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What did you do in KSP today?

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:science: The final trip to the Sun for Erlo :science:

Well as of another trip (posted above ) where I brought 4 kerbals to land on Minmus, Erlo Kerman needed that trip too but the only one that also had to go around the Sun (Kerbol) as well by himself. This is his trip to the Sun in my rocket Basilia III. A three kerban capsule. I also did a swing by to Minmus for Tangee Kerman for an orbit but that was a quick jump on the way to Kerbals star.

The missions for Erlo and Tangee:  Valentina was the pilot again, but Sally Kerman had the week off.

(yea no landings here, but the Basilia craft of mine, with great fuel tanks had the gear already)



Erlo's trip is completed  (wow I did need a bit more delta-v to get there) Thank you DvMap!Erlostrip2.jpg


Back to home: (lost two of the mono-propellant tanks on re-entry ... ahh yea.. I planned it that way, hehe)



Not a bad ride for 250,000 kerbucks and two happy Kerbals!

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Didn't have a whole lot of time, but managed to make a rocket in JNSQ that can (barely) send a Mk1 pod into orbit with <18 tons and <30 parts.  Of course, it required Hydrolox engines from Cryogenic Engines, which I'm sure are nowhere close to the bottom of the tech tree - I'm just experimenting in sandbox for now, to relearn KSP in the larger scale.  The 7 m/s dV remaining after entering an 88x86 km orbit were enough to drop my Pe to just over 60 km, allowing Jeb to reenter.  Eventually.


Second stage, still on Hydrolox.  Only the 3rd stage used to LFO




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Beside having time to go to mcdonalds, either tesco spend the night there and play kerbal space station or develop at any other progressive way i decide to sleep excessively [in the dirty car] as it gives me happiness, but today 06.02.202 plan to change the habit as time in Mcdonalds give happiness as well. 

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Well, as much as i hate it, getting sick has actually given me the time to fully finish my venator replica.


I think it came out rather solid especially with a part count that is at the least managable (its nothing to be amazed with, but it does have under 600 parts and is 10 parst less then my other cruiser sized vessel the Dimension class (which is super vaguely based on the providence albeit with alot of edits as i never meant it to be a true authentic replica, mostly just inspired by the shape).


Armor is not too bad, withstands SRMs fairly well (those are like my standard weapons on most ships so thats fine), and its hit/miss against heavy torpedoes (if you manage to nail the core with 1 its autokilled, but its a very hard shot to pull off).




And the most important part, actual working doors (to save parts i didnt quite use as many segments as its supposed to have, but the door is rather huge thanks to the dual segmented design (i can easily get every light fighter in through it, only some heavy fighters/bombers wont fit).

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Today I spent banging my head against multiple walls and pretty much had zero fun in KSP.

1)  Missing smoke trails from several engines - updated Restock & Restock+ (no help), tried a test install with no other mods except Restock (still no help), cussed, went back to my main install to deal with a different issue...

2) Ridiculously high drag on some Airplane Plus parts - installed latest version of Airplane Plus - no change, most of the 1.875m aircraft parts still have drag values as much as 10x higher than stock parts in 1.8.1.  Heck with this, I'm at least going to do something fun with an airplane today....

3) Tinkered with a DLC prop plane - got up to a whopping 4.3 m/s on the runway.  Cussed. Reverted.  Made the engine stronger & tried again.  Reached 6 m/s.  Cussed some more.  Reverted.  Exited KSP, shut off game computer, and came on the forums to vent.

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1 hour ago, Cavscout74 said:

3) Tinkered with a DLC prop plane - got up to a whopping 4.3 m/s on the runway.  Cussed. Reverted.  Made the engine stronger & tried again.  Reached 6 m/s.  Cussed some more.  Reverted.  Exited KSP, shut off game computer, and came on the forums to vent.

I can't help you with the other stuff, but propellers are something I've played with a little. From what I've learned, the blade needs to have a positive angle of attack with the air flow, which is a composite vector of both the air flow relative to the vehicle and the rotational velocity of the blade. So the "thrust" generated by a propeller is a function of three things: vehicle air speed, angular velocity of the rotor, and blade pitch angle.

