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What did you do in KSP today?

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The flying four legged neighing landcreature. Legend has it that the Equus can be ridden by brave Kerbals, all we know is that it takes a brave Kerbal to ride this four booster beast past the Mun, or if really foolhardy, past Minmus.

- Squad, craft description for AeroEquus

I'm currently flying the craft on 

1. An encounter with the Mun

2. An encounter with Minmus

3. An encounter with the Mun again on my way back

And my conic patches fail me here. I'll need to make a correction burn later that will send me back to Kerbin.

And to think that before I knew how to get to orbit, this thing wouldn't get me past 50km!


Edit: Yeah, I've got enough conic patches at this point to know where I'm going.

An escape trajectory.

Luckily the correction burn will only cost me 178 ms-1 out of the 916 ms-1 I have. I could probably orbit the sun once and get back to Kerbin for the ultimate foolhardiness, but... no. Jeb's only packed enough snacks for a 25 day journey anyways.


Edit 2: Ok I get why they say people who go past Minmus are foolhardy because CRAP THE CAPSULE EXPLODED ON REENTRY

Why don't they put heat shields on stock craft again?!


Edit 3: Sigh... tomorrow, I'm going to the North Pole of the Mun. And maybe deliver some mobile landing craft to my Mun orbital station, which I haven't done anything with for years.

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(1.6.1) Not a whole lot to show for my weekend. I attribute my relative lack of KSP activity to me introducing my eldest son to Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters (the semi-original GOG version, not the remake). At this point I've got Da Bomb, the Talking Pet and the Sun Device (managed to make it through the infamous conversations with the Syreen base commander without having to have a certain chat with the boy afterwards - it's definitely doable), and at this point I'm ready to go send off the Ilwrath to go fight the Thraddash so I can access the Chmmr and head on to the finale. Should finish the game tonight if all goes according to plan.

Can't say I'm terribly enthused about the KSP2 announcement yesterday. I mean, I am - it looks like they have some cool things planned that I've been doing in KSP for a while now - but judging from the preview it's looking like I'll need a dedicated gaming rig to play it. My "dedicated gaming rig" is ten years old at this point (i.e. Made In ByzantiumTM) and the kids have junked up the keyboard, the jerks; my KSP rig is an office laptop, and I'm still largely broke being the sole provider for a family of five, so I'm not optimistic about being able to actually play the damn thing ever...



Friday began with a fuel supply transfer between the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on Eve and space station Eveport in orbit via the outpost's mass driver. The auxiliary craft currently docked at the space station should be able to take their passengers back to whatever warp ship comes back to pick everybody up. That job done, I headed over to Laythe next, where LSV House Atreides had just finished up the print of ScanSat Laythe. After fueling, the new probe was launched into polar orbit.

Pretty sure I put that horribly backlit Jool in the shot to prove that this didn't happen over Kerbin or something... 

I spent a lot of time on Friday with ScanSat Laythe performing orbital biome analyses. Tricky bit there was the fact that, with the exception of The Sagan Sea and Degrasse Sea, a lot of the biomes zipped by really fast, so it took narrow FOV passes and/or fast finger work to get resource readings. Laythe came down to a decision between putting down a base in the Dunes versus the Peaks - although there were five biomes that had six resources out of The Heavy Seven, three of those were in the water, and of the other two, the Dunes has higher numbers of the more critical resources (i.e. Rare Metals, Minerals and Rock; was missing Exotic Minerals). So when the time comes, I'll be putting a base somewhere in the Dunes. I did go ahead and put ScanSat Laythe into a 250.5 x 246.4 kilometer, 91.98° inclined orbit before the end of the day on Friday. I also attempted to tag some potential Northeast Basin base sites on Vall using ScanSat Vall and Kerbnet.

Got to start somewhere, right?

Finally, before the close of business on Friday, I maneuvered the Laythecomm Bravo and Laythecomm Charlie communications satellites into their final positions in ninety minute polar orbits about 632 kilometers up, finishing out the Laythecomm communications network.

Yep. It's the sign of the Deathly Hallows over Laythe....

