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What did you do in KSP today?

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1 hour ago, Gunnerline said:

A fine evening ...

Well said, it's evening in my place!

[Time-guessing intensifies]

EDIT : We're at page 2007! And can I confirm that a page will consist a maximum of 12 posts regardless of length?

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5 hours ago, FahmiRBLXian said:

And can I confirm that a page will consist a maximum of 12 posts regardless of length?

I’m not sure.... 

[Suspicion intensifies =.=]

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[I’m watching you...=.=]
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7 hours ago, FahmiRBLXian said:

And can I confirm that a page will consist a maximum of 12 posts regardless of length?

Generally speaking, it's extremely difficult to predict the future with high confidence.

So perhaps this is irrelevant (speaking of the past), but page 2006 had 25 (or so) posts.


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On 7/27/2019 at 6:28 AM, Loskene said:

Ah, good choice, Svetlana was the name of Stalin's daughter :D

I know, I didn't pick that by accident.  Getting that contract was even creepier than when I got a "Rescue Thompberry Kerman...." contract. 

I did make some more progress in my career yesterday.  My Duna crew finally headed for home and a Laythe lander arrived & splashed down - I missed land by just a few km's - safely.  It sent a bunch of science back to KSC but missed out on a few since it was splashed down instead of landed.

Val taking the crew back to the orbit to rendezvous with Duna Courier for the ride home.


Laythe lander entering Laythe's SoI


First chute open in the clouds


Safely splashed down.  Now I have probes landed on Vall, Laythe & Bop.  Just need the Pol & Tylo craft to arrive and not crash.  My Tylo probes have a distressing tendency to run out of fuel shortly before reaching the surface - usually <100m. 


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Helicopter test ends in failure when the craft spins out of control and crashed on the left side of the runway. Amazingly, Jeb survives even though the chopper crashed upside-down and the command seat thrown clear of the burning wreckage on impact (with Jeb still sitting on it). He's still grinning when the seat landed while he's still using the command seat to control the non-existent chopper, which is now a wreckage behind him. He's a Badass

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This was actually yesterday. I made a propellor plane! It has 2 counter-rotating props which can get it up to over 225m/s in level flight. Over that, drag and lift get a bit weird, but I have got it up to 250m/s in a shallow dive. It's 100% solar powered and can fly forever. Plus a pair of fuel cells to fly at night, though I haven't actually tried.


Flying over the ocean, for what seems like hours.


Slightly faster in a very shallow dive.


It has lots and lots of wing for its 6.3t of weight... extremely maneuverable. All in all, a pretty good aircraft! Available on KerbalX.

Edit: I got it up to 250m/s in level flight! At which point the drag whatsits got really big.


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Made a wee counter-rotating prop plane to see how quirky they are to fly. Answer: very quirky with the new blades and motors, but easier to get to grips with than I thought. It took a bit of fussing about and there were a few "oh, duh" moments in the editor when figuring out the relative configuration between motor direction and default blade arrangement, but I was able to get it to produce thrust in the direction I wanted before my first test flight, which is where these screenshots are from. So I don't think it's too difficult to work out even with trial and error. They are very much their own thing compared to the ease of jet engines and rockets though, and you need to have a rough idea how real prop engines work before going into it, because there is more to it than suck-air-in-shoot-air-out in real life too.


I had the motor torque limit assigned to the main throttle and blade pitch set to translate forward/back (H/N). The rear motor was a copy of the front motor rotated 180 degrees and with no settings changed except inverting the deploy direction on the blades. You're probably meant to futz around with the relative settings for rotation and blade direction to optimise thrust but this worked to control both sets with the same controls fine to begin with. The front prop is the one I have the PAWs up for since I don't need to monitor both. I flew it manually to the airfield and then hands-off by SAS and trim back to the KSC, and got up to a pretty reasonable speed I think, the whole flight took 5 minutes before attempting landing. This is with FAR installed so I don't know how it figures out the airflow over the new blades, but it all seemed ok.


In order to get it up to speed I left the throttle on full and adjusted the blade pitch to maximise acceleration, eyeballing the rate by the navball speedometer since KER wouldn't give a thrust readout like a true engine as far as the game is concerned. I found it peaked at around 80 on the limiter and it would harshly lose speed if you moved it any higher or lower while flying at top speed of around 220m/s. 0 pitch had the blades perpendicular to prograde. The torque was balanced out pretty well from the two engines but there was a fairly persistent roll to port throughout, though nothing you couldn't damp out with a few taps of aileron and elevator trim, after which it would fly level with SAS.


