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What did you do in KSP today?


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14 hours ago, KerrMü said:

Then a thought came to my mind: "Heywood Kerman should take a look at that monolith." But how to get Heywood into Orbit??? Well, from time to time I try to build something like the Orion 3 spaceclipper from 2001. I just love the design and it´s normally a fun challenge to build. So this weekend -again- I sat down with a simple plan. But ideas emerged, problems appeared, sollutions were found, frustrating bugs were... seriously, I thought the thing with engine plates and structural rings not shielding their innerts from drag would have been solved by now... but at the end I´m really happy with the result. I think it looks kinda nice and the flight characteristics are not bad at all. Ok, I had to clip some rapiers together, which I wouldn´t normally do, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Here's one I made earlier for 2001: A Space Absurdity... think yours looks a bit better though. Mine was more of a 5 minute "job done" throw together of some parts in vaguely the right shape.


Made the twin wheel space station as well, although some Photoshop may have been required to get the relative scale ;)


I can confirm that Dr Heywood Kerman did indeed make it to that Monolith.


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Hey all kerbophile-nauts.


Started playing again and today I finally gave in and took the time to build a stock knockoff of the ISS.


I give you the KISS.


It rotates due to phantom forces. But on the whole if the SAS is off it seems stable.


Now I need to send Kerbals to it and see what happens when their ship is in physic range.





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After the small hiccup of last week, the engineering department reworked the long-range exploration plane and gave it significantly larger vertical stabilizers. I also sent the flight crew to more simulator training, and then continued my quest to visit all anomalies on Kerbin.

My intrepid crew found a few more DSN antennas, a mysteriously green monolith on the southern ice-cap:



and another monolith, that is perched on top of a small peak:


Remembering what happened last week, Pamon Kerman just said "Nope!" and decided that just taking a few pictures out of the cockpit window is enough. Another crew - with a craft more suitable for vertical landing - can give that one a try.

This time the craft returned to the KSC is perfect condition. Our engineer Lizlorf Kerman inspected the plane and then gave the green light to forego the usual maintenance work, and just refuel the plane and send it on its way again:



The final target turned out to be in a rather narrow valley. Emboldened by 5 successful landings in a row, Pamon Kerman decided that with an approach from the north a successful landing should be doable, and gave it a try (well, actually three, but who's counting). She managed to put down the plane on a ledge above the monolith, taxied as far as she dared, and then sent Hudford Kerman to walk up to the edge, to inspect the monolith and plant the flag.


Taking off was then comparatively easy: taxi to a position where one has a clear run to the edge of the ledge, open up the throttle, and once airborne pull up the nose until we can say goodbye to sheer rock cliffs and narrow ledges:




Meanwihle with Dres Station my first crewed expedition arrived at Dres. So Val, Bill, and Bob took the lander down to the surface to start exploring this often-ignored part of the solar system. Showing off her piloting skills by landing in between two interesting features on the surface.





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I've been slowly working my way out of the Jool system and the Joolpollo mission continues on being a learning experience. I'm not always happy with what it makes me learn, but I have had enough quicksaves and dV to survive so far.

Did you know you will travel all the way from Vall and land on Tylo with a (luckily small) tank full of ore if you turn the converter off before liftoff? I only realized when my batteries began to drain once I switched it on after landing on Tylo.

Did you know that for some ships it is much easier to land on Tylo if you turn the vectoring off on a Vector engine? The thing has amazing gimbal range but the vectoring is soooo slow it will turn your ship into a wobbling drunk, and the lack of any atmosphere means no parachutes to stabilize you.

Any of you noticed that when a ship jumps up a bit after reloading from tracking station, one of your two drills might lose contact with ground and switch off? I noticed after 150 days of drilling at half speed.

At least the view includes a bit of green to remind one of home...



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Minecraft was pretty interesting over the weekend. Finally found a village on my Win10 save built over a system of caves, and the village I had to rebuild on my Xbox save is starting to thrive again - damn villagers are breeding like jackrabbits. Plus I found the ocean...but this is not a Minecraft forum, oh no. On with talking about KSP!!

Actually did manage to find some time to play this past weekend and a fair amount of things happened. Friday kicked off with Eunice Howell in orbit of Gilly, which had to shift gears to head towards LSV House Atreides after she finally found a window large enough in which to warp over to Gilly from Eve orbit. A rather complex and time-consuming set of maneuvers would be required on Howell's part just to get her to an intercept with Atreides, so I took my time to set one up; the maneuver would take place 56 minutes after planning was complete and was performed before the day was out - Howell closed to 1.2° off the plane of Atreides's orbit, with intercept for another 2 hours and 16 minutes from that point. 

