Shortly after both ships docked, Jergar finished printing up the Pink Noise and after a final refueling from South Base, House Atreides warped to Jool, establishing herself in a 7,861.3 x 7,506.7 kilometer, 2.06° inclined orbit by the end of the day.

You know something? Jool is really, really, really big...

A colonization mission to Scan Queen also concluded.

Next up on my agenda is to get Atreides over to Bop. I already made one attempt that failed late last night and resulted in the ship's destruction - I had inadvertently shut the nuke reactors down and the ship's batteries went dead with the Alcubierre Drive engaged, so the warp bubble collasped...RUD'd with the bits and pieces spread halfway between Jool and Laythe. Fortunately I had quicksaved before the attempt to reach Bop, so I'll be trying again next chance I get. The long-term plan is to have Atreides get to Bop, drop off the commsats, drop off a scan sat and then print off a G-LOC before leaving. She'll then head to Duna and Ike to do the tourist and colonization missions before proceeding to Eve to drop off a pair of engineers and maybe to offload Necessary Evil. She'll also print off a TBD 7dG while there and fuel it from ALK. From there she'll head back to Bop and drop off the lander and crew before heading back to Kerbin to get rid of the G-LOC and hopefully get clearance for Bop landings. By then I hope to have an outpost site selected. House Harkonnen will remain in orbit of Eve to bring Strange Cargo and Next Objective docked at Eveport back to Kerbin when the time comes, and I have a short-term plan to dispatch House Corrino on that high-altitude rescue mission over Eve; still haven't done that on account of the delta-V requirement from lower Eve orbits. I figure I can get Corrino up higher by warping to slow her down, then warping to increase her altitude. Should vastly reduce the delta-V needed to levels the available craft can manage.

Lot going on, and I'm finally through it...

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Carpet-bombed Cape Canaveral, mostly. 13,000 tonne heavily-clipped rockets aren't so easy.


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I finished up the S.L.O.T.H. rover parts:


Next is the cargo palette, then the SLOTH mini-mod will be done.

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No reaction wheels.




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On 7/11/2019 at 10:45 PM, FahmiRBLXian said:

Now that's Jebposting! Let's see what happens to Drake afterwards.

EDIT : How do you got Jeb's model there?

Ksp twitter challenge

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Today I had a wonderful time building copters. Final creation for the day, the Omashkooz Mk II. Hopefully I have time to make a more revised version tomorrow.


Ignore the hinges they are just for show and don't actually turn.

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I put together some promo images for an upcoming mini-mod:



(Yes I know I misspelled "pallet")

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7 minutes ago, Azimech said:

Nice model! What did you use for the wheels? The grip pads?

Yep. Although, they aren't perfectly circular, but appear to be slightly decagon (or higher) in shape.

Also, the decouples are just there for decoration.

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In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon mission I did a video depicting a Kerbalized version of the space race.

 - Jett

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14 minutes ago, Noir said:

Yep. Although, they aren't perfectly circular, but appear to be slightly decagon (or higher) in shape.

Also, the decouples are just there for decoration.

They have a high impact rating so ... perfect.

This is mine. Engine is limited to 3% of original torque to give it a nice 1915 top speed. Fixed prop.




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1 minute ago, Azimech said:

Engine is limited to 3% of original torque to give it a nice 1915 top speed.

Same. Doing so also lowers the fuel usage significantly. I am using FAR which makes things a little wonky right now, but I'm able to get the engine down to 0.02 units/s.

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Yesterday I've finally updated my BH career and (after some bug hunting and bug fixing) today I finally landed a manned expedition on Hydrus:




Lander separated and descending:




Obligatory flag planting:


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16 hours ago, Angel-125 said:


Damn you, Angel-125! Stop making amazing mods that I can’t resist downloading! My framerate will drop even lower!

I’m joking of course :D I’ll be grabbing this little parts pack as soon as it becomes available.

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