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What did you do in KSP today?

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A bit previously I did some flight-testing of two of my new airliners.



The Liner-2MA  is a redesign of my old 1.1 Liner-2 design comprising of a Mk1 fuselage cross section powered by two Turbofans.



The Liner-75 is an all-new airframe made to fill the gap between the Liner-2MA and Fr-30.



The Liner-75B is the variant of the Liner-75 sporting a pair of more powerful engines, which in turn is a full-size Goliath since the Goliath on the original Liner-75 supposedly be in the 1.875m diameter, but the size is proven to be too underpowered for an airplane this size and weight. Hence, the Liner-75 uses a Tweakscaled Goliath with a diameter of around 2.1~2.2m.

And tested out my first variable geometry wing for my new version of my B-3 supersonic bomber.





But KSP kinda hate bells and whistles from real-life planes like this variable-geometry wing, so after takeoff the wings flap a lot and couldn't retract. This is what happened in the end.



I'm left with the wing root.


But still it performed pretty well at high altitudes.










Jeb inspecting the slightly damaged landing gear after the landing.


Shortly after I've took off again, en route back to KSC.





... where I'm attempting to do a stunt. Fly the approach inverted then get back right-side up right before touchdown.


That landing had been Ryanair'd too much...



... and Jeb dies. But I reverted back to SPH after that.

But that's not the main focus anyway.

Meet, the...


F-82 Spin Mustang.

Someone on r/KerbalSpaceProgram made a challenge to create a flying replica of this edited F-82 Twin Mustang. Everything looks good since I took @blackheart612's Airplane+ Stallion and did some modifications to it and here he is.

Flies well, very maneuverable, STOL-capable (but landing & taking off from the VAB is not part of the flight testing) and most importantly, looks ridiculous. Extra care is needed, however, as this plane is susceptible for a flatspin if Yaw is applied too much. Recovery is not that hard. Throttle up to full, pitch it down, then pitch it back up. Will be up on KerbalX later on as I need to tweak its control surfaces (since stable flight is achieved after tweaking the control surfaces in "flight" scene).

Imgur Album

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Finished the Mohollo mission of the Kerpollo program. No wonder Valentina is smiling in the screenshot, she's probably relieved the lander has enough delta v and sufficiently low speed to make a safe landing without having to resort to using the heat shield. I'm used to still having delta v to spare on my transfer stages when I return to Kerbin's SOI, so this kind of landing is definitely more adventurous than what she's used to.

Or maybe she's happy she'll arrive on Kerbin a few orbits *after* the four NERVs of the transfer stage. I keep forgetting how the game deals with debris outside physics engine, because the transfer stage miraculously survived a flyby with a periapsis of about 10 kilometers, so when I took this screenshot, I expected those four nuclear reactors smeared across Kerbin's biomes.

The science Bob and Val brought back home was enough to unlock all the level 8 technologies, so I guess I'm more than ready for Dunpollo.


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9 hours ago, Arco123 said:

What video editor. I know that you cant learn a video editor in a day!

DaVinci Resolve.  I've only scratched the surface but from install to publishing that video was about 4 hours.

1 hour ago, putnamto said:



This is an area I'm not having much luck with.  I've built a few hexapods but can't seem to get them walking correctly.  Seems to be more of a problem with how the legs interact with the terrain than anything.

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(1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods)

As luck would have it, last night I got (not 1) but 2 contracts to bring 2 Kerbals over the south pole to exactly the same locations. With this I could do both Kerbals at the same time with 1 rocket. This being a day away from Merry Kristmas it was another great chance to celebrate that holiday all over again. Man Kris Klaus Kerman is gonna fill our Kristmas tree with so many rocket models.


So to make this even cooler I added a few more contracts as well for the whole trip making it 6 contracts to do at the same time. One tho would have to be where I landed so it may not have been possible with "on land" or "on water". All depended which place I ended up.

Here is the mission with Valentina bringing Roske Kerman and Trifal Kerman over the south pole.

Merry Kristmas everyone!


Look... its snowing!








The last task was on land, not on water, so I did this again later with another rocket to complete the 6 needed.




So from the Orbiter T35 spaceship (and from Val, Roske and Trifal), have a very happy holiday and peace to you all.

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The PROTON with Block D launches from Baikonur..


..after reaching orbit over Kerbin the burn towards the Mun is started..


