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What did you do in KSP today?

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Today was an eclectic day in my career.  I started off with dusting off some more SPH designs I hadn't flown in a while.

First up was the CB-01 Stryker light bomber.  I took it out over the mountains & back for an attack on KSC then a landing at the island airfield.  It's heavy & draggy, so I didn't have any issues floating over the runway like my lighter designs did. 



Next up was the CB-02 Bear, making a cluster bomb strike on the tracking center - I dropped too early, but you can barely see the bomblets (round fuel tanks) falling in the first shot, then exploding in the second



Then it was back to space, with the launch of a second asteroid capture vehicle.  There is a nice juicy Class E that's going to enter Kerbin's SoI in just under 2 weeks. 


I also had an outstanding contract to perform an advance scan of a Mun crater so I hopped over to my Mun heavy mobile base & took it for a drive in unmanned mode, eventually finding a crater to scan.  I really wish there were "normal" giant wheels instead of these things.  They work "ok" but maneuvering is a pain.   My experiment with using the TR-2L wheels on a mobile base the other day was a complete failure - twice!! The first failed catastrophically, the second one simply broke all 12 wheels going over a small bump.  Ruggedized rover wheel my ___!



Finally, I launched an emergency fuel station for an upcoming Moho window.  I thought I'd grabbed a screenshot after staging the fairing, but no, the only one I took it's still covered.  I only holds a single kerbal, but has fuel & snack production capabilities to refuel/restock a larger craft.  The Moho variant adds an extra radiator and structure panels over the front & back of the lander can to provide some shade for crewman as the work outside.   The original design was actually intended as a fuel base for Eve since it fit between a pair of inflatable heatshields mounted top & bottom.  Obviously the heatshields & parachutes got replaced by fuel tanks & landing engines, but the base design is pretty much the same. 


I'm not sure if I want to make this Moho window the "big" mission with a station, lander, etc or just get a few pieces of infrastructure moving for a future manned mission.  Money isn't tight (~5 million in the bank), but a few more launches like this & that will change fast - this was 450k and some of the other larger pieces (station, crew lander, crew transfer vehicle) will be at least as much, and I also have the next Duna window a few months after Moho and I want to send a mobile base there in this career.

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Im still tuning my Viper, today we made our gauges light up:

The gauges are tweakscaled stock lights, with a custom NEBULA decal on top that I made partly transparant.


I see my 'radio' is not smooth with the dash, gotta fix that. :lol:

Paradise by the dashboard light. :cool:


Left says I'm standing still, right says I'm going 220.....Odd . . . . :ph34r:

Found a mod for windows, but I'm not too pleased with it... <_<


Tips for better windows are welcome. ^_^


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Surveyed Vall. Most ore is concentrated at the poles, and at the equator on the mountains, which is less than ideal. I picked a location for a scouting mission -- a relatively level area on top of a ridge near the equator. Got lucky: nearly 8% ore. Next up will be sending down the Tantor. I'm hoping my calculations hold up in practice and I'll be able to make it back up with a full load. I kind of botched my take-off with the scout and ended up really inefficient, going sideways a lot, and it cost me about 1000 m/s including RV with the station. Tantor works great on the Mun with dV to spare, but Vall is significantly heavier so it'll be a lot closer to the margins. 

This is a lot more intense without quickloads by the way.

Edit: YEEEAAAH! Tantor is Vall-capable. With all ore tanks full, she has about 1150 m/s on her. I botched my take-off again -- overcorrected in the other direction and was going much too low which forced me to burn at a massive angle again -- but that was still plenty to get back to the station. Total fuel expenditure for the round trip amounts to approximately 1/4 of the ore capacity. After topping up all my tanks on the station I still have about 1800 units of unprocessed ore, i.e. lots. We have a sustainable operation on Jool. 

Next up is a mission to Laythe. My fully fueled tug will return to Kibowen with a crew of four including two pilots and at least one scientist; I still have a few at less than five stars so I will pick them. The tug will fuel Kibowen, Kibowen will take a trip to the surface and back, and then the tug will return to the station with the crew.




Edit: Pictures from Tantor's mining mission and subsequent ore processing... man the Jolian system has such lovely scenery!




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Last night I was finally able to get 2 tourists into a somewhat stable orbit a couple times and return them (along with Val). I was also able to get a triple ride (with the craft shown, even tho it shows a four seat'er) once, but just barely made it home. The indicator was in the red during the maneuver and it was a slow re-entry below 50km for quite a while. Fortunately the ablator saved the day, which I just got in career mode.  I think Im getting used to orbiting, but for a newbie, doing ok ATM. 




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18 hours ago, RizzoTheRat said:

I always do a time stamped save (yymmdd_hhmm) at the start of every ksp session.   It's saved my bacon more than once :D

Yeah, The worst part of the kerbal save system is that it seems to write the persistent file on loading a backup. So you cannot really revert a bad save loaded 5my persistent was good, until I loaded ...).

And I'm struggling with a loveed up bug on Minmus, which basically totally freeze my display (sound is otherwise working) quite randomly anytime I'm not on the Minmus flats. And it's bad to the point I have to reboot (debian linux updated and steam here, and I have no such crash with any other game). Maybe I should avoid moving on the surface and do everything by RCS, but it will cost me way to much fuel ...

