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What did you do in KSP today?

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I started thinking about what if scenarios for the game.  Namely, late game when most of the tech tree is unlocked and the contracts all sort of feel like the same thing.

It would be fun if those contract you'd been building up (things like build a station here, then make it bigger, then deliver 2000 units of ore to the orbit in which that station is located) would turn into sort of... NPC stations.  Big huge things in fixed orbits that you could still rendez-vous and dock with.   Unlike contracts, these things would serve as trade depots.  You'd go there with a few thousand units of ore or fuel you'd collected earlier, and sell them for cash.  Or if we do want to use the existing contract system, they could add ones to deliver cargo from one NPC station to another.  I made this thing as an idea of what one of these NPC stations might look like.  Room for 25 Kerbals, and enough tanks to receive dozens of fuel shipments.

No solar panels on this one, it has enough RTGs on the lower level to count as a small nuclear reactor (which would also be fun to have in the stock game...)


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The Expedition Eeloo program was to launch and land a kerbal on every celestial body except Jool. But now I have concluded that I am not very efficient with my rockets. I mean just look at Expedition Gilly. So I decided I am going to cancel Expedition Purple. The next mission will be Expedition Moho. After which my MadsenA series will come to a close.

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I lost a probe. Two, actually, but I think I can recover one.

I am testing an extra planetary orbital refinery around Minmus. I am primarily interested in any parts I may have forgotten (I should make checklists), and any quality of life improvements.

The first launch was an object lesson in deploying a very large clamshell fairing before clearing 70km. It didn't clear me and turned one ship into several. That probe was lost to the ocean.

During the second launch it occurred to me I didn't include any antennas. "No problem" I think to myself. "I have a level 3 ground station and a pair of deep range relays in orbit. It will be fine." Nope. Mun would be alright. Minmus is not.


However, the station has a double intercept. It will return to Kerbin in a couple days and head right back. I'm unsure if I can rendezvous during the second transfer, but I'll absolutely try. That would be a huge achievement. Either way, I'm going to launch a communications retrofit that I can attach. Whether I can install it in transit or have to chase the ship to Minmus and install there, I'll get it.


Going to have to do some math for this. I've never attempted to rendezvous in transit before, and I feel lime the timing margin for this is only a few seconds. I'm also going to need a ship that can pull 15 g's or more.

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While messing with a new KSP install and launching a satellite into polar orbit for a contract, I discovered SVE adds auroras.  Even the low-res textures look pretty nice, although the screenshot came out kinda dark:


Tomorrow I'm going to try the medium res, and maybe see what scatterer does to my install.

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3 hours ago, Mars-Bound Hokie said:

What other rocket plane ideas do you have? You think you can go farther away than 342.5 km?

A Bluedog Design Bureau Sarnus SRB scaled up to 10m, a bunch of Space Y external reaction wheels, batteries, set the SRB thrust down down to .9 at launch (for a runway), it uses thrust curves that means it won't get too much above 2x starting thrust. Put a spaceplane cockpit on the nose, and tweakscale landing gear, wings, and tail up to the right size for a 10m rocket plane.

You might burn up, but if not I'm pretty sure you could beat 343km :)


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1 hour ago, Cavscout74 said:

While messing with a new KSP install and launching a satellite into polar orbit for a contract, I discovered SVE adds auroras.  Even the low-res textures look pretty nice, although the screenshot came out kinda dark:

Gene: "Well, Wernher, I guess I should be..." (sees lights coming from Mission Control) "GOOD KRAKEN, what is happening in there?"

Wernher: "Aurora Kerbalalis."

Gene: "Uh... Aurora Kerbalalis. At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the planet, localized entirely within Mission Control."

Wernher: "Yes."

Gene: "You said that last week when a booster went loose and started a fire."

Random employee: "Sir, our polar satellite is transmitting pictures of Aurora Kerbalalis right now. We're getting them 1080p HD, too."

Wernher: "See."




2 minutes ago, vossiewulf said:

A Bluedog Design Bureau Sarnus SRB scaled up to 10m, a bunch of Space Y external reaction wheels, batteries, set the SRB thrust down down to .9 at launch (for a runway), it uses thrust curves that means it won't get too much above 2x starting thrust. Put a spaceplane cockpit on the nose, and tweakscale landing gear, wings, and tail up to the right size for a 10m rocket plane.