..quick flyby of the Mun (well over a year after those pesky Americans landed there) ..

And with after a clever free return flyby of the mun the two turtoises have almost made it back to Mother Russia

Unfortunately they will have to float around in the Indian Ocean for a day, before being picked up by the Russian NAVY





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( KSP 1.7.3 - Kerbal Scaled RSS )

Today I wrapped all ongoing operations just in time before Christmas eve.
Last time I had just finished burning to Uranus, and was wondering how expensive the Orbital insertion burn would cost...

The 'Poseidon' performing it's relatively hefty 5'600 dV burn around Uranus... See that brighter star in the upper-left corner?  That's the sun.  No, really !


Then we got into Titania's orbit to tie up some loose ends . . .

. . . Rescuing 'Agawise Kerman' who's been stuck in orbit for years.  How'd she end up there you ask?  Incompetent copycat agencies trying to out-do the KASA, that's why !

"Do come on board dear, your exceptional patience was well rewarded !"  - unfortunately she is an Engineer, and I needed a Scientist... Oh well.

I still sent her as commander of the landing mission to Titania, completing the Tourist missions.  I had one more surprise in stock for them tho . . .


. . . First we got away from Titania and back into Uranus' orbit.  Still not guessing where we're going?

The 'Poseidon' docked with the Uranus' Station after a lot of finagling (the Kraken came to say "hullo!" a few times).  The KASA then threw-in a surprise party for the crew and tourist before the voyage home.

After most of the crew/tourist getting drunk and getting confined to quarters, those who were responsible enough started planning the return trip with the ppl back home.
The 2,7 hours communication round-trip delay was like programming an old punch card computer... Make as much calculations before committing the program.  But the crews being professionals, they came up with a 6'000 dV burn from Uranus' orbit to get down to Mercury's Periapsis altitude, then from there, another 6'000 dV to meet-up with Earth... With an obviously large 4'500 dV maneuver to get into a stable 250km Earth orbit.  We could've went ahead with a regular 1'400 dV maneuver and meet Earth directly instead, however that would've taken 18 years.  Since we're still strapped for time, the very expensive burns will get us to Earth in... 5 years.  Well worth it !


After saying goodbyes, best wishes and everything else, the 'Poseidon' departed, doing the first 6'000 dV maneuver that will ultimately bring us . . .

 . . . Home !   Now after putting ourselves into a 250x250 km orbit, we wait for the recovery craft to come and pick-up everyone.

Ah, there she is, Recovery-One.  Room for 24 kerbals, a very strong 5m reaction wheel, lots of RCS, and 100% recoverable.

« And, Docked !  All crew proceed thru the main corridor and thru the Command module to the Recovery-One shuttle. Agawise, please pick up the science, thank you ! »


Once everyone was on-board and secured, we burned back into orbit, and made our way to the surface.

The landing speed was a bit high, 9.8m/s... But nothing broke, and our 5m ASAS is keeping us upright. A nice sunrise while waiting for the boats.  We're home folks !


So, when I took this mission, my space program was broke.  As in: ZERO kerbucks in the bank - broke.  All these tourists game an advance which paid for the ship and it's launchers, but not for the Xenon.  I needed to make my own remember?  Well...  Let's see how payday went shall we?


Rescue Agawise from Orbit of Titania --------------- 524'844
'Crisbus' Travel Itinerary' complete --------------- 438'750
'Jedgan's Travel Itinerary' complete --------------- 438'750
'Bartster's Travel Itinerary' complete ------------- 438'750
'Stabald's Travel Itinerary' complete -------------- 409'500

'Ribfel's Travel Itinerary' complete --------------- 438'750
'Herby's Travel Itinerary' complete ---------------- 438'750
'Daphsen's Travel Itinerary' complete -------------- 526'500
'Elzor's Travel Itinerary' complete ---------------- 292'500
'Elieny's Travel Itinerary' complete --------------- 329'062
'Graely's Travel Itinerary' complete --------------- 438'750
'Zelfel's Travel Itinerary' complete --------------- 526'500
'Deden's Travel Itinerary' complete ---------------- 438'750
'Jorbus's Travel Itinerary' complete --------------- 175'500
'Nathalock's Travel Itinerary' complete ------------ 307'125
'Rayburry's Travel Itinerary' complete ------------- 438'750
'Dudcan's Travel Itinerary' complete --------------- 394'875
'Gwencal's Travel Itinerary' complete -------------- 438'750
'Tomdous' Travel Itinerary' complete --------------- 219'375
'Radous' Travel Itinerary' complete ----------------  87'750

So this took our funds up to 13'544'000 Kerbucks. We are back in business !

