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What did you do in KSP today?

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17 minutes ago, The Dunatian said:

I object. He who slanders Jeb shall be tried for liable.

It's not slander if she actually beat him.  He came down in the ocean roughly halfway between KSC & the Desert space center. 

Until that time arrives, my career continued marching on.  A few more craft arrived in Duna orbit for my second round of crewed explorations.  My Laythe Explorer drone also arrived & successfully entered Laythe's atmosphere, flew around for a little while, then landed at the first possible base location, which turned out to have a 12.6% ore concentration.    I did have one strange thing happen - before bringing the Laythe Explorer out of orbit, i switched to my survey sat to bring up an ore overlay to see where a good place to look for a base location would be.  But when I turned the overlay off, the clouds weren't drawn in where the overlay was.  Tried going back to KSC & loading the Laythe Explorer again, no change.  Exited to main menu & reloaded the save, no change.  I finally had to exit the game & restart it to get the clouds to look normal.

The Laythe Explorer is basically a cruise missile with landing gear & scientific instruments in place of a warhead.


I overshot my target, and had to fly back for a while.  Happily, it cruises around 550 m/s so it wasn't too long of a flight


On approach to land I spotted a geyser, so after getting safely landed, I taxied back to find it


This area isn't too bad for a base - a little more sloped & bumpy than I like for landing spaceplanes, but it's just south of the equator & has a nice ore concentration for refueling.  It also doesn't look like too bad of a trek to the coast for when I get the floating base in position, so my amphibious rover shouldn't have any issues going back and forth.  This is actually the first career I've managed to find a good base location with the Laythe Explorer - previous times I tried, I either never found a good location before crashing it on landing somewhere or never found a good location before I gave up looking because nothing close to where it landed was suitable and I didn't feel like flying to the other side of Laythe.


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After 2 years of absence from the game I re-acquainted myself with an old friend, the Mun.

I made Jeb land a craft onto the surface. Of course, now he's stranded there. I should've figured it wouldn't be as easy as slapping lander legs on my Mun-orbiter and calling it a day...:rolleyes:

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(1.6.1) Another day, another dozen chances missed to hit the F1 key at key moments. Translation: no screenies today, y'all. Sorry.

Began my day with a pair of mass driver shots, one between the South Base outpost near KSC and LSV House Corrino in high Kerbin orbit, the other between the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun and space station Munport. South Base's shot was intended to resupply Corrino in the wake of her construction of a TBD 7dB base-seeding lander destined for Pol, and is fairly unique in that I had to shoot all of the outpost's available monopropellant up and still didn't have enough for a complete supply, so I'll have to send up more when the base has had a chance to refine some more. Piper Alpha's shot was a comparatively simple fuel resupply, though some Enriched Uranium for the station's SAFER reactors also made its way up.

I'd left LSV House Harkonnen in Duna's SOI travelling too fast to enter orbit (having warped there from Jool towards the end of the day on Tuesday), so my next order of business was warp-back maneuvers. It took seven warp-backs to finally bring Harkonnen's speed down enough for the craft to enter a 541.3 x 381.5 kilometer, 6.32° inclined orbit over the red planet. Once in orbit, J.G. Backus undocked and departed from Harkonnen, beginning maneuvers to take her to space station Dunaport. Necessary Evil and Next Objective (which were also docked to Harkonnen) made their preparations for departure as well, but not before the Spamcan 7 lander I'd dispatched on an aborted rescue attempt over Bop on Tuesday returned to space station Bopport, docking safely. Necessary Evil departed Harkonnen first, burning a largely radial burn to take her to Ike; flight time to a 15 kilometer periapsis will be 3.5 hours. Next Objective waited for a more traditional burn window and should arrive in two hours and forty minutes. Finally, with a ship available in the area to take it back to Kerbin, the Bill Clinton 7c probe hauling Tomwise's Craft that was docked at space station Ikeport departed and burned for a rendezvous with Harkonnen; rendezvous is not yet set there, but the craft will arrive at the ascending node in 4.75 hours.

It was at this point that I realized I had nine kerbal colonists coming down to the Scan Queen outpost on Ike and the only available lander would only be able to bring down four at a time. To that end, I ordered up the components of a Crater Maker 7 passenger lander at both Scan Queen (handling the original 8-passenger lander) and at the Infans Calcitrant Yards in orbit (which was handling the 7-passenger expansion module). Scan Queen should finish up its print first after 4.25 hours, at which point it will be brought up to ICY; ICY's print is going to take closer to five hours, so the business end of the lander should be up there by the time that's done. Both NE and NO will likely have arrived at Ikeport by then, so from there it should be a simple matter to fly the craft over to Ikeport, pick everybody up and then head back down to Scan Queen.

