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What did you do in KSP today?


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The going everywhere plan progress slowly. 
This from Bop is pretty photogenic. 
Science lander entering Val orbit. 
Hot staging in Eve orbit. 
Landing on Gilly and upgrading landing legs and buffing life support on the science module. 

Current main issue is that it looks like Kerbal alarm clock has some sort of bug. 
I guess its stack overflow or something. 


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I also happened to complete an Eve ascent today, using a craft I call it the Whirligig. You can't tell in the above image but it's spinning quite rapidly. It essentially acts like a giant propeller, carrying the kerbals high in the Eve atmosphere so it's much easier to get to orbit. It has a 13t rocket attached that can carry 3 kerbals to LEO. The whole craft weighs only 31t, so it's fairly easy to transport to Eve.

Over the course of 45-55 minutes it makes it way to 36km above Eve:


From there I detach the rocket and make my way into LEO:


Made it into LEO with 700m/s of Delta-V to spare:


Note that this craft is using the old Sparks though, as I launched it before they were nerfed. The next iteration will have much less Delta-V to spare, due to the nerfing of the Sparks. It should still be able to reach LEO though.

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I've had an eclectic day in my career - a few tourist flights, tested a new light 1.875m launcher with a contract satellite, finished a double LKO rescue, the first crew arrived at the Mun outpost and Val took out an experimental jet (now that I finally unlocked the Panther) and collected both a altitude (20km) and speed (mach 2) record contract for aircraft.

First launch in this career of the Steamglider launcher with a contract Mun satellite.


Coasting to TMI burn


Ambera setting up a Goo experiment now that the sun is up - the crew landed at night.  Of course. 


Kelrik went exploring for Mun stones and found more than he expected....


Greghat Kerman preparing for reentry after the double LKO rescues


Since Val was stuck at KSC with a bunch of rookies while the other vets were having fun on Mun, she scheduled herself some time in a brand new experimental jet, the CX-02 Arrow.  The contract said it had to have wings, so it does.  Barely.  Considering how long it took me to build it, it flies incredibly well. 


Zooming up to complete the 20km altitude contract.   Val topped out around 25km


Returning to KSC after completing both contracts.   Although it flies remarkably well, ground handling is not the best, so a parachute gets deployed just after landing to bring it to a rapid stop before it breaks anything.  It doubles as an emergency chute, but I actually haven't had to use it for that before.  I think I'll be able to grab the mach 3 speed contract with this as well - I was only at 3000m when I did the mach 2 contract & it was still accelerating rapidly  when I throttled down for the return to base.   EDIT:  In fact, it can't quite make mach 3 in level flight - it topped out at mach 2.96.




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On 9/8/2019 at 12:32 PM, ThatGuyWithALongUsername said:

I spent pretty much ALL DAY (other than work, etc.) struggling to make this work. This was actually my first time really messing with the KAL-1000 in Breaking Ground. I shouted "YES!" when it finally worked the first time.


That's fantastic!

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did my first gameplay video today


Going to Mun, using rover, robotic parts, scanning arm, collecting surface features, using surface experiments

visiting East Farside Crater biome and Canyon - for the first time in KSP

Apollo 17 style. Almost :)


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Today is 909 day. If you don't use the Terrier engine in one project today, you're missing out.



Also, I tried to start a kindergarten on the Mun, but my injectors keep exploding.


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Continuing design of the Eve surface shuttle service's support craft. It's taking shape and in fact I inadvertently made something that's just a terrific pleasure to fly, especially without SAS. She makes coordinated turns by herself which is very cool and I wish I knew just how I pulled that off. On Kerbin take-off/landing airspeed is about 45 m/s which is a hair higher than I'd like but I think on Eve it'll be a good deal lower than that. Cruises at nearly 200 m/s. 

I've managed to pack everything in there -- the crane, the orbiter module when she's being transferred, and an ISRU+drill set+power+cooling. So the plan is to fly her to the landed lifter module, refuel her so she flies back to home base; then if necessary fly to the landed orbiter module and bring her to home base too. This assumes one home base with both craft landed near each other downrange.