That done and with a warp window still open, LSV House Harkonnen took the opportunity to begin her next interstellar tour.

♫ Star Trekkin' across the universe... ♫

The ship's tour began with a flyby to Moho.

♫ ... on the Starship Enterprise, under Captain Kirk!! ♫

Upon arrival in Moho's SOI, her mass driver was quickly activated, as was the mass driver aboard LSV House Corrino in Moho orbit at the time. Harkonnen shot enough Rocket Parts to Corrino to enable the latter to begin printing a Hellhound 7 rover and skycrane, which is planned to be used to conduct a ground survey of the planned site for the Moho outpost. Construction aboard Corrino commenced - construction time was estimated at 61 minutes. Meanwhile the ships' respective mass drivers were secured and Harkonnen warped over to Eve for a flyby, then departed for a flyby of Dres.

♫ Star Trekkin' across the universe / boldly going forward 'cuz we can't find reverse... ♫

At Dres, Harkonnen once again activated her mass driver, this time to receive a shipment of Xenon Gas from the Sleipnir A outpost on the surface. The amount received was not as much as I'd hoped - a mere 3000 units - but still helped Harkonnen's chronic Xenon shortage quite a bit.

Finally, the ship headed to Jool, arriving at 12,067 m/s. Three warp-back maneuvers later, she settled into a 5,692 by 5,345.7 kilometer, 2.28° inclined orbit. The multiple flybys satisfied many of the conditions of her passenger's contracts aside from scheduled landings in Jool's SOI - namely at Bop, Pol and Tylo. 

After a sixteen minute delay to finish seeing Harkonnen safely into Jool orbit, House Corrino printed, fueled and launched the Hellhound.

I love how these things always look like they're coming out at an angle. One of these days I'm going to get one stuck in there...

The Hound burned from Corrino's position to a retrograde equatorial orbit at 49 kilometers periapsis to end the day on Friday. Yesterday I finished bringing the craft to a 49.3x48.3 kilometer, 179.86° inclined orbit over Moho to await the go-ahead for landing, though not before conducting a burn to align the Auk XVI 12-passenger spaceplane en route back to Kerbin from Minmus with space station Kerbinport. Alignment was a success - the plane will arrive at a 47.5 kilometer periapsis over Kerbin in 47 hours and five minutes.

With the Hound printed and launched, all of her business over Moho complete and a warp window still open, House Corrino broke orbit and proceeded to warp to Kerbin, arriving at 11,769 m/s. After 32 warp-backs (including an interruption to have Eunice Howell burn to set a rendezvous with House Atreides in just under eight hours), Corrino settled into a 551.3 by 452.9 kilometer, 4.29° inclined orbit. Once orbit was secured, the G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft that she had hauled back from Moho orbit departed and proceeded to burn down into an equatorial orbit before de-orbiting.

Eh...took the screenie too late - that's not fire as much as contrails at this point...

The craft deorbited safely and splashed down in the ocean about 24 kilometers to the east of KSC, fulfilling the current exploration contract. It had been my hope that this would unlock the go-ahead for a Moho landing, but instead I got another contract for Dres. Apparently I had yet to return a craft to Kerbin's surface from Dres's surface. To rectify this state of affairs, this morning began at Sleipnir A, whose crew was ordered to begin printing up a GLOC 7a; print time was estimated at ninety minutes.

With a window open, Harkonnen proceeded with a warp to the first of its Jool destinations: Pol.

♫ Star Trekkin' across the universe / boldly going forward and things are getting worse... ♫

The maneuver to bleed off speed over Jool prior to the warp to Pol went well...a little too well, as it turned out. She arrived at 67 m/s and I inched her in to a position at 150 kilometers over Pol, but I was going so slow that that still put her on a suborbital trajectory; it was necessary to conduct a brief conventional radial-in burn to get her into a stable orbit at 359.9 by 30 kilometers at 136.04° inclination. That said, once she was in a stable orbit, I was able to allow J. G. Backus docked to Harkonnen to depart for space station Polport; owing to the fact that she was near the descending node already she was able to make an initial alignment burn with the station that set her just 9.3° off its plane. Another alignment burn is scheduled for five minutes hence.