You can think of the velocity vector as having the plane's air speed as the horizontal component and rotation as the vertical component, and the pitch angle needs to be adjusted to have a slightly positive angle with that vector at the current flight condition. Not only that, but as you increase speed the direction of the air velocity vector changes, decreasing your angle of attack or even making it negative, which creates reverse thrust, so you HAVE to adjust pitch angle during flight to get to any significant speed. To make it even more complicated, propellers are apparently the only part that KSP models as an actual airfoil, meaning that the blades can stall with high enough angle of attack and not generate thrust/lift.

So at any given speed and RPM, there's a narrow range of pitch angles that will actually provide thrust; too low and you have a negative angle of attack, too high and the blade stalls. The best control scheme I've come up with so far is to bind pitch angle to the main throttle axis, set torque limit to maximum, and set the motor to toggle with an action group.

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5 hours ago, Cavscout74 said:

3) Tinkered with a DLC prop plane - got up to a whopping 4.3 m/s on the runway.  Cussed. Reverted.  Made the engine stronger & tried again.  Reached 6 m/s.  Cussed some more.  Reverted.  Exited KSP, shut off game computer, and came on the forums to vent.

It helps to have:

#1: variable pitch props, bound to an axis group so you can change them all simultaneously

#2: Counter rotating props so that you don't need to worry about torque

#3: A props' part window open, so you can see the AoA of the prop blade, or use the aerodynamic overlay.

sOkgIWq.png (1280×720)



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On 2/3/2020 at 10:52 AM, Warmachine said:

I'm building something.... big...

Project Tourmaline is the code name for this mothership-style interplanetary craft. I play with life support, so when considering things like a training mission to Jool, I need to contend with the fact that my Kerbals will need sufficient facilities to keep them alive for multiple years in space. I'm missing a few technologies I want before actually starting to assemble this thing-namely some of the more advanced nuclear reactors and nuclear engines my mods provide, but this is the general idea.

The TWR of this thing is more akin to something powered by ion engines, but given that as of writing, with all 8 cargo containers full of fertilizer (a very unrealistic payload for this thing), it clocks in at 315 tons "fully assembled." This will only go up once the reactor is installed, a proper nuclear engine is installed, and the docking arms are completed.

I still haven't figured out two things: what kind of lander to build, and how to deal with turning this thing and keeping it stable. I figure I just need to hide reaction wheels somewhere (sticking them in random places looks really ugly), but also there's also an argument to just bite the bullet and include LFO verniers.



Edit: I finished a prototype and took it on a hyperedit test flight. Unity blew up when I tried to view the Jool system though...





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Geez, has it really been a week since my last post on this thread? I wish I had better news to report to y'all today, but owing to multiple events in RL this past week coupled with a vertiable shoal of Krakens (there appears to be some debate on whether you call a group of cephalopods a 'shoal' or a 'squad' - though in the case of KSP, calling them a 'Squad of Krakens' fits in more ways that one), I don't have much at all. At least, not much that counts.

So I mentioned last week that I was getting geared up for a gigantic tourist mission to multiple points in the system, and I had largely spent the 30th with design and construction work. I had missed actually beginning the construction on one of the newly designed craft - the Spamcan 7e six-passenger lander designed for Tylo - so my day last Friday began at the Nomina Perplexa Yards in Tylo orbit. After receiving a supply of Rocket Parts via mass driver from the Usumacinta outpost on the surface, NPY began printing the new lander; it should be done in twelve hours and 39 minutes. Job under way, my next job was to check on the Hellhound 7 rover and skycrane I'd lithobraked onto the surface of Moho at the tail end of business on the 30th. As previously mentioned, the only equipment loss in that landing was the two Terrier engines on the skycrane; the rover itself was intact and ready to use, so I cut it loose from the skycrane and drove it 485.5 meters to the southwest of the landing site to the previously designated landing coordinates. Wasn't off the mark by much as it turned out.

Of course the landing took place at night...do you have any idea how long the nights last on Moho? I'd hope so - I put the data up in this screenie, apparently, so it's right there...

After verifying the target coordinates were in the Midlands and my orbital biome resource scans were accurate, the next task for the newly frocked Hotel 1 rover was to find nearby Highland biomes. Here's where I messed up a bit - the rover set off initially to the west and later to the west-northwest, eventually finding Highland biomes 19.7 kilometers away from the target zone. Turning on biomes via the debug menu, I was surprised to see that it looked like Highland biomes should've been right by the landing site, so Hotel 1 returned to the target coordinates and then proceeded east...finding them a mere 770 meters away. Going west instead of east wound up costing me a fair chunk of time...