I found near the end of the flight, when trying to slow down for landing, you could cut the motor torque down low or off completely and so long as you maintained the appropriate blade pitch for the speed you were going, it would maintain its speed for a long time. It was actually hard to slow down, I had to turn the blade pitch out of the sweet spot to apply more drag, but this stopped helping when the engine RPM finally reached 0. Airbrakes would be a good idea.


But none of that ended up being important because we had a gear out situation on final, the starboard gear reporting it "cannot be deployed while stowed" even though the port side was fine. Must be Kremlins in the fuselage pontoons. I ended up overflaring and tumbling on the runway, when what I probably should've done was fire up the engine for a second and glide for a splashdown with the gear up. Oh well, lesson learned, and fun times with the new DLC. Worth the money so far. Final notes: Please make the LF motors into alternators when you shut off the power and they're still spinning. :cool:

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(1.6.1) Took the day off from KSP on Friday to celebrate my sixteenth wedding anniversary. Didn't do too much there - just dinner and a movie with a woman who I kinda like a lot...

Saturday it was back to business, and that business was preparing for the arrival of Necessary Evil at space station Minmusport by getting the crewmembers she was sheduled to ferry back to Kerbin all together in one spot. To that end, I fueled up the lower end of the Crater Maker 7 passenger lander docked at the station and then had it head over to the Non Mentha Yards also in equatorial Minmus orbit, where the lander picked up pilot Geofbles and scientist Kathald Kerman. After fueling at the shipyard, the Crater Maker set out again, this time landing at the Deepwater Horizon outpost on the surface.  Engineer Sulan Kerman, the sole kerbal remaining aboard NMY after the Crater Maker's departure, began printing herself up a Lab module so she could level up experience-wise; the lab was recycled after she attained two-star status. In the meantime, the original crew at DH - pilot Suly Kerman, scientist Lenbal Kerman and engineer Janbles Kerman - boarded the Crater Maker. I had been able to successfully re-train a number of the colonists that have flown out to DH over the past several months and it had been my first visit to the outpost since the re-training occurred, so I also took the time to shuffle some folks around within the base; the outpost's productivity level is now something like 45 or so, easily the highest figure of any of my bases, shipyards and warp ships at this point. The Crater Maker returned safely to Minmusport, and about this same time I received word from the South Base outpost near KSC that a colonization contract was complete, which I was able to verify with a quick visit there.

Next on the agenda was a mission to pick up scientist Pasted Kerman from LKO. Pilot Lutop Kerman boarded an Auk I rescue plane at KSC and flew to rendezvous with Pasted's Shipwreck, which took a mere seventeen minutes to accomplish after breaking atmo. Rendezvous was a little tricky - I remembered why I usually use the newer Auk Ia for rescue work instead of the original Auk I, namely in that the original doesn't have RCS thrusters - but it was still accomplished successfully and Pasted boarded the plane after a quick EVA. The Auk deorbited on the far side of Kerbin.

Auk I deorbited and coming in to KSC 09, which a rising Kerbol has silhouetted.

The Auk then made a successful landing at KSC 09, fulfilling the rescue contract.

Much of the rest of my day on Saturday was spent getting the nascent Bohai 2 outpost on the surface of Bop up to operational status. As hoped, by leaving the outpost to stew for a bit enough Ore was dug up to convert into a sufficient supply of Equipment to deploy a much better set of drills. Once that happened, base construction was fairly rapid - by the end of the day, every planned structure at the base was built and deployed, even the Castillos. I did have a mishap with the placement of the Castillo domes that compounded as several Walkways were misplaced.

Glad I'm not OCD or that east end might bother me a bit...though come to think of it, it bothers me a bit. Also I apologize for the night screenie but nights on Bop last twelve Kerbin days. At least y'all can see most of the structures, right?

Bohai 2 has begun the construction of a space station at this point, but for some reason I failed to log the type of station (way station or shipyard) and when it's going to be finished. Shame on me...

Before the close of business on Saturday and after principal construction at Bohai 2 was complete, Necessary Evil arrived at Minmusport.

Believe it or not, it took Gregald twenty minutes just to find a parking space.

