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What did you do in KSP today?

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The KTS Morning reached Moho from Eve and made an extremely long arrival burn of 28 minutes, and still needed to do a second circularization burn. The reason it took so long is that I was worried the mining lander wouldn't have the thrust or delta V needed to refuel the Morning from Moho's surface, so before leaving Gilly, I filled the miner with as much ore and liquid fuel as it could carry, hoping that if worse came to worst, Morning could ditch the miner at Moho and have enough fuel left to make it back to Kerbin on its own without refueling.




Mobin, Wilory and Halul took the lander down to the surface and spent a few weeks biome-hopping around. While not a full science ship (it's primarily a miner, after all) it has enough of the smaller instruments make a worthwhile survey of the planet, and the fact that it can refuel itself more than makes up for it's large size. Flags were planted and rocks were tasted tested. Wilory got a sunburn.



This is actually the first time I've been to Moho, so of course I had to go see the Mohole.



With the survey completed, it was time to start refueling the Morning. Fortunately my fears were unfounded and at half ore tanks the miner was able to return to orbit within a comfortable margin. Only three trips were needed to completely refuel the transfer vehicle, giving a total delta V (with miner) of about 5600 m/s. In about three months the KTS Morning will burn for the Eve system to drop off the miner in Gilly's orbit, and then will be home-ward bound for Kerbin.


Mission album, because I take way too many screenshots:



















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Well, my recent spate of bad luck has yet to fully abate, though I can report significantly fewer cephalopodae sightings over the weekend than in recent days.

No real progress to report, I'm afraid. I spent much of my day on Friday in my litterbox with the veterans on the ground plus rookie-hire engineer Donwin Kerman and a TBD 7e base-seeding rover. I was going through the initial base-building process and and checking to see if my recent problems with the interaction of OSE Workshop and Pathfinder were endemic to my venerable career save or if they were also present in a 1.8.x-native save. The end conclusion of the testing was that the latest versions of OSE and Pathfinder are not playing together, unfortunately. This is something that, had I realized it sooner, would've been a deal-breaker for my upgrade to 1.8.x from 1.6.1. Too late now, of course...

Went to my career save to open up the nascent Aban Pearl outpost on Moho, which immediately combusted spontaneously. Revert time.

Alright Gwenuki, take 4,728. Let's get it right this time, shall we? and....action!

So I spent the rest of my working time on Friday building Aban Pearl from scratch yet again. I can report that things went a little bit more smoothly this time around and when I opened the base up this morning nothing detonated, so there is that.

Aban Pearl on Moho, in what are still - and i emphasize still - early days.

I do have a plan for the base's expansion to full operational status though. Despite the difficulties, production of Rocket Parts is under way and the base shipped with a Rangeland remote launch site, so it occurs to me that I can print up modules in the same way that I'm building craft at my various bases around the system at the moment. I think I'll mainly do Storage Chuckwagons, which I can pack with parts in the SPH and then deflate for deployment elsewhere in the base. It's a plan that should (keyword: should) work, though it does mean I'll need to get to doing some hopefully rudimentary design work in the very near future.

To support this plan and to go ahead with normal base-building operations, earlier this morning engineer Gwenuki Kerman aboard the Hotel 2 rover drove close to the extant storage Chuckwagon at Pearl. Pilot Shepry Kerman went on EVA and together the two kerbals hoisted one of the spare SAFER reactors into a position above Hotel 2's command cabin. While they were out, Gwenuki went ahead and attached the Rangeland to the Rocket Parts Chuckwagon on the other side of the base. Gwenuki then re-boarded Hotel 2 and drove the 750 meter distance to the Highlands to begin mining Exotic Minerals. At the current rate of extraction, that effort should conclude in about four hours. At some point along the line I lost Shepry; I'm thinking it was when Gwenuki attached the Rangeland to the base, since I'd left him hanging onto a ladder while the SAFER was being mounted. I dug into the persistence file after the session was over to see if I could perform some necromancy and get Shepry back; I won't know if I was successful or not until I next visit Pearl...

Only other thing that I managed to do was to have engineer Monty Kerman at the C. P. Baker outpost on Laythe reconnect all the Mineshaft crew tubes to one another, putting that base back together; I'd gone out there to launch a spaceplane, but owing to that activity I ran out of time, so that becomes another item for the next session.

