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What did you do in KSP today?


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On 11/30/2019 at 9:04 AM, Saturn5tony said:

I just love getting to the next continent as fast as possible. (altho time warp helps it too, lol)


It's a challenge to make a craft that can handle the warp speeds and to travel a long distance. I've done this before and very fun. I did this to find a place for filming one of my videos and found this place. If you fly straight over the Air Base Island and keep that heading after many minutes of flight you will see snow capped Mountains. Head to them and you will find this place. I've went there a few times to stress test Aircraft and also to see the view again. It's one of the most beautiful places I've seen on Kerbin. I filmed our K&S Kayak Video there.


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1 hour ago, Castille7 said:

I did this to find a place for filming one of my videos and found this place.

Wow thats cool.Yea I do many long distant career tasks (still very new with ksp tho) and love to play around with planes (as well as rockets) to get those contracts.

What is the area there @Castille7?? Is there some coordinate system or some visual state, country or what ever to those places. Maybe some mod keeps track of that, I dont know really. Always I say, I went out to the far east or something,. lol. 

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Kicking off a 1.8 stock-system (for now) career by sending Val to the Mun. Because I really couldn't be bothered logging the various little suborbitals and probes that happened to get this far :) 


This rocket only ever had 3 fins we swear. It must have been delivered like that.


Aside from a minor wobble during the launch, the mission to set boots on the Mun was a success. Took some time to find a Mun Stone, and had to hop the lander about a kilometre because there simply weren't any in sight of the original drop zone, but the engineering dept had left us plenty of fuel margins, and Val still got back home with a few hundred m/s to spare.


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6 hours ago, Saturn5tony said:

Wow thats cool.Yea I do many long distant career tasks (still very new with ksp tho) and love to play around with planes (as well as rockets) to get those contracts.

What is the area there @Castille7?? Is there some coordinate system or some visual state, country or what ever to those places. Maybe some mod keeps track of that, I dont know really. Always I say, I went out to the far east or something,. lol. 

Not sure if that area has been named or not, some mods have the regions with names. I haven't ventured into the mods much. I think there may be a default utility that will give coordinates if not I know there is a mod that gives lat and long. I'm also much like you when it comes to this, I went south about that far.....lol.

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I decided to make an interstellar spaceship. This particular model is rated to transfer 150 tons to Valentine and back.  The Nuke powered interplanetary vehicle at the front is a mere placeholder for now. I am planning a Xenon powered ship for interplanetary excursions. The lander which is fit in the payload bay needs to be redesigned and fit with a Karbonite ISRU system. Target would be to make a lander capable of SSTOing from the surface of Tylo once fully refuelled


This ship will visit the Valentine Star system and I will try to land a Kerbal on as many bodies as I can. The Interstellar Transfer Vehicle is powered by Karborundum and Water. Since Karborundum is not not available on any planetary body in Valentine System, I will have to lug it from Kerbin, but the system has a lot of water so I dont have to drag all my fuel with me.


This is the Karborundum Drive. The front part that is. A Water refuelling tanker is docked at the back. I plan to include 2 SSTOs, ISRU LFO system, an Interplanetary Excursion Vehicle, and possibly a Xenon Scoopship..


This is the SSTO that would be used in the Interstellar mission. It's surprisingly stable at all velocity regimes and different fuel loads, given I dont really make SSTOs.. The Krew will be performing a ingress/egress test and a test flight to the Orbital Laboratory  to validate the SSTO's capabilities.

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Today I started assembling the Kerbal-Sized RSS "Uranus Station".
As you well know from last week, it was all very tight packaged for transport and I had put it into a 7'000km orbit of Uranus.
So let's recap today's session

First, we needed to get the Starship and the Mining ship out of the way, they're going back to Titania to finish refueling.

Now with us being down to 309 parts from 650+ we can really begin assembling !

And finally completed... a few more pictures of the final beauty.
First, the back view, where the 5 convert-o-trons and nuke reactor is stashed.  Large radiators provide necessary cooling, and the science lab before the main station body.

And a view from the front-ish, 2 large origami350 antennae only gives 2 bars of reception for Kerbin transmission, upgrading the Comm-net might be next.


So it took me 3 hours or so to fully assemble the station, used less than 200 monoprop doing it, and only needed to reload about 5 times.
Compared to the 12+ hours it took me to assemble something like this in 0.24.2 with a few thousand monoprop and furious F9 moments.
Funny how you come to the realization that... you know... You don't SUCK anymore.  Oh yeah my original was assembled between Mün and Minmus...
I don't know for you guys, but I'll take building it around my favorite planet any day !