The five kerbals I'd brought to the station boarded Necessary Evil quickly enough, but it turned out that the station didn't have sufficient fuel stores available to refuel Necessary Evil for the trip home (so so much for just stopping in for a wash and a wax). Fuel supplies had to be delivered to the station from Deepwater Horizon via mass driver shot, which was done as quickly as I could manage. Once complete, Necessary Evil departed Minmusport and burned for Kerbin. She'll return in a little over four day's time.

After Pasted's rescue, the completion of the South Base contract and a few MC alarms, I had picked up three new colonist and tourist contracts, which effectively scrubbed the nice little easy tourist run I had planned for Duna and Ike and bloated the thing to a 31-kerbal job with destinations throughout the system. After doing some planning, I made the decision to send up a pair of Auk VII 16-passenger planes to space station Kerbinport with all the new folks aboard; I would only need one of those planes to return with folks later on. I did perform a quick redesign of the VII to include more RCS thrusters; up to this point I've refrained from using it because it was a pain in the ass to dock. Once that was done though, the first Auk was loaded and sent up to Kerbinport. Once there, tourists Melney, Karfurt and Halby Kerman along with engineer Luddorf Kerman and scientists Malgar and Pasted Kerman were loaded aboard Strange Cargo docked to to the station, which then departed and burned for Mun, where it is scheduled to arrive in about 4.5 hours. All six of these kerbals will be taking a trip to the surface - the tourists for contract, the staff for flag-planting training. Once Strange Cargo was away, the second Auk was loaded up with the rest of the colonists and tourists and launched to a successful rendezvous with Kerbinport.

Flying the friendly skies. I don't like having more than one plane up at Kerbinport at a time thanks to what the high part count does lag-wise...over 400 parts in this screenie alone. Didn't see smoke coming from my laptop at least...

The second Auk docked safely, and earlier this morning I loaded colonists Barski, Wilzer, Shepnard, Millas, Madorf, Katwin, Berbo and Deston Kerman aboard Next Objective docked at the station, which then departed and burned for Minmus. She'll arrive in Minmus's SOI in a little over six days' time. After shuffling folks around at Kerbinport, I was able to completely empty out one of the two planes, which I then cut loose from the station. That plane has conducted its deorbit burn as of this post and I'll be attempting to land it at KSC 09 first thing in my next session.

On the short range agenda, I need to get Strange Cargo to Mun, do my business there and come back. Once she's returned, there are a lot more folks headed out to Minmus that either she or Necessary Evil will be hauling out there, depending on which ship gets back first. Once everybody's gotten to where they're going in Kerbin's SOI, the plan is to get the rest of the tourists to LSV House Harkonnen in Kerbin's orbit for the rest of the trip - stops will be made at Jool, Bop, Gilly, Eve, Duna and Ike. I've got one jerk who wants to visit Eve's surface so I'll need to think about how exactly I want to tackle that (the system is in place to do it, but it assumes a lot more folks going down at the same time). I've also got a bunch of little contracts to take care of all throughout the system. I should also probably check in at Bohai 2 to see when exactly they'll have that station ready and what kind of station it is. I thought I had an engineer in orbit ready to take command of a shipyard; if I do, I've failed to update my log sufficiently to say who exactly. All in all, things remain fairly busy.

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I started working on a big complicated quadcopter crane thing powered by LF rotors and vernier rockets, with folding arms to fit inside a fairing and ducted (looking) fans for lift. Turned out to be extremely wobbly and too heavy to lift off, so I tried something a bit smaller and more nimble instead. Clips here from my first 2 test flights. Got around 50m/s out of it in level flight, it's not exactly built for aerodynamics, but it was fun to fly. It was a bit of a handful with a keyboard though, I'll have to tone down the reaction wheel torque, and finding the sweet spot for the AoA and blade pitch ended up being my undoing every time so far. A few degrees either side and it drops out of the sky like a stone.


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I built a propellor seaplane, the Swan I. I might outfit it with science instruments in my career mode Someday(TM) and send it Somewhere(TM). Seats three and flies at 200m/s comfortably on Kerbin.


And took off again!


Then I [ALT]+[H]'ed it to Eve.


It seems to get pretty draggy on Eve, topping out at 120m/s as opposed to almost 200m/s on Kerbin.

I found a nifty trick for slowing down. You can change the blade pitch until the lift points backwards and you slow down. You can even go backwards. Used it a lot on this craft, it allowed me to slow down to only 30m/s just above the water, too low for any negative consequences, and then I landed without breaking things. I also used it to stop when on the water.


