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What did you do in KSP today?


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Today, I continued my career save : had to put two satellites in a specific orbit around Kerbin, an I also put my first satellite around the Mun.


(Btw, how do you insert images to your post ? I have some screenshots but I can't show them to you.)


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1 hour ago, Charles Leperlier said:

(Btw, how do you insert images to your post ? I have some screenshots but I can't show them to you.)

Most of us put our screenies on an image-sharing site; imgur is the most popular one in use on the forums but there are others. With single images on imgur, you just paste the Direct Link into your post and the forum software takes care of the rest.

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1 hour ago, capi3101 said:

Most of us put our screenies on an image-sharing site; imgur is the most popular one in use on the forums but there are others. With single images on imgur, you just paste the Direct Link into your post and the forum software takes care of the rest.

OK, thanks for the information !

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It's launch vehicle qualification day at the KSC while I await the entry of an asteroid into Kerbin SOI.



Done in the style of some launch composites on Wikipedia: [1] [2] [3] [4]

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extra launch composite link
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(1.6.1) Been a hell of week; really wish I'd had the opportunity to report to y'all daily, but I've got a new subordinate at my workplace that I've been training. Can't exactly take the time to write up a thorough report of my KSP activities when you have to actually be working all day, right? Anyways, probably a long post ahead - consider yourselves warned.

My last report on Tuesday was at midday, with the Crater Maker 7 15-passenger lander having just completed docking at LSV House Corrino in orbit of Minmus. I had been fighting a Kraken most of the weekend ahead of this event stemming from the fact that most of the passengers aboard had at one time been Pathfinder-created colonists, which were still considered tourists in certain areas of my persistence file - a Kraken I'd just finished squashing earlier in the day. Upon docking, engineers Necale, Anemy, Calkin, Genery, Geoffrod, Gwenuki, Ludvis, Madorf, Sigzer and Tanmon Kerman joined Bill and ship's engineer Gemlorf Kerman in Corrino's twin Bigby Orbital Workshop modules. Pilots Dunfred, Neilrey, Shepnard and Shepry Kerman boarded G. Grant docked to Corrino, engineer Kabert Kerman took a seat aboard Necessary Evil also docked to Corrino, and finally a crew was assigned to the TBD 7dG base-seeding lander in Corrino's drydock - namely pilot Rodhat Kerman, scientist Nedmore Kerman and engineer Millar Kerman. Combined, the newcomers represent the crews of the outposts and space stations I have yet to build in the Kerbol system. Just got to get the permissions needed to go ahead with base building...

With the crewmembers delivered, the Crater Maker departed Corrino and made its way back to space station Minmusport, docking without incident (thank God) after a 35 minute flight. At that point, the Deepwater Horizon outpost on Minmus's surface performed a series of refueling mass driver shots to targets in orbit - namely Minmusport, House Corrino and LSV House Harkonnen, which was herself getting ready to deliver an Echo Flyer 7a base-seeding quadcopter to Laythe. Once the refueling shots were complete, House Corrino secured her mass driver, broke orbit and warped to Duna, arriving at 1,924 m/s. After three warp-back maneuvers, the ship settled into a 377.3 x 287.4 kilometer, 1.0° orbit over the red planet. The ship proceeded from there on Wednesday, warping to Ike orbit at the optimal departure point; she immediately settled into a 145.9 x 82.4 kilometer, 1.64° orbit. Upon arrival, Necessary Evil departed Corrino and began maneuvering to take her to rendezvous with Gregeny's Shipwreck, arriving at a rendezvous point a little over two hours later. While that was ongoing, House Harkonnen secured her mass driver, broke Minmus orbit and warped to Jool, arriving at 7,673 m/s; she settled into a 5670.8 x 4690.5 kilometer, 1.04° orbit after one warp-back. An alarm was set for the ship to warp to Laythe at the optimal departure point, which was estimated to be about three hours ahead in her orbit.

Necessary Evil arrived at Gregeny's Shipwreck next and performed a successful pickup.

I wish I could say this was the only Mk2 Cockpit that I saw separated from a proper vessel this past week...

After pilot Gregeny Kerman boarded Necessary Evil, the ferry ship made its way back to Corrino, docking safely after an hour's flight. At that point Corrino broke orbit and did a quick warp flyby of Eve and Gilly before setting a final course for Jool, arriving at 5,906 m/s and settling without much delay into a 6,272.2 x 5908.7 kilometer, 2.18° orbit over the green world. At this point, the ex-colonists (which had up until that point only had credit for planting flags at Minmus) have by my calculation accumulated 49.25 XP in total. Another 14.75 will give them sufficient XP for 5-star status, which is my ultimate goal at the moment. It's already occurred to me that merely orbiting any of the Joolian moons will impart another twelve XP... 

My attentions at that point turned to the establishment of the ground outpost on Laythe. To that end, House Harkonnen conducted her final warp to Laythe, arriving at 1,500 m/s and settling immediately into a 531.96 x 470.61 kilomter, 1.61° orbit. Gilligan, which had been left in orbit earlier, proceeded to make her way to a rendezvous with Harkonnen, docking with the warp ship 2.25 hours later.