So my plan for today is to get J.G. Backus over to Polport to get tourist Alzer Kerman down to the surface. Once that's done, Backus will head back to Harkonnen and she'll head over to Bop for the next leg of the trip. Meanwhile the GLOC at Dres is ready to go, so I'll need to launch it and get Corrino over to Dres, which will be a trickier, longer-term maneuver. I'm hoping that getting this GLOC to Kerbin will unlock a Moho landing; Corrino will be overseeing base construction there as usual. I might also see about getting Atreides back to Kerbin today if time permits; she's scheduled to take twenty colonists to Laythe at this point in what is liable to be a pretty complex set of maneuvers. Still got another Kerbin-orbiting rescue to do, still have surveys at Eve and Bop to do, still have drilling at Bop to do and I'm still fiddling with that stationary-orbit satellite at Dres (which at this point is hacking me off). Plenty going on at the moment. I'll keep y'all appraised.

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Probably my longest payload to rocket ratio so far :D





3 deep space RemoteTech relays in a polar orbit, these communicated with the KSC via the existing 4 satellite constellation in equatorial orbit, and the big dishes should be able to see anywhere in the solar system.  Hopefully the 1500km altitude should mean they don't get eclipsed very often


The second stage that was used to get the satellites in to their resonant orbit then dropped in to a slightly lower orbit with the ScanSat SAR scanner




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( KSP 1.7.3 -- Kerbal-Sized RSS )

Today is the final update on this version of KSP...  It also ends in a very Kerbal way.  All that remained was to explore the 2 moons of Saturn that are in this mod.

The first one was none other than Enceladus !  I tried to capture the plumes that it put out on camera but to no avail.

Same deal on the surface, but the view is no less beautiful.


Then we found out we had a transfer window to our last destination RIGHT NOW... Okay, let's go then !

Arrival at Titan after 7 or so days of maneuvers and waiting.  Much like Eve, in order to get to Titan's secrets, you have to peak underneath her clouds.

It's a good thing we checked the numbers... Did you know that Titan's atmosphere extends to 165km ?  It almost ended in disaster as my original orbit was around 60km !!!

Parachutes popped... should be an uneventful, gentle drop to the surface right?  Well, Kind of...

See, our engineer forgot to repack the 6 additional chutes near the docking port.  He went out to do that (high atmo and all so "it's gonna be fine!" - he said)
Well he couldn't reach them using the ladders...
 - "I'm gonna let go for a moment guys, this won't take long"
 ---- "I don't think that's such a good..."
 - "Oh sh.... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...................."
 ---- "... idea!"
Here goes one of our Engineer.   Good news is that with his suit parachute he should be fine landing on the surface.  Bad news is that he could land many dozens of kilometers away from the landing site.

Now you'd think that would be the worst of it?  HAH... think again.
The Scientist wanted to perform EVA science in lower atmo.
 ---- "You've seen what that did for our engineer... Not worth it"
 - "That idiot only ended up skydiving because he let go of the ladder, I'm not that stupid... come on this is only going to take a second"
( He gets outside )
 - "My the winds are a lot stronger that I thought they would be... OK, taking those quick readings...  Now to get in... woooaaaa... eeeeek... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........................."
 ---- "Not again !"
And there goes our Scientist.  Now this is just going fine now is it?   Still ISN'T the worst of it tho.

And we finally touched down.  A nice flatlands with a large lake of Kethane to explore close to the North-west.

Customary flag when landing on a new place...

 ---- "Ok, Jetpacks works very well here, we just have to wait for our engineer and our scientist to arrive, and then we can check that Kethane lake out, then head home."
 - "Uhhh, sir?"
 ---- "What?  What's with that expression on your face... What's wrong NOW !?"
 - "Well you know how our dual 'Sundog' engine are a derivate of Ion technology right?  Well, it seems the atmosphere of Titan chokes them, and they each only produce 12KN of thrust on the surface."
 ---- "Are you telling me we're actually... Oh I don't know... STUCK ON THIS MOON ?"
 - (Eeep!)  "Yes sir.  That's exactly what it is."
 ---- "Of all the places... We don't even have a Rover to pass the time.  Looks like we COLONIZED Titan after all."


And thus, this is how it all ends up for 1.7.3.  In a very Kerbal way and I had lots of fun.
See you guys around in 1.8.1 or more in the future ! :) 



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6 hours ago, Francois424 said:

 ---- "What?  What's with that expression on your face... What's wrong NOW !?"
 - "Well you know how our dual 'Sundog' engine are a derivate of Ion technology right?  Well, it seems the atmosphere of Titan chokes them, and they each only produce 12KN of thrust on the surface."
 ---- "Are you telling me we're actually... Oh I don't know... STUCK ON THIS MOON ?"