Last order of business for yesterday was the landing of colonists Malfen, Stadous and Giller Kerman at Piper Alpha, whom Eunice Howell had delivered to Munport on Tuesday (hence the morning refueling shot). The three colonists boarded the station's Spamcan 7a lander, which departed Munport and landed safely at Piper Alpha's designated landing zone. Outpost engineer Haydorf Kerman attached the Spamcan to the outpost and the three colonists disembarked, taking up residence in one of PA's two Castillo domes. Fuel was transferred to the lander for the return trip, after which Haydorf detached the lander from the outpost. The lander then took off again, burning for orbital insertion and rendezvous with Munport near simultaneously; time to rendezvous is about seventy minutes.

Backus arrived at Dunaport this morning, and after she was refueled from the station's stores, pilot Jedbrett Kerman, engineer Luddorf Kerman and tourist Geofbert Kerman boarded the station's Spamcan 7b lander, which departed the station and landed safely somewhere in the Highlands. Both Jedbrett and Luddorf individually got out and planted flags, and at this point the lander is waiting for Dunaport to come around for return launch. That'll likely be one of the first things that happens when I get the next opportunity to play. I'm also hoping to get my colonists down to Ike today so I can get on with the next phase of Harkonnen's tour, which will take the ship to Eve and Gilly. I've got Eunice Howell scheduled to return to Kerbin and from there deliver a second batch of colonists to LSV House Atreides over Kerbin hopefully later today, at which point Atreides will be heading to Eve. At some point both Atreides and Harkonnen are both going to be at Eve with a total of ten folks heading down to the surface between them - nine are colonists headed to the Alexander L. Kielland outpost down there, while one's a tourist whose Eve Ascent Vehicle (the Zima 7) is already being built. Not sure how much of all that will happen today, but I promise to at least remember and try to hit the F1 key when it happens...

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13 minutes ago, capi3101 said:

but I promise to at least remember and try to hit the F1 key when it happens...

F1 is cumbersome, especially if you're frantically trying to not crash but want screenies anyway.  This is why I have the 'back' button on my mouse mapped to do screenshots. ('forward' toggles map view and cycles symmetry in the editor)

The automated screenshot mod is handy too.

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Today in "Simple build errors to make your life harder", I accidentally put a Mk 25 Parachute instead of a Mk 16XL on a rescue craft. Result: One rescue craft needing rescuing. I sent the second rescuer up to collect the initial rescuee, and landed that with no issue, but then I chose to de-orbit the capsule with only a Mk 25 and have the pilot simply jump out (couldn't do this with the rescuee of course: No parachute on 0 star engineers).

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Accepted a contract to capture "a new Class E asteroid" into Kerbin orbit.
Accepted a contract to put a class E asteroid into minmus orbit (more money for the same old rock, right? RIGHT?).

I did not know that class E asteroids can mass over 3100 tons.

My capture vehicle had over 10k deltaV until it grabbed the rock, then it had 16.

Back to the drawing board.

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1 hour ago, falofonos said:

My capture vehicle had over 10k deltaV until it grabbed the rock, then it had 16.

Back to the drawing board

That comes as a rude awakening the first time it happens.  I've had my best luck adding ISRU to the capture vehicle so it can refuel itself from the asteroid - which also reduces the asteroid mass.   As long as you have enough dV to get a stable Kerbin orbit - no matter how crazy an orbit - then it becomes just a matter of time.

In my career, I managed to get my Duna Flyer landed on Duna.  The first LZ had a good ore concentration, but was pretty rough terrain & kinda high altitude (~3600m) that even Duna Flyer was having issues with takeoff & landing.  So I buzzed over to the Eastern Canyon and found a slightly higher ore concentration, smoother terrain & due to the lower altitude, no trouble landing.  After that, it was time to set down the Cavalier base core.

Duna Flyer entering Duna's atmosphere, transfer stage is visible in the background


This just does not look inviting as a base location


Flying to the eastern canyon in a dust storm


Safely landed near the western mouth of the Eastern Canyon.  Just a few km west it switches to Highlands, so there is plenty of science to be had around here


Cavalier-Duna base core landed safely just a few hundred meters from Duna Flyer, still within the nearly 12% ore concentration.  Now I have to land the mining segment & reactor segment close & get them docked.  For added fun, I discovered one of the existing core arms does NOT have a docking port.   It's the hab module, so I'm not going to attach the reactor or mining segments there anyway, but it limits the options for expanding the base in the future.  Another thing I realized, I didn't launch a new rover for this base, so unless I plan on driving the old rover half-way around Duna (hint: I don't), the crew will be stuck with just the Duna Flyer for exploration work - which is great for long distances, but it's a delicate little plane & requires much care on landing.


