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What did you do in KSP today?

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(1.8.1) The last 24 hours have been quite eventful. I kicked it off with something I've been trying to for the last week or two - I was finally able to order up construction on a Dystopia Planitia 7 Moho orbital shipyard at the Aban Pearl outpost on Moho, with total construction time estimated at 17 hours and 23 minutes. It took rolling Extraplanetary Launchpads all the way back to version 6.4.0 (i.e. the same one I was using in KSP 1.6.1) to do it, but if the choice is between hearing AVC kvetch about the mod being out of date versus not being able to print at all, I'll take the kvetching. I've got young children so I'm used to it...

After next ordering up a Boop-Boop 7w probe at the Non Caseus Yards over Mün to handle a loose satellite contract I've picked up, my next biggest priority for the day was to get the Spamcan 7c lander carrying tourist Gledorf Kerman off the surface of Duna and back to space station Dunaport. The timing of the launch was good - the lander launched successfully and rendezvoused with the station three minutes and 48 seconds later, docking without incident. Fuel supplies for the station were shot up via mass driver from the Enchova Central outpost on the surface, after which Gledorf boarded J. G. Backus docked at the station. Backus then departed Dunaport and burned to rendezvous with LSV House Harkonnen in high Duna orbit. Total flight time to that rendezvous was estimated at just under three hours total.

After dealing with Backus's burn to set up its rendezvous with Harkonnen, I next turned my attention to LSV House Atreides in high Kerbin orbit. The ship's re-print of the Bus Module was finally complete and finalized after a 53 minute delay.

All that fuss over three lousy Mk3 passenger cabins...

The completion of the Bus Module meant that I could finally get the long-planned 38-kerbal interplanetary colonization mission underway. Colonists Danler, Mazon, Danlie, Ellmund, Joerim, Wehrner, Genefurt, Bartney, Halgar, Munmore, Tomeny, Jesemy, Chadfal, Berburry, Tilan, Lening, Ribdock, Tikin, Newvan and Viroly Kerman were all loaded into an Auk XVIII 20-passenger spaceplane, which took off from KSC 09 bound for space station Kerbinport after a 21 minute delay while the station came into position. During the wait, I ordered LSV House Corrino in high Kerbin orbit to begin printing up a G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft in anticipation of its historic Eeloo flyby - total construction time was 46 minutes.

Once again, we begin a colonization mission as we normally do - with RAPIER engine starts. Doing twelve this time.

Launch of the Auk was a success, with the plane reaching rendezvous with the space station after a 28 minute flight (including take off). While en route to the station, NCY finished up its probe print. After fueling, the probe was released and burned to a 1100.9 by 24.8 kilometer, 1.14° inclined orbit on the first leg of its journey to get into the target position. House Corrino also completed its G-LOC print during the period; the new craft was fueled with monopropellant only and released, docking on one of Corrino's central ports. The Auk then docked at the station without incident, fulfilling a contract to expand Kerbinport with at least five additional seats in the process. The twenty colonists took up seats aboard Strange Cargo, Necessary Evil and Gilligan all docked to the station in preparation for delivery to House Atreides. Once all the passengers had de-planed, the Auk departed the station and deorbited. 

I fear the day that I finally take a wing off of one of my aircraft while flying past Mt. Killakerbal here. I really do...

The plane landed relatively safely and intact...by which I mean that it bounced twice on touch down and took off two RAPIERs in the process, but no other parts were lost in the process.

That job finished, I next turned my attention to LSV House Corrino. All preparations complete, the ship broke orbit over Kerbin and warped to Eeloo, successfully reaching the planet's SOI on a flyby trajectory at 8,358.9 m/s. Pilot Nellrey Kerman climbed aboard the G-LOC long enough to take a crew report before returning to one of Corrino's Bigby Orbital Workshop modules, after which the ship warped back to Kerbin, arriving at 1,638.9 m/s. A few quick warp maneuvers later, she settled into a 669.6 by 510.6 kilometer, 1.76° inclined orbit. Total flight time from Kerbin to Eeloo and then back to high Kerbin orbit was 8.5 minutes total. Upon establishing Kerbin orbit, Corrino transferred bipropellant fuel into the G-LOC and cut it loose, with the craft making its way down to a 668.2 by 100.0 kilometer, 1.8° orbit to close out the day yesterday.

