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What did you do in KSP today?

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Yesterday I decided that every Kerbal must be home in my current career (because I would be installing Kerbal Health), so I sent everyone to the return ships one by one of every base, up to each planetary Stations, and then interplanetary return ships.

Everyone, but 5 guys in a Moho Base. I forgot to set up a station there... so no return vehicles. Sorry guys.

I have a "no one left behind policy", so I had my trusty engineer repurpose (using KIS) almost the entire base into a big-ass ship with clamped parts everywhere, 0.89 TWR (one mk3 16-seats, plus mk3 fuel, oxidizer and monoprop, the biggest antenna, 2 solar panels and a couple bateries, total weight like 40 tons), which obviously had to be renamed: The Abomination. The Abby struggled hard to fly up, and after several tries it started flying!! Very slowly, but surely, it reached orbit!

Then, an orbital re-planification. Obsolete parts went out (tanks mostly, now light enough to be picked by 3 kerbals in EVA), only the useful stayed as i coupled the Half-Abomination to a carrier ship i had in orbit (with electric-xenon thrusters, the one i used to bring the Base to Moho, with 1/3 of fuel left.) Half-Abomination+Xenon thrusters tried it's best to reduce weight until Moho disapeared from sight.

After like an entire day burning gas, monoprop and fuel the heroes reached an encounter with HOME! It was time to reduce weight again, another EVA re-planification, every obsolete part left stranded. Even then they had not enough dv to brake around Kerbin, so I set it to Aerobrake-and-Pray Mode.

And it worked!! The mk3 capsule with 5 crew is now orbiting Kerbin, awaiting a rescue party scheduled today :)

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(1.8.1) Well cool, just got a contract to go around the mun and take some science samples. Loved it and my 1st time ever near the mun. (well one where I was able to come back as well..lol). I used a Gemini like capsule with tons of batteries on board. Still want to have some solar panels soon. Also, remembering to shut off my SAS during my flight to Kerbans satellite would have been a good Idea as well. 

Only had Kerbonaut Val to do it alone even tho there was another seat. I decided at the last minute that I did not want the extra weight for the 1st flight to the Mun.


Got close and also 20 sci for just the two samples. Hmm, electricity looks a bit low?


And an easy ride home with barley enuff electricity. (Didnt I say something about turning off SAS!!)


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Continuing to patch parts to use TU. Right now I'm doing size 1 engines. (first I did the all probe cores/command modules, then size 0 engines and now size 1). The Wheesley was the last one so far (with Mk1 cockpit and cabin to compare with all other non-patched parts).

As for the Panther and the Whiplash, the next two on my list... those will be difficult. I create the map(-s) based on the UV information of the mesh, and the Blender .mu plugin doesn't load them for some reason. So I either patch them without maps or blindly guess.

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Finished another update to my career after taking a few days to get anything done in it.  Full report here

Performed everything from minor but necessary tasks like setting up a comnet around Minmus


and tourist landings


then on to more important tasks like probes to Eve


and stealing an experiment engine to use for a trip to Moho instead of the intended "test LV-N in orbit of Mun"


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Today's Terrible Test:          ~ What happens if you don't wear seatbelts ?




"Fly" safe. ^_^

*DISCLAIMER: No woman who was driving got accused.

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Abandoning Eve Crew attempt for now. I got the week of the 16th of so I can see how many videos I can get published by then. Looking at a trip to Moho and Dres, as well as the Eve crew attempt.

Stay tuned for those three episodes

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Forgot to post it yesterday, so here it is:

I attempted a Scaythe manned mission with Mars 1 rocket I built specifically for this mission. Nothing went wrong with the transfer, it was rather easy to do so.

The landing, however, was rather difficult as Scaythe felt very similar to Tylo, although its gravity was smaller. Then I noticed that the gravity is too high to use jetpacks normally and thus, I could not get into the pod conventional way. Nevertheless, I managed to get back into the ship by using extreme climbing skills of Bob!

^ The flag was destroyed by gravity kraken :(

Being quite angry at the fact this happened, I also decided to commence Scindo landing which was an optional goal of mine if I had enough fuel to do so. Contrary to Scaythe, Scindo was similar to Minmus in difficulty. Also, beautiful biomes!

The mission was a big success as I received over 3k science from it, allowing me to "buy" more stuff for my ships, such as energy stuff!
Meanwhile, after spending 33 years in deep space, this ship came back to Rhode in almost one piece. 

Quite a day, I have to say.

