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What did you do in KSP today?

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What do you mean I can't aerobrake at Eve at 7km/s when I hit the atmo??

Nope.  It's either blow up before getting 5km into the upper atmosphere or get flung out past Duna (prograde flyby) or well below Moho (retrograde flyby).  And since it's just a refueller, I took the explosion route and will send another later.

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I has rebuilt my Kerbmobile! 


An old favourite. Back in ancient times, the MK3 cockpit looked very different.
Despite the model's shortcomings, you could make it work aesthetically if you were clever about it. 


I've build something with similar proportions and aesthetics using  modern parts.


It's a little different, a full on mobile base now. I took it for a romp around my Prograde City.12RPhws.png



It's designed for  long excursions in most levels of gravity.  It has mobile labs, and carries a fair amount of kerbals and cargo.

I also Scanned the Mun, 

Saw the kraken's tentacles with me very own eye,


And had my Extraplanetary launchpads Minmus Space Center blow up on me. Oh well, I might just hyperedit in replacement modules. 

Also, I think it might be time for me to clean up around the Kerbin Space Center



On 8/17/2019 at 1:03 PM, Angel-125 said:




How are you getting the lightning effect?

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On 8/16/2019 at 11:46 AM, Cavscout74 said:

It's been a busy two days for my career - the Laythe ocean base splashed down safely, the Lynx-Laythe 6x6 amphibious rover landed as well, my Eve crew started their trip home, both my Jool  & Eeloo com relays entered their intended orbits and then a whole pile of course correction maneuvers from my Jool fleet.

Laythe ocean base ready for entry


Chutes deployed.  It's in the water ~60 km from where the Laythe Explorer drone landed


Splashed down with Jool peaking over the horizon.







The floating base is teh awesome and now I must do that, but bigger and with lots of unnecessary complexity. Is that the Space Y inflatable shield? I didn't think it scaled and was stuck at 10m, looks bigger here. I use it for recovering the colossal-scale boosters I've been building for Icarus Station. Wild Blue DSEV has an even bigger shield now, but it seems a bit buggy so test first if you haven't tried it already.

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Laythe Polar Lander

As Expedition Purple goes through more tests... I did a mission just cause I feel Expedition Purple is taking forever


You see I got curious about Laythe's poles since no light ever spreads on them so I turned on ambient light boost and landed really close to the north pole and boy was I surprised!


An Icy wonderland looks weird. Expedition Purple on the other hand is taking a while so I decided to not give any updates until completion, targeted complete date has spilled over a week, but the launcher is near completion! If the lander works, this mission should be successful!

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Well, last week L Aerospace had a serious settle back.



Well, the passengers and crew are still there, waiting for the rescue.



What will be somewhat messy, as having a crash with survivors caught everybody with their pants down (we are not used to this!), and we are facing some…. difficulties… on organizing and executing the mission. :P

The Rescue Brigade Committee just release report about:



Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle :: Fully Recoverable Boosters

Rescue Brigate Committee - Report

Following the events reported by the Spacecraft Accident Report where our Spacecraft Kermas/SOSTV-01 suffered a major accident, it was realized that our hardware, protocols and manuals were insufficient to handle an accident with surviving Kerbals.

Given the KAA and the Public Opinion scrutinising the Company and how we are handling the crisis, we have no choice but to spare no expense on a rush to acquired and deploy all the necessary hardware to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Rescue, alive, all the passengers and crew before the SOSTV-01's reserve power supply depletes, rendering the living conditions on the wreckage awful - with terrible consequences for our Public Image.
    • Yes, we must do it this week. 
  2. Recover the SOSTV-01 wreckage
  3. Bring them to KSP main facilities

KAA were also adamantine on the zero tolerance to new Warnings and FATALs on the environment, as well any additional impact on the performance.

Given the current time constraints, it was decided to reduce the scope of the search for materials and parts to long term maintained (or with a low record of known incompatibilities) and already used (to leverage the experience) parts from suppliers we already had business with (subject to immediate disponibility).