Nothing to report for Saturday and Sunday as already mentioned. Yesterday I was able to use ScanSat Laythe to tag two potential equatorial base sites not all that far from Crater Bay, after which I began a print of yet another Pink Noise 7 communication probe carrier in anticipation of permission to finally orbit Pol. Atreides then broke orbit over Laythe and warped into a set of maneuvers that would take the ship back to Vall, with the ship setting into a 317.5 x 312.6 kilometer, 24.46° orbit there. Jeb EVA'd for a spacewalk, fulfilling the current exploration contract. Rather than getting the anticipated Pol contract, however, the new exploration contract gave me the go for landing on Laythe. Wound up spending the rest of what time I had available yesterday doing design work in the VAB and SPH. I made some modifications to the Spamcan 7 lander design to include the ability to self-refine more fuel; I'm anxious to try out this "Spamcan 7 Bop-A" design as soon as I can get out to the Bohai 2 base on Bop and start building one. I also made some pretty hefty changes to the design of the Echo Flyer 7a quadcopter in anticipation of landing on Laythe (not the least of which is the inclusion of a transfer and landing stage as well as starter base equipment - it'll become a base-seeding 'copter). The landing mission there changes my overall plans quite a bit - LSV House Corrino's TBD 7dG base-seeding lander is not going to be needed right away, and the Pink Noise I was printing aboard Atreides is premature; I'll have have to cancel that print if I still have time to do so. New plan calls for Atreides to head to Eve to haul passengers there back to Kerbin and for LSV House Harkonnen currently in orbit of Kerbin to begin printing the redesigned Echo Flyer 7a. She's still got the crew originally intended for Pol aboard and heavily trained at this point; they'll now be heading for base-building on Laythe instead as soon as their craft is ready to go. I'll probably also take the opportunity to have Atreides perform a sundive so she can refill her exotic matter tank while I'm at it.

Got to say, I'm looking forward to having a base on Laythe and a station in orbit. The prospect of being able to use spaceplanes somewhere other than Kerbin is quite appealing, though I am going to have to read up on how to make off-world runways using Extraplanetary Launchpads, I'm pretty sure...

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13 hours ago, PTNLemay said:



That's probably up to the mod-makers.  It will be a big ask, to have all mod-makers remake their stuff for an entire new code-base.

I meant in the sense that KSP2 is going to be KSP1 with all the most popular mods baked in as stock. Which ones will make the cut and which will be too niche for the game's "theme" despite their depth or popularity?

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4 hours ago, capi3101 said:

Can't say I'm terribly enthused about the KSP2 announcement yesterday. I mean, I am - it looks like they have some cool things planned that I've been doing in KSP for a while now - but judging from the preview it's looking like I'll need a dedicated gaming rig to play it. My "dedicated gaming rig" is ten years old at this point (i.e. Made In ByzantiumTM) and the kids have junked up the keyboard, the jerks; my KSP rig is an office laptop, and I'm still largely broke being the sole provider for a family of five, so I'm not optimistic about being able to actually play the damn thing ever...

I can feel your pain there, I had a similar thought when I saw the announcement.   At least we can keep playing KSP1 until our laptops die.

I did very little today, just got my Laythe fuel rover landed and a few course corrections.  The fuel rover arrived in Jool at pretty much the absolute worst timing - needed a 100-200 m/s correction to get a Tylo intercept, needed almost 700 m/s at Tylo to get a Laythe intercept, then needed another inclination correction at Laythe.  So I captured with just enough of a burn to get Ap inside Laythe's SoI & did a bunch of passes through the atmosphere to get Ap down to LLO before plotting my landing.  Pictured here on its final pass, doing a small burn at Pe


Landing was nice and close to my target.  You can easily see the geyser where my other surface craft are parked


Just a short drive to link up, now I'm just waiting on the surface base & crew. 


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I've finally released by BG+Stock BF-109E  attempt 1. This was my first shot at the BF-109. It flies a lot better, but isn't as accurate as the other version I've been working on.