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unhappy with my messed up comnet around the mun, i decided to send a ship with supplies to retrofit the sat's with parachutes and bring them back to kerbin.

i did, and when i was done i recovered 1,700 apeice........the supply ship cost 85,000....and most of it is non recoverable.


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Not strictly speaking today (I completed the mission a few days ago), but Jeb and Val took a trip to Eve and back, as an entry (level 5) to the Eve Rocks Challange.

Everything worked as it was supposed to, but the challenge entry was thwarted by me forgetting that you can't just transfer sceince between docked vehicles in the right click menu... it has to be trudged round manually by a kerbal, heading over to another vehicle, tapping on the door and asking very politely to be allowed to hand it over.

This resulted in the surface samples required to be brought home to Kerbin, being left behind in the boat that they were collected in, as the ascent vehicle smashed it to bits, when it launched back into Eve orbit.

Oh well...

Heading for Eve.


Arriving at Eve.


Burning into orbit.


Ascent vehicle descending.




Val heads to the shore for the land surface sample. The boat was landed seprately from the ascent vehicle.


Ah a surface to stand on... time for that sample.


Rendezvous with an ascent vehicle.




Back home.


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In his first ever flight, Jeb has done himself out of a job.


I've installed 1.8 and started a new career, a visit to the runway and launchpad generated enough science to get the thermometer, so the first actual flight was straight up to about 80km, netting enough science to unlock the KOS module.



Over the course of my 1.6 and 1.7 games I've not even set foot on Duna, but have developed KOS scripts capable of running complete missions from precision landing on a munbase's docking port, to deploying a satellite network from a resonant orbit around Duna, but my scripts have evolved and are a bit of a mess.

So the plan for this career is a complete overhaul of my scripts, with missions built from a list of parameters rather than individual mission scripts.

This may take some time, but one thing is certain, I don't need pilots except for early flight tests.

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Making good use of Pielab's fuel tanks, the Mundog V makes four consecutive landings in various equatorial craters, netting a healthy set of data for later processing and rotating the crews to ensure the best experience is had by everyone. The final trip is a little tight on fuel margins, leaving barely 100m/s in the tank at the point of docking. We blame Jeb's aggressive piloting style.


Back on kerbin, we take the opportunity to test out some new rover parts and spend some time investigating the natural wonders of our own planet. Or at least, investigating that honking fat tree a little to the west of KSC that we've always wondered about.

Shortly afterwards, Dunamite's orbit places it in a favourable position to make a daylight descent with LoS communications back home, and the commands are sent to bring it down to ground. The drop is uneventful, Duna's atmosphere proving to be both thin and chilly. More exciting is landing on a 30 degree incline, which causes the lander to have to dynamically adjust the strength of it's leg-springs to try to come to a level seating. Eventually it manages to stop the skid and beams home some interesting data. Seems like Duna would be a nice place to visit but... several of our interns prove to be budding science fiction writers and have been stirring up public interest elsewhere.

Warm, humid, sunny - Eve is surely covered in purple rainforests, teeming with exotic and potentially tasty life! 


Or... well, let's just sit on these temperature and pressure readings for a while before we crush our latest book deal.


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(1.8.1) OK, now to switch over from a KSP career with no Kerbal Construction Time to this one with it. Now I need to "Kick off Space Tourism" and I have to bring Tito Kerman into space for 4 hours. So into orbit he goes.

(Note, this pic is one from the simulation image with Jeb. Afterwards, Val finishes the mission.) Val seems to take alot of vacations and when Jeb does too, your always stuck with the engineers.  Thank goodness there were none here.



Here Val does her thing and gives Tito a tour he cant imagine. 

What does "No vessel currently matching parameters" mean..anyways? I finished with no problem. :blink:


Eject engine and return home..






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A 21 Year Journey for an Ion Probe Launched from Kerbin

"TAG" (Temp, Atmo and Grav science collect) each body during flyby.

