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What did you do in KSP today?

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(1.8.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, Kerbalism and many mods)

Nothing too crazy this weekend other that a few rockets and one aircraft. Got some pics of my airship called "Aerojet Pro 3". Lost the back landing gear on takeoff but I did not restart. Just came in with the parachutes but was still to heavy and lost most of the ship as well. No issues tho, Val was fine in the cockpit and we retrieved home for a good collection of science. Only Pro's do that!

Had to test the Wheesley and Juno engines and a couple parts.

Mission of Aerojet Pro 3


Got everything done but "Oh no"....NO back landing gear!




Val says yup, I walked away from that one, all good!

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I've been working on old soviet vtol, yak-141. Though i must say i preferred function over visual so far but im willing to make it look prettier with time.



it'll be a long term project since i cut my time to play ksp lately.

I also try to fix this from time to time though my options are quite limited, i just cant find suitable cockpit for this one.


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And I quickly drafted something to launch all the suites at once. It's basically a sandwich of four of them, and powered by three big boosters (same design: onion stage + a cryo stage)


It flies. Kinda. Then at 38k it flips around over and over. anyway, that's a Kerbalish kind of ship.

Maybe I should do two launch …

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Last night I woke up until 2 AM, building this:


Dacia 1310, AKA PUBG Old Car

Made specially (literally) for DAKAR 2020 since in PUBG most players chase others's vehicles with any kind of vehicle they found, especially if they play in Squad rounds.











The car itself seems top-heavy, so it tipped over every single time I pull out a sharp turn. In PUBG even steering it hard won't tip it over too much (btw I play the mobile version, not the PC) since... well... you know that, right? Just like planes during takeoff.







But the top speed is not too bad, but the Mission Report's reading seems too high IMO.


IIRC I achieved somewhere like 30-35m/s (108-126). Pretty much the average speed when I drive a Dacia in PUBG (Mobile).


So I don't think my dacia replica is good by the looks, especially at the trunk, and performance at some points. My biggest concern is that it couldn't survive a dune jump and not being fast enough. I even used two RTGs hidden inside the trunk to power it. No batteries, whatsoever. I even forgot about the steering wheel tho... :P

There's another car in PUBG called "Mirado". It's a muscle car, and is the fastest car in-game (at 150+km/h in PUBG), but only available in the Miramar map. While the Dacia is available on pretty much every map, even it came at 2nd place in terms of top speed.

Craft file?

It's here:


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14 hours ago, qromodynmc said:


The Russians brought a Yak 141 to Farnborough Airshow in the early 90's, after melting a massive patch of runway during practice week they didn't let it do any more vertical landings :D  Those front turbojets are hot!






I took on a rescue contract to pick up someone stranded a lot closer to Mun's south pole than the equator.  I've not tried my kOS landing script for anything more than a few degrees from the equator yet, but after a couple of small tweaks it did a reasonable job.  The main issue is it needs a lot of fuel as it currently does the plane change at low altitude, I need to add some code to do the plane change before lowering the orbit, but line it up with where the target will be on the next orbit.  Hence the huge amount of dV this lander's carrying.


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Inspired by @Lisias creation, I tinkered with something vaguely similar, just with a bit more in the way of engines and came up with The Dragonfly.


I threw this thing together, expecting to have to make lots of adjustments, just to get it into the air. However much to my surprise, it lifted smoothly off the the tarmac by just starting the engines and maxing the thrust.

It's not the best handling aircraft I've ever made, prone to stalling at the drop of a hat, but the large lift area allows for quick recovery.


I overshot the runway more than once, trying to get the thing to land.


That is not a traditional landing approach.


That's not a landing either.


Ok Jeb... time to come home and stop playing with your new toy.


That looks pretty much on target, close enough to make the runway anyway.


Touchdown and the end of another smooth... er what. The landing speed was less than 60m/s and descent speed was really low.

For some reason, no matter what I did on landing the engines would all ping off, leaving a less than sound aircraft to complete the journey.