Download Link: https://kerbalx.com/servo/BF-109


This is the rebuild. Note the more accurate wings, fuselage shape, and other details. Unfortunatly, this came at the cost of 50m/s of the top speed and 50 parts.


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Made a couple of successful Mun landings. Don't mind the dent in the engine, it'll puff out. (mod: Kerbal Krash System)



And a couple of more, shall we say, moderately succesful rovers. The first rover didn't have enough fuel and crashed provided useful seismic data for picking a landing site for the second... which I then flipped over. It did transmit science from two biomes so it's technically a success as a rover, but I was aiming for at least three.


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I made a larger "sustainable" plane. It tops out at 130m/s like my others and has 32 of the electric generators on it so can fly forever.


I then tried a Stuff Delivery System, which worked surprisingly well!



The idea being I will fly (or rather leave it to fly itself with light supervision whilst I do chores or whatever... but I need to sort out its 'lean' first) to one of the poles and deposit some kind of base there without having to land ;) Got a slight issue to fix though:


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(1.6.1) Didn't have a great deal of time to play yesterday. Kids are back at school now, so my 30-45 minute early morning session is gone until next summer...barring special occasions, it's back to ninety minutes per day, tops...

Started the day with a tweak to the redesigned Echo Flyer 7a cargo quadcopter. I had turned the craft into a base-seeding vehicle late on Monday and added a de-orbit stage to it at that point, but I hadn't added any Equipment resources and the design needed some in order to get initial base structures up and running. The tweak added the necessary Equipment resources, so it should be ready to deploy to Laythe at this point. That job done, I had LSV House Atreides in orbit of Vall cancel its construction of a Pink Noise 7 communications satellite carrier probe (I'd been anticipating getting permission to orbit Pol - which didn't happen) and had the ship warp out to Eve in preparation for passenger pickup. Deconstruction of the probe took ninety minutes; it was fairly far along at time of cancellation, unfortunately. Atreides made a slight detour to make an approach to Kerbol at 1.6 Gm so she could deploy panels and recharge her Exotic Matter tank. Tank full, she proceeded from there to Eve, arriving at 14,722 m/s; after 32 warp-back maneuvers, she was able to settle into a 763.0 x 740.6 kilometer, 0.98° orbit. She'll be ready to pick up passengers once they've completed their business at Gilly. 

Once Atreides was in orbit, it was time to start building a few things. LSV House Harkonnen in high Kerbin orbit began construction of the Laythe-bound Echo Flyer 7a; construction will take just short of twelve days to complete, which should be enough time for Atreides to come back to Kerbin from Eve. The Bohai 2 base on Bop was ordered to begin building a new Spamcan 7 Bop-A 2-passenger self-refueling monoprop lander, with construction expected to take just over five hours. Finally, I had a new junk hauling mission over Kerbin, so engineer Ceri Kerman at the Dystopia Planitia shipyard in Kerbin orbit was ordered to begin construction of a Bill Clinton 7b grabber probe; construction will take about 24 hours to complete.

I had a rescue mission contract to pick up scientist Derney Kerman from LKO, so I next went over to space station Kerbinport and passed what spare fuel stores the station still had to G. Grant docked there. G. Grant departed the station and came to rendezvous with Derney's Pod just over an hour later.

Docking headlights were good for something on this mission as it turned out...

Derney abandoned her cupola module and EVA'd over to G. Grant, which then returned and docked safely to Kerbinport 65 minutes later. Derney boarded a waiting Auk XVI 12-passenger spaceplane docked at the station, where she'll wait until the tourists get back from Eve. Got a couple of other rescuees that are surface-bound as well, hence the delay.

Final thing that happened yesterday was the arrival of Next Objective over Gilly after a five day flight from Eve.

Yeah, I know the low gas light is on, guys, but trust me - you'll make it.

Next Objective put into orbit with only about 150 m/s of fuel left in her tank, which would be concerningly low anywhere else beside Gilly. Using RCS thrusters alone, the craft was put onto a rendezvous course with space station Gillyport, passing close enough to the Gillycomm Echo communications satellite en route to enter physics range and make me temporarily concerned about a collision. As of this post, Next Objective has entered physics range of the station and I'll likely use a little bit of that biprop to speed up the process of rendezvous and docking. Things at Gilly take too damn long to happen all on their own...