My other tentative plan for Eve infrastructure is to have two bases, one where the shuttle launches, the other near where the lifter stage lands. Base B would refuel the lifter for delivery back to base A. In that case, both bases would need a service plane, but the one at base B could be a more compact one that only has the ISRU

Anyway that's all theory at this point, I don't even know if and how she'll fly on Eve, but that's for later. For now here's the work in progress -- some kinks are left to work out but overall she's shaping up well:




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I tried to use my existing CX-02 Arrow for the mach 3 contract, but it turned out that it wasn't quite capable of mach 3 in level flight.  Mach 2.96 was the best I could get, so I refitted it with a pair of liquid fuel rockets for another try.  I got it up to around mach 2.6 on the panther then kicked in the rockets and it blasted past mach 3 in a few seconds

CX-02B Arrow returning to KSC after it's mach 3 flight


Then I had another job for Jeb.  Several satellites had picked up strange readings in the arctic.  To shorten the flight, a CF-01B Vampire was fitted with four small vertical SRB's to enable it to launch from the Woomerang launch pad.  The following report has been flagged as <Top Secret>


Departing Woomerang with assistance from the vertical SRB's


Sun peaking over the horizon while the aurora kerbalis are visible overhead


Descending for a closer look


Low pass over the anomaly, there is definitely something there....


After landing on the ice shelf, it was time to take a closer look



After marking the object, it was time to head back to KSC.  As fast as possible.  We are not alone!!!



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1 hour ago, Brikoleur said:

Anyway that's all theory at this point, I don't even know if and how she'll fly on Eve,

Rule of thumb for solar powered prop planes: if they fly on Kerbin they are easy to fly on Eve. The only issue might be getting them there in the first place.

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1 hour ago, AHHans said:

Rule of thumb for solar powered prop planes: if they fly on Kerbin they are easy to fly on Eve. The only issue might be getting them there in the first place.

Indeed. Brikoleur Aerospace Kombine is delighted to report that the simulated mission to Eve was a complete success: atmospheric entry, high-altitude cruise, low-altitude cruise, landing, ISRU operations, unloading, and take-off all went through without a hitch. The only hiccup was that we were not able to test our crane, (1) because there was nothing to lift and (2) because we had no remote probe control points nor CommNet. We will add a probe control point to the production model.

But man, this baby is really easy to fly, and forgiving. She'll take somewhat rough landings with aplomb and without bouncing, she's super easy to fly down under power and then brake to a quick halt, she does coordinated turns on her own... really a very sweet plane. Not the fastest but that's really the only bad thing I can say about her.

(Out of character -- there is something odd about the props on Even though. I had to lower the max RPM from 460 to 400, or they would start producing some VERY STRANGE drag vectors...)

Some pictures from various phases of the test:







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I think I broke Minmus



On the plus side though, I've got my KOS script launching more or less in to the plane of the station.  Once the lander had circularised it was only 1 degree out.



For Minmus I'm not convinced having the station on an inclined plane is worth the effort, as the dV for plane changes is pretty small anyway, but it'll be useful on bigger bodies.  The landing script still needs an update to wait until the closest orbit (or preferably overflight) to the target before landing, but it can land within 50m of a specified Lat/Long, and wait until it's in the plane of the station before launching and docking.

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was busy today but in the evening i built a 2 seater orbital science collecting vessel (Halley1) to bring data to my research station (KSS Horizon in LKO)....this time i made sure to pack plenty of snacks....farmed science from mun and kerbin and brought it back to the KSS horizon. - with 7 m/s manouvering dV to spare........



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(1.6.1) Minor programming change while I've still got staff training going on - going to be trying to put up a daily report around 02-03Z (i.e. at night locally) instead of 13-14Z (i.e. relatively early in the morning). No idea when I'll return to normality... 

