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What did you do in KSP today?

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2 minutes ago, Chris Hopkins said:

Do all the objects in the kerbin system have a crack like this?

It's one of those ancient bugs that keeps getting "fixed". :rolleyes:
My answer is "probably not, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to be wrong about it".

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Today i doing science:


I reserached the effects of FTL-Engines for the Kerbals and the Solar system :D

Rayfel Kerman breaks the Speed record with 2'104'613'656'770'208 times the lightspeed. Now  it is forbidden to do EVA's while a FTL-Engine is running (only allowed to break Rafel Kermans speedrecord)





The FTL-engines bring many more problems with it, even when they travelling slower than light:






DO NOT USE A FTL-Engine! It breaks your KSP

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Oh yes BDAc is a lot of fun. I'm working on a spaceplane that can deliver HEKV missiles to minmus and I need something to shoot at when it gets there, so here's some raw test footage of the target station


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Well actually earlier this 12 AM (But still counts as today isn't it?)

Skylab-M Now in Orbit!

And I've performed my first successful docking!

To be honest, this is the second flight. The first flight ended up with the station crashed but the ones in the Orion spacecraft (Made using @benjee10's ReDirect) survived. Crash caused by MechJeb'sAScent Guidance shut down in mid flight. And reactivating it only results with a hopeless response that the launch vehicle won't continue circularization.














A cluster of 9 Vectors and 36 Rainstorms at its best!




Turning around using brief Verniers and small pulses from the first stage engines. Still got some fuel left after raising my Periapsis.


Burning the last remnants of the core stage before firing the second stage.


Had to use the Explosive Decoupling method since I wrongly staged the engine plate. But still works nonetheless.

Fortunately the payload (i.e The whole station & my complete Orion) has a decoupler.


Approaching the docking port. Second stage is still visible behind the Greenhouse & Aquaponics modules.


Right after the 'magnet' from the docking port pulled me (And Jeb, Bill, Bob, Val and the restof the crews, total of six) towards the station. We've arrived!




Darn, I could've done better than this shot. :0.0:





Bob when looking at the big ol' fish tank. He thinks that fishes aren't affected in Zero-G.

I've spun the station three times to get the maximum possible sunlight for the solar panels; the first one is to get alligned towards Prograde,the second one is to point the other way around and the third one is to face back Prograde originally to get clear of the solar panels upon departure, but I decided to disable SAS on the station so that the panels will always face Kerbol.

After spending like six orbits around Kerbin, the whole crew decided to leave for their respective home; Kerbin.

And away they go!


At that point, the station ran out of food and the station's solar panels weren't powerful enough to support operations on the stations.


After holding up against the fiery reentry.




Welcome back home!

And hat covers up my today's mission report.

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My Saturday morning started off as usual: newspaper/comics section; KerbalX/new posts; and then I spotted this sleek machine in WDYDIKSPT?:




Beautiful!  (Great work, @GDJ!!)  I had to have a go at this...










Mirage.  Fun to fly but only Mach 1.04.  Oh well...

(I actually started with a two-seater.  Not great.  Then this.  Then a tri-Juno version that reached a more satisfying Mach 1.98.)









Snowflake.  The Sparrow in the foreground brought it down and then hopped to an outboard dock.  (I'm thinking ahead to how I get pax on and off my Excalibur cruise liner...  Snowflake is intended as a landing pad for a surface base.)










Terrapin.  (You can tell we are nuts about ion drive in this VAB!!)

This is a quad ion motor with 6km+ dV[*] and 0.98 m/s[*] acceleration.

* all figures quoted are "by itself".  (Your kilometrage would certainly vary if you tried to do something useful with it.)

















Pictured here are Kerbin, Mun, Escort, and Mosquito with VR-042 (1,100t).  General happiness about this new use for Escort!

The Mosquito, having caught VR-042, was struggling with its steep incline.  Mission Control settled for an apoapsis reduced to intersect the orbit of the Mun, but an immediate capture would also have been beyond the capability of the Mosquito.  Escort, fully-fueled, motored out from its mooring in Mun orbit and caught the pair.  Escort, also known as a "herd of five Rhinos", made easy work of this and brought it all home into a 30km orbit around the Mun.