Today I've got tourist excursions to Gilly's surface to conduct; I've only got two of them going down, so I only need to do one run. I do have the Laythe-bound crew aboard Next Objective and I'll have to see if a surface excursion will be necessary for them - first order of business upon docking at Gillyport is going to be to use the station's lab to level everybody up. If the Laythe-crew hits five-stars without an excursion, they won't go down - simple as that. After the tourists get back, Next Objective will head out for Eve and a rendezvous with House Atreides after gassing up. I've also got J.G. Backus on tap to travel back to Kerbin while docked with Atreides; the craft is currently docked at space station Eveport but is ready for departure at any time. Long term, Atreides heads back to Kerbin, the Laythe crew boards Harkonnen and the rest of the tourists/rescuees head back to Kerbinport for return to the surface. Going to make an effort to speed things along as best I can - I'm looking forward to getting an outpost down on Laythe in the very near future. Occurred to me that I should begin training up additional crews for bases around Jool; I'll need another three before everything's said and done. Available candidate selection is starting to get a bit limited, though - while I have scientists out the wazoo, engineers and pilots are starting to come up short. Might have to start hitting up the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus for more crew (not a big issue since it's by far my single most inhabited outpost and I'm not building much on the surface there these days).

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9 hours ago, Stewcumber said:

but I need to sort out its 'lean' first

All your engines appear to be rotating in the same direction, which will induce torque roll over the whole airframe. Switch the direction of two of them and then use trim to balance out the gyroscopic pitch forces, it should fly itself fairly well after that.

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1 hour ago, Loskene said:

All your engines appear to be rotating in the same direction, which will induce torque roll over the whole airframe. Switch the direction of two of them and then use trim to balance out the gyroscopic pitch forces, it should fly itself fairly well after that.

Damnit, you're right. They must have defaulted back to mirror at somepoint when I was faffing around with the spacing on the wings. Easy fix at least!

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I finished an epic Von Braun of Duna which included an inpromptu Elcano, before returning using a flyby of Eve to set up a high energy (6km/s) re-entry at Kerbin.

Hand built, assembled in orbit, and flown with no aids.  It was a beast of a mission and I was super happy to finish after a few nail biting moments.

This mission has always been unfinished business for me.  I originally signaled intent in October 2014 and started my first foray into one of Death's challenges,which are regarded as detailed, well thought out, and challenging.  Fast forward to April 2015 and I'd melted my copy of KSP under the weight of mods and irretrievably broken my game, and my will to play KSP for some time afterwards.  Here is my failed Dunaprojekt.

Fast forward again...nearly 4.5 years.  I present my finished unfinished business - A collaboration of Goliath National Products, C7 Aerospace, Maxo Construction Toys, Probodobodyne, Steadlier Engineering Corps, and of course Dinkelstein Kerman's Construction Emporium.  Link to mission report for those interested, and a few details below, with a couple of teaser images :)


Mission Statistics:

  • Version - Stock 1.7.0
  • Wet weight - 198.585t
  • Dry weight - 124.575t
  • Total mission cost - 293,809 snacks
  • Propellant mass fraction - 0.3726867588
  • Mass per crew - 33.0975
  • Science points - This is not a science mission

Crew Manifest:

  • Gusbert Kerman - Scientist
  • Hans Kerman - Scientist
  • Kagas Kerman - Pilot
  • Ragas Kerman - Pilot
  • Endous Kerman - Engineer
  • Dudgar Kerman - Engineer


Mullet Dyne's Von Brauncano burning for Duna.


the finished Impromptu Elcano.  Kagas Kerman was later awarded the order of the irresponsible for her actions.


The Von Brauncano screaming past Eve on the return leg of the mission.

I guess I'll have to pick some other unfinished business to report on next!