Backus arrived at House Harkonnen first thing this morning, docking without incident. That done, the G-LOC conducted a final burn prior to de-orbit, establishing itself at 99.6 by 98.6 kilometers and 0.02° inclination. A second burn of the Boop-Boop 7w over Mün took place, after which the G-LOC conducted its deorbit burn, ultimately landing 3.4 kilometers to the south of KSC to fulfill the latest exploration contract.

I took this same screenshot just yesterday. Lighting conditions are a tad better today, though.

With the new exploration contract, I have permission to orbit Eeloo; I have to get to orbit and then bring a craft back from orbit, so the building priorities for House Corrino will be a G-LOC first followed by a Pink Noise 7a (i.e. the long-distance model). She'll be heading back to Eeloo at the first available opportunity, with a second Pink Noise and ScanSat prints occurring while she's still there. House Harkonnen is ready to return her passengers to Kerbin at this point, though, so I'm liable to be dealing with that first today. There are no spaceplanes currently at Kerbinport so I'm going to have to send one up to get her passengers home at some point. I've also got three ferry ships ready to head to LSV House Atreides today, which I'll need to do sooner rather than later. I've got another 18 colonists to get up to Atreides from the surface, and since the intent was for the plane delivering these last kerbals was to head for Atreides directly, that means a second plane flight today. i suppose I could send the plane to Kerbinport after it has delivered its colonists to Atreides to pick up Harkonnen's passengers; fuel would become a concern there. The probe over Mün will likely reach its final position after its next burn today, which will be a contract done, and I've got a contract expiring at Mission Control soon as well; going to have to see what the replacement offering is there and hope it doesn't interfere with my current plans. Other than that I don't have anything on the KAC calendar until the shipyard's ready to go at Moho. I'm sure plenty will come up between now and when that happens, though. I did pick up another survey at Eve in the wake of the station expansion contract; fortunately, that one's in the vicinity of the Echo 3 quadcopter on the surface already, so that one should be pretty straightforward to do when I get a large enough window to deal with it.

Plenty going on right now. I'll keep y'all updated as best I can.

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"Waste not, want not." I finally scraped up enough Funds to upgrade my VAB so I'm no longer limited to 30 parts. I have not quite retired the Bumblebee yet, as a lightly modified version is excellently suited for LKO rescue missions -- she can bring back four kerbals easily. 

Here is the original version -- a 20-part SSTO powered by twin Reliants, capable of delivering a small payload to LKO and returning to a safe water landing. On this mission -- the last of this variant -- she is carrying a contract satellite bound for Minmus.


And here is the BUMBLEBEE-1R, still in service, and just returned from a successful rescue mission:


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Ugh, found another 1.9.0 bug. 

If you have more than one kerbal on EVA, only the first one to go on a spacewalk is controllable. You can switch to the other but they won't respond to controls. Now I don't know how I'm going to get my pilot in the driver's seat, since the only hatch is on the command pod and the crew compartment is full.

I did design a bigger SSTO launcher however, now that I'm no longer bound by the parts limit. This one is good for about 15 tons. Can do a fair bit with 15 tons, the Minmus rescue vessel she's towing up is much less than that. 


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More JNSQ science gathering.   My Mun explorers finally landed back on Kerbin, after a total of about 10 braking passes into the upper atmosphere before the final reentry.   All the ablator was gone well before the final reentry, but the heatshield held up, allowing Jeb & Bill to splashdown safely

Last sunrise before reentry


Through the worst of it



Then I launched an automated science return craft to Mun.  It's a little backwards since I'm using the Probes Before Crew tech tree.  Currently en route.  I only took a single image at the beginning of its second stage burn.  This one actually took two tries - I mistakenly added the transfer stage dV to the launch dV, leaving me nearly 1000 m/s short for the mission, so some rebuilding was in order.  


Then I sent a relay/science satellite to Minmus, currently en route.  Also only a single image taken, shortly after launch.  The desert space center sure looks different!!


Finally, launched another science/relay satellite into polar orbit - essentially the same as the Minmus relay, just with a few different science experiments on board. 