All too bulky to maneuver to dock with a space station, so a fresh station (Nova) is being shipped from Kerbin to dock to VR-042.






After all that, I didn't actually to get to finish reading the comic section, though...!!

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(1.6.1) Log's built up a bit, I'm afraid. But at least I have some screenies to break the monotony. I can also break things up by specific day...


8/1: My day on Thursday began with the completion of the printing of the Imo Pyramis Shipyards at the Bohai 2 outpost on Bop. After fueling, the new station launched.

Didn't know it at the time, but the game took the Enhanced Uranium I needed to power the shipyard's reactors from the outpost's SAFERs instead of the excess stores it had been building up. Can't say I'm particularly happy about that.

The new shipyard burned successfully to a 31.9 x 31.2 kilometer, 3.2° orbit over Bop. I won't be able to actually use it for anything until I can get an engineer aboard, a goal that I'm now working towards.

Imo Pyramis Shipyards in low Bop orbit, with Jool visible.

In the meantime, Bohai 2 transferred additional fuel and Rocket Parts to the newly established shipyard via mass driver and also built a G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft, with construction taking just over three hours from start to finish. After fueling, the G-LOC launched from the outpost. I had some time to kill before the craft was in position for its orbital insertion burn, so I went to the VAB to perform some long-overdue updates to the Ikepore Core 7 design, namely removing the fairing and extra boosters that allowed the first such station to launch from Duna. The redesign was unimaginatively called the Bopport Core 7, and one was ordered up at Bohai 2 with construction estimated to take 37 hours and 45 minutes to complete. The G-LOC then burned to a 43.9 x 43.7 kilometer, 4.16° inclined orbit over Bop, at which point the craft began maneuvers to take it to rendezvous with LSV House Atreides in an inclined Bop orbit. Upon successful docking and with all other business in the area concluded, Atreides made the warp to Jool orbit before beginning warp maneuvers to take her back to Kerbin; she was able to settle into a 793 x 660.3 kilometer, 2.16° in fairly rapid order with no warp-backs (though some "ramp-up" warps were needed over Jool in the first place - no more than 5-6 total, though). Once Atreides established orbit, the G-LOC undocked and burned down to a 100 kilometer equatorial orbit before making a final de-orbit burn. The craft entered the atmosphere successfully and put down approximately 1.67 kilometers south-southeast of KSC, close enough to the South Base outpost have both it and KSC visible at the same time (see my last post on this thread for the screenie). The safe recovery of the G-LOC completed my current exploration contract and unlocked my next destination: Pol. New contract sees me doing a flyby and recovery from Pol, with science also gathered.

With all contracts in a waiting state (mainly waiting for my three ferries in Kerbin's SOI to get to their destinations), I warped ahead two days to the arrival of Next Objective at Kerbin from Minmus. Aerobraking was completed safely, at which point the ship burned for a rendendezvous with space station Kerbinport, docking successfully. After taking on fuel from the station, tourists Henely, Verrim, Kelely, Calmore and Theosy Kerman - the rest of the tourists I had at Kerbinport with interplanetary destinations - loaded aboard Next Objective, which then departed the station and burned for a rendezvous with LSV House Harkonnen in Kerbin's orbit. Flight time to Harkonnen was 106 minutes.

8/2: Friday began with the second of three burns needed to move satellite K-01-024-000251 into a new target position for contract; this one changed the plane of the satellite's alignment to match the target parameters, leaving only a final burn at apoapsis to lower the periapsis, a state the satellite wouldn't reach for another six days. After that, Next Objective arrived at Harkonnen and docked successfully. Harkonnen then performed a risky set of warp maneuvers to take her to orbit over Minmus with the goals of taking on extra Xenon Gas (a wasted effort as it turned out - the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus's surface hadn't been cracking Xenon like I thought) and being available to pick up those few interplanetary passengers that Strange Cargo was hauling out to Minmus directly. Harkonnen was able to warp into a 467.4 x 94.9 kilometer, 9.97° inclined orbit over Minmus, arriving six hours ahead of Strange Cargo and taking on fuel supplies from Deepwater Horizon via mass driver.