A three hour tour, my green backside...

The Echo Flyer 7a that Harkonnen was hauling was only a two-kerbal craft, so I decided to have scientist Herby Kerman and engineer Monty Kerman board the 'copter for entry to the surface. After launch from Harkonnen, though, I realized I had a couple of serious flaws in the design of the Flyer - first was the fact that the craft only had one SAFER reactor, a flaw fixed on the Echo Flyer 7b but that I had failed to incorporate on the 7a. The craft wouldn't produce sufficient power for its engines with just one reactor, but fortunately it was hauling another six reactors aboard for the nascent outpost, so Herby and Monty got to do an ad hoc refit.

Two down and two to go. Make sure you don't crack any of them open guys, unless "glowing in the dark" is something you want to add to your skill sets...

The other main flaw was the lack of a control point for proper entry; the craft's cab was designed for horizontal flight, unfortunately. I was able to figure out the correct way to point the engines for retrograde flight, though, and after lowering the copter to a 75-kilometer orbit, it was deorbited.

No problems here, right?

Upon reaching 4000 m above sea level, the craft had sufficient Compressed Atmosphere for the blades to engage and at full power it finally started going back up after reaching 700m ASL. Having regained control, the Flyer made its way to waypoint 1GG0LD on the south side of Crater Bay, one of the two waypoints I'd identified for a potential base site via early KerbNet sweeps.  
Waypoint 1GG0LD is the one up to the north, obviously. Probably should've gone with the one to the south in all honesty...

Hey boss, are we sure these are the correct coordinates?

Unfortunately, I had misread the Kerbnet data entirely - not only was 1GG0LD not flat enough for a base, it wasn't even in the desired biome. I had to wait until Thursday to have the opportunity to fly to a better location, which I found 18.5 kilometers to the north-northwest. Upon setting down and powering off the engines, Monty got straight to work and the C. P. Baker outpost on Laythe's surface came into being.

Yeah, Monty looks like a kerbal hauling around a half-tonne of crap on his back. But he is only the second Kerbal to be able to do this while not wearing a helmet...

Much of the rest of my time since had been spent establishing Baker. I came to the realization that a pair of extra hands at the base would be nice to have to keep everything up and running, so I had Harkonnen prep up an Auk Ia 2-passenger spaceplane in her drydock. Unfortunately, I had to do this twice - the first plane came into being sideways in the drydock and there was no way it was going to launch intact. But ultimately I got it right, and the plane launched after a Kerbin day with pilot Jedbrett Kerman and engineer Jubald Kerman aboard.

Fifteen meters wide, my backside. Try fourteen...I was lucky to be able to get this plane out of that drydock the second time...

The plane made its way down to C. P. Baker, but unfortunately I hadn't made considerations to put in any waypoints into the NavUtilities mod for runway data and the plane arrived at night with no landmarks or lighting. I think I could've made it, in all honestly, had I not let the plane get below its stall speed. Luckily for Jedbrett and Jubald the crew cabin survived the unfortunate lithobraking incident, coming to a rest just nine hundred meters from the base.

Jedbrett making the most of a bad situation.

The Echo Flyer - which had since been re-designated as Lima 1 - flew 850 meters southeast of its position, picked up the two kerbals and flew them to the base, where they were able to board and help boost the outpost's early productivity. At this point C. P. Baker has four drilling units, a foundry, a nuclear reactor, a pair of fab labs, a geology lab, an OPAL unit and four storage units installed, with plans to add another foundry units, two refinery units and three reactors in the works prior to the first permanent dome. I will have to find some Exotic Minerals to begin building domes and that it a concern, but one that I'm sure is not insurmountable.
Jool in the sky over C. P. Baker early in her development, with one of the other interior moons (not sure which) visible.

A couple of other events happened yesterday - Strange Cargo arrived at Gilly after a seven day flight from Eve, coming to dock at space station Gillyport fifty minutes later (by once again going retrograde with her orbit relative to the station; it's a good way to make things happen faster over the potatoroid. 

Strange Cargo coming into dock at Gillyport. I should probably cut loose those side boosters at some point...

After docking, Strange Cargo took on fuel stores from the station and then delivered colonists Dadrin, Karus, Ellen, Katbrett, Billy-Boboly, Wiloly, Billy-Bobmy and Marmore Kerman to a waiting Crater Maker 7 8-passenger lander (one without the seven-passenger Crew Adapter attached) docked to the station. Strange Cargo then departed and made the burn to return to a low equatorial orbit over Eve, while the lander departed the station and made preparations to land at the Ocean Ranger outpost on the surface.

Last thing of note for yesterday was the completion of SL Shai Hulud's drive section at the Bi-La Kaifa Shipyards over Duna. The craft took on monopropellant before launching.

Sure hope Lucasfilms doesn't sue me over use of the design...

After clearing the drydock, the drive section docked with the Christmas Tree 7 nuclear battery already docked at BLK. The shipyard then got busy with the print of the ship's mass driver prow, which should be completed in 21 hours. Once that done, the composite Christmas Tree and drive section will dock up and I'll have myself a warp tanker. I should probably check to see if Exotic Matter is something that can actually be transferred via mass driver...

