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What did you do in KSP today?


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Expedition Moho

"It's getting hot here"

The final Expedition Eeloo mission is finally complete. I started way back at page 1969. I can't believe what a success this program has been

Favorite moments








Doodling Adventures Ep. 4 is next because my rover for Expedition moho failed to deploy ._. so the next will be inexpensive Moho mission (what did Trump kerman spend on now)

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I've been trying to design another Eve ascent vehicle, this time using the Breaking Ground rotors to generate lift instead of just spinning the entire craft. I've gotten close to reaching LEO with a few designs, but nothing super successful as of yet.


This is my current best design. The prop lifts the rocket up to around 22km above Eve, but unfortunately it still can't make it to LEO at that altitude. I either need more powerful propellers, or a more efficient rocket.

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More issues with Rust Spear, I'm beginning to think that this to-be-interplanetary craft is cursed.

After attaching two new solar arrays after the old ones had a kraken attack, I go to bring up the Hab Module, only to discover that the new solar arrays, which were difficult to launch due to a COM issue, were also kraken-possessed. So it turns out that the issue was not with robotics, but with clustering too many panels nearby? I can't simply attach less panels, because I need a ton to prevent the LH2 fuel of the craft from boiling off.

To top things off, MKS made it that the inflatable modules on the ship require 3600 material kits to inflate, meaning I have to send up yet another mission to do so. And this is all before we've even left for Duna!

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Fitting engines and wings to my modular surface base and driving, or better sliding, it up a near vertical cliff near the Kerbal space center using the infinite fuel cheat.



The flexibility created by the many docking ports allows it to slide over uneven terrain without getting destroyed. The wings are angled downward to create a downward force.


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Havent been feeling well and playing atleast a few hours a day. Mostly been grinding science and finished the 300 science tier of tech nodes.

I had a small test with the freshly unlocked interstellar laser diode ''deathray'' and i built the worlds worst power transmission system. it transmitted about 100kW with a 10% efficiency so it delivered about 10 ec/s to the target vehicle. ........ this test is called the doomsday -1`test. kerbodyne denies any so called plans for ''world domination'' or ''giant death lasers in space''.







After this i set out to send a rover crane and rover to minmus. A station around minus(name: Pistache king) jampacked with snacks (jam sold seperately) was already sent there earlier to serve as a refueling , resupply and habitation outpost.

The rover consists of a crane with extra fuel tanks strapped to the side, a small command module and extra utilities like snacks , additional monopropellant and a relay dish. The full complement of science gear is carried by a medium sized rover that seats 2 kerbals. total package has about 2600 m/s dV which is plenty for minus. the rover carries about 500 m/s dV in smaller underside tanks for short range expeditions and dealing with traversing cliffs. So far i really like the rover and rover crane concept. ive seen designs like it before so there must certainly be some form of evolutionary convergence happening here because the design just makes alot of sense.





orbital manouvering with the booster still attached.


doing the transposition of the rover now that we have shed the booster en-route to minmus. the booster will impact the surface to dispose of it.


docking with pistache King station








After the bountifull returns of the rovR mission to minmus work was started on a flyby/orbit and return mission headed towards duna. After some tweaking i opted for a single mothership and a return pod inside a scaled down service bay that carried a science container, probe and basic power and reaction control. the inflatable heatshield on this unit will also serve as the mothership' heatshield during aerobraking near duna....the mothership carries the orbital science equiment like the mapping modules, big solar arrays, magnetometer and gamma ray scanner as well as the atmospheric science gear.   ---- i used the mech jeb ascent guidance to put it into orbit which requires a little getting used to but it worked out well. the only problem i ran into is that the centre booster had about 1km/s dV left, just shy of the amount i would need to do the burn to duna so i used it to raise my orbit, dump the booster into the atmosphere of kerbin and then swing around and complete the burn with just a few 100 m/s dV left. This strategy worked well and the Duna mission is now on its way. Some additional probes might be launched in this brief launch window later as well including a planned manned fly-by visit....maybe even a landing.