I had picked up a new 3-kerbal colonization contact for Mun at that point and I knew it'd be a while before Strange Cargo - the only ferry ship left at Kerbin not engaged in the interplanetary expedition - could get back there, so I ordered up the printing of a new Minnow 7b touring craft - this one to be named G. Grant - at the Dystopia Planitia shipyards over Kerbin; construction will take 34 hours. In the meantime, Strange Cargo arrived at Minmus and docked at space station Minmusport about the same time that Bohai 2 finished its space station print.

Bohai 2 with a Bopport Core 7 levitating somehow over the pad. I'm more excited about the fact that this is the first screenshot I've managed to take of the outpost in daylight...

After Bohai fueled the station, launch commenced and the new Bopport space station ultimately settled into a 53.7 x 53.4, 0.06° inclined orbit over Bop. The outpost then began the printing of a Spamcan 7 2-passenger monoprop lander (appropriate for Bop since the gravity there is comparable to Minmus's), with construction estimated at a little under 3.5 hours. Bop distractions out of the way, colonists Halbrett and Ludvis Kerman along with tourist Geofbert Kerman, engineer Luddorf Kerman and scientists Malgar and Pasted Kerman disembarked from Strange Cargo and boarded the Crater Maker 7 passenger lander docked to Minmusport, which then departed for a landing at Deepwater Horizon. While the Crater Maker was en route to the de-orbit point, scientist Herby Kerman boarded Harkonnen from J.G. Backus (which was docked to Harkonnen) and Backus departed for Minmusport to pick everybody up when the lander returned from the surface. The landing took place next, with the Crater Maker landing safely next to the outpost's launchpad. Luddorf EVA'd, planted a flag and then hooked up the Crater Maker to the outpost so that it could take on fuel and so the ten colonists aboard - the aforementioned group plus the eight colonists aboard that Next Objective had previously delivered - could disembark. Luddorf briefly re-boarded the lander so that everybody could level up with the outpost's habitat module, then disconnected the Crater Maker.


8/3: Saturday began with the completion of Bohai 2's Spamcan. After fueling it with monoprop, the new lander launched for a rendezvous with Bopport.

My first Joolrise. Certainly an accomplishment in any career save, right?

Rendezvous was set for 141 minutes. Meanwhile, Bohai 2 began printing (hopefully the last one for a while - damn contracts) a Nostromo 7 resource lander, with construction estimated at nine hours to completion. Bop distractions out of the way once again, the Crater Maker launched. The lander was able to burn for orbit and rendezvous with Minmusport simultaneously, docking successfully, at which point Malgar and Pasted re-embarked aboard Strange Cargo. Backus made her final burn for rendezvous with Minmusport and docked 95 minutes later.

Don't know why I kept this screenshot - it's nothing I haven't done a hundred times before. I think there was some concern that I hadn't left enough seats open on Backus to haul everybody I wanted to over to Harkonnen, and there was a sense of relief involved...

After taking on fuel on fuel from Strange Cargo's supplies (to save time), tourists Chadbus and Hayby Kerman, who had remained aboard Strange Cargo while the others went to the surface, boarded Backus along with Geofbert and Luddorf. Backus then departed Minmusport and burned for a rendezvous with Harkonnen. Due to Harkonnen's eccentric orbit, flight time is expected to be 8.5 hours. The day ended with the successful rendezvous and docking with the Spamcan 7 at Bopport.


8/4: Didn't get much accomplished yesterday. I began the day with much-needed fueling mass driver shots between Deepwater Horizon and Minmusport as well as between Bohai 2 and Bopport. The refueling shot allowed Strange Cargo to leave and burn for Kerbin; flight time to Kerbin's periapsis is 39 hours. Next up was the final burn to position satellite K-01-024-000251, a successful burn and contract completion. The replacement contract? A nine-kerbal colonization contract to the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on Eve...

So that changed my plans up a bit.