You might burn up, but if not I'm pretty sure you could beat 343km :)


If you think you can do better, then I dare you to prove it. My challenge is ready.


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(1.6.1) What have I done this past 24 hours? Lots and lots of Alcubierre Drive maneuvers...

Day began late with LSV House Harkonnen making an intermunar warp from Kerbin to Minmus, which turned out to be fairly tricky; the ship arrived at 131 m/s, which is a tad fast and I wound up warping past the failsafe altitude on a suborbital trajectory. Fortunately Harkonnen's trajectory was ascending so I was able to make a small conventional burn at the apoapsis, putting the ship into a 34.5 x 28.2 kilometer, 4.19° inclined orbit.

Took this screenie mainly to check Harkonnen's vitals - she ran out of Rocket Parts again - but I figure I'd still post it. Not every day one of my warp ships visits Minmus.

Harkonnen received a refueling mass driver shot from the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus's surface, receiving supplies of fuel, Enriched Uranium and Rocket Parts. She's scheduled to pick up a few of the outpost's engineers for future deep-space assignments and to assist with the construction of the Echo Flyer 7a quadcopter currently under construction in the ship's drydock.

The Imo Pyramis Shipyards over Bop had completed a print of a Crater Maker 7 8-passenger lander. After fueling it with monoprop, the new lander launched and maneuvered to one of the shipyard's available docking berths. Engineer Gemul Kerman, who is currently manning the station pending the arrival of a permanent engineer, began the construction of a Crater Maker Crew Adapter module, which will expand the lander's crew capacity from eight to fifteen. Construction is expected to take four hours.

Next up was LSV House Atreides's warp from Kerbin to Eve. The ship conducted a direct flight and Eve is still on the opposite side of Kerbol from Kerbin, so naturally it arrived at a very high speed - 17,811 m/s to be precise. It took 43 warp-backs for the craft to slow down sufficiently and settle into a 1,120.4 x 948.5 kilometer, 3.01° inclined orbit. Once in orbit, Strange Cargo departed Atreides and began maneuvers to take her to Gilly. The trans-Gilly injection burn took place 48 minutes after her arrival. During that interval, LSV House Corrino conducted a warp from Ike to Kerbin, arriving at 2,324 m/s (Duna's still fairly well aligned with Kerbin at present). Simple maneuvering was sufficient to bleed off what little extra speed was required and the ship quickly settled into an 829.2 x 743.2 kilometer, 4.34° orbit. Upon arrival at Kerbin, Necessary Evil departed Corrino, burned for an intercept with space station Kerbinport 30 minutes later and then burned for a rendezvous at the intercept point, with time to rendezvous set at 67 minutes. Strange Cargo then reached the maneuver node and burned for Gilly.

Guys, I hope y'all remembered to pee before we left, 'cuz we're not stopping until we get there...

Strange Cargo got an intercept with Gilly and will arrive at a 15-kilometer periapsis at 9° inclination over the overgrown potatoroid in 42 hours.

For today, I've got Necessary Evil heading to Kerbinport to pick up staffmembers for training purposes, with a long-range goal of eventual long-term deep space assignments in mind. At the present time I've got eight ground bases and shipyards at various points in the Kerbol system; there are seven more worlds to put bases on and I've already got a crew ready to deploy at Laythe, and given that there are fifteen "solid" celestial objects in the Kerbol system, I'll eventually want a total of six more crews out there - that's six pilots, six scientists and twelve engineers (one per ground base and one per orbital shipyard) deployed at a minmum. I've done the math and if I utilize both Necessary Evil and G. Grant currently docked at Kerbinport along with the crew capacity of House Corrino's two Bigby orbital workshops, I can get that many Kerbals aboard. House Corrino is the logical choice for the construction of additional base-seeding landers, so I plan to devote her solely for that purpose until the entire system has been colonized. Necessary Evil will pick up two pilots and six scientists from Kerbinport and bring them back to Corrino. G. Grant, meanwhile, will depart Kerbinport with Val, Bob and engineer Necale Kerman aboard - the only engineer I currently have available at Kerbinport. The plan is for both ships to head to Corrino, then for Corrino to head to Minmus to pick up a few additional staff. Corrino will ultimately make a rendezvous with House Harkonnen somewhere in Jool's munar system. I plan to send up the engineers to Harkonnen later today and with luck I'll be sending her on to Laythe before the day is out; I won't be leaving until the 'copter is finished, though. Not much going on until I can get the Laythe base established, though I think Minmus is going to get awful busy awful fast if all goes according to plan.