After this is set out to do some experimental work with nuclear drives and a gigantic space plane fueled by cryogenic engines. I now unlocked alot of the ISRU stuff so i can actually start producing things. It is incredibly complex though some help would be very welcome!.









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I started a new campaign --  themed "probes." 

I got as far as to send about 6 and a half tons of probes to Duna and a tiny little one with a Science can back. Then I decided to let it drop. It was just too much work -- complex probe missions need setting up CommNet, dealing with blackouts, and all that stuff, and the Sci return on them is much lower than with kerbals. Here's my Duna lander probe on the way down:


So I started another career, the opposite of the previous one. The theme is, no probes. Not going to even buy the probe cores. Everything is crewed. To make it a bit harder I set Sci rewards to 40% and have a (self-imposed) no revert/no quickload rule except if a disaster is caused by a bug (I count craft going haywire in physics warp as a bug).

I just did my first Mun landing and return; my launch was not as good as I had hoped and it was really down to the wire but I did get a perfect return trajectory... with all of 23 m/s left in the tank. I've had no disasters (nor quickloads) yet but did have one very close call -- my first attempt at a Mun flyby didn't have enough TWR; I launched straight towards the Mun from KSC but ran out of steam; by the time I noticed I was on a high parabolic trajectory without enough dV left to get into a safe return trajectory. I dropped almost straight down. I compounded my mistake by not deploying my 'chute in space. Valentina blacked out from the G forces. Fortunately the capsule was tough enough to survive and she came to just in time to deploy the 'chute, and it ended up only a near-disaster. Ultimately no damage done, other than the loss of a cheap rocket, but it was tense.

This is an interesting way to play as I'm having to design rather differently than I usually do: keep things as simple and as foolproof as possible, reuse field-tested components whenever possible, and design in a failure mode for the most likely dangerous failures -- like doing something with the "Abort" action.

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I finally decided to go retrieve Jeb from the north pole.  I redesigned my Comet airliner, replacing the 4 Juno's with a pair of Wheesley's in tail nacelles, and replace the 3 of the 4 passenger cabins with reconfigurable storage tanks, plus a surface experiment container.   It flew nicely, so I had Val fly up with Kelrik & Ambera to set up a surface weather station, refuel/restock the Arctic Venture rover, then collect Jeb & fly everyone back to KSC


Climbing out of KSC at dawn



Flying by some mountains


Approaching the ice caps


Descending to land on the ice


Refueling Arctic Venture & restocking the snacks


And finally setting up surface experiments before heading home.





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2 hours ago, DeltaDizzy said:

WVnSTC8.pngb3axLVR.pngYesterday I landed on another celestial body for the first time with crew.


Today I launched a comsat to geostationary orbit on the Pandora 2084H rocket, known informally as Titan Cube.


Then BARIS intervened...WVnSTC8.png

Might I ask what visual mods do you use? Because your game looks amazing!

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Took a break from my career game to test some crafts out.

First was my Science ship, handled okay but still feel I can sneak some sort of lander onto this.
5830 Dv in Vac, fully fueled



Next one was a lot of fun, my own take on the Planet Express
Handles nice and can carry a bunch of Kerbals
GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! We're going to the Mun!
3870 Dv in Vac, fully fueled.


Last I was just messing around with some sort of personal transport.  I donno what exactly, I just dig the design.  But it can land on the Mun and get back just fine.  Just take that landing slow.
4500 Dv in Vac, fully fueled



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On 9/14/2019 at 3:54 PM, Dizzle said:

Hadn't played in a long time, but recently heard of KSP 2 and decided to try again. Started a new career, messed around with the Mun and Minmus, played with some new toys that had been added. Did an Apollo-style Duna landing, was only after the orbiter was on a trajectory out of Duna's SOI and back to Kerbin that I realized all of the surface science was in the lander.

oh no. some heads will surely roll for that.

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(1.6.1) Wound up having a fairly busy weekend all told. Too many screenies this post - so consider yourselves warned.