56 Parts in 4 Stages:

$101,000 - Total Cost
3.543 Ton (Probe Payload Only)



Departed Kerbin Orbit @ 75,000 km with ~8000 d/v

  • Flyby Dres (Tx Science)
  • Flyby Jool, Vall & Laythe  (Tx Science)
  • Flyby Eeloo (Tx & Store Last Science Experiments)


  • Return to Kerbin using Hohmann Transfer flyby (w/o capture burn) ~71,000 km @ ~4000 m/s!!!
    • Limit 2 of 4 Ion Engines to 10% Thrust due to lack of Power from Sol.  Disable other 2 engines.29F8BF1C4FED9A788B887BD9C74A157337B79FA2
  • ~ Entering Kerbin SOI from beyond Eeloo.
    • Coming in too Fast w/o enough Xenon Gas to capture Kerbin!
    • Launched NERV "Golden Retriever" ($51,036) from KSC Launch Pad with Claw/Arm to Rendezvous and grab Ion Probe.
      • Let's call this, "Claw 1"




Away "Claw 1" to rescue the fast moving Ion Probe

  • Rendezvous Claw & Probe in Kerbin SOI
    • Use remaining Fuel from Claw 1 to reduce speed as much as possible, then release arm and mark as debris.



  • Launch ANOTHER, ("Claw 2", +$50K), leave Kerbin SOI with same trajectory as Ion Probe, and Rendezvous in Sol Orbit nearest Kerbin possible.


  • Repeat Hohmann Transfer to Kerbin w/ Capture Burn, warp 4 years...
    • Reduced d/v to Circularize @ 70,000 Km above Kerbin
    • Reduced d/v to sub-orbital trajectory targeting land mass east of KSC, decoupled "Claw 2" (NERV Engine , tanks, reaction wheel & solar array)
    • Activated RCS Retrograde, retracted probe's solar array Popped chutes and had a safe water landing near KSC.

Recovered $64,478, 136.3 Km from KSC (91.6%) of Original Vessel Value!
Temp, Atmo and Grav Science from Eeloo just above Babbage Patch!
Vessel Recovered

Total Science: 1,845.12 Transmitted & Recovered
Total Cost: ~$100,000

(Image Source URL is 4K Res)



Summary:  I probably could have used the ~8000+ d/v I started with more efficiently when flying by Dres, Jool, two of her moons, and Eeloo.  Nevertheless it was a great trip and my first legitimate use of Ion thrust engines. 

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Has anyone ever looked at the stock config files, just for fun? The potatoroids/asteroids have some rather funny comments in theirs!

This is what Squad has written about them:

title = #autoLOC_500643 //#autoLOC_500643 = A potato like rock
manufacturer = #autoLOC_501643 //#autoLOC_501643 = The Solar system
description = #autoLOC_500644 //#autoLOC_500644 = Big ole, rock like thing.

A bit further down...

maxTemp = 2500 // way hotter than the melting point of "Ore" but oh well.

You'd never see these comments in the game, Squad could have just left those fields empty (except for maxTemp).

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name = GooExperiment

This unit was something one of our engineers came upon while dumpster divin-- Erm, while researching alternative applications for existing technologies. It's a sealed container which appears to be filled with a strange-looking substance. We couldn't reach in or break the canister open, but watching how the Goo behaves when subjected to different situations could be very educational.

You have to read this twice to get it... :ph34r:


SO TA-DAY,  We went to the Dessert and had some fun. &)




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Spent about six hours in the VAB today in a single non-stop session, adding abort groups to all my launcher designs.

Then to actually give the day some meaning, I put down a simple scientific monitoring station on the Mun (this was the second), intended to supply Kerbin Spacedock's laboratory with data using the Science Relay mod. More will follow, one per biome, in order to keep the lab supplied (as it's currently producing <1 Science per day), followed by dropping more stations on Minmus as well. Speaking of which, I also intercepted and deorbited the Spacedock's old and obsolete core module and control module, both having been dumped off the station a few days ago and floating a couple dozen kilometers away. It took about half a dozen orbits (the Spacedock is in a 300km orbit) to move all the modules over and while I was at it, I also brought the station a present in the form of a single-seat worker pod for performing such operations by themselves.

I'm thinking of setting up a second station in munar orbit. Fuel and power. definitely. Lab, not sure.

I have a probe on its way to Eve and my next milestone will be launching a manned Duna mission (my first ever), but the transfer window is still over a year away so assembling the ship in orbit can wait for now.

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Today, I got Ckan. And got my save file up to 3 GB. While listening to Don't stop me now! Plus, a loading time of 10 minutes. But holy. The visuals are top of the line while getting 50-40 fps. Also, anybody know what mod causes extreme lag when solar panels are open and don't let them produce any power? Great if you can help. A little lazy and I want the opinion of Nasa on this.

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2 hours ago, Fraktal said:

Spent about six hours in the VAB today in a single non-stop session

You might be to young to get this reference . . .  :lol:



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