It has room for 35 Kerbals, tho that might be over-crowding the thing.  You could say it has 8 very spacious 1-room habitats, and a large lab with a Kupola for the view.
Wan to work on the Uranus Station?  Make sure to send your résumés to KASA, next trip will be Uranium resupply and sending a rover down on Titania !

Thanks for Reading and have a nice week-end !
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

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High Kommand has asked for a bigger, faster "crash interceptor", as a replacement for the aging Honeybee fleet.  This is Hornet II, #2, refueling at Baikerbanur, enroute to the crash site of Hornet II, #1, which crashed in the drink near Flamingo Island, about 8 kms short of its target, a de-orbited, obsolete Goblin lunar miner, that had been returned from the Mun to be de-serviced.  Busy, busy, busy.


YJxcQT7.png   w2YPxv5.png

Still working out the procedure for the most reliable transition from cruise to hover.  Cruise is [email protected]/.62, which works for me.

Mmm, I sense a new control system germinating...


High Kommand has also issued an edict that debris may not be de-orbited below Pe:22km and expected to simply disappear from the radar screens.  Everything de-orbited at Kerbin has to be followed down and Air Rescue must be despatched to clean up the crash site of any debris intact.  More jobs for the fly-boys, I guess, and more support bases around Kerbin.

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17 hours ago, Castille7 said:

It's a challenge to make a craft that can handle the warp speeds and to travel a long distance. I've done this before and very fun. I did this to find a place for filming one of my videos and found this place. If you fly straight over the Air Base Island and keep that heading after many minutes of flight you will see snow capped Mountains. Head to them and you will find this place. I've went there a few times to stress test Aircraft and also to see the view again. It's one of the most beautiful places I've seen on Kerbin. I filmed our K&S Kayak Video there.


I went there earlier this year, but took a much, much less direct route.



It's a bit wierd now that whenever someone shows a pic of part of Kerbin's coastline, I think to myself "been there".

In other news, Jeb and Val headed off to Eve this morning, as an entry attempt to the Eve Rocks challenge (level 5).

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51 minutes ago, purpleivan said:

I think to myself "been there".

Good for you and bravo!!

I couldn't help myself.  Kayak Club

See if we have any Adventurers out there.  @Castille7 (10 points available) has the opening entry with @purpleivan having confirmed being there (5 points available).  And my very adventurous self on the way there.

My opening post in the Topic in the link to Kayak Club is totally negotiable with prospective Committee Members (open according to interest).

Remember: ssssssssh!

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Following on from Val's successful touchdown on and return from Mun, mission control decided a number of money-making projects were in order. Short version, new crew members Lilly, Tora and Astra Kerman joined the team after being rescued from various orbits around Kerbin and Mun, and a new comms relay has been inserted into Minmus orbit. The new photos from that refreshingly minty little body have sparked public interest and several corporations have extended offers of funding in exchange for some specific Minmusian exploration.


Despite literal minutes of on-the-ground training, Jeb proved unable to operate the science experiments we sent him with. He was at least able to scrape up some of the loose Minmusian crust, and encountered an interesting rock that he decided to name Minbert and which we have yet to persuade him to put down.

While the mission was only an 80% success, Jeb did eventually return with nearly 600 data points of new science. The R&D team decide this should be invested in designing larger landers so's we can provide our idiots pilots some backup in the future.

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3 hours ago, purpleivan said:

It's a bit wierd now that whenever someone shows a pic of part of Kerbin's coastline, I think to myself "been there".

After completing the Elcano Challenge I find myself saying the same thing. I always encourage others to do this Challenge because Kerbin has a lot of cool places to see.

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43 minutes ago, Delay said:


First time I visited Moho!
Now what do I do with the ~900m/s I have left?

You land and settle down.
Send yourself a rover next with science instrument, a Scientist, an engineer (if you're a pilot)... Bonus point for mining operation with a claw refueling ship.  Then get your crew home !
Good job !

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My career continued with some big milestones - first & second manned Minmus landings, finished a month-long stay by a crew on Mun and broke two aircraft altitude contracts - 20 & 35km, heading towards the dream of a spaceplane. Full report here





Also did some sandbox testing with Jeb.  The escape system works but not really any better than just bailing out after triggering the landing chute.