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On 11/1/2019 at 6:14 PM, Delay said:

I needed to slightly edit some VSR textures to make engine nozzles seem more plausible with Textures Unlimited patches (I hope you're okay with that, @Kerbas_ad_astra). Not sure if this is realistic or not. Sure, the nozzle needs a black spot in the middle, combustion chamber and all that. I'd need some advice!


(Reworked "Breeze" (a monoprop engine added by VSR) and simply brightened Ant. I'm not sure if a fade-to-black is the best and most plausible solution...)

While NASA has a good article about rocket engine materials with some pictures of the outer walls of the nozzle there are no good ones of the inside!






The injector at the top, where the fade to black is typically done on KSP models, is basically a shower head. I don't think every engine has corrugated internal nozzle walls, which may or may not be pipes for cooling, but it is a common feature. There's a really good Featured Image of the inside of an RL10 somewhere on Wikipedia but I can't find it atm.

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Visited surface of Laythe. My favourite landing spot has no ore, alas, and should I build a surface base there I'll have to find a better location.

I also more or less completed work on a ducted fan solar powered plane for Duna. It does work there, at least at relatively low altitudes. Handles nicely too, very controllable hover. Pic is from simulated mission, I have not actually flown this there yet. The fans rotate for hover.


Some pictures from the Laythe mission, and a few beauty shots of Eden Prime with the liaison tug E.A.Poe docked to it upon return from the Laythe mission.

-- This was not my best flying, Laythe is different from Kerbin. I got way too high into space on jets and nearly burned up in the upper atmosphere out of sheer exuberance... 






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Since mission control seems to be freaking out about big rock from the sky trying to kill us, they asked me to setup an Infrared Telescope near-by Duna. As I already got an old, and dusty, station on a kerbol orbit and a contract to extend it with a lab, I decided to delay my Minmus operation for a while and to have fun out of Kerbin SOI.

So, patched up a  basic Hitchhiker and Cupola combo, strapped the biggest antenna I have on it as well as four nukes and enough liquid fuel to travel out of Kerbin SOI. I'm working on this modular sets of subassemblies to allow for quick launch of spaceships. It requires a lot od docking, but I'm getting better at it now :).


So, next, to the Mun (and past it).


I messed up my trajectory, but I had enough fuel so, missing a Mun slingshot out of Kerbin SOI wasn't a big deal. It still saved me some dV. And I had probably overbuild. A little.


Rendezvous with the Sunrise observer. Dusty and old fashioned station. Yes, those are Swivel, I had nothing else at the time I launched that. The good news is that the tank are full, and the solar array if driven by a KAL-9000, which required some reprogramation since the code had disappear at some point. Probably due to exposure to solar wind, or something like that.


Anyway, while engineers are working on fixing the KAL-9000, I finished the docking of the two part of the station.

And waited for ten second of stability. To finally understand why Gene was running towards us when the last rocket left. I totally forgot the lab. It's still unwrapped in its box, somewhere in the VAB. I guess I'll make another trip then. And work on a solution to get back into Kerbin SOI.

But at least mission control is happy. We're now able to see the world killer rocks coming at us. We would be able to actually prepares ourselves for the big crash and the post apocalyptic civilisation that will follow. Work on nuke-proof bunkers have already started.

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I've landed my first Kerballenwagen 2020 Jetta on the Mun at Armstrong Base (in my Orbit production world) and herein fueled it up for a jaunt:


This month is my second anniversary in KerbalX.  Next month will be my fifth anniversary in KSP.  I'm still learning some of the basics...  :)

Like.  What are the Resources check boxes good for?  Well, I've found a use.  The baguette tanks are buried in the girders such that you cannot select them for fueling.  Arnold Kerman says: no problemo!

I've started using the surface scanner.  (I know: duuh.)  Armstrong base has premium-grade ore!  Ooo-Kkkk.


The Jetta is a kick.  Earlier model KWs employed the very largest reaction wheel and I think the Jetta needs one too.  Or 4x mediums distributed in the girders...

Let me dig up an earlier post (from the same (22E) location...)

Das Alto:


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This afternoon I have installed 1.7.3 and restarted it over and over again installing a new mod every time to try and find out which one causes hydraulic rams to stop working when I put a probe core on the vessel.

However I then found RemoteTech hadn't installed properly, so maybe OI had the wrong version.  Reinstalled from scratch suing CKAN for the mods and now I seem to be missing loads of parts (eg only one capsule in sandbox mode!)


Seems it'a known issue with RemoteTech now I've managed to isolate it and work out which mod threat to search on

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(1.8.1) I know most all of you peeps have done a spacewalk, but me, I just finally did a few last night for my 1st! Yippee!! Man it is fun but at first a little intimidating and it was done in sandbox. (needed a break from career). Had to get used to the controls fast. I was going to get into orbit with Kerbal X, but went with the basic Kerbal 1 ship. This was to at least get used to the controls and keep it at a similar level with what I am doing in career.  Just finished level 3.

Here is Jeb, happy as a pig in s****    yea space....   Got him home fine from orbit too.


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