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The last will become the first KSP edition. 
Bop base does it 2.3 Km/s braking burn at Tylo and find that they will  arrive at Pol in 23 days and  beat Val and Pol base with 3 days even if arriving at Tylo 9 days or one Tylo rotation later. 
Braking burn is cheaper too because better intercept. Bop base was kind of an backup if the others was unable to land on Pol. 

Laythe base is burdened with the heavy spaceplane was set up to intercept Pol 50 days later coming out from Jool but was allowed to use 300 of its 600 m/s to get an intercept in 29 days. It need refueling before it can get into orbit anyway, this is why it was set on so late intercept but Bop base changes this. 
Only issue is that Pol base is the one with the  Survey scanner probe, well its not like landing in an dry biome on Pol is much of an problem, just 4 biomes and gravity lower than Minmus. 

Bop base
The docked landing can on top will be moved to the LV-N tug and used as an science lander. Yes radiation measurements might a bit off :)
Stockalike station parts mod for the greenhouse, lab and hab module, planetary bases for the nuclear reactor and ISRU.  
Based on my standard-base design. 

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Testing my new KSP build with scatterer & the medium-res SVE textures.  Looks pretty nice now.  My 20% science career is plugging along slowly - in additional to the science & rep rewards turned down to 20%, funds are set to 30% (much lower & tourists contract around kerbin aren't profitable - especially early game when you can barely get to LKO with 2 tourists at a time), I also started using KVASS* for my launch planning so even the early game rockets I'm launching are taking 5+ days to "build" before they can launch.  At the rate I'm going, I'll be lucky to anything ready for the first Duna window.  But it feels more realistic - my old method was to wait 1 day (<18 tons), 10 days (18-140 tons) or 20 days (>140 tons) between launches, but even that allowed a very rapid rate of launches.

Night launch of an Mun fly-by probe atop an Atlas-style launcher after booster engine separation.


Mun fly-by probe crossing the day/night terminator


My biggest accomplishment in this career so far, Mun Surveyor-1 landed safely and sent back data from the surface of the Mun.  Landing site wasn't the prettiest - Kerbin is almost directly overhead, so no pretty "Kerbin on the horizon" screenshot, but nothing exploded, so it's a success.


I had a few minutes before I had to wrap things up & I had Jeb take up a CR-01 jet for a pair of aircraft contracts - break 100 m/s & break 5000m altitude.  Made for a pretty dusk flight to end the day: 



There is a tourist contract waiting on the launcher to finish building as well as a "1 week in orbit" contract also waiting on it's launcher, which a second tourist contract I haven't started building yet.  Only mission control has gotten an upgrade so far, although I can barely afford to do either the pad or astronaut complex if I wanted to right now.  All my 45-point science nodes are unlocked and I'm just 12 points away from my first 90-point node.   My best launcher is an Atlas-style stage and a half design with a pair of Thuds attached to a decoupler with crossfeed enabled with a Valiant (basically a "half Swivel" from Restock or Missing History mods) as a sustainer firing through the decoupler.   It works pretty well and typically gives me over 2400 m/s dV for most of my designs so far.  Actually, it's usually a little over that - the dV calculator doesn't figure the half-stage very well.  I've figured out I can drop the booster engines when I'm getting just over 3 g's acceleration, which drops me to ~1.1 - 1.2 g's with just the sustainer engine,

* KVASS = Kerbal Very Simplified Planning and Simulation


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I did a few things. 

In my career save, I successfully landed (and returned) my first Müner lander. 
HE4VDKX.pngJeb stares at his home while the lander re-fuels and preps for launch. Following his landing a psych evaluation determined that not only is Jeb a Bad-S, he also thrives in solo environments. 

Then in my military-focused save, I tested the limits of the Stearwing A300 and built a Strategic bomber that can cruise at 100,000 meters. This will be the base aircraft for future sub-orbital laboratories, since it is so efficient. 

