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What did you do in KSP today?

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5 hours ago, michaelbezos1 said:

nice work i am so impressed by the work done by fellows here. only wants to copy it and do same even better. 

That's the point! Ideas :) I get so many cool ideas from this and spacecraft exchange. Sometimes I don't know what I want to do next and then I see someone make something cool and I just have to make my own version :D

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After fixing my JNSQ install, made a few launches to enjoy the now working graphics and they looked great:

First one was Jeb bringing Bob & Bill up to get experience in orbit - and my first JNSQ multi-passenger craft.  Since I had some 1.875m parts but no 1.875m decoupler, I had to make due with what was available - 1.875m Hydrolox first stage, 1.25m LFO second & orbital stages


First stage and LES jettisoned, second stage ignition:


Second stage jettisoned, preparing for orbital insertion


Even with airbrakes, the pod decelerates slower than the jettisoned orbital stage:


What a view:



The second launch wasn't as pretty, just a 2 seat Near Future pod and service bay.   Hydrolox core with LFO boosters


Small solar panels give it the capability for extended operations and the RCS system will allow for docking in the future, once I have something to dock with.  It even reaches orbit with over 300 m/s dV remaining for rendezvous maneuvers.


Coming back home - landing due north of the desert space center



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I'm back with a new plane! I haven't been able to post anything new since I've been busy with school, but here is a SAAB A-32A Lansen.

Complete with a makeshift two petal nozzle (just like the  r e a l  one. :3), built using two small fan shrouds, to add a little extra detail.







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That's the point! Ideas :) I get so many cool ideas from this and spacecraft exchange. Sometimes I don't know what I want to do next and then I see someone make something cool and I just have to make my own version :D

being creative, resourceful, . I repaired again the windows have 3 months warranty, saved the receipt, sent through email so i have at least 3 months of play but i chanded to sd drive by recommendation of the gadgets shop with their price abbreavations so i hope i can play even car mechanic simulator 2018 with the faster speed so i will make competition tactis with kerbal space progra (having also space engineer but neglecting now due to playing on kerbal) . But car mechanic simulator 2018 same is great game but does not work the best at the computer previously.. 

by the way I have pendrive and one notebook without operating system i downloaded 2 gigabytes of ubuntu but i cant proceed witrh installation, please help. 


yesterday did some moon base simple designs at siemens nx but it is not that easy program rather ugly , made pictures of it but comparing what i saved at my website from the moonbases it is totaly ugly, simple etc. 



Much love:>

Keeps the things together. 

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22 hours ago, Flibble said:

Today I got all my RO/RP-1 mods running on 1.8.1 successfully. First launch of a new career:


Oh, boy.  Time to install RO on 1.8.1 and get away from the 1.6.1 parts bin graphics bug...

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I have been playing my 1.6.1/1.7.3 Orbit production world for a little over a year now with lots of activity especially on the Mun and somewhat also on Minmus.

Maybe this is Too Much Information but KSC High Kommand, in its inestimable benelovence,  has decided to relieve all staff in the Inner System (Kerbin, Mun, Minmus) and bring all folks back on R&R for, particularly, Valentine's Day.  Huzzah.

We sent up our largest SSTO, a 64-pax Sailfish:

HFx50rD.png  F4E1Aai.png  MDJo6n7.png

To rendez-vous with KX2 Pole Star...  (you can see three NerfJets have peeled off: left, center and right with the Pole Star, center/lower right


Getting this dock wasn't easy.  [click/arrows for slide show]

Rq835I1.png  Kw35LPz.png  mMRjpVE.png

There'll be more incoming flights in the next couple of days and, then, Sailfish will set sail for KSC with a giant (weightless) onboard party on the way home...

Happy Valentine's/Anniversary, Kerbonauts!!

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RL's been keeping me fairly busy the last couple of days, which combined with the limits on my playing time as well as an ongoing investigation as to why the OSE Workshop mod doesn't want to play nice with the Pathfinder mod anymore has cut into my time to get things done rather severely lately. Starting to get a little bored with Minecraft, so there is that at least...at least, until I can think of some other things I might want to try to do there...

Log shows some activity on Monday, which started with some necromancy - if y'all will recall, pilot Shepry Kerman had unexpectedly gone up in a poof of fuzzy logic after helping to mount a SAFER reactor onto the Hotel 2 rover at the Aban Pearl outpost on the surface of Moho. I'm pleased to report that my efforts were a success; Shepry reappeared in the outpost's Ironworks Foundry looking none the worse for wear. Meanwhile the base finished producing enough Equipment resources to deploy the Rangeland remote launch pad with which it had shipped, giving me access to an alternative method of base building while I was still working out the issues with OSE. So far I've traced the issue to a problem it's having with calculating maximum KIS inventory space with Pathfinder parts; there's a new version of Pathfinder out and I'm hopeful that correcting the issue will be as simple as getting it installed. I'll take care of that at the earliest opportunity.