Something like this.


Ending in the inevitable smoking wreckage.


At least Jeb could walk away from this one with nothing more than a crick in his back.


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4 minutes ago, purpleivan said:

For some reason, no matter what I did on landing the engines would all ping off


Ending in the inevitable smoking wreckage.

Try an EAS Strut linking each engine to the main fuselage. I think the engine weight is too much for that wing.

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( KSP 1.7.3 -- Kerbal-Sized RSS )

Today I sent my 'Poseidon' mothership on to Saturn.  I realized it would be a shame to wrap up KSP 1.7.3 without going to Saturn at least once.  Pictures will happen once I get there.
In the meantime, my Titania rover arrived to Uranus, then Landed on Titania. The top part which was comprised of a skycrane, a very large Origami antenna, and 2 solar panels went back around Titania to act as a Relay.  

                                                         The remains of the Skycrane, who had one of her Solar panels shredded by Uranus... It'll do nicely for a relay.  You don't waste hardware this far from home !

Then I turned my attention to the rover itself...

                                                                       Having landed at the south pole, the scientist quickly went to work, then took a picture.  Notice Uranus in the background ?

                                                           But what Sorcery is this? Did we end-up on another moon? Impossible, Uranus only has one.  I guess we just entered a parallel dimension or something.

But do not panic guys...  I felt that the moon was too far from Uranus to give a good atmosphere to the mission.  So as I said I would a few weeks ago, I hyper-edited the moon closer to the actual planet itself.
I debated getting it even closer to Uranus so it would appear TWICE the size of what it is now.  Who knows, before the exploration is over I might just do that.  But for now this is fun !  Roving on this moon is absolutely like Minmus, hence the RCS engines on the Rover.

Getting very close to ending my 1.7.3 save.  Only missing Kopernicus (going for OPM this time) and SVE-compatibility, and I am jumping. 
Tho I might try Galileo's Planet pack in the meantime, if I can ever find a workable version in 1.7.3.  Or "After Kerbol".  We'll see.

Happy New Year everyone !

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18 hours ago, Lisias said:

Try an EAS Strut linking each engine to the main fuselage. I think the engine weight is too much for that wing.

Took @Lisias advice and added a strut between each engine and the fuselage and Dragonfly can now stick a landing.

It's an unwieldy mess to fly...


... but at least it can safely return to the ground now.


So Jeb's happy.


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Just completed the write up of the 2nd part of my entry to @Robonoise Apollo 13 recreation challenge, that requires a successful trip to the Mun, followed by a "failed" one with the same vehicle.

First time I did any siginificant amount of manouvering of a spacecraft without the aid of SAS.

Mission write up is here, these are some edited highlights.

Flight 1.

Docking with the Munar Module (MM).


Approaching the Mun


Touching down


On the surface.


Heading back inside.







Flight 2.

Another liftoff.


Oh no... center engine cut out.


Heading to orbit on four remaining engines.


Disabling CSM power, engine and both vehicle's SAS units.


Burning to put them on a free return trajectory.


Returning to Kerbin.


Saying bye, bye to the MM.


Heading for a safe landing in the desert.


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(1.6.1 RO/RSS/RP-1/Principia)

I finally (with a little help from @bewing and @Dale Christopher) got my Research 1 airplane into a flyable state.

It wasn't a "flight" problem, as such; rather, it wouldn't stay straight on the runway.  After straightening out the main gear (I'd been trying different toe angles, which would have worked for a real airplane on gravel or grass), adjusting the nose gear (shortened, to reduce wheelbarrow effect, and friction reduced to 0.3), and moving the CoM aft and main gear forward by similar tiny amounts, it can take off -- and flies as well as I expected.  Only good for about 200 m/s in level flight, but then it's a single 1940s tech engine.