First sunrise with the aurora visible below


Coasting to Ap


Mission complete - in a 500 x 850km polar orbit




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(1.8.1) Had some pretty hefty amounts of traffic going on in my career save yesterday with one tourist mission about to wrap up and a hell of a lot of other missions getting underway. The day started over Duna with LSV House Harkonnen, where J. G. Backus had just arrived and docked and all preparations for the ship to return to Kerbin had been completed. Harkonnen broke Duna orbit and warped to Kerbin, arriving at 8,111.8 m/s. After fifteen warp-backs to bleed off the required amount of speed, the ship was able to settle into a 635.7 by 456.2 kilometer, 1.48° inclined orbit. Backus departed for space station Kerbinport as soon as Harkonnen secured from warp, rendezvousing with the space station after a 57 minute flight. While Backus was en route, the Boop-Boop 7w probe I launched over Mün on Tuesday made a third and final burn to reach a contract position of 1586.1 by 1103.8 kilometers at 165.05° inclination. The replacement contract turned out to be yet another six kerbal tourism mission. My original plan for this group was to send them out with House Harkonnen later on - refueling mass driver shots for the ship took place from the South Base outpost near KSC and SL Shai Hulud in high orbit next - but I realized later on in the day that LSV House Atreides, the mothership for the big interplanetary tourist and colonization mission just getting underway, would still have seats available, so I elected to roll this contract in with that mission as well. Everybody deserves to have eight contracts riding on a single flight at least once in their KSP careers, right?

After beginning the print of a G-LOC 7a return-to-Kerbin craft aboard LSV House Corrino in preparation for the ship's return to Eeloo (print time 46 minutes), it was time to start getting tourists and colonists to House Atreides. Twenty colonists were already at space station Kerbinport aboard Strange Cargo, Necessary Evil and Gilligan docked there, so the three ships departed in staggered intervals.

Been a while since I've had the big ferries out of dock. Here's Strange Cargo departing. Ship looks weird without the old-style Rockomax decoupler amidships, IMHO...

Strange Cargo departed first, burning to reach an interception point 23 minutes later and aligning its plane with that of Atreides. Necessary Evil departed ten minutes later, with its intercept point set for seventeen minutes after that; she also aligned planes with Atreides. Just before Gilligan was originally scheduled to depart though, Backus arrived and rendezvoused with the station, and before she could maneuver into dock, it was time for Strange Cargo to make her burn to set rendezvous with Atreides. SC's burn took place, with flight time to rendezvous set at 42 minutes. Backus then docked and Gilligan finally was allowed to depart. Being the show-off that he his, Jeb burned Gilligan straight for rendezvous with House Atreides immediately upon departing the station, with flight time set at 23 minutes - though Gilligan departed last, she wound up arriving at Atreides first... 

And now for a brief intermission...for no reason. Look, a Mun castle!!!

Necessary Evil also conducted her burn to head to rendezvous; flight time was 49 minutes.

House Corrino finished her print of the G-LOC next, and released the craft after fueling it with monopropellant. The G-LOC docked on one of Corrino's central ports, at which point the print of a Pink Noise 7a long-range communications satellite carrier began. Total print time there was 48 minutes and 38 seconds, during which time Gilligan, Strange Cargo and Necessary Evil all arrived and docked safely to House Atreides.

Running out of docking ports awful fast here...

The twenty kerbal passengers aboard the three ships all transferred aboard the Bus Module still currently in Atreides's drydock. This left sixteen kerbals (at the time) still scheduled to head to Atreides, with the original intention being to send up a second Auk XVIII 20-passenger spaceplane directly to the ship, but shortly after taking the above screenie I realized the flaw with that plan - there wouldn't be anywhere particularly convenient to park a plane for a tourist transfer - crew perhaps, but not tourists. I decided Atreides needed to have a Plane Pylon installed at that point. She couldn't do the job herself since she needed to keep the Bus Module in her bay and House Corrino's drydock was in use, but I still had the drydocks at the Dystopia Planitia orbital shipyard and at House Harkonnen available. Harkonnen could get the job done faster (I really need to replace engineer Ceri Kerman at DP - she's always been a bonafide idiot), so that's where the print began; construction time was 68 minutes. Corrino completed her print of the Pink Noise shortly thereafter and I ended my day with refueling shots from South Base and Shai Hulud. At this point, House Corrino is ready to head back to Eeloo as soon as I can get an adequately large window of opportunity for the warp.

I still needed to get Backus's tourists down from Kerbinport, so this morning I loaded the six new tourists I'd picked up in the wake of the Mün satellite mission aboard an Auk XII six-passenger spaceplane, which took off bound for Kerbinport.

Sixty degrees positive pitch and everybody's doing fine. Had these tourists pull six gees at one point...