One of my tourists on Harkonnen's interplanetary tour was wanting to visit Eve's surface - I now had ten kerbals that needed to get down there with only the infrastructure in place to send down six. So I did a quick redesign of the Cigar 7 Eve descent module, removing the docking port to add a pair of Mk1 Crew Cabins instead. The new craft was dubbed the Cigarette 7 and printing of the first such craft was ordered up at the Caue Serpente Yards over Eve; printing will take a little over five hours to complete. I also needed to design an Eve Ascent Vehicle for a single Kerbal; the earlier Beer Can 7 was designed for six. So it was to the VAB after crunching the numbers for a Temstar-style asparagus booster (22% thrust in the core and 13% in each booster) with 0.3% paywad fraction and 1.05-1.10 TWR at launch. New craft was designated the Zima 7, with one ordered up at ALK; construction will take 46.5 hours and since it's only using Vector engines I'm hoping the launch won't destroy the pad this time. I also had Harkonnen begin the print of a G-LOC 7a, adding the Pol flyby to her itinerary (she was already going to have to head out to Bop anyway so I figured I might as well), with construction there only taking ninety minutes to complete.

With the anticipation of a) the need to put a new outpost on Pol, b) it being a pain in the ass to get there due to it's not being much bigger than Gilly, therefore necessitating that LSV House Corrino be the one to get said outpost there and c) the TBD base-seeding craft designs needing Material Kits of late to finish up, the next thing I did was stick four Pathfinder small Buckboard containers on a pallette in the VAB, putting a screwdriver in one of them and saving the whole mess as a subassembly. I then ordered up printing of said sub-assembly aboard Corrino, which Bill and Gemlorf had done for me half an hour later. Bill then went out on EVA to attach the Buckboards onto the ends of the ship's four SAFER reactors.

Floaty refits are always the funnest, on account of the fact that the kerbals always seem to manage to forget how to keep attitude control while they're trying to pick things up and put them in place, not to mention the risk of flying off into deep space if something goes wrong...

Bill was able to get all four Buckboards in place and configured for Materials Kits. After re-boarding Corrino, South Base shot up a supplies of Materials Kits and Rocket Parts to Corrino and construction of a TBD 7dB base-seeding lander commenced. Construction will take five days. The 7dB will be a little overpowered for Pol (could've gone with the 7dG instead) but I figure I can always re-calibrate the engines for lower thrust. Plus the design worked out pretty well on Bop. Day ended yesterday with the completion of Harkonnen's G-LOC, which was filled with monoprop, launched and then docked to one of the ports off of the ship's Workshop module.

Not much accomplished so far this morning - I had Eunice Howell (a Minnow 7b that I've hardly used up to this point) depart Corrino for Kerbinport with flight time anticipated for just over 45 minutes. Howell will be hauling a group of colonists to space station Munport for transport to the Piper Alpha outpost there and then returning to Kerbinport for the big show - getting those nine Eve colonists to their destination. I've got that on tap today - those nine Eve colonists and three Mun colonists all need to come up from KSC, so I need to send up an Auk XVI 12-passenger spaceplane as soon as possible after Howell docks. Howell and G. Grant will probably be getting the nine Eve colonists to House Atreides, though I may use Strange Cargo instead if G. Grant isn't finished by the time she gets back from Minmus. I also will probably be able to get Harkonnen under way today. First up on her itinerary will probably be Jool. She'll be visiting everywhere I've been before she finally gets to come home. Don't know what other hoops I'll have to pull before I can finally get permission to land on Jool; can't help but think there are going to be quite a few before everything's said and done...

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There have been... several chances.  To be fair, I haven't actually tried to land on the pad with most of them.  But my computer is starting to get a little irritated when I get about 2.2km above the ground.  Even panning the camera has become iffy.



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I tried to move the refinery a few meters using the sky crane and ended up using the whole thing as a flail. Some how most of the mining equipment and one connection survived the crash on the mining pod. The old Electronics Tower was destroyed, debris 2.5km away. Meet new Tower (properly facing East/West this time) and a nice kerbal corridor for future expansions. 



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(1.6.1) Log sure does look busy for yesterday, but that may be because I wrote a bunch of names in it. Bunches and bunches of names...