Merry Christmas everyone !




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Enjoy the holidays men, dismissed.                                                              :cool:

Thank you @klond for this wonderfull X-mas present.



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First day in a while I've had time for KSP and of course it's christmas morning :blush:

Anyhoo, a couple of mundane satellite deployments and a Munar impacter happen, but after the success of the Wren spaceplane, the public seems to consider Kerbin and its moons to be conquered and less interesting, and pressure mounts to set our sights on further away. Keen to oblige (and secure further funding), mission control greenlights the Duna program.


Engineering acknowledges that it would have been possible to launch the Dunaworrybehappy's multiple segments separately, but that requires maths and might involve some long division and stuff, so they didn't do that and instead built a big dumb rocket. Either way, the whole kaboodle reaches Duna without incident, and the onboard science lab quickly starts working on the data gathered during the approach.

With 3 primary surface features scheduled for investigation, the mission's rover, Dunamite, will be deployed first in order to locate the optimal landing zone for the main lab and habitat. Bill and Lilly prep for descent.


There is some concern as the wheels suffer an unexpected failure, but Dunamite is surprisingly lightweight and it's rate of descent is barely 8m/s, so Bill is able to make an emergency EVA just a kilometre above the ground and fix the problem before touchdown.

With the crew and rover safely situated just 10km from the intended LZ, they take some samples, then begin scouting for a nice flat spot to bring the lab down.

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Today I made a bunch of ground science experiments in Mun with Jeb, Ribbreo and Corrina Kerman and I have been able to came back to Kerbin miraculously! Not a single tear of fuel left after lower my Kerbin orbit's periapsis to 40k km . I was thinking to rendezvous with my mun station to assure the return but I went out of monopropelant because I spent a lot to stabilize the lander when landing in Mun. Wow, still it is hard for me to land in Mun comparing with landing in Minmus. I can't even think how hard is to land in Eve! :-D

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19 minutes ago, amarillo114 said:

I can't even think how hard is to land in Eve! :-D

*Landing* on Eve is not that hard. Been there, done that, and I'm not that great a kerbonaut. Landed both a probe and an unmanned rover.

*Leaving* Eve will be a different matter, one I'll have to try soon, given I'm learning KSP by attempting the Kerpollo challenge.


And what I did today? I learned that I shouldn't design my ships or plan my missions with alcohol in my bloodstream. A bit of KSP before bedtime seemed like a good idea, and I didn't drink that much during that family Kristmass dinner, but add in too little sleep and the end result is I'll have to fly at least a part of my Dunpollo mission again.

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With the Dunamite's six wheels all working, Bill and Lilly begin an initial assessment of the Midlands Sea in which they landed as a suitable place to bring down the Dunaworrybehappy.


(Technical note: the Dunamite's trailer hinge is wired to the steering controls, giving it a lot of directional control during testing on Kerbin - however the surface friction on Duna turns out to be rather low, and with SAS on, the rover still doesn't want to change direction quickly. It's not a major problem, and on the whole the unconventional design handles pretty well, although it is possible to knock the rear docking port off if you're clumsy with hills.)

Within a scant 5 kilometres, they find at least four unique and interesting surface features for the scanner to wrap its optics around. Satisfied that there is good science here, the team identifies the flattest area and radios up to Jeb and Sakura to begin their descent.

Which, as are most Dunan descents, is a bit dull. Drogue chutes quickly trip the worst of the vessel's speed, and a full spread brings the final drop to a manageable 30m/s. Credit to Jeb, he sets the Dunaworrybehappy down within 5km of the target, which isn't a bad effort coming from orbit through an atmosphere.


After setting up a suite of science packages, the team settle in for a night on the chilli-red planet before Sakura and Bill rise with the dawn to begin the main expedition.

(There was also an impacter probe that was supposed to get science for the Grand Slam... but it failed to deliver anything worthwhile. 4 tons @ 500m/s is apparently far below what this experiment needs, even when coming down within physics range. I'm not going to bother logging that because it's boring.)

(Edit: guess I've used the name Dunamite for multiple vehicles now. Oh well.)

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