After breaking atmo less than five minutes later, the Auk burned to rendezvous with the station, arriving and docking without incident 23 minutes later. Pilot Gregeny Kerman relinquished his seat aboard Roy Hinkley docked to the station and the six tourists boarded, while the five tourists still aboard Backus boarded the plane. That's all that's happened so far today. Current plan is for Roy Hinkley to depart the station for House Atreides to join the expedition as a fourth craft. Meanwhile, Backus will shortly depart on an orbital rescue mission to pick up Samdock Kerman. Plan there is for Samdock to ride down to the surface in the sixth seat currently available on the Auk. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, right?

Other plans for the day are to get the Plane Pylon to House Atreides; the print is finished at this point and I need to get it headed that way. Once that's in place, the final plane flight can take place - this is liable to take up much of my time and attention if things go the way I think they're going to go. Assuming I get the remaining tourists and colonists to House Atreides today, she'll be ready to depart. Worlds on the itinerary include Moho, Duna, Ike, Dres, Laythe, Pol, Bop and Vall; there's even a tourist aboard with Mun and Minmus landings on their itinerary, so she'll be heading to a great many different places before everything's said and done. House Corrino is also ready to depart for Eeloo, and I'll be doing that if the opportunity arises. Only other contract I've got now is a survey mission at Eve near the Echo 3 quadcopter, which I may deal with if I find myself with more free time today than I anticipate. I also want to get a few extra staffmembers over to South Base as well. I'll let y'all know how the day goes.

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After flying around on Duna (and using F9 every two minutes during landing), I decided to head for Ike's south pole to get some more science before heading back home.



  • Dirtblood during the orbital ascent.


I now have 4,966.5 science points stored in my plane's probe core, which is more than what the Neptune III came back with.

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I found a workaround for the "only first kerbal on EVA is controllable" bug: switch to the tracking station, then select the kerbal you want to control from there.

Took Valentina and my two rescuees for a quick jaunt to solar orbit, then brought them back to Kerbin. Jeb screwed up the return of the IRONBEE lifter and it broke up when it hit water, Jeb is fine however and thought it was fun. There was also a thermal issue with some poorly-place batteries, which exploded from re-entry heating. The design has been tweaked and Jeb promised to be more careful next time.

Now planning a crewed Munar return mission, with a lander and orbiter. IRONBEE will lift them to orbit, the pair will fly to the Mun, the lander will land, then RV with the orbiter, refuel, and return to LKO, where IRONBEE will pick it up and bring it home. The orbiter will remain in Munar orbit as an additional relay.

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Made some more progress in JNSQ today.  First up was launching a small space station in LKO.  It's basically worthless as the science lab wasn't unlocked yet.



Then my automated Mun sample return mission arrived and landed in Mun's midlands. 




After gathering all available science, the return probe ejected & returned to Mun orbit then home to Kerbin



I'm getting better - only took a single braking pass, then completed reentry on the second orbit



Shortly after the sample return splashed down, my Minmus probe arrived and entered orbit


Finally, I built & launched an interplanetary probe.  This one was just to see what I might be able to do with just chemical rockets.  The only transfer window that is feasible and less than several months away is Eeloo, departing in just 9 days.  The first stage core and all 4 asparagus boosters are hydrolox-fueled.  There are also 8 Shrimp SRB's to help it off the pad. 




This thing was big enough I needed a 1000kN Boar engine for the second stage to keep acceleration above 1g.  That got the probe & transfer stage almost to orbit, just needing a few dozen m/s from the transfer stage to enter a 150km circular orbit.


The transfer stage features a Schnauzer engine (Restock+) with a central X200-32 tank, then a pair of FL-TX1800 drop tanks with fueled aerodynamic domes top & bottom.  The drop tanks provide the first 2200 m/s, with another 5600 from the core, then about 400 from the probe itself.  At full fuel, the Schnauzer can only manage about 0.24g acceleration.  The Outrider should be able to get to a stable orbit for any destination out to Hamek (except Jool & Moho) without gravity assists.  Whether or not it can maintain communications that far out is just a guess at this point - I only have the RA-15 unlocked so far.



I'm starting to make some good progress in this larger system, but I'm also really missing some mods I usually use - MOLE being one of the big ones, with its early career 1.875m station parts I could've built a useful station rather than something just for show.