After a delay of one hour and seventeen minutes (on top of a seven day prior delay owing to my own screwups at the orbital Tradidit Lestum Shipyards), the crew at the C. P. Baker outpost on Laythe mashed go on their print of an Auk XVII 24-passenger spaceplane.

Alright kids, it's time for another fun-filled, exciting round of "Spot the Kraken!!!"

Unfortunately, the crew picked the wrong clock direction when they mashed the finalize button - the plane materialized with its rear wheels dangling over much of the base's northern end, and the effort to release it from the pad so it could get to the nearby Runway, while ultimately successful, was not entirely damage free.

I mean, I probably could fly this thing without a nose cone, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to...

Not much I could do with the plane with OSE offline, so I deferred doing anything with it for the time being. The fact that I would need to maneuver it into position for takeoff also contibuted to further delays out on Laythe.

So I decided to press on with other events, and these proved to be more successful (which was good, since I was getting frustrated by that point). The Sleipnir A outpost on the surface of Dres had completed its print of a Crater Maker 7 8-passenger lander. After a 22 minute delay, the crew there finalized the print and transferred fuel to the new lander. That job complete, the Crater Maker launched without incident and burned for a rendezvous with the Nullus Recogitet Shipyards in orbit, where a Crater Maker Crew Adapter was still under construction. Flight time to that rendezvous was 24 minutes. Towards the end of that period, NRS completed its construction work and transferred fuel over. There was barely enough time to launch the Crew Adapter, cut loose its unneeded transfer stage and get it docked up to the station before the lander made its rendezvous.

Crater Maker Crew Adapter coming into dock, with the transfer stage having just been cut loose. That craft at 900-plus meters center background is the oncoming Crater Maker itself barreling in, so I had to get this job done as fast as I could...

While a little rushed, the Crater Maker successfully rendezvous with NRS and mated up with the Crew Adapter, at which point the composite 15-passenger craft immediately departed the shipyard and burned for an intercept with space station Dresport. Flight time to intercept and then to rendezvous was 88 minutes.

While the Crater Maker was still in flight, the Non Pollinis Grano Shipyards over Pol completed its print of a Spamcan 7a 4-passenger lander. After transferring fuel, the lander was cut loose and began to make its way to space station Polport, which owing to very close proximity at launch time, happened very rapidly.

I mean, it's not every day that I only have to send a space craft a mere three kilometers from its launch point to its destination...

After a flight time of 63 seconds, the Spamcan rendezvoused with Polport. Final docking occurred first thing Tuesday morning, occurring without incident. Shortly thereafter, the Crater Maker completed its rendezvous with Dresport and docked without incident. 

My next destination was the SPH - I had that plane at Laythe to repair, and with OSE down for the count I needed to figure out a way to try an expand Aban Pearl. The end result of planning for Laythe was the Wisent 7d utility rover, which contains the parts for a new nose cone (just an NCS adapter, avionics hub and communotron 16 antenna - the parts that blew up) as well as some of the additional fuel needed for the cone and a tow winch. Ideally the Wisent will be able to repair the plane and get it into position for launch. I've used a similar design on Laythe before, so I have no reason to suspect that things won't work as intended. Of course, stranger things have happened, and recently, and in spades. As far as AP is concerned, I designed a craft called Phase 1, which was just a Buffalo Wagon set to KIS storage with two Pathfinder Casa modules and two Pathfinder Doc labs installed. It's what I would've wanted to have printed up in the base's fab lab had the two oft aforementioned mods been playing well with one another. Design work finished, Baker began printing up the Wisent while Pearl began work on Phase 1. Construction time for the Wisent was one hour and 48 minutes, while Phase 1 would take just 88 minutes to wrap up. Spent the rest of my day yesterday experimenting with the idea of using OSE's native parts to do print jobs instead of Pathfinder's Blacksmith fab lab in my litterbox save. Jeb and company, alas, had no better luck, but that was still data to help me track down the problem...

Earlier this morning, Phase 1's print completed. Outpost engineer Anemy Kerman went on EVA to the new print and proceeded to install the stored modules onto the base, which went a long way towards finishing up its central spine.

Aban Pearl outpost on Moho as of this morning. Still night. Going to be night for a very long time...

Job done, the Buffalo Wagon itself was recycled and Anemy resumed her station in the outpost's refinery. At that point Hotel 2 wrapped up its mission to get some Exotic Minerals from the nearby Highlands, and after securing its drill it drove the 750 meter distance back to Aban Pearl. Engineer Gwenuki Kerman hooked up the rover to the outpost long enough to make a 900 unit delivery, after which the rover was disconnected and she joined the crew aboard Pearl to wrap up the morning so far. 