Began my day yesterday needing to send up a batch of Mun-bound and Eve-bound colonists to space station Kerbinport. Not wanting to overly tax my box (an office laptop, mind you - not really set up for KSP without cooking a little), I decided to go ahead and land the Auk VII 16-passenger spaceplane that I'd left docked to the station anticipating the return of tourists from the current interplanetary mission. Nine surface-bound kerbals were aboard the plane so it wasn't a complete waste of a trip. The plane departed the station about the time that Eunice Howell rendezvoused and docked there, having freshly arrived from LSV House Corrino in high Kerbin orbit with nobody aboard. The plane then deorbited and affected a harrowing but otherwise safe landing at KSC 27, fulfilling a tourist contract and unlocking a rescue contract over Bop. At that point I put an Auk XVI 12-passenger spaceplane out on the Runway, with colonists Malfen, Stadous, Giller, Jelvan, Jendun, Hadfred, Valkin, Malnand, Taning, Wenster, Stephanie and Connor Kerman aboard.

Six starts, the beginning of what I'm sure will be many, many headaches...

The plane took off for rendezvous with Kerbinport, docking at the station successfully. Once the plane docked, Eunice Howell received full supplies from the station's stores and pilot Rodhat Kerman took the helm, with Malfen, Stadous and Giller embarking into the craft's back seat. Howell then departed the station and burned for Mun; scheduled flight time to a fifteen-kilometer periapsis over mun is six hours and sixteen minutes.

The return of the Auk VII also brought down the kerbal staffmembers that had been shuffled home from their assignments to Mun and Minmus. An Echo Flyer 7b quadcopter was put out on the Runway next with pilot Lutop at the cyclic, with pilots Patrod, Geofbles and Suly Kerman, scientists Tefrod, Kathald and Lenbal Kerman and engineer Janbles Kerman taking seats in the passenger modules. The Flyer proceeded the three kilometers south to the South Base outpost and landed, at which point Lutop hooked the craft up to the base and the staff members piled out to join up with the outpost's current staff. While still hooked up, tourists Robro, Beagun, Tesby, Peggy, Teddrin and Podnie Kerman boarded the 'copter, their "colonization" contracts long since completed. Lutop unhooked the 'copter from the outpost at that point and climbed back aboard, at which point craft recovery took place. The recovery of the Flyer brought to a close the current crew reshuffling, something I'm hoping I can avoid doing too much more of in the future...

Next up was the printing of a Nostromo 7 resource lander at the Bohai 2 outpost on Bop followed closely by the printing of the Cigarette 7 4-passenger Eve Descent Vehicle at the Caue Serpente Yards over Eve. Focus was given to the Cigarette first, which took on fuel from the shipyard's stores and then launched, burning for rendezvous with space station Eveport. Flight time to the station was forty minutes, during which J.G. Backus finally arrived at a rendezvous with LSV House Harkonnen in a high and eccentric orbit over Minmus, docking safely. A load of Rocket Parts were also shot up to LSV House Corrino over Kerbin from South Base during that time, and Gilligan departed LSV House Atreides also over Kerbin and burned for a rendezvous with Kerbinport; flight time there was 67 minutes. The Cigarette then rendezvoused and docked safely at Eveport; would've took a screenshot there but (naturally) it happened at night.

With the Cigarette secured, I went back to Bohai 2 for the launch of the Nostromo

Nice to be able to launch things without blowing up the pad in the process. Just saying.

The craft launched to a 51.3 x 50.1 kilometer, 3.19° inclined orbit over Bop with a load of 2600 units of Ore aboard in the side tanks. Once everything was set, the craft's engines burned again, this time to break Bop orbit. The craft's burn will put it to a 45,000 kilometer periapsis over Jool in seven days and four hours. Current contract only requires the delivery of 2,050 units of ore to Jool orbit from Bop, which I'll have done as soon as it leaves Bop's SOI, but I've got another drilling and delivery contract to Jool orbit from Pol, see...