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(1.8.1) Managed to get 5 contracts done at the same time last night. (kinda) Mhe.. could have done it with two trips faster with a much quicker ride but using the Kerbal Construction Time mod now, you want to bang as many as you can at once. Had to redo this one over again tho, cause I did not have any chutes left to get home. (hehe) Even tho you cant see it, I now put an unused MK2 chute on the other side of the capsule for the second time. For that 1st time, I didnt, had all 5 done, but the ride back was...  uhh kinda bad! lol!! So reverted back to the shop and got it right the second time. Not very efficient but so much fun.


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I'm using the "tourism plus" mod, and one of the missions is to hold a "space camp" for 18 (15 tourists) tourists, where 15 tourists have to stay in orbit for 40 days. I however am also using USI-LF so 40 days isn't a trivial amount I can just fast forward.


For this missions I decided to use my main station "KSS".  At the start it's a "T" shaped station, with only a bit of life support (mainly aimed to keep a 3 man skeletal crew for a long time in orbit), every now and then (monthly) bringing a new load of fertilizer.

A quick preliminary calculation showed that even with full inventories the supplies only last for roughly 6 days, having to run supply runs faster than I can due to kerbal construction time.

So let's up the amount of life support, the module and lifter just after reaching orbit:


Even with this amount of reaction wheels, and 16 rcs thrusters I had trouble aligning the docking port. But after some time, I transformed my "T" station into a "+" station:


Ready for tourists? - Well a trial run for a single orbit showed that I use 119ish electric charge per tick at full production, while the gigantors can steadily keep up with this, the shadow of kerbin drains charge too fast. Remote tech planner showed that i have 653 seconds of shade, so I need a bit under 80k charge stored. That's a lot of parts! Luckily I was already researching the 300 science electricity branch, giving me access to the 1k battery as well as the 2800 charge battery of near future electrics.


So quickly an unplanned extra power module is added to the station, consisting of 3*9 2800 charge batteries.


Dark side, but you can see the amount of charge used (only 107 per second there, since the agroponics don't run due to lack of mulch).

Finally we're ready to serve the tourists.


First group of 8 arriving shortly, the station is passing just in front of the sun. Transfer burn could've been a bit better but this two stage tourist liften is quite maneuverable.


And finally the second group docked, taken a shot as we greet the first sunrise. The docking vehicle will stay there for 40 days before bringing the first group down.

Docking near the gigantors is quite finicky though, not really happy with those docking ports. (There's also a set at the orange tank, but I kept those open for supply missions later).



Now the big question is: I opened the space hotel mission, how the hell am I going to get a hotel for 50 people running. 18 already is bringing my pc to a 4-5 frame per second rate, and I basically have to triple this station.

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After poring over the results of Jeb's last mission to Minmus, R&D finally raise their heads and present a new blueprint for a 2-kerman lander - which engineering immediately uses to send Jeb right back to where he was, this time with backup.


With Bill 'assisting', the 'broken' experiment package is soon restored to working condition, and begins its slow observations of our mystery goo unit. With plenty of fuel still in the tank, mission control gives the mod for a short hop to a nearby biome, wherein Bill begins setting out a secondary set of instruments. We're not entirely sure if this gains us anything, but it doesn't seem to hurt either.

Jeb, naturally, lost patience after 4.72 seconds and jetted away to investigate the 'weird thing' he had spotted on the way over - but since he doesn't believe in the right tool for the right job, he naturally had no tools at all and was unable to do anything about it when he found it. 

Return and re-entry went smoothly, although there was a brief brown-trousers moment when the ejected fuel stage decided it was less aerodynamic than the pod, and went shooting back past the windows before finally exploding somewhere in the darkness behind.

This unscheduled re-visitation of Minmus somehow nets another 300 data points, allowing R&D to come up with a blueprint for a 3-kerman crew capsule. The engineers quickly swipe it and run away into their hut with a thermos of tea and several packs of chocolate hob nobs. We will report back once they emerge.

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(1.6.1) Went ahead and typed this all up tonight. With the extended weekend and tomorrow being the first working day of the month, I have the unfortunate combination of too much to talk about and too little time to tell it to wait until morning...

My day on Wednesday began at LSV House Harkonnen recently returned from delivering colonists to Laythe. Gilligan had conducted a burn to take her from Harkonnen to intercept with space station Kerbinport last thing on Tuesday, and so (as I mentioned in my last log post) my first task was to get J. G. Backus headed the same way; the ship successfully burned to get an intercept. Flight time to that intercept point was 25 minutes, during which Gilligan conducted an alignment burn with Kerbinport and Roy Hinkley arrived and docked at the space station. Hinkley was carrying four tourists returned from missions at Minmus and Gilly, who transferred to an awaiting Auk IX 4-passenger spaceplane upon arrival. The plane went ahead and departed the space station as soon as the last passenger was aboard, though I was pretty sure (and rightly so) that it'd be a little while before I'd have sufficient time to deorbit it. Shortly after that, Gilligan conducted her burn to take her to rendezvous with Kerbinport; flight time to the rendezvous was set at 51 minutes. 