The suppliers elected are:

  • Infernal Robotics Next, Infernal Active Struts and IR Sequencer.
    • We have years of experience on using Infernal Robotics. Leveraging this know-how is the most sensible thing to do. The Next series are known have fixed and updated the needed parts to work reliably on the crash site's environment, KSP 1.7.3 .
  • KAS
    • The lack of experience with newer options added to the urgency of the situation makes this option the most viable, besides overkill for the task.
  • The Maritime Pack
    • Besides somewhat outdated, the parts are still being openly distributed besides the Supplier being unreachable for some time now. Preliminary tests confirms that the parts, besides the glitches, will satisfy the needs of this endeavour with less effort and time, as parts the competition, currently in stock, are known to cause **FATALities** on our most important Module.
    • There's no choice but to acquire these new parts, as trying to fix the parts currently in stock for the Target Environment will demand a time we don't have.

An additional problem to be solved is the current lack of shipyards on the current environment! Negotiations with KSC's CEO stalled, as he refuses to allow new constructions on the KSC vicinity due safety, performance and budget reasons.

The restrictions ruled out Kerbal Konstructs, what by its turn rules out Kerbin Side, Kerbin Side Remastered and Water Launch Sites.

The KAA's zero tolerance for glitches ruled out old partners on our supply chain for maritime parts and arbitrary launching mechanisms.

We are currently reevaluating our options. In the mean time, we had ordered the commissioning of L Aerospace's ERRV Rescue One. The vessel is currently on the SPH for updating the hardware for wreckage salvage.

Given the current situation, the Rescue Brigade Committee recommend that the recovering of the debris requested by the KAA be realized on a second mission to be planned later.


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Good evening.  Kerman, Maxwell Kerman.  Agent 086.

Currently On Her Majesty's Secret Service in Krakpotistan keeping an eye on the locals' urgent desire to gain a toehold in space, despite KN sanctions to prevent same.  "Leave it to the big boys", I say.

It is quite fascinating what these jokers are up to, though, especially when you consider they are doing it all with stolen equipment/technology.

Not to give the show away but this is the result of their second attempt...

Anyway, Mum's the word.  Loose lips and all that tommy rot...

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5 hours ago, vossiewulf said:

"No problem"

Crew rotation day for Icarus Station with the 77-place KOB-III. And even then it will take multiple trips. Sigh. Who designed this anyway?


What mod do I need for that lighting (other than the one that upgrades my GPU LOL!).

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20 hours ago, vossiewulf said:

The floating base is teh awesome and now I must do that, but bigger and with lots of unnecessary complexity. Is that the Space Y inflatable shield? I didn't think it scaled and was stuck at 10m, looks bigger here. I use it for recovering the colossal-scale boosters I've been building for Icarus Station. Wild Blue DSEV has an even bigger shield now, but it seems a bit buggy so test first if you haven't tried it already.

It is the stock inflatable shield, just tweakscaled to have a 3.75m folded size.  I'm not sure exactly what it works out to inflated, but it just barely covered my base.

My career didn't have too much more excitement yesterday - mostly course corrections for my Jool fleet.  I did finally remember that I landed a remote rover on Eve months ago that was equipped with a large scanning arm, so I took it to go find a Pancake Dome for a contract.  First it found a basalt formation, which it scanned, then within a few hundred meters it drove up to a pancake dome:


Then I had my career first Eeloo lander arrive & land mostly intact.  My wife asked me a question moments before landing & when I looked back at the game, I was still going way too fast.  Happily the landing pads have a high impact tolerance, and acted as sacrificial parts for the rest of the craft, preventing worse damage.  I lost a few science experiments, but most survived.  I lost a Goo, surface ore scanner & some DMagic experiments, but I've had a lot worse.  It's hard to see screenshots, but even some of the parts that did survive ended up bent.  One of the hinges is nearly torn into two pieces.  Still, I'll take the partial success - all the really important parts survived (probe core, battery, antennas & RTGs) and it had most of the science experiments to send back. 




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Ahhhh, that new post smell! First post on the forums.


I am currently building up a comsat network around Kerbin so that signal will not be an issue moving forward. Next up, a refueling station for Mun missions. First 4 Mun missions will send comsats to orbit the Mun as relay stations.