This morning I had the Spamcan 7 lander docked to space station Bopport depart to go rendezvous with Deoly's Capsule (the aforementioned replacement rescue contract over Bop), and Gilligan arrived at Kerbinport. After refueling, Helvan, Jendun, Hadfred, Valkin and Malnand joined Jeb aboard Gilligan and the craft departed to return to House Atreides. The other colonists still aboard the plane are awaiting a craft to take them over to Atreides - whether that's Eunice Howell returned from Mun, Strange Cargo returned from Minmus, or G. Grant currently under construction at the Dystopia Planitia shipyard over Kerbin, whichever happens first. Atreides will be heading on to Eve once all her passengers are aboard. Meanwhile, House Corrino is printing up a base-seeding lander for Pol and House Harkonnen is finally ready to get underway on the interplanetary mission since Backus is now docked up. Harkonnen is likely to head to Jool first and then head on to Duna from there, where the bulk of her current passengers will be heading on to Ike for colonization. I may head back to Kerbin at some point to drop off a few of the auxiliary craft she's hauling - part count's currently up over 250 which I try to keep as a hard limit if I can at all help it. Not much else going on to talk about right now; definitely anxious to get on with the interplanetary expedition and to begin the process of establishing a base on Pol.

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6 hours ago, Yukon0009 said:

Communications ship sails from KSC to support missions

Now send it to laythe in a single launch.

Edit: Actually that gave me a legitimately good idea for a relay ship floating around laythe dispatching drones to different biomes or other joolmoons with relay antennas and science gear. They're practically free to orbit from there with an airbreathing first stage.

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KSP doesn't seem to like my station much - I'm building mostly with EL, and it's tending to crash KSP on finalizing sections around 50% of the time.  Not sure about the issue yet...

Anyway, stage 1 completed:


Starting stage 2 - note that there's a couple of empty resources kontainers docked, I'll be recycling them in time.  (Though the recycler doesn't appear to work - I've never been able to get those to work reliably for me.)


Stage 1 was EC and resource storage.  Stage 2 is docking for both Kerbals and supplies, though I’m also adding quite a bit of Monoprop storage.  (I could use Lithium storage on the station as well, but I haven't unlocked the large tanks for that yet...)

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It's a busy time in my career - the second batch of Duna personnel are about to arrive while a new Jool transfer window is fast approaching.  Already, I've orbited a Bop lander (of my somewhat standard design) and a new Pol folding crew lander (inspired my by other folding landers, now slightly bigger & with crew seats).  I also sent a second Lightning II spaceplane to orbit for a transfer to Jool to act as backup to the first one already enroute.  It also allowed Val to brush up on her spaceplane skills, then show up Jeb by landing the pilot reentry vehicle (PRV) on the grass just a few km's west of KSC.  My plan is for a small crew of less experienced kerbonauts to take the PCC-03C Calypso to Jool during the transfer window for the nearly 3 year journey.  Then about 45 days later, Jeb & the other vets will load up on the DSV-01B Alderaan & perform a ~5000 m/s transfer burn to put them around Jool in just under a year, which will require another 5000 m/s burn unless I catch Tylo for a gravity assist.  Since Alderaan has around 50 km/s dV with her fusion drive, the gravity assist really is optional.  The intent is to leave Calypso at Jool as an emergency Kerbin-return vehicle, while Alderaan has plenty of living space (12 in the gravity ring vs 4 in the Calypso's single Hitchhiker can) to bring both crews home at the end of their mission.   I still need a Val station & ground base plus a Tylo crew lander, and a fuel tanker or two, but most of the rest of my Jool infrastructure is already on the way.  I still debating what I want to do for in-system refueling - the Laythe base can handle the spaceplanes, but I'd like to set up something larger to keep the crew cyclers & DSV's topped off.  I've done Vall, Pol & Bop at various times in the past, but I'm not sure which I feel like for this career.

Pol lander launching from KSC.  For its size, it was surprisingly heavy.  I decided to use a new design - a triple-core Dawngrazer 1.875m launcher.  Even then, I needed a pair of small SRB's getting off the pad. 