After my report on Saturday afternoon I did wind up finding some time to play, beginning with a mass driver shot between the Enchova Central outpost on the surface of Duna and the Bi-La Kaifa Shipyards in orbit, transferring fuel supplies, replacement Rocket Parts and some Enriched Uranium in preparation for the launch of the Hodor 7 nuclear battery that the shipyard had just completed. The Hodor launched from the shipyard and reached an intersect point with SL Shai Hulud in higher orbit over Duna about 28 minutes later. At that point the craft burned to set up a rendezvous. Owing to the low overall delta-V of the craft, a long time period to rendezvous was set - 5 hours and 7 minutes (i.e. six orbits) - to ensure it would have sufficient delta-V to hit the rendezvous when the time came. Between the Hodor's launch and its arrival and the intercept point, Strange Cargo rendezvoused and docked with space station Kerbinport.

After that, a report came in from the C. P. Baker outpost on Laythe - the print of the core module of space station Laytheport was complete. That was about the only good news that came out of Baker - the launch itself proved quite problematic.

That would be the launch pad underneath the station blowing itself up...and the craft itself not fully fueled. This was the first launch attempt, so the damage to the outpost this time around was minimal. Subsequent attempts were far more damaging.

The big issue came with TAC and the Byzantine dual-stage liquid fuel booster design of the station. Despite all attempts to the contrary on multiple attempts, the central booster tanks always came away with only 17% fuel. Frustrated, I recycled the station and redesigned the booster to something a little bit more traditional for me.

Another point for House Asparagus. They'll probably win the House Cup again this year. And I'll have a more reliable booster next time I start my career save over...

Overall damage to Baker included three lost Walkways, including the one between the tent portion of the base and the Castillo dome. Pilot Jedbrett Kerman and scientist Herby Kerman printed up six Mineshaft crew transfer tubes and engineer Jubald Kerman re-linked the portions of the base that had become to one another that way, so at least the base is intact once again.

C. P. Baker isn't as pretty as it once was. Still amazes me just how four permanent concrete structures can slide slowly down a hill...

Ended my day on Saturday with the double rendezvous and docking of J. G. Backus and Next Objective at space station Bopport.

Backus (top, center), Next Objective (center) and Bopport (top, right) all over Bop. The ships arrived there within ninety seconds of one another.

The space station passed on its available fuel supplies to the two ferry ships as well as the Crater Maker 7 15-passenger lander already docked at the station. The thirteen colonists aboard Backus and NO - Oblorf, Nedbas, Mauburry, Sigdous,  Ralong, Freddous, Nataald, Bobvis, Trigas, Melzor, Joeuki, Tanfel and Kirbles Kerman - boarded the lander first chance I got on Sunday. Having delivered their charges (at long last) to Bopport, the two ferry ships departed the station and burned to return to LSV House Harkonnen in orbit, with time to the intercept point around 55 minutes for both ships. Shortly afterwards, Gilligan (another craft delivered to Bop via Harkonnen) rendezvoused and docked with the Imo Pyramis Shipyards. After taking on fuel supplies, engineer Luddorf Kerman boarded the station, bringing it online permanently. Gilligan then departed IPS and burned directly for rendezvous with Harkonnen; flight time to the rendezvous was 2 hours and 4 minutes. Backus and Next Objective conducted their burns for rendezvous, with flight times coming in at two hours and eight for Backus and two hours and five for Objective.

With sufficient time until anything else was happening at that point, the Crater Maker departed Bopport and conducted its deorbit burn, landing safely at the Bohai 2 outpost on the surface.

Had to do some quick RCS maneuvering as the base came in range - originally the bullseye was right over the Castillo...

The base staff printed up a Mineshaft crew tube, which engineer Gemul Kerman used to hook the lander to the base. At that point, the thirteen colonists all disembarked to the Castillo and the lander was refueled for its return flight to the station. Gemul disconnected the lander from the base and then returned to her post. The lander then took off and flew to a 26.6 kilometer circular equatorial orbit over Bop, and from there proceeded to a rendezvous with Bopport just under sixteen minutes later; Gilligan arrived and docked at Harkonnen before the Crater Maker arrived and docked at Bopport. Shortly afterwards, Backus and Next Objective arrived and docked at Harkonnen, bringing all operations over Bop to a close.