Anyway, I had a reasonably busy weekend as things turned out. After my report on Saturday, I squeezed in a couple of hours of play at the end of the day, beginning with a burn to take Strange Cargo from Gilly back to an equatorial orbit of Eve, the ship having delivered a group of colonists to space station Gillyport for transport down to the Ocean Ranger outpost on the surface. Strange Cargo will arrive at periapsis over Eve in 21.5 hours. 

Shortly afterwards, the Dystopia Planitia shipyards over Kerbin completed the printing of a craft whose name gets auto-flagged on these forums - essentially a replacement mass driver unit with a matched pair of Sr. docking ports on one end and a KAS storage container with a screwdriver in it. Island Princess, which was docked at the station for the repairs that necessitated the unfortunately-named replacement module, left its berth and entered DP's drydock, coming to station-keeping about three meters away from the new module. At that point station engineer Ceri Kerman went on EVA, retrieving the screwdriver and KAS container from the new module and fitting Island Princess with one of the two Sr. docking ports. Once that was done, Ceri got clear, DP released the module and standard docking procedures took place.

Still wondering if we should be seeing this...

Docking went well and the repaired Island Princess burned to take her back to space station Kerbinport.

Island Princess looking good as new.

The craft arrived 51 minutes later and docked without incident, though I do need to go back and recheck the craft's original specifications - Island Princess is pitching/yawing pretty badly while performing lateral RCS maneuvers. The original mass driver unit may have had some RCS thrusters on it that I failed to account for in the repair, and if that's the case then the ship will need to have additional repair work at some point in the future. For now though, since she has a mass driver once again, she can continue with her primary mission - to rendezvous and refuel stricken craft in Kerbin orbit - as needed.

On Sunday, my day began with the landing of the Crater Maker 7 lander over Gilly at Ocean Ranger.

Base in site - going to land dead on the coordinates, going to do the suicide burn in just over six millenia...

Upon landing, the staff at Ocean Ranger printed up a spare Mineshaft crew transfer tube (since it's likely that the landing zone isn't going to change much and there's a higher than normal chance of other landing craft hitting the exact same spot dead on in the future), which outpost engineer Bartzor Kerman attached to the closest module. Bartzor then hooked up the lander to the outpost and the colonists disembarked to the outpost's main Castillo dome. The lander was refueled, after which Bartzor unhooked the lander and returned to his post. The Crater Maker then burned to return to space station Gillyport, with a rendezvous and docking taking place a little over 3.5 hours later.

I spent the rest of my time on Sunday working on the construction of the nascent C. P. Baker outpost on Laythe, pausing only once to clear an ongoing colonization contract at the Scan Queen outpost on Ike. The crew at Baker printed up most of the base's modules, including three Doc labs, six Hacienda industrial modules, nine Chuckwagon storage modules, a Rangeland launch pad, six crew walkways, a Castillo main dome, Castillo Depot, Castillo Observatory, Castillo Factory, a ground station and a Pipeline mass driver. The base was able to produce sufficient Equipment and Konkrete for engineers Monty and Jubald Kerman to install and inflate each of the modules. 

I had to move the Lima 1 quadcopter during base construction, though Jubald told me she thought I could've stood to move it just a tad more.

I'm happy to report that all construction at the C. P. Baker base has concluded.

The completed C. P. Baker outpost on the surface of Laythe.

Before the day was out on Sunday, C. P. Baker had sent a refueling mass driver shot to LSV House Harkonnen - the warp ship that delivered the original base-seeding craft - still in orbit. Construction of space station Laytheport has also gotten under way, with construction of the core module expected to take 26 hours to complete. Since the Kerbinport model is being used for Laytheport (i.e. a space station with dedicated docking piers for spaceplanes), two more prints will be required later on to finish up the station. I'll also be prepping an orbital shipyard for Laythe, which Jubald will ultimately man.