In case you were wondering, the only modded thing is the panels. NFT offers a version without the truss, which is flush with the wings without me having to offset :-).


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I wonder if there are any long time players/forumers who will recognise the vehicle I've just rebuilt. 

But now, I can only report my doings in the form of a rant 

The stock wheels still such garbage. We had better wheels in Alpha and Beta.
Try to build anything larger than a go-cart,  and say goodbye to the ability to climb hills. 


Spam lots of wheels to try to get a little strength, and say goodbye to any use of physics warp - you'll just bounce all over the place. 


All these wheels, and I still barely get any traction. I just want to climb slopes of  up to15 degrees, a powerful vehicle should be able to handle that. </Rant>

Do you see that? That is a face of a Rover who knows all the trouble it has caused JcTTZJR.png

(And is very thankful for the effort I went to to make old its parts work again)


Meanwhile, in another save:


Uh... Abort system worked and everyone lived.  A+


Re-using Apollo style hardware built for the Mun on Minmus, makes for such overkill. 

In this version of an Apollo mission, no one was left in the command module, because the command module pilot jet packed down to visit

Speaking of Apollo, if you often post here, you might remember my Aircraft Carrier and attempts at a helicopter in the past few pages. This was all in aid of my big Apollo Reenactment, which pulled in details from all  the Apollo missions. This mission report can be found here.


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Hey all.


This morning I landed (Splashed?) an asteroid that was captured yesterday.

And the asteroid isn't buoyant. It sinks.
I saw a video long ago of someone doing the same and the asteroid floated....
Has the density of asteroids changed at some point?
Is there a density scale so that larger ones float?
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46 minutes ago, Martian Emigrant said:
And the asteroid isn't buoyant. It sinks.
I saw a video long ago of someone doing the same and the asteroid floated....

I wonder if the one in the video was mined of all its ore?  I had one glitch & actually get to like -4% ore and it had negative mass.  I couldn't even get it to land, it kept bouncing off the atmosphere & floating back to orbit.  I finally had to delete it in the tracking center.

I had another Laythe probe arrive, this one for a highly elliptical polar orbit to function as the primary comm relay for Laythe after it sends all its science back. 


Then I launched another probe to Eeloo - this one carrying 3 mini landers to gather science from multiple biomes


I also got a new Duna base launched & headed to the red planet.  Not pictured are the mining & reactor addon's which will be landed separately & dock on the surface (hopefully).  Unfortunately, I still don't have the Planetary Base Systems science lab researched yet, so that addon will have to wait for the next transfer


Finally, I launched a new crew for Duna on a slightly redesigned Lightning spaceplane - I added a structural fuselage & aerodynamic tail cone over the NERV to reduce drag.  I'm not sure how much it helps (the Rapiers that trick helps a lot), but I like how it looks.   Once in orbit, the crew docked with the PCC-02B Babylon, also redesigned with a new nose section.  Originally, I used a cupola with docking port for the nose, but I really felt like any large craft is going to have 2 pilots, so I rebuilt it with the Palici pod from Missing History as the command pod.  In theory it increases capacity of the crew cycler, but it's really not built for more than 4 or 5 for long missions.  I also added more science gear so it can perform some science gathering on its own.  I'm considering a further redesign that might reduce part count - it's not bad, only 50-something now, but the fewer parts the better when I have to dock with large stations. 



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This morning I woke up way to early x_x, and decided to begin refueling the lunar flag planting mission that I put in LEO yesterday.

The mission architecture I decided on retains the upper stage of the launch vehicle and refuels it in LEO, it then becomes the lunar orbit injection stage for the mission.

It seems like refueling the injection stage will require the launch of 3 tankers to complete and an additional tanker launch which I intend to dock with and push to The Moon along with the main mission module. Once expended the injection stage will be put on a course that disposes of it on the lunar surface, leaving the main mission module and the accompanying tanker in lunar orbit.

The single stage lander will then undock from the tanker and descend to the surface. After the surface mission is completed it will make its way back to orbit and rendezvous with the tanker which will impart its remaining deltaV to the lander (which now becomes the Earth return vehicle), after which the tanker will be deorbited and disposed of. 

Upon returning to Earth the reentry capsule will eject from the return vehicle and safely return all kerbals to the soft embrace of the ground :3

And nothing at all can possibly go wrong o_o.