Despite the debacle, Hotel 1 was able to verify the orbital biome resource scans for the Highlands, confirming the viability of the target site for a surface outpost. The area in a two kilometer radius was plowshared into flatness via Kerbal Konstructs in preparation for the landing of the TBD 7e Moho and crew already in orbit, which was next on the task list and about as far as I can talk about things - this event has been reverted twice already, with the latest revert happening just this morning...

TBD 7e Moho preparing for the first landing attempt.

So with the first landing attempt, the lander came down a whopping 2.4 kilometers to the north-northwest of the target zone, tipped and pinned the rover to the ground on its side, ending my activities for the day on the 31st. Reverting, the second attempt happened the next day, with a much better landing 927 meters off the target and the rover landing on its wheels. The newly designated Hotel 2 rover drove the distance to the target site, at which point engineer Gwenuki Kerman got out of the rover and began setting up the initial set of base equipment to bring the Aban Pearl outpost on the surface of Moho into existence.

Gwenuki deploying the Ponderosa, the base's first structure. Damn but I wish this had turned out better than it ultimately did...

I had all the initial base equipment out by day's end and had engineer Anemy Kerman take the unloaded rover over to the Highlands to begin drilling Exotic Minerals, but that's about the time the Krakens started swimming by. First, they detached the Pondarosa from the Saddle, then glued a Mineshaft in place such that the game thought it was the root part of the base (so I couldn't move it, even though I really needed to do so at that point), and finally the OSE Workshop decided it didn't want to work for me, which was particularly annoying given that A) I had tested its functionality in the litterbox right after I'd installed 1.8.1 and B) I needed it in order to expand the base. The final straw was when the game killed Anemy for no reason whatsoever. Didn't destroy the rover or anything...just killed a kerbal sitting in a command pod. That was Saturday...and I haven't had a chance to play since then up until this morning, reverting all the way back to the TBD landing. Landing could've gone a little better but the TBD is down on its wheels about 500 meters to the west-southwest of the target, assuming it's still there next time I fire the game up...

So, assuming the rover is actually intact, I'll be re-beginning construction on Aban Pearl today. If it's not I'll be reverting for yet another landing attempt. I might go back into the litterbox to re-verify that OSE actually works, and if it does then it's likely the problem is with the persistence file itself. Considering this particular career save got started back in 1.4.x, that wouldn't be surprising honestly. But it sure as hell would be annoying.

Other things on the to-do list (haven't hardly played for a week,  so a lot of this is rehashing for myself) include getting LSV House Harkonnen over from Bop to Tylo, getting a plane pier up at space station Munport when possible and conducting a test flight of the Auk XVIII 20-passenger spaceplane when I can. Six contracts ride on the next interplanetary expedition, five more are in progress, I need to get a craft back from Tylo's surface to finish the exploration mission, and then the other two are drilling at Mun (I thought it was Duna - better double-check that) and a long-delayed survey mission to Eve's north pole.

Hoping I have better luck and something more exciting to report to y'all come Monday.

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Here's a few pictures from the beginning of my mission to resupply and replenish the current crew aboard space station Mir.







Mods: AlphaMensae's Modular Launch Pads and Tantares 

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I finished the Neptune IV mission, at last. For those of you who don't know, it involved a 20-person SSTO that flew around Laythe and collected scientific data.



  • The Neptune IV landed in Kerbin's desert.


After that, I took a team photograph in front of the Neptune Memorial - which is what remains of the spacecraft used during the Neptune missions

  • Neptune I: the crew capsule and the science bay
  • Neptune II: just the MJ control module.
    • The rest of it was destroyed upon re-entry
  • Neptune III: the Mun Hopper model that was used
    • All tanks are drained
  • Neptune IV: the Poseidon plane
    • All tanks are drained