THAT, has got to be, the MOST kerbal ending, I've ever seen.


6 hours ago, Francois424 said:

"Of all the places... We don't even have a Rover to pass the time.  Looks like we COLONIZED Titan after all."


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7 hours ago, michaelbezos1 said:

Please https://rocketlaunches.webnode.com/rocketskerbalspaceprogram/#&gid=1&pid=2 here is my first rocket after previous it so ugly as I can't overcome the obstacles to launch but I have all time all i n all my computer is not the fastest


It's quite a nice rocket but you could improve it; add some boosters and pilot it well and you could easily make orbit!

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I've been testing out gliders recently. As there are no thermals or indeed any wind to speak of in KSP, they're never gonna soar, but I'm having great fun optimising glide ratios and throwing them off cliffs. 


The large conventional sailplanes are nice and docile to fly, but the hang gliders are a fun challenge:


You may notice that I've put little "glide extender" rockets on these, just to get a bit more airtime out of them!

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Last 24 hours have been reasonably active for me. The period both began and ended with J. G. Backus recently delivered to orbit of Pol via LSV House Harkonnen, which is in a highly inclined and retrograde orbit her own self at the moment. Having arrived in orbit close to the descending node with space station Polport, Backus conducted a burn first to align itself with Polport's plane and then conducted a burn to take her to rendezvous in five hours and 41 minutes. That job done, my attention switched over to the Sleipnir A outpost on Dres, which had completed its print of a G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin capsule sixteen minutes hence. The capsule was fueled up and then successfully launched to a 22.7 by 20.7 kilometer, 1.63° inclined orbit to await pickup. That job remains a high priority for my program at the moment, as the return of a capsule to Kerbin from Dres's surface is likely the only thing currently preventing me from getting the go ahead to land a craft on Moho.

LSV House Corrino's warp from Kerbin orbit to Dres was, unfortunately, delayed a little bit due to an upcoming KAC alarm for that damn Boop-Boop 7x probe I've been trying to stick in a stationary orbit over Dres for the last couple of weeks. I figured I probably wouldn't have any better luck this time around, so I headed out there thirty minutes early to see where things stood. Lo and behold, though, I was over the target point and in a position where a quick radial burn would put me within the target orbital parameters, so that happened - the probe burned to a 747.6 by 716.9 kilometer, 0.00° inclined orbit to finally close out the contract.

And what did I get for a replacement? A satellite contract for Dres...this one for a tundra orbit at least. Crying out LEEEEERRRRRROOOOY JEEEEEEENNNNKKIIINNNNS!!! at the top of my lungs, the contract was accepted and a Boop-Boop 7w probe was ordered up at the Nullus Recogitet Shipyard over Dres. Total print time was 83 minutes.

Taking opportunity of the window to do so, House Corrino broke orbit over Kerbin and warped to a position 1.25 Gm over Kerbol to begin the process of slowing down enough to enter orbit at Dres, taking of the opportunity to auto-recharge her Exotic Matter tanks while she was at it.

At this range, those Gigantors produce tremendous amounts of power, though it occurs to me that this screenshot would be even more impressive had I actually had the XM generator turned on at the time...

Corrino eventually slowed sufficiently and warped to Dres, arriving at 289.1 m/s and immediately establishing herself in a 64.9 by 10.1 kilometer, 115.13° inclined orbit (i.e. close, highly inclined and retrograde). Periapsis was a bit too low for comfort (though above the hard deck for Dres), so a conventional radial burn took place to change that to a 70.6 by 65.0 kilometer orbit instead.

The launch of the probe at NRS was delayed two hours and 21 minutes thanks to Corrino's warp maneuvering, so that took place next - the probe was fueled and then launched, then burned to an initial 60.5 by 16.4 kilometer, 114.88° inclined orbit. Prior to the second of the probe's burns, though, Eunice Howell finally arrived at her rendezvous with LSV House Atreides over Gilly after a flight of at least twelve hours, counting the diversion of the craft from her original rendezvous with space station Gillyport.

Off-center, because its artsy-fartsy. Also Gilly's not in view thanks to lighting issues. This is a pretty boring screenshot and I probably wouldn't have posted it, but I only took two yesterday....

Howell docked with Atreides without incident. My day yesterday ended with a second burn of the Boop-Boop 7w over Dres, taking it to a 1,445.1 by 25.6 kilometer, 116.58° inclined orbit. This wasn't quite enough to grab the contract - the periapsis is about eight kilometers too high at the moment but the rest of the parameters are spot-on for the contract involved, so I'll have to deal with that when the probe gets closer to periapsis in about four hours' time.