Lastly, the new Duna crew just entered Duna's SoI & will be entering orbit in about two days.

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(1.6.1) Had a pretty active past 24 hours with stuff getting to where it's going and then heading out again. Kicked off the day with the Bohai 2 outpost on Bop completing their print of a modified Spamcan 7 monoprop lander, which I dubbed the Spamcan 7 Bop (real imaginative, I know). After taking on fuel, the lander launched from the outpost.

Truth be told, I was more happy that the base didn't blow up when I loaded it than I was about this launch. I had set the WBI airbrake last time I was here and didn't disengage it before I left - Kraken ate the last three bases I've built in a row when I've done that...

The lander launched to a 86.1x47.1 kilometer, 174.67° inclined orbit and burned to rendezvous with Deoly's Capsule later in the day; flight time is expected to be 95 minutes. The modified Spamcan will grab the Deoly's Capsule (a Hogan, which is a deprecated boxed part from the Pathfinder mod) and either use Ship Manifest to get him out of there or take the whole thing back to Bohai for inflation. 

Next up was the return of the Spamcan 7b from the surface of Duna, which had gone down there with tourist Geofbert Kerman, pilot Jedbrett Kerman and engineer Luddorf Kerman on Wednesday. The craft rendezvoused with space station Dunaport just as another Spamcan (a 7a in this case) rendezvoused with space station Munport (that one having delivered three colonists to the Piper Alpha outpost on Mun's surface early in the day on Wednesday). I took care of the 7a docking first, then completed the docking of the 7b. The three kerbals from the 7b boarded J.G. Backus docked at Dunaport and proceeded to level up with the station's lab. Backus then departed Dunaport and burned for a rendezvous with LSV House Harkonnen in high Duna orbit. Flight time to Harkonnen will be an hour and forty minutes.

Next Objective and Necessary Evil both arrived over Ike (in that order) next, both coming in fairly inclined (45-60°); I had to do some close range maneuvers to bring them into equatorial approaches (because I wasn't paying attention when they actually entered Ike's SOI), but both craft were brought onto intercept courses with space station Ikeport in rapid order.

Next Objective at one minute to rendezvous burn for Ikeport. Tried to get a screenie of the actual rendezvous burn but I was a little slow on the draw there; the station had already sped past by then...

Next Objective arrived first, docking safely. After taking on fuel supplies from the station, NO dropped off colonist Henely Kerman and then departed the station - the three remaining passengers aboard with active itineraries are all heading to Eve and Gilly. Next Objective burned to return to Harkonnen just this morning; her current course will take her within thirty kilometers of Harkonnen before reaching periapsis at Duna (which is good, since the craft is on a collision trajectory otherwise) and should have sufficient fuel to affect a high delta-V rendezvous burn. She'll hit her ascending node with Harkonnen ahead of the close approach and I'm hoping to set up the intercept there later this morning.

Eunice Howell arrived over Kerbin next this morning, and after aerobraking she was put onto a course that will bring her to rendezvous with space station Kerbinport in about 25 minutes. Howell is scheduled to pick up four Eve-bound colonists for delivery to LSV House Atreides in Kerbin orbit, which is already carrying five more Eve-bound folks. Atreides will be heading out for Eve after Howell docks up as soon as a window for a warp transit opens up - things are pretty busy right now...

Last thing that has happened so far today is the arrival of Necessary Evil at Ikeport.

You can tell it's Necessary Evil thanks to Val having busted off one of the ship's antennas a month or two ago. I really oughta get to replacing it one of these days...

After docking, I went ahead and leveled everybody up. Since this bunch did flybys at Bop, Pol and (inadvertently) Vall, they all had a lot of XP built up. Pilot Gregald Kerman had accumulated 64 XP - exactly enough to join the five-star club - and his colonists all leveled to four-star status. They'll make handy additions to the staff at the Scan Queen outpost on Ike once their colonization contract has expired and I can get them retrained.