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(1.8.1) Yesterday was spent finishing up preparations for LSV House Atreides's long-awaited interplanetary tourist and colonization mission as well as wrapping up LSV House Harkonnen's tourist mission. The day started with Roy Hinkley docked at space station Kerbinport, which had taken on six passengers delivered via an Auk XII 6-passenger spaceplane near the tail end of business on Wednesday. Hinkley departed the station and burned to intercept House Atreides, with flight time to intercept set at 26 minutes. Once Hinkley was away, pilot Gregeny Kerman joined pilot Aldler Kerman already in the pilot's seat of J. G. Backus docked at Kerbinport; decided to give him something to do while the tourists were appropriating his ride. Backus departed the station at that point and burned to intercept Samdock's Shipwreck, with flight time to the intercept set at seventeen minutes.

At that point I got notice from House Harkonnen that her print of a Plane Pylon module for House Atreides was complete. The print was finalized and launched from Harkonnen after taking on fuel from the ship's stores.

I'm posting this screenie because it's the only one I've got today that doesn't have the same damn plane in it. Boring as hell...looks like Harkonnen is taking a crap more than anything else......

Owing to some good fortune, Harkonnen and Atreides were in phase with one another when the Plane Pylon launched; after burning for plane alignment the Pylon burned for Atreides and rendezvoused with the ship just fourteen minutes later. During its flight over, Roy Hinkley aligned her plane with Atreides and Backus conducted its burn to set rendezvous with Samdock's Shipwreck; flight time to rendezvous was 47 minutes. The Plane Pylon docked to one of the seldomly used docking ports attached to Atreides's Bigby Orbital Workshop without incident (a trickier feat than it sounds, as the RCS thrusters on the Plane Pylon aren't particularly well balanced...). The Pylon's transfer stage was cut loose after docking and deorbited; surprisingly, the transfer stage would later be recovered successfully thanks to Stage Recovery - I hadn't designed that piece to be recoverable...

After Roy Hinkley conducted the burn to set up rendezvous with Atreides (flight time to rendezvous 48 minutes), I had a free window to get a few extra idiots staffmembers assigned to the South Base outpost near KSC. Pilots Elfrod, Thomlas and Elon Kerman were all loaded aboard an Echo Flyer 7b quadcopter and flew the 3.1 kilometers distance to South Base, landing safely just outside the base. Thomlas EVA'd and connected the copter to the base via a Pathfinder Mineshaft Crew Tube, and then disconnected it after the others piled out through the tube before joining the others aboard. The 'copter was recovered, bringing this little interlude to a close. At this point, the only kerbal staffmember still available at KSC proper is once again pilot Lutop Kerman. Got a little tired of the others trying to hitch rides aboard my passenger planes...

With the capability of docking a spaceplane now available and a window to do so still open, I ran out of excuses not to launch the second of two planned Auk XVIII 20-passenger spaceplanes to deliver the remaining passengers to House Atreides. Colonists Irrey, Camler, Jack, Debbus, Thomton, Desley, Jedster, Eldo, Anfel, Pawin, Jedlo and Marson Kerman along with tourists Ferke, Alger, Nellner, Siguki, Maxpond and Janfrey Kerman all boarded an Auk XVIII, which pre-flighted and then took off from KSC without delay.

It's odd for me to not have a targeting meatball visible on the nav ball during a plane launch...

The plane burned to a 104.9 by 99.8 kilometer, 0.09° LKO sixteen minutes into the flight (breaking atmo just short of the nine minute mark), then aligned with House Atreides and conducted a burn for rendezvous after a seven minute delay. Flight time to the rendezvous was 25 minutes, during which time Backus rendezvoused with Samdock's Shipwreck. Scientist Samdock Kerman EVA'd from their stricken Hitchhiker module and boarded Backus, which then began maneuvers to take it back to Kerbinport; total return flight time for Backus was 63 minutes. Roy Hinkley also arrived at Atreides and docked without incident about seven minutes ahead of the Auk, with her tourists joining the other colonists and tourists already aboard the Bus Module parked in Atreides's drydock. The Auk then rendezvoused with Atreides.

Probably could've stood to have gotten this thing a little closer to the ship, methinks...

Owing to a large distance at rendezvous and the relatively poor RCS characteristics of the Auk XVIII (still better than some of my other designs but not by much), docking took the better part of ten minutes in-game. Nevertheless, I was eventually able to get the Auk safely docked to House Atreides via the Plane Pylon without incident.

Note to self - this would be a very bad time to engage Atreides's Alcubierre Drive...not unless you want plane scattered all over the place......