So right now my highest priority is to upgrade Pathfinder and test to see if the new version fixes the problems between it and OSE. Assuming it doesn't, I'll need to design a Phase 2 module for Aban Pearl; I have high hopes that the upgrade will at least allow me to store more than a mere four parts for my troubles next go around. Aban Pearl's expansion is a high priority item at the moment and it's good to know that the backup plan for that effort will work as intended if need be. Other than that I haven't got much else to report progress-wise. I'm still trying to get set up for the big interplanetary tourist mission I've got set up but a lot of the infrastructure is in place now. If I can get that plane on Laythe repaired and up into space, a huge chunk of that will be ready to go. I daresay I'll try to get that underway before the week is out, knock on wood.

Hope to have more for y'all tomorrow. 

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:science: We finally made it to the Mun :science:

Well I had to bring two Kerbals to the Mun for just a flyby and an orbit, but everything went so well with my Basilia space craft and I had so much extra fuel, I decided to land on it as well. Valentina had other motives. I have never landed on the Mun before, just alot of times at that very lightweight Minmus, but hey, enuff fuel for the Mun, go down slowly, I would give it a try. If something went wrong or looked bad I could always just give it full throttle up and try to get back home. The contract said to ONLY bring them near the Mun when it was accepted and I just completed it, so what the heck.. Lets try it. 

Valentina said yea, lets do it. Gilry and Teduki Kerman also agreed.

Down we go....

It looked bad at 1st because as I got near the inside of a crater, it went dark and I was crooked, but it landed just fine.


Two minutes later the sun rose over the crater and I got out to plant my 1st Flag.

Valentina made her 1st landing on the Mun! The other two Kerbals were inside looking out as she planted it.


Now back to Kerbin for a warm reception, a parade and a raise from Gene Kerman.






Gilry and Teduki Kerman were so happy as well to land with Valentina on the Mun. Gene Kerman took them all out to  Disneyland after the parade as a special gift. We all found out afterwards though from Valentina, that Teduki Kerman asked for Gilry's hand in marriage as a Valentines event when they landed on the Mun. That is why Valentina made that special trip.

Happy Valentines day everyone!  



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I finished Stage 2 of this excellent challenge :

This time the stage took place between high mountains and deep valleys, brakes very much needed :D





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Updated Mods that caused stuttering while placing parts in hangar and VAB... there was no updated Mods when got latest version and this kept me away from playing

After that did few science missions to Mun and Minmus in somewhat new career play with this small craft

And loving how you can just freeze game client executable to free CPU while doing other things:cool:

Edit; Literally under hour after posting this realized that 1.9 is out... RIP my mods :confused:

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I flagged some more spots on Laythe, and I also logged their coordinates.




8* 13' 21" S

52* 20' 31" W

Reflex Hammer Island

46* 28' 50" S

23* 1' 25" W

Boring Island

41* 24' 39" S

37* 29' 13" W

Penguin Soon-to-be Island

46* 20' 14" S

61* 28' 23" W

Penguin Island

15* 20' 30" N

65* 22' 24" W

Crater Island

45* 21' 36" N

121* 19' 53" W

Northern Volcano

31* 02' 44" S

103* 59' 27" W

Puffin Island

26* 30' 30" S

153* 39' 36" W

Mergard's Courage

23* 30' 08" S

171* 08' 38" E

Area D92F

24* 39' 55" S

156* 28' 18" E

Site 0-3S

26* 54' 12" S

95* 25' 50" E

Sector RT-F

32* 20' 12" S

91* 29' 46" E

Zone 81HR0

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I didn't have too much time for KSP today and what I did have I spent on my Out of the Sands career rather than JNSQ.  Not a whole lot of launches, but I took a new jet up for a quick hop between KSC & the Desert runway and got a new contracted Minmus base on its way

CF-06X Fury with Jeb at the controls


Minmus SBX (Surface Base eXperiment) shedding its fairing as it clears the atmosphere


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<sigh /> Well, it was fun while it lasted. Typical cycle...Squad updates the game, I wait for my mods to update, by the time they're all updated I get a month on the outside before Squad updates the game again. A month is generous...there was one time where it was literally a day (I want to say that was from 1.0.5 to 1.1). Anyways...


(1.8.1) In case y'all missed it, 1.9 dropped yesterday. As usual, I'll be waiting at least one month before I consider updating to give modders a chance to get their mods up to date, and then I'll have to consider whether or not to continue my current career save or start anew. At this point in the career save I started back in 1.4, I've got just Eeloo left to visit/colonize. I think I might need to start a new career at this point given that the persistence file is now clocking in at 50 MB of data (I wrote a two-volume, 1500 page RPG system once that was half that size for comparison), so I'm going to be booking it to try and make that happen...

