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What did you do in KSP today?

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29 minutes ago, Triop said:

Today, crashed and burned...


Wait, is that a foot I see ?

Jeb must have hit the brakes real hard. :lol:

Now, now - we all know Jeb never hits the brakes.  That was the *accelerator* pedal.  ;)  (Possibly the 'accelerate in reverse' pedal, admittedly...)

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26 minutes ago, Triop said:

@Curveball Anders @Kerballing (Got Dunked On)

We gave Ken Kerman the wheel... :cool:


Hmm BG adds Turboshaft rotors....
Now how about some axels, diffs and wheels?

Ok, I do consider swashplates more needed, but a Turboshaft Roadster?

(I did participate in Action for Climate today, but I can still like the smell of burning jetfuel in a game...)


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I didn't get much done in career yesterday.  My quartet of Jool probes headed off to the green planet, then I tried to get my science drone jet working better - only partially successfully, and finally added a bomb bay underneath my Mallard seaplane and test flew it with an unguided rocket.  

The last of the Jool probes, Jooldiver departing Kerbin orbit.   To reduce costs, it uses solar panels on the transfer stage to keep the batteries charged on the trip and a monoprop power unit to ensure all the science can be transmitted once it enters Jool's atmosphere.   The fairing is not staged, and is there to protect the large relay antenna while in Jool's atmosphere


Science drone test flight after changing to a conventional tail instead of the original V-tail and dropping the reaction wheel module.   Overall performance is much better...


but landings still need work


Finally, Jeb took up the Mallard with the rocket in the bomb bay.  After performing a quick water landing with no problems, he took back off, lined up on the VAB and fired off the rocket, scoring a direct hit


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(No reverts, only 1 quicksave and that for simulations used to design new craft, no probe cores, 40% Sci, Hitchhiker Can required for interplanetary craft, bases, and stations)

I have completed the design and preparations for a mission to Duna. I will send a crew of four: two pilots, an engineer, and a scientist. The mothership is a simple affair: a cupola module and crew compartment, a pair of solar panels, a pair of small docking ports, fuel, and a Poodle. With it go two newly-designed landers, each capable of a round trip to the Dunatian surface. I am packing two landers for mission redundancy -- in case there is a mishap with the first landing, the second will be able to mount a rescue and return the stranded crew to the mothership with two round trips, with enough fuel left for the return trip. I've planned for a quite a few other contingencies as well, but I hope everything will go fine. I'm doing two launches as I don't have the technology yet to make a reliable lifter capable of lofting the whole mission in one go.

The plan is to loft the mothership and the landers, then dock them into flight configuration in LKO, then fly to Duna and park in orbit. I will not be doing an aerocapture due to the inherent riskiness of the manoeuvre. From parking orbit, I will make a round trip to the Dunatian surface, then fly a trip to Ike with only the lander. Once these missions have been performed, I will wait for the return window and fly back.

Plan A is to capture the ship in a highly elliptical orbit around Kerbin, then return each lander to Kerbin one by one: the crew module on the lander is a Pomegranate so it is also the return module. 

Plan B -- in case mishaps have forced me to use so much fuel I'm not able to perform a capture on Kerbin -- is to re-enter directly from the Dunatian transfer orbit. In this case the ship will enter the atmosphere and the return modules will decouple once things start exploding. A simulation showed that they should not drift far enough apart for one of them to be lost. This is a risky manoeuvre however so I will only attempt it if the only other choice is to get stranded in Solar orbit.

In the meantime I performed a very expensive rescue mission from a retrograde Munar orbit and returned some Sci to Kerbin, which allowed me to include an extra scientific instrument on the Duna ship. There was a mishap on the Munar surface when Peter Kerman accidentally knocked over the lander; however he was able to right it with its reaction wheels and some adroit manoeuvring and return to Mun station "Bill Kerman."

We are all set to go.

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Haven't had much time to play recently, so just got the next section of my modular interplanetary ship up - a science experiment pod:


I'm debating whether I should replace it already - I meant to put in some scansat scanners so I can scan for landing sites quickly, but I forgot to put in the altitude scanners.  Maybe just send something up and attach it via KIS?

(It also could use RCS, to make it easier to reconfigure the modular ship.  I'm thinking on what the best way to handle that overall is - my normal solution is a docking adaptor/tug, but that's for stations and this will eventually be mobile; I don't want to have to ship extra docking tugs around.  A tug on one side isn't balanced, and has trouble controlling the module it's trying to dock.  I managed it in this case with what became an expendable tug - mid-docking maneuver I ditched the tug, and completed the docking with just the RCS in the command module, after I'd lined up so the remaining maneuver was single-axis.  That was complex and very timing-dependent however, and resulted in the tug being sent into a junk orbit.)

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32 minutes ago, jonathonF said:

What did I do today? All I can say is R.I.P. Jeb Kerman (splat! on minmus's surface)

On Minmus surface ? Not bad, In my game Jeb doesn't even make it into space... :lol:

Welcome to the forum. ^_^

On 9/27/2019 at 9:48 PM, Cavscout74 said:


Like. &)

Edited by Triop
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1 minute ago, TheGhastModding said:

Today, I tried my hand at modding the game for myself. Ended up creating a moon that is completely covered in a maze.

Amazing work! I really hope you intend to release this, it would make for an very interesting Elcano.

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Started assembly of what will eventually be a spacedock in medium (300 km) Kerbin orbit. Took about three hours to successfully pull off the first launch, containing the core module, the fuel module, the propulsion module and the control module with Bill at the controls of a HECS core, as the six-axis core module was highly un-aerodynamic and too wide to fit inside a fairing. I had to resort to an almost vertical ascent until I was well into the upper atmosphere because whenever I tried a normal gravity turn, the rocket flipped at 8 km during the tail end of the transsonic region. I was also slowed down by my own idiocy because I actually had the payload in low orbit when I reverted because I wanted to put lights on the station core to be found easier during night flights and it took me another hour and a half to find the sweet spot where the rocket didn't flip during ascent.

Second launch will contain the ventral power module and the starboard docking module. I was actually about to launch this when the game crashed, so tomorrow.

Third launch will be the portside antenna and a short-range shuttle pod, the latter of which will eventually be followed by at least one more shuttle. Separate escape pods are not currently planned because the station's location means the shuttles can theoretically survive reentry with minor damage.

While the construction is taking place in a science mode game I use for prototyping things, for the final design I'm thinking of outfitting every single module with RCS thrusters. Would it be worth it for scenarios like chasing down drifting undocked modules during refits or should I rely entirely on the propulsion module's Poodle engine for such things? Even the Poodle feels like overkill: with the propulsion engine's fuel tank and the fuel module, the station has over 4000 dV available (though the fuel module isn't intended for that, only for refueling ships that come in for docking).

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23 minutes ago, TheGhastModding said:

Today, I tried my hand at modding the game for myself. Ended up creating a moon that is completely covered in a maze.


Reminds me of the Borg. Neat!


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