  • All 12 Neptune kerbalnauts (from I to IV) parked in front of the Neptune Memorial
    • There were supposed to be 13, but Nathan's dead. We decided to leave a seat empty in his memory.
    • Ludlong Kerman (M)
      • Neptune I
      • Mission Pilot
    • (EMPTY - Originally for Nathan Kerman (M))
      • Neptune I
      • On-board engineer
        • DECEASED
    • Matster Kerman (M)
      • Neptune I
      • Scientist
    • Johnfrid Kerman (M)
      • Neptune II
      • Scientist
    • Enmal Kerman (M)
      • Neptune III
      • Engineer
    • Lodock Kerman (M)
      • Neptune III
      • Pilot
    • Jebediah Kerman (M)
      • Pilot
    • Bob Kerman (M)
      • Scientist
    • Gralin Kerman (F)
      • Scientist
    • Tragee Kerman (F)
      • Engineer
    • Shelus Kerman (M)
      • Engineer
    • Valentina Kerman (F)
      • Pilot
    • Bill Kerman (M)
      • Engineer


A day later, a Mun Hopper that was taking two tourists to Pol returned to Kerbin. I was almost out of fuel, but I had managed to land at the KSC safely.



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On 2/5/2020 at 1:11 PM, Mars-Bound Hokie said:

I got bored and built a replica of the SR-71 Blackbird

One thing leads to another.  This lead me to Mars-Bound Hokie's Amphibian, and thence a design by Val, which brought me to my very first entirely satisfactory true hydrofoil, Phenomenon Sea Spray:


Depending upon fuel load, it cruises between 60-80 m/s, very solid on the water with no predilection for "rocking", spinning, flipping or taking to air.

On after-burner, it will accelerate to 135 m/s, all steady.  Nearing empty fuel, my test pilots found it's a good idea to keep progress under 150 m/s, though.  Range is 150+ km.


Then I turned to NickBDesign's excellently-appealing Adartia narrow design.  I just had to make a stock version to see what this machine is like.

uEzMHGG.png   IzsWIze.png

I can only comment on the stock version I made.  Trues out at 608 m/s (Mach 2) at 8.3km and has the range to circumnavigate.  Very nice to fly, but then I love any machine that will stay in the sky with me.

Scary-as-heck to land, though, as it does prefer a hot landing (120 m/s), with chute ejection one meter, level above the runway.  Then hands-off and let the silk fly the landing roll.

I call mine, Dagger.  (I'd publish this one, as it is pure stock and 3 kerbals, but not without the Creator's permission.)


Update: I did attempt a more conventional rendition and called it Flapjack.  I thought it was different enough to publish.  It's not as scary to land, though, which I think is a pity.



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I saw one of the past posts some 5 yearas 

I saw one of the post with the plans of 5 years docking or sth sth. Copying speeches of Charlie Mungers(WArren Buffet right hand) i would say I like long time planners who figure out what works over the long time. Long time planning, investing is even more than welcome to implement at many fields. 


I promised 2 days in the row i will play and make development in this beautiful game but i again slept in the car (9 hours or sth simmilar) as it is so pleasant but i plan to overcome this lossess now turning on the computer. 


Yesterday i stucked at the mun rover scenario as i could not even move the machine. Please help with the mun rover as it is as welcome as constructive. 


Much love:> 

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Turned on the game made some progress pictures and videos but at uknown reason could not put it on youtube as i do not know why. I could place in on dropbox but it takes time anyway will make publish after at my website but generally i clicked the mun rover scenario and at uknown reason took me to the screen where it is building assembly construction, trackisng stations etc not to the moon and to the movement of rover. 


Can you help me please switch to the movement of the rover. 

Generally i should be on this level with my progress 


so i am helll behing :/ 

Much love:> 


Keeps the things together. 

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I put my Duna rocket on steam, and did a mission to showcase it. My boys club did a pinpoint landing to get to a solar panel and coms dish to set up a science station at the remains of an abandoned rover. Fuel margins were so thin that a tug had to collect the gang from orbit.













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Busy times in my contractless career game.

Val and Jeb conducted the first rendezvous and docking. This was complicated by the two vehicles being long spindly things, which made lining up trickier that usual.


Then it was off to the Mun for the dynamic duo, with Val making the trip to the surface.




FInally a solo mission for Jeb to the minty spud, better known as Minmus.


Due to the 30 parts limit the VAB had at the time (it was upgraded on Jeb's return) the lander had to set down on it's engine, which meant it toppled over, as soon as Jeb exited the hatch.

Fortunately the gravity is so low that the SAS in the capsule is more than sufficient to right it before liftoff.


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