Stay sour,


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Well after a year long absence from the forums and game, I made a re-entry recently with a couple of warm up shuttle missions so I can probably now say that I am back.  I just completed an Elcano of Duna in my ongoing Von Brauncano mission report today, as I do Duna and Eve "Von Braun" style :)


SM - Good to be back!

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Playing one of my Science mode games, I had sent Jeb, Bob, and Bill to Duna.  Down to the surface with a small lander, pickup some more science, back up to redock with main ship, transfer science, jettison lander, and outta Duna SOI......and, outta fuel.

Modified a craft for Val, ditching the lander and adding more fuel tanks to hopefully transfer fuel to Jeb and crew, and get both ships back to Kerbin.  WRONG.  Val got a little impatient, didn't wait for a proper transfer/intercept, and burned way more fuel than she should have.  She had enough fuel to improve the orbit to be closer to Kerbin, but still no rendevous.

Meclan Kerman to the rescue.  Meclan has patience in spades, in didn't mind waiting some 200 days in orbit for the most fuel efficient transfer/intercept to come along.  Got Meclan within 10m of Jeb/Val linked ship, sent Val on a spacewalk to Meclan's vessel, undocked and ditched Val's vessel, and Meclan cleanly docked with Jeb ship.  Again, the ever patient Meclan waited for the ideal transfer window to intercept Kebin at about 80km periapsis.  Set my orbit to below 70km, and had 33m/s delta-V left to spare.  Separated the vessels down to two MK 1-3 pods connected by Clam-O-Tron Docking Ports, and a bunch of chutes for landing.  Mission accomplished.

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(sorry for google-translation)


Today I continued my career with USI Life Support. A Jool System Big Tour was carried out.

When USI Life Support is used, capricious kerbals requires a lot of living space, electricity. They eat and poop a lot. They constantly homesick. Therefore, the ship is large, heavy and expensive. It took several rocket launches.




Pol and Vall  landing




Tylo and Laythe flyby





Oddly enough, none of the kerbals did not strike during a long flight as they love it

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I''ve had a busy two days in my career - Eve crew returned, Moho crew launched, craft continue to trickle into Jool every few days, and I continued testing my heavy mobile base on the Mun.

First up - testing the HMB-1 and disposing of the old non-mobile Mun base.  Since the new base in mobile, there wasn't much need for a separate rover, so that was destroyed first.  Then came the old base - with all the parts, the fireworks lasted for quite a while before the whole base was gone:


here, the engineer looks over the automated greenhouses on the upper deck.  Since this prototype was launched, I have improved on the design - it now includes a science lab and some of the internal layout has changed - ISRU is now on the upper deck, and the drills have been moved to the aft cargo bay to make conditions in living quarters (in the forward bay) more bearable.


Next, the first Laythe-Lightning II arrived & docked with Laythe station.  Now we just need the DSV-01 to arrive with crew, which is just over 2 months away.


The biggest event was PCC-01 Avalon returning to Kerbin with the Eve crew.  This was also the most complicated as the Eve Lander needed to undock from Avalon and rendezvous with a drone heatshield & parachute assembly, then Avalon needed to dock with the Lightning crew shuttle for reentry.  Finally, Avalon was an older model & was retired by crashing into the Mun at 4700 m/s and a new Avalon II was launched to replace her.


Almost home


Undocking the Eve Lander with Ribdas Kerman on board.  The mission engineer had to move the clamp-o-tron Jr so that the crew shuttle would be able to dock with the normal clamp-o-tron.  I don't know what I'd do without KIS/KAS sometimes


Eve Lander docking with its reentry module.  What's the breaking force for clamp-o-tron Jr's?  We're about to find out


Reentry is going surprisingly well - later on, when the drogues deployed, I had some doubts if the docking ports were going to hold as I watched the g-meter shoot up into the red, but the g's quickly dropped back down & the ports held


And safely splashed down.  Ribdas climbed out to enjoy a non-purple sunset while awaiting pickup


Docking & crew transfer to the CS-04A Lightning spaceplane was routine.  I had to be a bit more aggressive than usual trying to slow down before KSC, but the Lightning took it & when the reentry plasma subsided, the runway was in sight


Short final - still trying to shed the last of the speed, but I also started throttling up the Rapiers in case of a go-around


But Summer managed a smooth landing with no explosions


Avalon performing her final maneuver.  After dumping all the unneeded snacks & greenhouse stores, she managed to break 1g acceleration near the end before plunging into the Mun


Avalon seeing her final sunset, engine & radiators still hot from her final burn


And now the Avalon II reaches orbit as a replacement.  No screenshots, but she is already on her way out of Kerbin with a 4-kerbal crew headed for Moho.