Circularizing orbit - the transfer stage actually had to finish getting it out of the atmosphere on its own, so for the future I need a better launch vehicle.  The lander is still folded, but it will unfold into the "X" pattern of my other folding landers, just with crew seats now.  The one thing I forget was a good antenna for the transfer - I only have a short range antenna on the lander itself, but nothing for the transfer.  I'm hoping it stays close enough to some of the other craft that will be carrying good-sized relay antennas that it won't be an issue.  If there was OSHA oversight of my space program, this design probably wouldn't be allowed since the seats end up between the 4 engines exhausts. 


Val taking off from KSC


In orbit, Val just staged the PRV away from the Lightning, which will climb to a higher orbit to top off its fuel for the Jool transfer while Val reenters & gets ready for the upcoming mission


Ready for reentry


Take that Jeb, Val could actually walk back to base instead of swimming


Last but not least, the new Pegasus base arrives in Duna orbit.  The new crew are still just over a week out, so there is plenty of time to find a suitable location & get this landed.  Then the mining & reactor wings will have to be landed as well. 


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So I finally succeeded in getting my Super-Tug off to Minmus:


This really is a beautiful game some days.Just look at the joy on Peggy's face!

Here it is safely around Minmus with the ore tanks and ore lifter craft attached(with one of my tugs mid-docking - yes I use mech jeb for this a lot, have you seen the number of craft docked there?). It's really now a refuelling depot for all the craft I have waiting there for it:


But that design is not without flaws, so I've fixed most of them for a MKII I am currently constructing - this time with (replaceable) heat shields on all front pods:


And see, I can dock without mech-jeb :-p




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(1.6.1) Yesterday was a fairly interesting day, though it started off with a simple fuel supply mass driver shot between the Bohai 2 outpost on Bop and space station Bopport. I may not have had the station fully supplied before the Spamcan 7 lander departed yesterday, but at least there'll be fuel for the first set of guests when they arrive. The Spamcan itself made a final burn to take it to rendezvous with Deoly's Capsule in an inclined and retrograde orbit over Bop, with flight time just short of 2.5 hours. Gilligan then performed a rendezvous burn to take it to LSV House Atreides in high Kerbin orbit; flight time there was two hours exactly.

With some time to kill before those two rendezvous take place, I had a window with which to have LSV House Harkonnen begin the interplanetary portion of her current expedition. The ship warped out of Minmus's orbit and headed to Jool. I needed an orbit - any orbit - to fulfill a tourist contract and ultimately got one at 497,199.6 x 10,846.6 kilometers and 7.13° inclined (i.e. a really, really nasty one, but it did the trick). From there, Harkonnen warped over to Bop for a flyby (again for a tourist contract) and from there it was on to Pol for the historic first flyby.

There's a meatball what looks a couple of weeks too old...

Pilot Aldler Kerman transmitted a crew report from the Pol flyby and Harkonnen slipped out of Pol's tiny SOI a few minutes later before warping to a somewhat more reasonable 6,491.8 x 5,814.0 kilometer, 2.88° inclined orbit over Jool in preparation for a warp to Duna, the next stop on her itinerary. 

Gilligan completed her rendezvous and docking with House Atreides, at which point I ordered up a Minnow Docking Adapter - it occurred to me that I'd have both Gilligan and (probably) Eunice Howell docked to Atreides when she finally was ready to ship out to Eve, and I only had one docking spot available for Minnow 7b touring craft. Printing took 63 minutes to complete, during which the Spamcan rendezvoused with Deoly's Capsule.

Minor problem.

That's not a Pathfinder Castillo...that's a damn Hogan. How the hell do you get a kerbal stuck in a deflated, defunct part in the first place (let alone get them out again)?

The Spamcan wasn't equipped to grab the box, and so reluctantly I had it turn around and start making its way back to Bopport. Flight time to Bopport will be two hours and fifteen minutes.

Shortly after installing the new Adapter on Atreides, Eunice Howell arrived at Mun, conducting orbital insertion and rendezvous burn with space station Munport at the same time. Flight time for Howell from orbital insertion to rendezvous was 43 minutes, during which time LSV House Corrino in orbit of Kerbin finished printing up the TBD 7dB base-seeding lander destined to establish a new outpost on Pol when the time comes. Supplies of Rocket Parts and Enriched Uranium were sent to Corrino from the South Base outpost near KSC via mass driver; the rest of the supplies Corrino needs to finish fitting out the lander (mainly monoprop) will be brought up later this morning. Meanwhile, Howell affected a successful rendezvous and docking at Munport, staying just long enough to refuel and to offload colonists Malfen, Stadous and Giller Kerman to the station's Spamcan 7a lander before departing.