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KSP 2 kinda slowed down process on Expedition Purple but the mission is complete and ready for flight attempt 1 that will take a long amount of time. Soyuz MS-14 is tonight so I will probably be doing it then :)


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No pics, but my DSV-01 Alderaan entered Jool's SoI.  After a 2300 m/s slow-down burn to get a Tylo intercept, she'll reach Tylo in 21 days, where she'll need to do another 2500 m/s burn at Tylo Pe to get into orbit of Jool.  Not a bad trip - Kerbin to Jool in around 380 days on ~8800 m/s dVAlderaan will be down to "only" about 54000 m/s dV at that point.  At this rate, she'll have to refuel after "only" 2 more Kerbin-Jool <1 year round trips

Then I got the idea to dust off 1.3.1 & see how that runs in comparison to 1.7.3.  Now I'm torn - 1.3.1 ran so much better even with Scatterer & SVE installed that I'm wanting to go back to it despite all the stuff I like about the newer versions.  Just a few simple shots of a jet flying back & forth between KSC & the island.   Or maybe I should take a shot at running RO/RSS?


Intentional ditching, just because the water looked so inviting.  After a quick dip, Jeb took back off & returned to KSC




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The Chimera interstellar mother-ship is ready for her first voyage to the stars. With enough space and life support for 78 kerbals to survive more than 16 years in space, she also has greenhouses and recyclers to stretch that number to at least 20 years. It also has orbital construction facilities for building landing vehicles.
For extreme situations, there are cryopods for most of the crew.
At over 60 million funds, it is a huge investment for the kerbals.
The Chimera will be charting a course to Jool before embarking to the black-hole Murph which has fascinated kerbal-kind ever since they found a wormhole anomaly orbiting bridging Kerbol and Murph.
The wormhole seems to lead to a direct orbit around Murph and it was quickly decided that a probe mission would not be work as the antenna needed to transmit that far is so large that any satellite carrying it might as well be manned.
The Chimera was designed with the help of Jeb, Val, Bob, and Bill (who sadly perished during a space-plane test).
It now falls to Siry and her crew to journey where kerbals have never set foot before, to look upon the face of a spinning vortex of darkness and marvel at new and unseen worlds.
Meanwhile, on the surface, secret tests are ramping up for a space-plane design that will serve as a landing shuttle for the Chimera.
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It launched from  the Mun,


Travelled to Eve,g3HGdgO.png where it was joined by two other probes:



Which allowed my astronaut to take a trip to Gilly first


Then it was time to decend.






The Amphibious Evepod has landed. I'm ready once again to take on the oceans of Eve.


In other news, I used Starbug to catch an asteroid, 


And ended up with a beard rather than hair when I exported a texture wrong.


Also, have you ever wondered how durable surface experiments are? ALs4HVm.png

Turns out solar panels and communitrons don't last when you squash them with a 27 ton rover on Eve. The rest were fine. 5t2TNZe.png

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(1.6.1) Began the final steps of wrapping up the latest interplanetary expedition yesterday. First up was getting Next Objective into dock at space station Gillyport, the craft having entered physics range of the base before the close of business on Tuesday.

Gilly is a sad and somewhat badly textured space potato at this altitude...

Once docked, Next Objective took on fuel stores from the station's ample supply (this was the station designed to launch from the surface of Duna that actually launched from the surface of Gilly, so the boosters were all still attached - ample fuel available) and I went ahead and had everybody level up at the station's lab - there wasn't a soul aboard who didn't immediately jump to five-star status (and poor Bob, first kerbal on the Mun, is still sitting at space station Kerbinport with his two little stars...). Tourists Calmore and Chadbus Kerman then transferred to the Spamcan 7 lander docked at the station, which then departed, deorbited and landed in rapid order (for Gilly) in the Highlands. Their landing itinerary box checked off, I didn't bother to let them stay on the surface for any length of time - I immediately had the 'Can take off again for a rendezvous and docking with the space station three minutes later, with the station maybe having moved just a few kilometers downrange. Calmore and Chadbus re-embarked aboard Next Objective, which then departed the station and burned for Eve, departing Gilly's SOI about five minutes later. An intercept between Next Objective and LSV House Atreides in Eve orbit was then set up; flight time to the intercept point is five hours and 22 minutes.

