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What did you do in KSP today?


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I rebuilt my mun buggy base, got it to the mun, and, for the first time, located an anomaly, the great mun arch. Discovered to my bemusement that the previous munbuggy had blown up quite nearby, after driving 1/4th of the way around the mun.

Parked my rover under the arch, and will try to finally start a mun colony! If successful, I will start moving on to other planets.

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Drove 47km across the Mun to my drilling platform. Mined for kethane. Drove 47km to my main base, dropped off the kethane. Rinse, wash, repeat. To entertain myself, I decided to see how my kerbals would react to Haddaway's "What is Love?" They did not disappoint, doing the head tilt with reckless abandon. They also reacted well to Bohemian Rhapsody. I swear they can hear it. I think I might be developing white line fever...

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I tested my LANTR tug and tried to get it to orbit. It didn't make it to orbit.

A LOX-augmented Nuclear Thermal Rocket? Is that stock or is it a mod? Does it have two "gears", that is, can it trade specific impulse for thrust?

What did I do in KSP today? I'm about half-way through making an Orion nuclear bomb rocket mod


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i wanna sleep in

i am sposed to do chores - i aint a kid either i got some age on me lol

ksp is callin

my lawn is callin

the garbage is callin

my many hobbies are callin

hold the horse - even ET is callin

i am seeing a pattern here - who is callin ?

i never seem to really feel, well, hungry

my compatriot is, well, always hungry

my dog and cat are always hungry

and no i do not live in hungry

my computer is hungry

.....gads...epiphany...hey Jeb, let's order Pizza Dude ! Call + Hungry = Puzza !

cept I can only eat pizza like twice a month if that - so...basically I hope to work on my modelling, video rendering, any things KSP and sci fi; or in my book as we say - 'sci fa' as in science fact !

(oh yeah I will be workin on my websites a little on the KSP ARG I got goin)

Zeta Dude

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A LOX-augmented Nuclear Thermal Rocket? Is that stock or is it a mod? Does it have two "gears", that is, can it trade specific impulse for thrust?

It's pretend LANTR.

It's basically a LV-909 clipped into a LV-N with a bunch of a trusses. You can toggle the LV-909 on or off, which would increase the thrust of the "engine" at the cost of lower Isp.

I also made a version with a "plug" nozzle.


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Today Willie, Romore and Joebart landed on Laythe. After repacking the landing chutes they decided to watch Jool during the sunset. Unfortunately they don't have enough fuel for the return trip (not even for take off) so i will have to rescue them. Until then i will send a habitation module and establish a Laythe colony.


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Had a succesful test flight to the moon with my nuclear Apollo. This design means the outboard nuclear engines can do the TMI and Munar insertion burns without having to detach the lander and dock.



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Well, today I wanted to tackle another Planet, when I realized that, while comming up with my plan to land on all objects in the Kerbol-System I forgot about Jool. But then I had a idear...

I present you Felix Kergartner! At first he was a little sceptical, as we have not yet developed a personal parachute, but upon hearing that there was no ground to slam into, he was willing to become Hero.

So, I've buid a rocket for him (the J-Man) and brought him to Jool. Once the capsule was down to comfortable 100 m/s he climbed out and took his big leap.

Well, we hope, his death was not too painfull....

That was my day in KSP ;)

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