So my plan for today is to continue to look for a version of the OSE Workshop mod that played nicely with Pathfinder and in the meantime design a care package for Pearl to print up and use as a backup plan. I've got a few craft whose prints are now done or about to finish up, so I need to go ahead and get those launched and ready for their respective missions, and I generally need to try to get everything else I had going on back on track (lost the whole week last week after all). I'm hopeful that my luck will change for the better soon and I can have something a little more substantial to talk about with y'all in the near future. Wish me luck.

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Hi guys today postponing due to windows problems again at laptop fortunately the service in Chelmsford made cheaper their installation and i will make picture of receipt this time and save in email format as they told me they will also insert cheaper ss drive which they said will fasten the computer so maybe i could paly even the car mechanic simulator 2018 with bigger efficiency which is same powerful game. 


Much love: > 

Keeps the thigns together. 

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TAC has been bugging me about my Minmus base running low on food. I have the ability to generate it there, but I don't think the drills can keep up with what I'm asking of my converters. It isn't helped by my low level engineers and the fact I landed the thing on the flats, which has the lowest ore abundancy on Minmus. I think I need to design and build a mining vessel purely for suborbital hops to the highlands, whose sole purpose will be to drill where it's abundant, store vast amounts of ore, and hop back to the main base. Or maybe it's time for a second Minmus base to handle all that.

Nevertheless, today so far I've sent a small vessel here from Kerbin with a few more years of life support for the base. It's off to the top left of the image.

Simple Logistics is a fantastic mod. Means I don't have to faff around with pipes. I don't use pipes only because they've made my ground bases explode before. When I set down next to the base with something, I get an engineer out, EVA around the craft, and imagine he's checking systems, then connecting hoses from the base to the lander. Simple Logistics then lets me transfer stuff around without fuss. Here's hoping in KSP2 we get transfer pipes or hoses.


This base is slightly hampered by the heat radiators that spin at the top of the main tower. They get in the way of large EL crafts, and I have to time my launch so the Sun is overhead and the panels are straight up and down. Been thinking about another launchpad off to one side so that isn't an issue, but really it just means I have to turn wide stuff 90 degrees in the VAB/SPH before attempting the build.


Sarnus probe away! 

With 12.3 kms, this probe will cruise to sarnus over the next 7 years, then spend several years conducting experiments and mapping the system for potential colony sites for the sleeper ship which will depart during the next transfer window with 5 Kerbals and a ground base. The probe is a modified lithium based interplanetary transfer stage designed to push stuff around, so it has RCS jets, but I took the RCS out of the tank to reduce weight for the Sarnus transfer. The tank has a lot of stuff attached to it and I didn't want to redesign the whole thing so 12.3 kms should be enough to capture, then fly around to everything and SCANsat it all to death. Then I'll probably send it into Sarnus for atmospheric science or leave it in orbit as a relay.


Identical ones have now been sent to Urlum, Neidon, Eve, and Duna.

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Spent a little time messing around in my JNSQ game - built a fairly low tech rocket capable of putting a single kerbal into orbit with <18 tons on the pad.   Actually ended up with 84 m/s remaining in the tanks in an 86x94 km orbit.

Second stage climbing through the atmosphere


Second stage separation, third stage ignition


Val performing an EVA in low orbit


First sunset


Safely splashed down


I also placed a relay/science satellite into high orbit using the same launcher



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To finish the day off, and my last of three days off work... :( ... I decided to crew and fuel my Mun station, recently sent over after being built at my Minmus ground base.

Crew arriving from Kerbin - the Poodle pushing the thing wasn't quite as strong as I might have thought, and during velocity matching, it actually passed right between the radiators and the trusses for the solar panels. It was a very Kerbal approach.


Then I decided to finally get some fuel to the Mun SOI fuel tanker in a wonky orbit. It used all its fuel to get to the Mun, and had nothing left to land at the ground base with, so I sent an orange tank from Minmus station to the Mun full of fuel, using a lithium tug. At the same time, I decided the Mun station could use more life support for the recently arrived crew. Minmus ground base still had a small life support lander sent from Kerbin over half full, so I got it to hitch a ride on the lithium tanker with the orange tank. The MPD thrust is small enough and each has a reaction wheel, so the off center thrust wasn't an issue at all. Poking a grappler through the engine bell is EXTREMELY realistic.


After getting to a stable Mun orbit, the life support lander docked with the Mun station.