Nothing to report for today, which I suppose is a blessing; been doing household chores all day today. If I do wind up doing something this evening, I'll be sure to report it at the next opportunity (hopefully that won't be another week from now). Meantime I'll be building up C. P. Baker, and I'll probably be making the final set of repairs to Island Princess over Kerbin. And I'll be splashing Lima 1 - it's the only requirement of the current Laythe exploration contract that hasn't happened yet. Not entirely sure where the game's going to send me from there...

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found and fixed a damn typo.
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I finished up the baseline texture for my Kerbal Flying Saucers mothership, then took it for a spin:



The texture reveals more details as you zoom in closer. With the baseline completed, I can finally start making other parts such as the cockpit, science lab, and crew quarters.

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Thanks to capi3101, I can now show you some of my screenshots !


Blast off ! I have two contracts to fill : Put two satellites in a specific orbit around Kerbin and put a satellite in orbit around the Mun !


One of my two satellites.


Here is my Mun orbital probe !

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Well Ive launched 64 satellites this morning (32, at once and did 2 flights) to kindof recreate Starlink.


Right now Im trying to land a class C asteroid but 4 hours in and Ive only got it in 80km orbit of kerbin lmao. An asteroid does not slow down much that I can tell you

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Booted up the game for the first time in a while and jumped right into my 1.7.0 save.

Started off by launching an interplanetary passenger spacecraft, the IPCV Agamemnon. Built for up to 12 Kerbals with somewhere north of 8000 dV.



Supplies were omitted at launch for weight savings and had to be delivered after launch. I pulled a 30-ton SSTO from my library of craft from older saves, but it turned out to be lacking in the RCS department. I tried jettisoning the payload and

having Valentina chase it down in a claw-equipped support ship (pictured docked to the Agamemnon) that I brought over from the the local space station, but I realised that would be even harder to dock and so abandoned the mission and returned to the KSC.

The support ship still turned out useful though, as I nicked some lithium out of its tanks to top up the IPCV.



The second attempt with improved RCS system went much smoother. This time, however, the SSTO suffered loss of control and broke up on re-entry. More tweaking needed.qL5x5wn.png

The Agamemnon needed a destination, so I built a space station for it: June Station. Two centrifuges, eight greenhouses and a 4-ship spaceport will make up to 50 Kerbals feel right at home for up to 450 days.

 The plan right now is to put it in Laythe orbit and use it in conjunction with a fuel/ore processing station as a base of operations for Jool exploration and exploitation.



I probably won't end up doing much, if any exploring from June, but I still enjoy setting this stuff up. Before I deprecate this save and update to 1.7.3 with BG, I also want to launch some smaller manned missions to Dres, Moho and Eeloo, since I've never actually completed manned missions to those.

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I'm getting into this Eve infrastructure thing. 

I got the reusable launches sorted... in theory anyway -- the BAK-9011 Raphael will get the round trip done without breaking anything. To actually work though, she will need at least two assets on the ground: a way to get the orbiter back to the launcher and re-mount it, and a way to refuel both of them. The launcher will be able to fly to a better starting location after refueling, naturally.

Now I'm not sure I'll ever actually put all of this together because it would be a lot of work, but these are interesting engineering challenges and they caught my imagination... so. Problem 1: recovering, moving, and re-mounting the orbiter onto the launcher:




My major difficulty right now is that because of a bug in 1.7.3 I can't use the Mission Builder to try out my flying boxcart on Eve. It works great on Kerbin, handles super easily and will fly forever on those solar panels at nearly 200 m/s, or at least until sunset. But Eve is ... special, and especially those Breaking Ground props and rotors have had some issues there, so I'm not sure if this hasn't been a waste of time.

Still, the plane was the easiest part of the exercise, but I did get the crane and its basic functions working. These same-vessel interactions are a godsend, there's no way I would've gotten it to work without them as the crane just drops through the floor of the plane when it grabs onto the orbiter. I did have to swap the nose cone for another part in the orbiter to give the grabber something to latch onto but that only cost a few tens of m/s and no aerodynamic penalty so it seems fine.

Anyway, once I've got this bit working, I'll have to start on the refueling. I'm thinking a flying ISRU. Uh... there is ore everywhere on Eve, right?

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And the final mission of my stock system + OPM career: Eve landing and return:


- taking off from KSC went without a hitch.


- As did transfer to Eve. About the only issue were long burns (I used a VASIMR engine for exoatmospheric burns. Light, efficient, but produces less than 4.5 m/s^2 of acceleration for this craft).


- Deorbiting went pretty well too as this spaceplane was built with resisting high temperatures in mind. I did overshoot the selected landing site a little, so some maneuvering was required.



- The historic moment: planting flag on Eve:


- Flying on Eve (with OPT warpjets) might be pretty easy, but achieving speed necessary to escape atmosphere proved to be quite challenging and it took me three attempts to figure out the correct ascent profile... Thank Kraken for infinite dV on aforementioned warpjets.


- The rest of the mission was pretty boring.


- Home sweet home!


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