So as y'all can probably tell from the KAC schedule on my second screenie, I'm probably going to be pretty busy today. The lower section of the Crater Maker 7 lander is complete at this point and I need to get the thing up to the Infans Calcitrant Yards in Ike orbit to join up with the upper section still under construction there, so that I can bring my colonists down to Scan Queen from Ikeport. Eunice Howell will be arriving at Kerbinport fairly soon, and Backus is about ready to make her rendezvous with Harkonnen. I've got a Bill Clinton 7c grabber probe hauling Tomwise's Craft to Harkonnen for transport back to Kerbin and I hope to be making its intercept burn later today. I'm also hoping to be able to pick up Deoly's Capsule today as well. Longer range, I've got House Atreides and House Harkonnen both heading to Eve as soon as their respective passengers are aboard, and I'm planning to send LSV House Corrino currently in Kerbin orbit to Jool at some point. Corrino will be meeting up with Harkonnen later after the Pol outpost crew (currently aboard) has finished gathering experience, and from there the plan is for Harkonnen and Corrino to get operations established over Pol culminating in a ground outpost there. I'm also anticipating the launch of G. Grant at the Dystopia Planitia shipyard over Kerbin and the return of Strange Cargo from Minmus in a few days. Got a lot going on right now; how much of it I can accomplish is going to all depend on how much time I find to play over this coming weekend.

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My log reminds me tonight that I captured my very first asteroid on 2018-08-09, RXR-929, weighing in at 83t.  (Or, at least, Kenfal Kerman caught it.)  I caught a total of 7 asteroids in that long-running 1.3.1 world.

I switched up to 1.6.1 in January and have just started paying some attention to 'Roid Hunting: I just bagged my 3rd, HVP-683, Lafrid Kerman, just after midnight now on 2019-08-10, on or just after the anniversary of that very first asteroid.  This one weighs 2,784t. 

Yo, mama!!



Meanwhile, I have jockeyed VRT-042 into a 30km orbit around the Mun and brought up another Mosquito to milk it faster.  And have attached a Nova space station to it as well.

1UW8rI6.png    Cs7PVTf.png

The shot on the Right shows a Mule tug bird-dogging a spent Escort that had boosted some interplanetary transit and then burned back into the Kerbin SOI but with no further fuel to get back.  It's going to be docked also to VRT-042 for refueling...

Finally, another asteroid, KKD-055, is in the works.  It's 1,775t and has been caught by Andrea Kerman, but its inclination was very close to 90 deg.  I sent an LKO Escort out to assist but concluded it wasn't worth matching orbits, so went with the following "orthogonal" rendez-vous.


505 m/s closing speed is not too bad.  That Escort will be low on fuel but will be refueled from KKD-055 prior to lighting its "herd of Rhinos" (5).

I have to say, I do love my job here at Mission Control!  :)

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Kerbol Explorer 172
Update: 08.09.2019

I now have Kerbol Explorer 172 in Orbit at Minmus and one in Orbit at Ike. The Craft at Ike has been refueled and I now needs shuttle craft delivered so I designed this ST-172 Supply Ship. The plan was to refuel at Minmus and head over to Ike but I realized I had a craft in Orbit there and I could use it to refuel before heading to Ike. I am currently enroute for a rendezvous to do that ATM. This new ST-172 Supply Ship still needs a few tweaks for better performance.

New Craft ST-172 Supply Ship with two Shuttles that have VTOL capabilities and Ore processing



At the Launch Pad



Refueled on Minmus and ready to head out
(Lost all my Ablator somehow)


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I managed to successfully land & dock the mining & reactor add-ons to my Duna-Cavalier base, then landed the new Duna crew & set up surface experiments. 

The reactor was landed first - and a pretty nice landing it was, within sight of the base


Then came the mining add-on.  Not as close - around 2km, but hey, that's why I put them on wheels.  After a short drive, it was time to dock with the base.  The mining was docked first, to give a little extra distance between the living & work spaces & the reactor.


The Universal Storage II 1.25m shroud cargo variant makes a nice little "containment building"    At least when it's closed.


Once that was done, then it was time for the crew to head down:



Setting up experiments before heading in to get the base up & running.  Somewhere in all the docking, KSP decided that the new base wasn't actually a new base - despite the fact that I designed all 3 components after taking the contract.  I wasn't going to lose out on 185k funds so it was alt-F12 time. 


My other experimental KSP build is proving to be a failure, so now I'm trying a copy of my existing build but changing out some things to reduce the load on my system.  First off was removing Community Tech Tree - nearly half the nodes it adds were empty despite the number of mods I have, so it's not really worth it.  I might add a few extra nodes to the stock tech tree - the Wild Blue mods already add a handful, so I'm thinking of adding 2 or 3 more - one for nuclear power (so power reactors aren't lumped in with the NERV) and one or two to split off the planetary base & life support parts a little more.  