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Its looking awful crowded in my sky


Both Kerbin and the Mun now have 3 RemoteTech Komsats in equatorial orbit and a ScanSat in polar orbit.  I managed to hold off getting the comms network up until I had longer range antenna than usual so the the longer range Omni's mean I only need 3 rather than my usual early game 4 around Kerbin, and they have dishes with the range to hit Duna.  I'll live with the risk of eclipses at the wrong time for now and wait until I have an even longer range dish before putting up a couple in an eccentric polar orbit, although I'm wondering it it's worth having the ones I'll put around Minmus as long range relays instead.

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3 hours ago, Cavscout74 said:

I wonder if the one in the video was mined of all its ore?  I had one glitch & actually get to like -4% ore and it had negative mass.  I couldn't even get it to land, it kept bouncing off the atmosphere & floating back to orbit.  I finally had to delete it in the tracking center.


Well you are right or partially anyway.

I sent a miner to the asteroid.

It started at 8t total with  6.9t of ore @87%

After mining it was the same size, 1t, no resources. The ship and asteroid floated 11m higher (I jettisoned the ore).
When released it sank.
So I guess a very rich asteroid totally mined should float. And be cheaper to move around the solar system.


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3 hours ago, RizzoTheRat said:

I'll be honest, I'm disappointed you've got Jeb and Val flying that thing rather than Stringfellow and Dominic!  :D

Ah, the things that could be done when you actually plan ahead :P

Speaking of planning ahead, next thing I'm definitely going to be trying with rotorcraft is using a KAL to restrict the blade deflection range to help mitigate any further landing, uh, hiccups. Unless that bar has a range restriction option, I only saw it on the servos.

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(1.6.1) First thing I did yesterday was to double-check what type of outpost I currently have under construction at the nascent Bohai 2 outpost on Bop, since I hadn't written it down in my log and couldn't remember yesterday when I posted here. I'm building an orbital shipyard; it should be done in six days. Kinda wondering why I did that...I'm guessing it's because at the time I thought I had a spare engineer already in orbit ready to take the chief engineer spot when it it's finished. I don't.

Spent much of the day doing little contracts and continuing the early stages of my next interplanetary touring expedition. After completing a quick drilling contract at Bohai 2, Strange Cargo arrived at Mun with three tourists and three trainees aboard, entering orbit and sending course for space station Munport. Between the time of Strange Cargo's arrival at Mun and its rendezvous at Munport, I designed a simple do-nothing ion probe for a contract at Mun, which the engineers at the Piper Alpha outpost on the surface had built and ready to fly inside of eleven minutes (the extra engineering staff has really boosted the outpost's productivity). Unfortunately, it was nighttime at the outpost, and not wanting to put a 1.5 tonne SAFER reactor on the probe I had set it up for solar; the launch of the probe is going to have to wait until daylight if I don't want it to crash into the side of some hill right away. I also took care of a pair of "ore con" contracts using Piper Alpha and the Dystopia Planitia shipyard over Kerbin, as well as the Enchova Central and Scan Queen outposts on Duna and Ike respectively. A replacement contract for one of these is a "junk-and-kerbal" over Ike, so I also began construction of a Bill Clinton 7c dockable grabber probe at the Infans Calcitrant Yards over Ike; construction should take six hours to complete. I also had a contract to test a Mk16-XL parachute at low altitude and relatively high speed on Duna, so I designed a testing craft and began construction at Enchova Central. Construction there took 34 minutes to complete.

All of that took place before Strange Cargo rendezvoused with Munport. Rendezvous and docking went off without incident. After docking, tourists Melney, Karfurt and Halby Kerman boarded the station's Spamcan 7a lander, which departed the station and landed in the Midlands on a 15.7° grade safely. After waiting for the station to come around again, the Spamcan returned to Munport and docked and was then refueled from the station's stores while the tourists returned to Strange Cargo. At that point, engineer Luddorf Kerman along with scientists Malgar and Pasted Kerman boarded the same Spamcan and departed for their own excursion to the surface. Unfortunately, I started the suicide burn a tad late - the craft lithobraked, blowing off the craft's fuel tank and landing lights. The crew cabin and control modules were still intact, though, and the crew went ahead with their flag-planting training.

Pasted was the only one who was truly upset about the hard landing; the other two were all smiles.

While it hasn't been necessary for a couple of versions, I did go ahead and get all three kerbals out of the can to plant their own individual flags. Luddorf even picked up a couple of souvenirs from the crash - a pair of KAS connector ports that survived the impact and were just kinda rolling around out there on the munar surface...