The irony here is (even after tooling the two procedural tanks) this will take close to a game year to build, and it'll get flown once, to get science from half a dozen biomes near the Brownsville, TX launch site (can reach Shores, Water, Grassland, Tropics, Mountains, and Desert, and return, in about an hour of flight time, most of which can be compressed with physics warp).  But now it can go into my stash of good craft for RO, so I don't have to build it again every time I start a new career (which happens some in RO due to going broke or other forms of dissatisfaction).


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Made a bunch of contracts today! After spending a lot of kerbucks on upgrading my R+D building I needed some fresh money so I put in orbit an orbital telescope and took some nice pictures of Kerbol, Kerbin and Mun... easy peasy! Then I made a couple of rescue missions and now I've have my first 5 starts pilot that I rescued from Mun low orbit (> 10.000 m.). Then I tested a big decoupler and sent an infrared telescope to Kerbol orbit and finished some material scans of Kerbin and Minmus. It's been a lucrative afternoon, hell yeah! 

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Hexapen, because I wanted to see how bad the drag from just embedding the hover-jets directly in the wings would be...


...now it's just a question of what kind of control system I install on this one.

Does Mach 0.69 and wields TWR 1.4 at sea-level.

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( KSP 1.7.3 -- Kerbal-Sized RSS )

Today I finished roving on Titania.  The crew went to get the missing biomes in a very long driving stretch.
First, having spotted something weird on the planetary map, the crew heading even further south than last time, about an hour's drive, and parked just beside the crater rim.

What you're seeing is at the end of a crater at the South pole.  There apprear to be a subterranean passage to the other side of Titania... We should investigate !

Descent vector is nominal, we're entering the hole !

Okay...  Apparently the hole is an illusion and we're gonna explode if we try to get in  Thankfully, this was only a F-5-F-9 type simulation !


So the crew turned back, and heading north for a while we entered "Gertrude's Crater". 
No Idea who 'Gertrude' is, or why she has a crater named after her, but sometime it's best not to ask questions.

It's always time for more science tho.  With the usual photo session.  Uranus is got getting any bigger, and that's a good thing.

Then, continuing north, and doing the occasional hopping... The rover being Minmus-rated, has no problems dealing with those kind of challenges.

« We're entering a new biome I think, let's stop and check it out, okay ? »

Science from 'Messina Chasmata' acquired...  Now is it just me or Uranus got bigger again?


No you're not imagining things, Gravey.  Using my trusty hyper-edit this final time, I got the distance pretty much how I wanted it.  However, depending on angle it seems even larger... or sometimes smaller.
We then started the final leg of our journey, to get to the North Pole.  We're not just stopping once we enter it tho as we are meeting up with some old miner friends.

On route to the North Pole !

Lots of signal bouncing to reach the KSC.  Hard work setting up relays is starting to pay out.

And we're finally there.. The miners where happy to see us!  But that complete our exploration of Titania.  Now someone call the KSC to have a Cab sent to us so we can get home !


So with the Titania orbit 'adjusted' and it's exploration complete, that pretty much wraps up KS-RSS 1.7.3 for me. 
I do have a mission going to explore Saturn and maybe poke her moons at bit if my lander can handle it.  Will post some pictures if I can ;) 

Maybe I should bring everybody back home but that would take quite a while, and if this was KSP2, there would be a colony on Titania, a space-station-colony around Uranus, and probably a lot of investment into making it thrive.
Since I am not strong of playing with the logistics of life support or with that very complex planetary resource mod, I guess I'm going to call it for now.  I at least did what I planned doing, and have been wanting to do since KSP 0.25, so no regrets !
I'll roleplay this as everyone around Uranus being settled there :) 

Thank you for reading !

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I didn't accept this contract, but thought it was worth sharing - although I do currently have a contract to rescue Danger Kerman from the surface of Mun


I also posted an update to my career report. 

Testing a glider-lander design for possible use on Duna, Eve or Laythe:


Space station crew finished their 6 month stay in orbit:


Then LOTS of probe launches for Eeloo (relay & lander), Jool (4 so far) and Duna/Ike (3 so far)


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