My day yesterday started with an update to my WildBlue Industries mods - Pathfinder, Buffalo and MOLE - to their latest versions. The update for me was largely a quality of life upgrade, as it allowed me to stow multiple Pathfinder base parts in a relatively small number of storage bins once again. This in turn made my ongoing major efforts for this week - to repair the Auk XVII 24-passenger plane recently built and damage at release at the C.P. Baker outpost on Laythe and to fill out the nascent Aban Pearl outpost on Moho - far more accomplishable. 

Gameplay itself resumed at Baker, where the crew completed the print of the Wisent 7d utility rover started up late in the day on Tuesday. After transferring a supply of Liquid Fuel to the craft, engineer Enfry Kerman climbed aboard and the new rover drove over to the wounded bird on runway Baker 36. Upon arrival, Enfry constructed a new nose cone assembly.

NCS Adapter, check. Avionics hub, check. Communotron antenna, check. Working fabrication labs...still trying to get that one done......

Once assembly was completed, Enfry successfully mounted the new nose cone to the plane.

Plane? I don't see a plane here...mainly on account of FREAKIN' NIGHT AGAIN!!!

Repairs complete, Enfry's next task was to tow the plane into a position for takeoff. Here I ran into a little bit of a snag...while I had included a Mineshaft Crew Tube on the Wisent for the job, I had failed to include a second one to attach to the plane so that it could be utilized for towing. Baker had one available though, so Enfry ran all the way back to the outpost to go grab it before running all the way back again. The connector was mounted to the plane and Enfry successfully attached the plane to the rover, after which towing commenced.

You ever done a seven-point turn with a two hundred tonne, fully fueled rocketplane attached to your hitch? Yeah, it's a bit nerve-wracking...

Enfry didn't want to press her luck, so the plane was only towed (in reverse, mind you) about two hundred meters further south down the runway. Enfry really should've towed it all the way to the end to give the plane maximum takeoff distance as things turned out, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Job done, Enfry detached the rover from the plane, retrieved and stowed the towing-end Mineshaft collar, drove the Wisent back to the outpost proper and then resumed her post aboard the outpost's Factory module. Once safely aboard, it was time to get the bird out of there.

I've been waiting for this damn plane to get built and into space for a long time...bad lighting or no, you better believe I took a screenie of the moment.

The plane did run out of Runway space but by then it had sufficient speed for takeoff; it proceeded to a rendezvous with space station Laytheport upon breaking atmosphere.

Auk XVII over Laythe, the new wallpaper for the day...

Flight time to rendezvous was 43 minutes and despite grazing the atmosphere at rendezvous, the plane arrived at Laytheport safely. I did have one minor issue upon arrival - there were already two planes docked up at the station, which meant finagling the usual docking procedure so the new plane could all fit. Among other things, I had to stow the station's solar panels and radiator arrays. But ultimately, the Auk docked without incident.

I knew the Auk XVII was a big plane. Just didn't quite realize how big...it's damn near the same length as the assembled space station...

Not much else happened yesterday. I did find myself in the SPH at one point for the design of Phase 2, the follow up to the prior Phase 1 module successfully utilized at Aban Pearl for the initial base expansion. Thanks to the WBI update, I was able to get the rest of the intended base structures - including all the Castillo modules - into some storage structures. Phase 2 is now under construction at Aban Pearl, with a total expected construction time of just five-and-a-half hours. I really kinda shocked at just how little it's going to take to get Aban Pearl up to full capability. Might be using this same strategy when the time comes to go to Eeloo. 

Day wrapped up yesterday with a mass driver shot of Rocket Parts from the South Base outpost near KSC to LSV House Atreides in orbit; Atreides is still working on the Bus Module to handle the hauling of all the tourists and colonists she will be sending on the next big interplanetary expedition. This morning with a 3.5 hour window to the next KAC alarm - the completion of Phase 2 - I decided to go forward with the test flight of the Auk XVIII 20-passenger spaceplane I designed last week. Good thing I did - this test failed spectacularly, with seven of the craft's twelve RAPIER engines cooking themselves off before the plane reached 1000 meters altitude. Definitely going to have to go back to the drawing board and re-work the engine assemblies before I put passengers aboard. 

I don't know if plane design is something I want to do today, though, so since I still have a 3.5 hour window, I might as well get LSV House Harkonnen from Bop to Tylo; this is something I've been needing to do for the past week or two at this point, so it's high time it got done. The Tylo lander is still under construction, so tourist Nafel Kerman's jaunt to the surface will have to wait for a while still. I anticipate Phase 2 completion's today as well, and hope to be able to show y'all screenies of a finished outpost tomorrow if all goes well. Space station construction for Moho will likely take place after that, but not before the base personnel at Aban Pearl send up a craft to return to Kerbin from Moho's surface. At this point I want to get to Eeloo, so anything I need to do before that happens has top priority. I'll be sure to keep y'all posted.

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