Then last but not least, in my "timeline of spaceflight" save where I use Kerbalized versions of past, present, and future spacecraft, I revisited a Gemini resupply module 50 years after it had been left long-abandoned by her crew. FL8cP2g.png

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After getting a contract to land on Moho, Gilly, the Mun, Minmus, Duna and Ike with a single vessel, I wanted a versatile single-crew interplanetary ship. Here's the Pioneer.


With about 4,000 delta-V on its own in the planetary cruise stage, it carries a small Mk1 pod with Bill Kerman, the engineer, who is happy to be flying on his own with just lots of snacks, a lot of technical manuals to read, a great view and no one to bother him. The Mk1 pod is docked to a Mk1 Crew Cabin as a simple but sufficiently spacious habitat.

The lander pod has about 2200 dV on its own. Equipped with parachutes, it's more than enough to land and return from every planet and moon save Laythe, Tylo, and Eve (and Kerbin, of course)..

Taking a page from some space fantasy that allowed some mystical lightsword wielder to travel about within a star system after parking his hyperspace drive, the Pioneer's two part design allows easy separation and redocking with the planetary stage.



Bill was a little lazy, as a non-pilot, to make efficient courses which would use a lot of gravity assists to maximize delta-V further. And it appears he also wanted to play with all the latest ISRU toys to test their effectiveness in the field. But he also did enough back-of-the-napkin calculations to know that you should never go light in terms of delta-V to Moho. He had to strike a balance of efficiency and power.

So Pioneer is supported by four refueling options with a backup. The first refueler was placed around Minmus, refilling a large 37 meter Rhino-engine kickstage to send Pioneer to Eve for use around the asteroid moon, Gilly. Pioneer made its contract landings on the Mun and Minmus on its own, then Bill met up with the refueler and made a trip or two to the surface for mining. A few days later, he was on the way to Gilly, with Pioneer hitching a ride. Also sent at the same time from Kerbin was an improved refueler spacecraft to Gilly, also with a Rhino-powered cruise stage.


With both Pioneer and its refueler in Gilly orbit, the curious use of two large Rhino cruise stages becomes apparent, since Pioneer could've reached Eve on its own power. Bill commands the four items, each with probe command, to separate and redock, forming a massive orbiting fuel station.


After both stages are fully refueled from the ridiculously easy mining ops at Gilly and once a  transfer window opens up, Pioneer will mate up with the bottom-most Rhino stage for injection to Moho. The Rhino stage will likely be discarded there. Pioneer Lander will make its contract touchdown, and stick around a bit at the orbiting station left from a previous mission, refreshing Bill with more snacks and any tech manuals left behind or ones he can download. When the Eve transfer window opens, Pioneer should have more than enough delta-V on its own to return to the Gilly station for a refuel.

A third and fourth refueler will be sent ahead of Pioneer to its next and final contracted destination, Duna. Pioneer will fly itself to the red planet, leaving the 2nd refuel spacecraft and its tank for later mission support. The larger Duna refueler, for stationing in Ike orbit and surface ops, will be essentially the same as the one at Gilly and will also support an existing Duna expedition there. But also there will be an asteroid refueling grabber that Pioneer can carry on its forward port for mining at Dres. Bill has seriously considered going beyond his contract to make a landing at Dres (refueling with the many available asteroids in its belt), and then heading to Jool, with landings at Vall, Pol and Bop and flybys of Tylo, Jool and Laythe before heading home. A large relay network spacecraft was launched to Jool already with more than enough liquid fuel to tank up Pioneer without a Jool system ISRU option.

Could Bill get top bragging rights and reach Eeloo, making him the only kerbal in the astronaut corps to visit all the system planets and moons? He's thinking about it.

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(1.6.1) Yesterday was another day of moving folks around - at least the end is in sight on all that.

Began the day at space station Kerbinport, where Bob, Val and engineer Necale Kerman boarded G. Grant docked there. Pretty sure Val let Bob had the driver's seat...upon departure, he saw that they were already at the descending node to burn for alignment with LSV House Corrino in high Kerbin orbit and immediately began to perform the burn, forgetting that he wasn't all that far away from the space station and that there was another craft - India Princess - docked forward (i.e. to normal) of G. Grant's berth...

As is wont to happen with spectacular collisions, I didn't get the explosion itself, but I can least show the log data, right? To Bob's credit, he did get G. Grant within 0.21° of alignment with House Corrino, but his insurance rates just went way up...