Meanwhile, LSV House Corrino printed up a G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft while still in orbit of Dres. After transferring monopropellant to the craft, it was cut loose from her drydock and proceeded to one of the central docking ports.

G-LOC docking with Corrino. one of those "why did I take this screenie" screenies...

Job done, Corrino began printing up a Boop-Boop 7x probe for a contract to put a satellite over Dres. Total printing time of the probe was 8 minutes and 22 seconds, during which time G. Grant departed Corrino and burned to increase her apoapsis to 203 kilometers as part of the ongoing exploration mission, in this case to rendezvous two craft over Dres. 

Backus reached the intercept point with Kerbinport at that point and burned to set up a rendezvous; flight time to rendezvous was set at 41 minutes, during which time Corrino finished its probe print. The new probe was fueled and burned to a 732.99 by 108.1, 0.91° inclined orbit as the first leg of the contract. While that was going on, Corrino began the print of a second Boop-Boop 7x probe, which was again completed 8 minutes and 22 seconds later. Corrino had just enough Rocket Parts remaining to complete this second build, but only about 39 units remaining once she was done...

After a hiatus from the game on the Thanksgiving holiday, play resumed on Friday with refueling mass driver shots from the South Base outpost near KSC and SL Shai Hulud to LSV House Atreides in high Kerbin orbit, which had returned Roy Hinkley from Eve's SOI. Those shots complete and verified, my next priority was to place the Drescomm Alpha and Drescomm Delta communication satellite carriers into their final positions in 166.4 kilometer circular orbits; Alpha was orbiting at the equator while Delta was in a polar orbit. Once both sats were in position, they released their respective child satellites; all four of these satellites conducted burns to set up triangular constellations. Gilligan arrived at Kerbinport shortly after Drescomm Foxtrot conducted its positioning burn. 

Gilligan got a bit close to the Auk just before her rendezvous burn; if you look hard you can see the plane - it's just above that little peninsula.

Gilligan successfully docked at Kerbinport, followed less than five minutes later by J. G. Backus. Meanwhile, G. Grant conducted a burn to take her back to rendezvous with Corrino, with flight time to rendezvous set at exactly one hour. Corrino completed its second satellite print shortly thereafter (she had actually been done for about 40 minutes before I headed back out her way to finalize construction), and after transferring fuel to the new probe it was released and conducted a burn to put it in a 14,283 by 100.3 kilometer, 3.59° inclined orbit. The apoapsis is such that the probe will just barely remain within Dres's SOI; it will be 95 hours before it reaches that point for a circularization burn. 

The Auk then had sufficient time to go ahead and land; the craft was finally deorbited and conducted a successful landing at KSC 09, completing the tourist mission. Shortly thereafter, G. Grant conducted her burn to rendezvous with House Corrino; this came about the same time that Drescomm Bravo was nearing the time to circularize, so docking was put off until that burn was complete, after which engineer Necale Kerman aboard Corrino went on EVA and transferred over to G. Grant. This completed the second of three requirements for the current exploration contract (the first of which was the rendezvous itself). After G. Grant docked back up, it was time to circularize Drescomm Echo's orbit; that maneuver concluded my day on Friday. 

Not too much to talk about for the weekend proper. After refueling mass driver shots occurred from Shai Hulud and South Base to House Harkonnen, the first Boop-Boop 7x over Dres burned to put it into the correct contract position. Unfortunately, I had the wrong type of scanner attached to the probe.

Resource scanner. Not narrow-band scanner. Dagnabbit...

Corrino of course didn't have enough available Rocket Parts to print up a replacement probe, so the mission was put on hiatus for the time being. For now, though, the extant probe was kept in its spot; with any luck, I'll get the opportunity to make money with it at a later time. Drescomm Charlie and Foxtrot were put into their final positions next, completing the communications satellite system intended for Dres. That job done, I went ahead and began biome analyses using ScanSat Dres in preparation for establishment of a ground base on Dres's surface. The probe gathered reading of six out of eight biomes on Saturday before the Bill Clinton 7b that had been inbound from Minmus for much of this past week finally arrived at Kerbin. The probe conducted a braking maneuver putting it in a 300.0 by 34.8 kilometer, 17.47° inclined trajectory. 