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Finally went and built my "Space Truck" using the 5-meter fairing with interstage nodes.  The bays can hold 3.75m payloads easily enough.  But it's a pain to get the docking ports to align properly.  The original plan was to have it able to land on very low-gravity worlds, but I forgot the landing legs.  Also I realized the vernor engines are probably not enough to slow it's descent for a "belly landing".

The second picture is a result of a failed landing using Minmus surface gravity (0.05 g) with the cargo pods filled to their max capacity.  So for now it will be just orbit-to-orbit.  With full cargo and full fuel it can do about 2000 m/s.

Third one is a slightly modified one with legs and an octet of twitch engines to help with landings.  It just barely gets off the ground in Minmus gravity, but landing it is tricky. 









That's probably up to the mod-makers.  It will be a big ask, to have all mod-makers remake their stuff for an entire new code-base.



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I sent a science lander and fuel tanks to refuel it towards Vesta Station, orbiting Minmus. I then went to recover the large booster that was on a fairly high sub-orbital trajectory, topping out around 3M meters. It went fine, I deployed the chutes with the booster still nose down (the heat shield was on top). But then the chutes opened fully at 700m and last thing I saw before screen went black was this 7.5m booster almost do a flip. 

When the screen unblackened, I had only the probe core and the heat shield. And I was climbing. And by climbing I mean I was on an escape trajectory out of the Kerbol system at a velocity of 3,225,132,471m/s. Most of the rest of the booster's many parts were with me, moving from around 2B m/s to 4.5B m/s.

That one was new to me.


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Today I sent a crew home from Duna. They have been exploring and sciencing the crap out of that poor planet. I brought the two exploration teams back to main base, shuffled crews so the low experience pair could level up, and sent them off carrying all the data I had collected for several days. Then back to Duna aboard an upgraded lander that has a largish parts container. I finally have winches, fuel transfer stations and pylons at Duna.


While fiddling about with my new toys I put my one and only fuel transfer station on the ground. It sat there quietly for a couple of seconds then leapt into the air and detonated. Dang. That required another mission to send a tiny probe that parachuted in a replacement. The probe landed about 13 km out from base. I switched to base and.... BOOM. I had two pylons I had been using as storage points for parts. They were anchored to the ground and had numerous bits on them. My arrival in the area seems to have been the signal for them to leap in the air and detonate, destroying themselves and all the parts attached to them. The two CBs I was using for storage were found hovering ominously about three feet in the air, with attached parts including a container full of stuff. So I welded them back to the ground.

Valentina drew the short straw and got the job of retrieving the replacement fuel transfer gizmo. I gave her infinite fuel and she jet packed it to the site, where she could not remove the needed bit because she isn't an engineer. So I had to send Bill out there too. He grabbed the precious part, and then disassembled the probe for retrieval. Unfortunately a Kerbal carrying an air wrench and a fuel transfer thingy is so heavy his jet pack can't get him in the air, so he began a two hour march back to base.But not before half the parts of the probe, now scattered about, suddenly leapt into the air and detonated.  They seem to do that at every opportunity.

As he entered the base area a loud explosion shook the dry Duna air. An entire container of parts, in a mount, attached to a CB-1 which was in turn anchored to the ground, had (guess what) leapt into the air and detonated. The other concrete anchors were floating in the air again.

I'm not quite sure what to do. Parts are spontaneously exploding so frequently that I can't ship up replacements fast enough to keep up with carnage. Any part placed with KIS/KAS seems likely to erupt in flames at any time without even being touched. I am seriously considering uninstalling the mods.

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