With Next Objective on her way back to Atreides, it was time for me to get the rest of my Kerbin-bound folks at Eve there as well. To that end, J. G. Backus departed space station Eveport.

Undocking. Whoop. I sure can pick some boring screenies sometimes...though I do try to keep them to a minimum, believe it or not.

Backus was able to burn for alignment and intercept almost immediately upon departure, with flight time to the intercept point a mere 21 minutes. The craft burned to set up a rendezvous with Atreides at the intercept point, with the rendezvous set for 103 minutes later after two orbits. During that time I had the Caue Serpente Yards over Eve begin the print of a Da Luv Boht 7 rescue refueler (I was concerned I'd need it to get Next Objective fuel to affect her rendezvous), with construction expected to take 23 hours. The Bohai 2 outpost on Bop also completed their print of the experimental Spamcan 7 Bop-A two-passenger self-refueling monoprop lander. With the lander build, outpost engineer Gemul Kerman EVA'd and went over to Deoly's Pod (that defunct Hogan I tried to open up at the base last week) landed nearby and hauled it over to the new lander, attaching the box to the lander's docking port via KAS screwdriver. Once the outpost had fueled the lander and Gemul was aboard, it was launched to a thirty kilometer orbit over Bop.

Spamcan with unnecessary long name during launch, with Jool and the three inner moons all visible if horribly backlit.

Once in orbit, it was a simple matter to detach Deoly's Pod. Just had to decouple the docking port's node.

Alright Deoly, back to orbit with you. Hope you make it out of that box one of these days...

With a flight survey to conduct at Bop, I then had the lander begin the process of setting down at the first target point in Bop's Valleys - Gemul took a crew report at an altitude of 10,000 meters for the survey contract and the Spamcan landed on a 20° slope. I encountered a small problem at that point.

What the hell do you mean by "no ground contact"? If we were in any closer contract to the ground, we'd be calling this thing a cenotaph...

No incoming ore meant no incoming monopropellant, which in term meant Gemul had a long-ass walk back to Bohai 2 in store for herself. Fortunately, a quick Internet search for the problem and the assistance of some kind Redditers from a few years back gave the idea to raise the drills higher up on the lander (since the ends were sticking into the ground), a repair method tested with/by an identical craft and pilot Lutop Kerman back at KSC. Gemul fortunately still had the KAS screwdriver on her from when she'd attached Deoly's Pod to the lander, so re-positioning the drills was a simple matter and it did the trick - the drills put ore in the tanks and the micro ISRU a top the lander began converting it into monopropellant; refueling took two hours.

J. G. Backus rendezvoused and docked safely with House Atreides at that point. In preparation for the arrival of Next Objective, Jeb undocked Gilligan (already docked to Atreides) and her docking adapter, and piloted both over to a side docking port attached to Atreides's Bigby Workshop, freeing up a centralized docking position - Next Objective should have a safe place (read: well inside the Alcubierre Drive's bubble) at which to dock upon arrival. Meanwhile, Next Objective conducted a plane alignment burn with Atreides, which really couldn't have gone much better than it did.

Once the Spamcan refueled itself, Gemul did a sub-orbital hop over to the next survey point in the Slopes, again gathering an in-flight crew report below 10,000m prior to landing. Grade at the landing site was only about 5° and it took about ninety minutes to refuel the lander once more. Since it was fairly obvious that I'd need to go to Bop orbit to hit the third and final waypoint of the survey, I decided to have Gemul take a break from the survey and pilot the lander up to the as-yet-unmanned Imo Pyramis Shipyards in Bop orbit instead; a rendezvous between the lander and the shipyard is set for about two hours from now. While there, Gemul will print a Bill Clinton 7c dockable grabber probe, which will be used to haul Deoly's Pod back to Kerbin. I'll also take the opportunity to refuel the Spamcan while still at the shipyard.