Harkonnen and her four-craft consist. Looks kinda like a religious icon of some kind, especially with Jool hanging over the mass driver like that...

I wanted to go ahead and get the Hodor docked up at Shai Hulud before bringing Harkonnen home and there was still some time to go before that happened, so next up I decided to go ahead and get the next batch of colonists and tourists up to Kerbinport. To that end, pilot Gregeny Kerman joined tourists Subart, Camvin, Gemgard and Gregfred Kerman along with Duna- and Minmus-bound colonists Burdard, Sanski, Decan, Stelvis, Meller, Barvey, Susey, Serena, Wilsel, Seanfurt and Huduki Kerman aboard an Auk VII 16-passenger spaceplane (full up) at KSC.

Eight starts and rolling for an ugly bird.

The plane took off and successfully rendezvoused and docked with Kerbinport after a 35 minute flight, at which point the plane's passengers disembarked to the station and to Strange Cargo still docked there. At that point, the Hodor made its rendezvous with Shai Hulud. Shai Hulud undocked her drive section from the main reactor battery amidships and the mass driver prow and the process of maneuvering the Hodor into position began.

Kinda wish I'd left myself a little bit more room for maneuvering here...got stressful at times.

The Hodor successfully docked with the drive section, at which point its transfer stage was cut loose and deorbited, and the combined drive section docked back up with the forward sections.

The completed SL Shai Hulud, ready to truck where no ship has trucked before...

With the ship finally complete, my next concern was testing the exotic matter generator to see if the craft could now produce sufficient power for continuous operation. That test was successful, and so the next thing I did was fire up the Alcubierre Drive; I had earlier done a mock-up in the VAB and it looked like the mass driver would be sticking out of the bubble, which was cause for concern as usually that causes parts to shear off and explode. The mass driver on Shai Hulud did indeed stick outside the bubble but it did not shear off, which gives me some hope for the craft's first operational warp scheduled for (hopefully) later today. Tests concluded, I ended the day yesterday with landing the Auk at KSC 09; that happened without incident, and then this morning Harkonnen has warped to Kerbin after a brief flyby at Laythe. Harkonnen arrived at 9,135 m/s, too fast to enter Kerbin's orbit; she's already conducted two warpbacks and knocked about 500 m/s off that initial speed. I'll be continuing warp backs to get Harkonnen into orbit first thing next session.

Today the hope is to get Harkonnen into orbit, get Backus and Next Objective to Kerbinport and then deorbit the Bill Clinton 7c grabber probe hauling Deoly's Pod - the fourth and final craft currently in Harkonnen's consist. I hope in doing so that I'll not only fulfill Deoly's rescue contract and get him out of that damn box he's been trapped in for weeks, I'll also finish out the requirement to "return a craft from Laythe flyby" for the current exploration contract and open up the next one. Still counting on a Dres flyby next, but the game has surprised me before there. Also going to want to get the next expedition going, and I should have plenty of ships available to do that at that point. I'll keep y'all posted.

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separate fWell, my construction station was declared a failure - KSP freezes whenever I try to finalize a build on it.  (Worked fine for a bit, but as I got enough storage in place to actually operate as a construction station, it reached some limit.  KSP completely freezes up now, requiring a force-quit.  Nothing appears to be being written to the log.)

So...  Next plan: Modular design!  First off, I checked when the transfer windows were, and noticed I had one *immediately* for Jool.  There wasn't time to set up a full mission, but I did send off a probe to collect what science I can.  It was fairly pretty during the transfer burn:


Primary power is the engine itself, which can operate as a nuclear reactor when not thrusting.  However, it doesn't have enough nuclear fuel to run for the entire trip, so there's a small RTG as well to keep the probe minimally powered.

The concept for manned missions is a modular structure.  First launched was a science command pod - the pod itself, a large science lab, and some life support experiments:


Next up was a backbone truss - it includes some solar power, some large radiators (currently retracted) and some relay antennas, however mostly it's got a lot of docks:


Plans for a lander, science experiments, a rover (if separate from the lander) and a propulsion system are currently on the drawing board.  However, the next launch is likely to be a tug to making docking components easier.


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