Yesterday I finished taking the biome readings and finished deorbiting the Clinton, with the probe coming down safely in the Deserts.

Not the kind of terrain you want to see underneath the craft that spent the last seven days coming back from Minmus immediately prior to landing...

Once the probe had landed, I had a sufficient window to return House Corrino to Kerbin orbit; the craft broke orbit from Dres and warped to Kerbin, arriving at 7,042 m/s; twelve warp-backs later, the ship had slowed sufficient to enter a 670.8 by 561.9 kilometer, 6.24° inclined orbit. The G-LOC was fully fueled once Corrino attained orbit and departed from Corrino, burning to deorbit for a landing near KSC; the craft set down safely in the ocean approximately 52 kilometers east of KSC, completing the current exploration contract.

The new exploration contract has given me the go-ahead for a surface landing, so planning is now underway for that expedition. My biome scans showed that there weren't any single biomes adequate for base construction; the Impact Ejecta had six of the heavy seven resources available but had Exotic Minerals in such a low quantity - 0.01 concentration - as to not really count. The new base will be situated in the equatorial Highlands very close to a Midlands boundary; there's such an area northeast of the Canyons on Dres and slightly north-northwest of an impact crater. I have the exact coordinates jotted down and will be programming those into Waypoint Manager at the earliest opportunity. Current plan calls for a visit to Dres from House Harkonnen for the delivery of a Hellhound 7 rover and skycrane to scout the area and confirm the resources there. Meanwhile, House Corrino will begin printing up a TBD 7e Mun craft while still over Kerbin; once the Hound has confirmed the viability of the target site, Corrino's rover will conduct the actual base establishment mission. One of the two ships will print up a Boop-Boop 7w probe to re-do the first Dres satellite mission; meanwhile the second satellite mission is proceeding and I will have an alignment burn coming up there shortly. 

I did get a new tourist mission recently which will be taking me to the moons of Jool and to the surface of Gilly; at this point I've got nine Kerbal tourists so I may be getting that underway soon. It's almost daylight at the site of the Rogue 7 base-seeding rover on Mun; I'll be driving that craft to the Midlands to put up a new base for a contract. Still concerned about the lack of Exotic Minerals there but I should have everything else I'll need to begin a new base once I've got it in a better location that where it is. I've also got an ore hauling mission from Ike to Duna, a 2-point seismic survey to complete at Eve and a mission gather scientific data from Laythe that I can complete any time I'm good and ready to do so. Things are starting to wind down at this point; looking forward to base-building in the near future, whether that's happening on Mun, Dres or both. I'll keep y'all posted.

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(1.8.1) Well I got a contract that needed over 2140m/s before entering space!! Yikes. Thats gonna need some power.

So I made this rocket called the Delta9000!  Yup, eight Moar BACC boosters to do it!

(fortunately not controlled by HAL9000, but my favorite kerbonaut of all time... Valentina)!

Count down in 10 seconds..............


Need to run a test on the heat shield at 2140m/s at 58,000m to 69,000m. Nope, no edge of space here.

BTW: The 0.625m heat shield tested is under the Nose cone... Hmmm.. for shielding going up! (Got a 1.25m shield for going down as well for the return trip)


5...4....3...2...1.. launch!



Now get rid of extra weight!


Just got too 58km high and the speed just barely made it..  (Note: Orbit is shown, not Surface, which is a bit less for surface, which threw me at 1st but came up quickly to match it afterwards)




Success at 60,891 with 2140m/s (Surface!! Not Orbit as shown) Look at how hot the nose cone got over the heat shield! .

Also Val is still alive as well! Whew, that was a close one.  Any faster and I would have cooked her. 


------> DeltaV for this was 4486m/s with 8 BACC thumpers and a powered LV-T45 "Swivel".

(She got over 15G's on this ride. It was pegged too!)

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My career made it to the end of the first year, and rolled out two new launch vehicles in the latest update as well as performing two rescues far beyond low orbit and getting a probe launched to Dres.  Details here

New 1.875m Steamglider light satellite launcher


Early version of the 2.5m Girrok launcher, lofting a Dres probe into orbit


Rescue at over 5 million meters


Rescue at less than 5000 meters around Minmus   - Edit: Upon further thought, it must have been just above 5000 - I was able to time warp right up to my closest approach.  It just got really scary once I got over some hills


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