Burning to match velocities with the fuel deprived tanker, I noticed Kerbin had encountered what looked like a rogue black hole:


Fearing the worst, I checked KSC, and nothing was on fire, and the black hole was gone. I can only surmise the Kraken is playing its usual jokes from Dres. Probably because I skipped over Dres yet again when sending probes out.

Oh, and probes have now been sent to Eve, Duna, Sarnus, Neidon, Jool, Urlum. 

I'm still planning on a colony ship to Laythe and perhaps Tekto, and am now thinking about finding the wormholes to Alpha Kerbani, as plotting a standard transfer there was going to result in an eighty-five thousand year voyage. Yeah. Gonna go find those wormholes around Jool tomorrow, maybe send something through.

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49 minutes ago, Immashift said:

Fearing the worst, I checked KSC, and nothing was on fire, and the black hole was gone. I can only surmise the Kraken is playing its usual jokes from Dres. Probably because I skipped over Dres yet again when sending probes out.

I don't know what parts of that were a joke, and what wasn't... Do you really think that was some Kraken effect? To me that looks like the eclipse effect from scatterer... that's simply Mun's shadow.

Anyway, I continued a save I've had since 1.6, now that Kopernicus has updated, nothing broken, thankfully. I launcher my Duna Dropship that I previously showed on here. It was big, and getting it to orbit on 3x kerbin was a bit of a challenge, but only slight modification of my 2 stage reu-usable spaceplane launcher was required. The orbital stage was completely removed, and the 1st stage "carrier plane" was simply used to loft the dropship which then went to orbit on its own power:







Carrier plane back to runway:



Then, I figured I'd take a look at Eve ascent vehicles:

Now my standard setting is 3x SMA & planet radius, 1.25x atmosphere height, 1.5x terrain height. I then change some planets (Like duna's atmosphere is scaled to 1.8x to increase its scale height, and lower gravity leads to higher scale heights). When orbital velocity on Kerbin is over 4 km/s, Eve under this system is a b***h to get off of.

So previously I lowered its gravity to 1.25 Gs, and increased its atmosphere from 5 atm at sea level to 10 atm at sea level > to make it more venus like. This really kills engine Isp, but thankfully making history came out, and we've got props. The increased sea level pressure with the same atmosphere height also has the effect of decreasing scale height, so when you get to 1 atm, there's less atmosphere above. 

Alas, I still could not climb high enough to SSTO, and while I had a proof of concept reusable 2 stage launcher for stock eve, I was having no luck in my modified eve.

So, I changed parameters again to make Eve vs Kerbin more like Venus vs Earth.

Venus' surface gravity is 0.904 G, my new Eve is 0.95 G.

Venus' radius is 0.9499x that of Earth's, my new Eve is 0.95x that of Kerbin. Atmosphere stayed at 10 atm, I'm thinking of bumping it up to 20.

With these settings, its orbital velocity came way down "just" 3,850 m/s. I was able to SSTO:




I cut throttle here, but still lost 1 fixed solar panel, I'll probably remove them and go with an extendable one, I wasn't getting any power from them anyway, and still had enough battery power)


I had some graphical glitches at a certain height:



and just a view of eve with its stat's window open:


Although that one is from an attempt where I failed to truly attain orbit (was only able to raise my Pe to 70km), with a modified design with 4 nukes instead of 3, and 2 retractable panels instead of the fixed panels.

None of the designs have landing gear (because of a bug with MH missions and rotors), and I think adding them will cost me the 14 m/s I had to spare when I did achieve orbit.

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3 hours ago, KerikBalm said:

I don't know what parts of that were a joke, and what wasn't... Do you really think that was some Kraken effect? To me that looks like the eclipse effect from scatterer... that's simply Mun's shadow.

Huh. I didn't even know Scatterer did that. My previous GPU wasn't all that and I never ran Scatterer before. 

It was intended to be a joke, yes, as when I went back to the craft without time passage, it was't there any more. Maybe it was an eclipse effect, though that should still have been there then, unless there was some odd issue with it not rendering upon loading back in.

You're probably right though and it is just the eclipse effect.

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this is impressive; 


I was testing the water landing with my new SpaceShip2-4F version:

well done today hopefully i will receive the computer from repair and can contiune play as i have second notebook but i need to install ubuntu or linux from usb or cd but it is not that easy and time consuming much. 


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