Today I'm hoping to get IPS started on that Clinton, and I'm going to attempt to get Next Objective to rendezvous with House Atreides. Fuel is a concern there - I'm afraid NO is going to not have enough fuel to make the rendezvous burn when the time comes. If I miss the rendezvous now, I'll have to wait until I can get the Da Luv Boht built and up to NO to get her refueled, which is not necessarily that big of a deal aside from the time delay involved. Should NO make the rendezvous, it will be time to get Atreides back to Kerbin and bring the current tourist/colonization expedition to a close. That will involve getting the tourists back to the surface and getting the Laythe-bound crew over to LSV House Harkonnen, which is in the process of printing up the group's base-seeding 'copter at the present time. I've got another Clinton about ready to go at the Dystopia Planitia shipyards over Kerbin and I should be able to do the LKO junk-hauling contract it's intended to do readily enough, and if the Clinton build at Bop goes quickly enough I might be able to finish out that survey mission today. I might be able to button up one or two more things as well; we'll see how the day goes.

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The Munar north pole is a pain in the ass to land on.

All those mountains make a landing really hard, coupled with the weird turning effect and the low lighting level, it's near impossible to find a flat area to set your lander down, and if you do find one, it's near impossible to actually land there. Also beware of optical illusions: Sometimes the ground seems flat enough to land on, but in reality once you land there you will slide down the slope, preventing a quicksave. Which means if anything bad happens, even if you've already landed on it, planted your flag and ready to go home from this godforsaken place, you're gonna have to start again from your last save.

But I did manage to land, albeit destroying two landing legs and a small part of the lander, and I found out that there is a chasm in the North Pole, where there is no ground. I haven't tested if the collision box is there.



Ok yeah look remind me how I land in this sort of terrain again?


The North Pole, with the flag dimly illuminated. You can see the large chasm behind.

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I fired up principia from @eggrobin, and checked the system stability of my 3x solar system config including Rald, a planetoid at Kerbin L5, tweaks to Jool mons, etc.

My jool changes resulted in a seemingly stable system... no moons got ejected after about 1 year, although some orbits were more eliptic:


I saw this and thought the Rald-Duna-Ike system was unstable:


but really its a limit on the orbit display, instead of escaping, it soon looked like this:


and then:


The system was still intact after 10 years. I had put a craft in orbit in a roughly 750km by 690 km orbit on day 1 (So a 250x230 km  orbit at 1x) , and 10 + years later, it was still doing pretty much the same thing (granted, I had moved Mun to where Minmus normally is, and Minmus out to my asteroid belt to keep Dres company along with 2 new bodies, Vot and Pact).

I'm running at max timewarp as I make this post, 15 years in and everything looks stable, although things do oscillate.

More pics, showing stability:

"asteroid belt"



^Vot, for a Vesta analogue


^Minmus, because where else does it really belong?


^Pact for a Pallas analogue


^Dres for Ceres, as in stock




Rald keeps chugging away without ejecting Duna or Ike, or causing an apocalypse. Its displayed orbit fluctuates a lot as Duna tugs on it.



And the planetoid at kerbin's L5 point doesn't seem to have budged, Kerbin is safe I guess:


And after all those years, my lowish orbit craft is still there:



So as far as I can tell to the people saying no N-body or 3- body physics in KSP2... It seems fine to me with principia... but the interface of principia needs work.


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Started a fresh install with Galileo planet pack, and started a science career. Did the standard mk1 pod/flea first flight with Jeb's counterpart Galileo, and got a ribbon for a dangerous EVA to get some science at its apogee. 

Here, Val's counterpart (Poo or something?) is ready for launch in the Wallaroo-1 spacecraft from Rook's Glory. I'm trying out the new updated Alpha Mensae launch pads and having tons of fun. This is a mix of stock, Tantares and of course alpha mensae parts, but in-game we're saying this is a space launcher cobbled together from different ICBM' stages those crazy Gaelans finally stopped using on each other. 



If successful, this should unlock enough parts to gather even more science and start scanning Gael and its moons in earnest. 

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