The resultant collision didn't adversely affect G. Grant and the ship did ultimately align with House Corrino and burned to set a rendezvous after a 26 minute flight to the intercept point; flight time to rendezvous was 122 minutes. Shortly after the burn for rendezvous, Necessary Evil arrived at Kerbinport, rendezvousing and docking safely.

Necessary Evil coming into dock at her assigned berth at Kerbinport, inspecting the damage to India Princess. Yeah, the entire business end (i.e. the mass driver prow) of the ship is gone...

At Kerbinport, Necessary Evil took on fuel supplies from the station's stores. Pilots Leo and Rodhat Kerman along with scientists Nedmore, Lageremy, Pasted, Thommon, Malgar and Derney Kerman all then embarked aboard NE, which departed the station and made a (much safer this time) burn to take her to intercept on a return flight to House Corrino, with time to intercept set at 24 minutes.

About this time, I got a call from engineer Gemul Kerman aboard the Imo Pyramis Shipyards over Bop - her print of a Crater Maker Crew Adapter 7-passenger module was complete at that point. After transferring fuel supplies to the module as well as the Crater Maker 7 8-passenger module already docked at the shipyard, Gemul boarded the module and released it from the shipyard's drydock. The craft maneuvered to the mouth of the drydock and then thrusted as best it could into a station-keeping position, at which point the parent lander departed the station and began maneuvers to link up with the module.

Crater Maker moving to dock with the CM Crew Adapter over Bop. Insert pithy/sardonic/semi-vulgar comment here.

Once the composite Crater Maker craft was docked together, a burn was made to deliver it to space station Bopport; flight time to the intercept point was 46 minutes. I spent the next little bit of my time maneuvering Necessary Evil and the Crater Maker to alignment and rendezvous courses with their respective targets.

With a window of opportunity available to do so, the Crater Maker 7 15-passenger composite lander docked at space station Minmusport departed the station and made its way for a landing at the Deepwater Horizon outpost on the surface of Minmus.

A little bit better view of what a composite Crater Maker looks like when it's fully assembled. Burning to deorbit at DH.

Actually managed to land on target for once.

After the Crater Maker landed, G. Grant arrived at House Corrino and docked without incident (other than some scathing row over the commlines between Bob, Val, Mission Control and Bob's insurance company - I think he might've been talking to Jake from State Farm or something). That distraction out of the way, I was able to return my attention to the Crater Maker at DH. Outpost engineer Calkin Kerman EVA'd and grabbed a KAS screwdriver from the outpost's main fusion reactor unit, went over to the lander, detached one of its Mineshaft crew tunnels and fitted it onto the outpost, then linked the lander to the outpost. While fuel supplies were being transferred over the link, pilots Dunfred, Neilrey, Shepnard and Shepry Kerman along with engineers Anemy, Genery, Geoffrod, Gwenuki, Kabert, Ludvis, Madorf, Millas, Sigzer and Tanmon Kerman boarded the lander. Fuel transfer complete, Calkin unhooked the lander from the outpost, grabbed the Mineshaft from the outpost and proceeded to put it back in place.

Careful there, Calkin; you don't want to bolt that thing in place on top of your foot...

Calkin then returned the KAS screwdriver to the outpost and boarded the final remaining seat on the lander. Necessary Evil arrived and docked with House Corrino without incident, after which the lander was clear to depart. It launched and burned for an equatorial orbit and intercept with Minmusport, arriving at that intercept point after 23 minutes. During the flight to the intercept point, the new Crater Maker over Bop arrived and docked with space station Bopport, at which point Gemul transferred over to the smaller Spamcan 7 2-passenger monoprop lander docked there; that lander departed Bopport to take Gemul back to her post at the Bohai 2 outpost on Bop's surface, her work in orbit finally complete. My day ended with the Crater Maker over Minmus reaching the intercept point and making its burn to rendezvous with Minmusport; flight time to rendezvous with 69 minutes.