Before my newly-needed rescue attempt at Mun, I went ahead with the parts test at Duna. Or at least I would've...upon release, the test payload destroyed Enchova Central's launch pad, flipped over and broke up on the surface for no apparent reason. Having not quicksaved ahead of the launch attempt, I let this stand; EC's crew printed up and deployed a new launchpad in the same spot as the old one, the test paywad was redesigned to include a damn launch clamp, and a new print was ordered up; the new print required 35 minutes to complete.

Rescuing my three kerbals from Mun wasn't that big of a deal, as Mun had a spare Spamcan parked at the Non Caseus Yards in orbit already (something I remembered from a week or two ago). The spare Spamcan was fueled and made its way to where my three kerbals were stranded on the surface, landing more carefully - and therefore intact - about thirty meters away. The three crew piled out into the spare Spamcan, which then launched and made its way to Munport. The first Spamcan was terminated at that point while Strange Cargo took on fuel for the return flight to Kerbin and my three crew boarded none the worse for wear. Strange Cargo departed the station at that point and burned to return to Kerbin. She'll arrive at a 47.5 kilometer periapsis in just over eight hours.

Meanwhile, construction of the replacement test rig at Enchova Central was completed, and as thought a launch clamp ensured a safe second test. The test, as previously mentioned - was low and fast: between 3-5 kilometers altitude going 500-550 m/s. I managed to fulfill the test parameters, then terminated the flight in the most efficient manner available to me at that point.

Not every successful contract ends this way...

At that point, all of my contracts had statuses of the "heading to a destination" or "waiting for something to arrive" variety except for one, a temperature survey on Gilly. To conduct the survey, I went to the Golf 1 lander and began hops to the various points of the survey.

Golf 1 in flight over a chunky meatball.

The lander hit one of the four required waypoints before the close of business yesterday and hit the other three points earlier this morning, successfully fulfilling the contract. Replacement contract involves drilling 600 units of ore from Gilly, something I can easily accomplish later today at the Ocean Ranger outpost on the surface. I've also picked up a contract to perform a gravity scan survey on the far side of Kerbin, something I'll probably try to accomplish with an Echo Flyer 7 quadcopter at the next opportunity. Sure, the Flyer is a subsonic craft and it'll take a while to get all the way out there, but at the same time the damn thing's got practically unlimited range and landing on uneven terrain is a hell of a lot less likely to rip off something important. Since nothing major is going on until Strange Cargo returns to Kerbin, I may or may not try to take care of this flight later today.

Once Strange Cargo does return from Mun, its next job will be hauling folks out to Minmus; I've got two more colonists and three tourists heading out that way, and if I bring along the same three staff folks to plant flags out there then that's a full boat. Next Objective is already flying out that way with eight colonists and Necessary Evil is on the way back right now with some staff - the last of my intended staff shufflings in Kerbin's SOI. Once NE gets back she'll be hauling some Ike-bound colonists to LSV House Harkonnen in high Kerbin orbit, the first step of the interplanetary stage of the current expedition. Long term, Strange Cargo and Next Objective will return from Minmus having delivered folks and at least one more of them will be heading out to Harkonnen with the last of the interplanetary tourists/colonists. All six of the bodies I've visited away from Kerbin's SOI are on the ship's itinerary at one point or another.

Still plenty of stuff going on; I hope I can find time to take care of it all in the very near future.

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Ok, now we're cooking with fire. I think I have the new props and rotors figured out, and I have to say I've barely started using the KAL1000 but I'm already impressed with its versatility. I have 2 controllers, one for the blade pitch with the 2 points set to the min/max deflection range I want, and that's hooked up to the main throttle, while the second one controls the motor torque and is bound to a translation axis, since the motors spin at a constant rate and I don't need to babysit it. Great stuff.


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Expedition Purple starts today!

Logistics of the mission:

The second to last mission of Expedition Eeloo we head to Eve! Eve is a planet about the size of kerbin but slightly larger. The purple color of Eve made our last crew tired of the color and couldn't look at purple rocks ever since. The mission will land at an altitude of 3000-7500 meters depending. The lander will have 8500 m/s of fuel (vac.) To escape Eve, it takes many stages from 2 on. The higher we get the better. The target landing site will land at the highest peak of Eve/Mt. Bradley whilstance/ Mt.EVErest. The orbiter has 4300 m/s and targets to use 3000 of that with 1000 for backup if anything fails (I hardly use quicksave)

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