Munport with Eunice Howell just departed. Actually took this screenshot so I could tell just how much I needed to send up via supplies but I still thought it looked a little bit interesting...

Eunice Howell completed a burn to return her to Kerbin; flight time to a 47.5 kilometer periapsis over Kerbin will be a little under 6.5 hours. Howell will definitely return to Kerbinport before the scheduled delivery of G. Grant or the return of Strange Cargo from Minmus, so she is now set to deliver five more Eve-bound colonists to House Atreides once she gets back. Makes me glad I ordered up that Adapter...

This morning I did a quick redesign of the Spamcan 7 lander to include a grabber unit as well as a docking port, adding lander legs for good measure. I then ordered up construction of this Spamcan 7 Bop craft at Bohai 2; it should be complete in 3 hours and 26 minutes, after which the intent is to try the Deoly rescue once again - the plan is to bring the Hogan to Bohai 2 so it can be inflated and Deoly extracted. I'm hoping to be able to recycle the Hogan at that point. The crew cabin was left intact in the Spamcan 7 Bop, so it may even be possible to use Ship Manifest to extract Deoly upon grab. That would certainly simplify matters a bit. House Harkonnen also made her warp to Duna this morning after finding the "sweet spot" in her orbit where the relative velocity to Duna was minimized. She still arrived at 2,380 m/s, too fast to enter orbit, so warp-backs will commence in the next session. I'm also miffed that the ship made an inadvertent Vall flyby on her way - that's a contract I'm not going to get paid for when it finally comes up. The only upshot there is that my current Pol-outpost crew will get credit for the Vall flyby when I finally get around to leveling them up, and I suppose that's true for all the kerbals in all craft currently docked to Atreides.

Today I plan to get Harkonnen to Duna orbit so we can start delivering folks to Ike and start sending some tourists down to the surface. I'll also be ready to send my three colonists down to the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun once I get some fuel up to Munport, and I hope to get Eunice Howell back to Kerbin so she can make her delivery and I can send House Atreides over to Eve. Eve's finally emerged from the far side of Kerbol relative to Kerbin, so a direct warp transfer shouldn't be as big of a pain as it has been in the recent past. Still, I'm not looking forward to two sets of warp maneuvers in one day. Could potentially be three...now that House Corrino's got the Pol lander ready to go, she'll need to pick up the Pol crew at some point, with either Eve or Jool the logical place at which to do that.

Can't think of a good way to wrap up this post, so I'm just gonna end it cold and with a probably unnecessary ellipsis...

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6 hours ago, capi3101 said:

That's not a Pathfinder Castillo...that's a .... Hogan. How the .... do you get a kerbal stuck in a deflated, defunct part in the first place (let alone get them out again)?

Assuming that was spawned from a 'rescue' contract, I have a solution for those --


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10 minutes ago, Shadowmage said:

Assuming that was spawned from a 'rescue' contract, I have a solution for those --


It was. Thanks for the link - won't help me this time around of course but it should prevent this sort of thing from happening again. Meantime I do have a plan for this - it involves using a grabber and Ship Manifest to do a crew transfer. If that fails the grabber will land at my Bop outpost and I'll try inflating the Hogan (hoping I can recycle it afterwards). Push comes to shove I'll just haul the whole thing back to Kerbin.

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A slight build error on my first Mun orbiter of my new save made for some interesting adventures. I forgot to put a heat shield on, and slightly underestimated the required delta-V for a polar orbiter to return to Kerbin.


The combination of these meant that I had to use a series of aerobraking manoeuvres. I got the Pe to 60km, Ap at 12million, and gradually (9 passes through the atmosphere) bled speed off before coming in for a parachute landing in the ocean ENE of the Dessert Launchpad.


Nearly 300 Science and EVA reports completed for all Mun Biomes though.

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