Today began with a refueling mass driver shot from Ocean Ranger to Gillyport, replacing all of the monoprop expended in recent expeditions and enough LFO to refill the station's main tank. That done, Gillyport burned to kill her orbital velocity (all 15 m/s of it) and the side boosters from the station's launch were finally discarded, the station itself turning around immediately and re-attaining a 21.9 x 21.4 kilometer, 2.99° inclined orbit. That job done, my next task was to splash the Lima 1 quadcopter - the craft that delivered the initial parts for C. P. Baker - into Crater Bay. I flew the craft 13 kilometers due north and proceeded to dip the craft at briefly into the bay as I could manage.

Damn thing was like a cat - barely touched the water and it was ready to spring right back out again...

I didn't quite have sufficient play time to return the 'copter to C. P. Baker, but I did get it back within five klicks of the base, landing north of the base in the Dunes. The successful splash completed the latest exploration contract and unlocked the next one, which is to return a craft to Kerbin from Laythe orbit. To facilitate this, I had House Harkonnen begin printing a G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft, with total printing time taking two hours. I had the bright idea to use the new craft to get rescuee pilot Gregeny Kerman, who was aboard Necessary Evil docked to LSV House Corrino in Jool orbit, down to Kerbin's surface - and since I'd been wanting to send Corrino to orbit one of Jool's moons for the sake of crew experience, this worked out very well for me. While the craft was printing, Corrino moved to optimal position for a warp to Laythe and proceeded to a 515.1 x 466.6 kilometer, 3.68° orbit. Once Corrino was in orbit, the G-LOC departed Harkonnen and burned for a rendzvous with Corrino; the craft will reach rendezvous in just under two hours. Harkonnen, meanwhile, warped over to a 10,712.5 x 10,441.8 kilometer, 1.86° orbit over Jool and is now maneuvering to optimal position for a warp to Bop. Harkonnen has a number of passengers aboard right now bound for the Bohai 2 outpost on Bop's surface, and her business at Laythe is complete at this point.

Last thing that happened today was the completion of the prow mass driver section of SL Shai Hulud at the Bi-La Kaifa Shipyards over Duna. The rest of the ship departed the shipyard and began maneuvers to dock up the prow section to the rest of the ship.

With that many nuclear reactors attached you'd've thought the whole ship would've started glowing by now. Probably a good thing that it's not...

I once again have underdone the RCS controls, unfortunately - with the craft already at 80 tonnes, I only have four RCS thrusters handling maneuvers, so it's pretty slow going. Still, I have faith that tomorrow I'll get the ship finished docking and that I'll have a minimal amount of fuss extracting the prow from the shipyard's drydock. I also plan to finish getting Harkonnen over to Bop. I need to do some research into the workings of Extraplanetary Launchpads and the NavUtilities mod; it'd be nice to be able to get a working Runway going at Baker. And I'll make an effort to get House Corrino back to Kerbin so I can get Gregeny home and clear the exploration contract at the same time. I don't know where the game will send me next, but my money is on Dres. Don't know what else will happen - it really all depends on where I get sent next. I'll keep y'all posted.

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12 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

We will add a probe control point to the production model.

The marketing department at AHTech Industries suggests that you use an external command seat instead. Kerballed rovers are currently in style. (And don't mind the strange noises out of the engineering department.)  ;)

12 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

But man, this baby is really easy to fly, and forgiving.

Yupp. What I meant. My latest creation barely manages to get into the air on Kerbin (There is a hair thin margin in which she manages a positive rate of climb.) but on Eve there is no problem. Not the craft to do aerobatics, but flying from A to B is easy.

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5 minutes ago, AHHans said:

The marketing department at AHTech Industries suggests that you use an external command seat instead. Kerballed rovers are currently in style. (And don't mind the strange noises out of the engineering department.)  ;)


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10 minutes ago, Brikoleur said:

"Why don't we have both?"

As you can see in the Eve Hawk (or can't see because I didn't include a picture of it) the engineering department at AHTech Industries likes to include sufficiently powerful antenna capacity in it's Eve craft. The marketing department is somewhat - let's say - more predatory in the advise it gives competing design bureaus. :cool:

9 minutes ago, FahmiRBLXian said:

Fold it then.

Been there done that. (The Eve Hawk has folding wings.)

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