Earlier this morning, House Atreides conducted the maneuver to take her back over to Eve orbit, ramping up before establishing herself in a 701.4 by 616.0 kilometer, 11.25° inclined orbit. Once there, she transferred fuel from her reserves to Eunice Howell while tourist Obsen Kerman boarded Strange Cargo currently docked to Atreides, while rescuee engineer Stelgard Kerman boarded Atreides's Bigby workshop module. Howell then departed for her assigned berth at space station Eveport, aligning to within 0.24° of the station and setting an intercept point for sixteen minutes later. I'd've stuck with Howell to get her burn for rendezvous done, but J. G. Backus arrived at her rendezvous with Polport at that point. Docking there went off without issues and Backus was refueled from the station's stores. I had worried about the presence/absence of a lander at the station but found that I did indeed have a Spamcan 7 2-passenger monopropellant lander awaiting use at Polport, so tourist Alzer Kerman boarded the craft at that point. Alzer is currently still at Polport but his scheduled surface excursion will likely happen during my next KSP session.

So at the moment I've got a lot of stuff needing to get going places. I need to get the G-LOC to House Corrino (I need to conduct the burns there), I need to get Alzer down to Pol then back up so that Backus can get back to Harkonnen and then Harkonnen can get on to Bop, I need to get Eunice Howell to Eveport and I need to get House Atreides back to Kerbin. If I get the G-LOC to Corrino, I need to get Corrino back to Kerbin as quickly as can be managed. Assuming all these parts get done moving to their respective destinations, I've got the probe over Dres to position, another rescue mission to get underway at Kerbin, a large pair of colonization missions for Laythe to commence, and a couple of hopefully small jobs at Bop to get done. Still plenty going on at the moment; hoping things will calm down fairly soon. I'll let y'all know how things go.

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Some might say the landing capsule plus engine is a shoddy design, those landing legs an afterthought in case we return with enough dV to do more than burn away the ablator, and that we should have aimed for a splashdown.

Some might say even this first welcoming party should be more than Valentina, especially given she had to sit this one out, but she flew four of the nine Kerpollo missions, only one less than Jeb, and is one of us.

We are the team that left flags and footprints on all the planets and moons in the whole system where a kerbal can set foot and live. We spent 31 years discovering new horizons, turning our home system from one big unknown into a playground for the whole kerbalkind.

We do deserve this moment. We're home.

Only one question remains - where do we head now?screenshot562.png


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(1.8.1, DLC's [MH & BG], some basic mods)

First and foremost I not only made it with an orbit around minmus but landed on it for the very 1st time! WOOOT!
The only landing I have ever made as well, since I started to enjoy this space program for a little over 3 months now.

The past few days I have been watching videos by a cool KSP player called DocSkilz. He was in a hard mode play and built a ship to bring him to minmus. I was almost at the same tier as he was so I built mine very similar to his with about the same Delta V and structure for this 1st time ever mission for me. I put a bit more dv into it myself just to be safe, being still a bit clumsy. He named his spacecraft Basilia after some names he got from a D&D reference, so to honor his mission, I called mine Basilia 2.

Last week I got a contract from Gene Kerman to bring only Jebediah around minmus for only 1 orbit and come home. So being that this video was so close to my contract, I decided to try and land Jeb on minmus as well, get science and plant my 1st flag on another world.  

Here is the mission with Jeb flying Basilia 2 to minmus. Thanks Doc for all your help.






Finally got to minmus.


Mission objective achieved!




Down to minmus we go....



Drifting forward just a little bit; that's good. 


Contact Light, Shutdown, Okay. Engine Stop. KSC, Basilia 2 has landed!













“That’s one small step for a kerbal, one giant leap for kerbalkind.”


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12 minutes ago, έķ νίĻĻάίή said:

Duna? Seems reasonable 

Ummmm... Been there, done that? My post was to celebrate completion of the Kerpollo challenge, so even that team has been to Duna, and the question was a rhetorical one, given the challenge does require one to land on all the planets and moons save Jool.

And I've landed on Duna a few more times too, in another playthrough:


14 minutes ago, Saturn5tony said:

“That’s one small step for a kerbal, one giant leap for kerbalkind.”

I wonder how many of us wrote something like this the first time we've managed to plant a flag on Mun, or on Minmus, whichever was first.

I certainly did :)

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