So I've got two main craft of concern in motion right now - I need to get the Spamcan down to Bohai 2 so that Gemul can return to her post (I'll want to get that Spamcan back up to Bopport before all's said and done), and I've got the Crater Maker heading for Minmusport. At Minmusport, the plan is for the lander to take on fuel and then to head to LSV House Harkonnen in high Minmus orbit, where it will deliver four engineers to temporarily assist in the craft's Bigby Orbital Workshop on the construction of an Echo Flyer 7a base-seeding quadcopter destined for Laythe. Ultimately, the Crater Maker will be delivering all fifteen staffmembers to LSV House Corrino, which at this point is ready to warp over to Minmus for that purpose. Corrino will be heading on a flyby tour of the worlds I've visited so far before settling into a nice orbit over Jool, in the hopes that just by visiting certain worlds the staffpersons aboard will gain sufficient experience to achieve 4-5 star ratings when they are finally assigned to ground stations and orbital shipyards throughout the rest of the Kerbol system. Harkonnen will be heading to Laythe once the 'copter's done for deployment; the ground crew intended for that base is already in orbit there.

Gave myself a bit of an issue early yesterday - I'm loathe to get rid of India Princess, but without a mass driver the craft is nothing but a flying gas tank (which is useful, I suppose, but not as useful as a flying mass driver is when it comes to ensuring the delivery of a full tank when it's needed). KIS repairs are out of the question - there are no engineers available at Kerbinport now, and even if there were, an orbital mass driver as a part weighs ten tonnes; it'd be a massive effort to finagle one into position. I do have a plan, though, and it involves adding a Sr. docking port fore on India Princess and a new mass driver module, all to be built at the Dystopia Planitia shipyards over Kerbin. I have yet to design said module, but I hope to be able to get to it later today. It does mean that I'll have to rely on Ceri Kerman, the engineer at DP, to do the work and she's a proven idiot (stupidity rating is 98%, so that's meant as a factual statement and not an insult), so it'll be a while before anything happens repair-wise in any event. I've also got plans in the works regarding the Christmas Tree 7 nuclear battery, which has been docked at the Bi La Kaifa Shipyards over Duna since the launch of House Corrino long, long ago. The idea would see the battery become the core of a new warp tanker, whose sole job would be to generate and deliver exotic matter to my warp ships as needed. Still working through the design ideas there, and I'm still trying to come up with a name for the craft, though right now as I'm typing this I'm heavily leaning towards SL Shai-Hulud...


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I got one of my tourists launches done, and Kelrik Kerman launched for his lonely solo week in LKO contract.  The Jabbit 2 OMV capsule was outfitted with a probe core (since Kelrik is an engineer) and a solar panel to provide power for the week, plus an inline goo container to gather additional science.  The snacks already carried will be sufficient for the week, so now its just a waiting game.  If he can figure out how to get the hatch open, he may become the first kerbal to EVA also - I'm just about ready to upgrade the astronaut complex. 

Kelrik starting his week in space


I have 2 more tourist craft building, and a comsat with two new science experiments, all of which will be ready after Kelrik returns from orbit.  Jeb also took up another CR-01 to recon a magnetic anomaly in the mountains.  Despite the emergency chute, he still smashed the plane up pretty good, but he found another strange monolith half buried in the mountain, and completed another contract as well as gathering some science.


I had some spare time tonight & after the first tourist contract (I was wrong, it finished before Kelrik's week in space), I upgraded the astronaut complex.  This allowed mission control to transmit instructions on how the hatch works on the Mk 1 pod, so Kelrik was able to complete the "Perform First Orbital EVA" contract & gather some science with a nice collection of EVA reports before finishing his endurance mission.

Career first EVA


Last sunset - by the next sunrise, Kelrik was beginning reentry


Splashdown!  I was a little late on my deorbit burn, KSC is over 70km to the west


Finally, Jeb hopped in a CR-01 jet to bust the next speed record - 220m/s.  Since the CR-01 doesn't have landing lights, he was ordered to wait for dawn before taking off


Coming soon, I have a Mun sample return mission almost ready for launch, then more tourists.  I actually need to do a quick pad test of my lander design before it goes - I did something unusual to cut part count and I want to make sure it will work at all before I launch.  I also have an early version of the Dawngrazer (aka Titan) launcher entering use.  It provides a little more dV & power than the Jabbit 2 (aka Atlas) for marginally higher cost, but the current 18t mass limit is preventing it from reaching its potential.  I could upgrade the pad now, but I'm also close to being able to afford the tracking station upgrade, which will allow maneuver nodes, so I'm split on which I want to do first.   Either way, I really need to get some more science coming in - at 20% science rewards, the flow is just a trickle and I'm barely halfway to my second 90 point node


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