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The 2019 rebuild of the Amphibious Eve Ocean Explore-O-Pod (Evepod) now has usable wheels! As in modded wheels which can actually handle slopes. c5RdjlO.png

Built for Evian atmosphere and gravity, it's a little bouncy on Kerbin.
But that didn't stop testing crews hooking prototypes one and two together and going on an overland trip of the hills South West of KSC.


As this is an Amphibious vehicle, it was also put through its paces on the KSP race route. 



Made it to the end in (in game time) about an hour and ten minutes.


Those water props needed their thrust aligned very carefully.
 Aquatic development has not been without problems.  RTy7dx0.png

Crashed vehicles have left a few kerbals stranded along the way. edcqBVe.png

They weren't too happy about it.

The new vehicle's science capabilities were tested too.UB554Yy.png

A technical error caused that arm to fail, and get stuck while retracting. The test was completed using the second arm.

A few more kinks must be worked on it seems.

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Gave the Mun a close shave. Science was good tho'!


And revived a favorite Propeller airplane. Was very useful in 1.6.1 for doing ground science around Kerbin.


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Greetings you Generous Gentlefolk, I hope your KSP endeavors have been well!

When last I posted, I had a few probes out heading towards outer planets.  One passed by Jool, and the other, through miscalculation of delta-V and general incompetence the whims of fate and the fickle mistress that is space, managed to impact into Dres in a rather spectacular fashion.

Oh, and we decided to go to mother-flippin' Duna.  And to do so, we would need a once-in-a-lifetime ship capable of taking us to the stars in quiet luxury.  A ship that was the envy of entire nations, that would cradle our brave kerbonauts through the rigors of space, no matter what may come.  Sadly, the budget office came back to us and said that we couldn't spend, and I quote, "All of the money," and that the arbitrary application of lasers did not, in fact, make the ship more, "science-y."  So, in lieu of that particular ship, we got to work on constructing the Unnecessary Expenditure:



The start of something beautiful.  The This Side Up half of Unnecessary Expenditure is placed into high Kerbin orbit (~500km)



The This Side Up and This Side Down meet up to form Voltr something considerably less interesting, but undoubtedly more functional.


The Unnecessary Expenditure begins its trans-Duna injection.


So it was that the hopes and dreams of the KSC were placed on the shoulders of 4 kerbonauts:  Andrew, Garran, Matthew, and Thomas.  And a ship made of 90% fuel.  And 5% also fuel.  3% instruments and computer banks, and about 2% living space, if that's just so darn important


After 200+ days in space, the Unnecessary Expenditure arrives at Duna.




It turns out that when you enter Duna from only 50 km up, the heatshield was overkill for protection.







The landing crew rendezvouses with the mother ship and the lander itself is left behind to save weight for the return voyage burns


After 160 days in Duna orbit, the Unnecessary Expenditure begins the long journey home



We didn't actually pack any parachutes or heatshields on the ship, so they had to wait for KSC to send up a recovery team


Until next time, Duna

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And for something completely stupid.....

How many Mainsails would it take to lift off a 20m tank, weighing in at 430000 tonnes?



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Redid my skytower concept with the intention of putting a city on duna (i already have like 3 military bases/outposts on there, now need somewhere for the kerbins to actually go when they arent being shot at).


Should be pretty obvious what its inspired by even if its not even remotely close to being a replica of said citadel, just stole a couple concepts for the exterior and the cut out segment near middle...

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This is the first of the Kermas family of small space vehicles.

As L Aerospace needs money to fund the development, the first model available to the public is the Sub-Orbital, aimed to space tourism.

Full (short) history by clicking on the pictures. :)





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What did I do in KSP today? I FINALLY managed to get my Apollo 11 anniversary Eagle onto the surface of the Mun.'Tis a bit late though!:wink:

Made some pictures during the trip, but I could only fit one kerbal into the rocket! It was pretty hard getting the spacecraft to the mun, as the second stage made some problems for me. The docking went pretty well, but the landing was quite nerve-racking, as I had limited fuel. In fact, I landed with 15 mp/s of fuel left! Well, at least I got Bob kerman back safely!












Safe and sound!

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On 8/9/2019 at 1:49 AM, Cavscout74 said:

That comes as a rude awakening the first time it happens.  I've had my best luck adding ISRU to the capture vehicle so it can refuel itself from the asteroid - which also reduces the asteroid mass.   As long as you have enough dV to get a stable Kerbin orbit - no matter how crazy an orbit - then it becomes just a matter of time.


Thank you, sir. Took a new build ship to do the trick but I have now almost moved the darn big rock into minmus orbit.

I'm steering well clear of "capture class E rock" missions from now.

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