Once docked, the Auk transferred her eighteen passengers into the Bus Module, bringing the total number of passengers aboard to 44. Capacity of the Bus Module is 48, which makes me extra glad that I opted for a third Mk3 Passenger Cabin in the design when I was originally planning this mission instead of sticking to just two. I didn't overbook the flight...

Its delivery job completed, the Auk departed from Atreides, burning to a 100.8 by 99.6 kilometer, 0.03° orbit in preparation for de-orbit and landing. Backus arrived at Kerbinport and docked safely. After Samdock transferred aboard, the Auk XII still docked to the station with Harkonnen's passengers finally was allowed to depart and a time for its deorbit was set up. The Auk XVIII was given clearance to deorbit and land first. De-orbit was successful but I did have an incident at landing that resulted in the loss of all twelve of the plane's engines as well as the horizontal stabilizer.

Damn design is bouncy at landing when it's low on fuel, apparently. Still, it's better to get most of a plane back than none at all, right? I mean, the passengers would've survived, had there been any aboard at that point...

Not exactly the best way to close out your day, but I still let the damage stand rather than revert for a better landing. It's not like my program is strapped for cash right now.

Earlier this morning it was the Auk XII's turn to deorbit; the plane came down safely and landed without incident at KSC 09, in the process bringing two tourist and one rescue contract to a successful conclusion. Two replacement contracts were offered - a survey mission at Laythe and a satellite launch mission over Kerbin, both of which have been accepted and filed under the broad definition of "Sunday afternoon missions". Only have one other one of those at the moment, a mission to conduct a survey near the Echo 3 quadcopter parked at the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on Eve.

At this point my KAC calendar has just one entry on it - the completion of the orbital shipyard for Moho, which is scheduled at this point to complete in three hours and 47 minutes. It does occur to me that I should visit the Aban Pearl outpost on Moho where the shipyard is being constructed to double-check on that time estimate, which will probably be the first thing I do next session. Other than that, though, I have two warp ships ready to head out to their destinations: LSV House Corrino has been ready for some time to head back to Eeloo to orbit, begin establishing communications and begin orbital resource surveys. She's got top priority for departure. After that it will be House Atreides's turn to go. Not sure which destination to head for first, but I'm leaning towards Dres since the colonists headed there have the longest-term contract. She'll be hitting most of the worlds in the system before she'll head home in any event. Other than that and my Sunday missions, I haven't got anything going on - Samdock will eventually head back up to Kerbinport when an opportunity arises and that's it for now. I'll be sure to keep y'all up to date as the interplanetary missions progress; hope to have some good progress to report to y'all on Monday.

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Needed to bring two Kerbals to the Mun. So glad to land here every-time. I think Jeb always looks at these landing through Neil Armstrong's eyes. I know I do. Nellrie and Jorlas Kerman had an awesome time too.


The science here is great! Found a small crater near-bye as well





Now, take off to get back to Kerbin, Job done.


(1.9.1, Making History, Breaking Ground, a few basic mods)

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I made my first two launches in a new RSS/RO/RP-1 career, with a fresh install of 1.7.3.  I installed with Test Lite instead of Test Flight, Real Antenna instead of Remote Tech, and Kerbalism instead of Science Alert Re-alerted,  [X} Science, and whatever else (it also gives "reliability" management for non-engine parts, and tracks the overall health and mental well being of Kerbals on long missions, rather than just making sure they have food, water, oxygen, and electricity as TAC LS does).

Unfortunately, I found that the need for science experiments to run for a protracted period introduces some issues in the sounding rocket era.  If it takes 30 minutes to complete a Supersonic Flight Analysis, and your rocket's total flight time (launch to impact) is only about ten minutes, does the data get saved and added to that from the next flight?  If so, how is one supposed to remain solvent when it takes five or so times as many launches to get the science for the next engine/tank/etc. upgrade node?

I know it's possible; other people are doing it -- but it's not very well documented (in terms of telling one how to go about getting science early in the career).

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Today, I lost my career mode save. Went to activate the :science:>:funds: strategy, game crashed, and upon restarting, the save will not load. Tried removing the strategy in the game files to no effect. A moment of silence for Chill Career Take 5: Tokyo Drift...

Its legacy shall live on in Chill Career Take 6: Krakenbait Edition.

What I would have done today is launch OAEV-1 (Orbitally Assembled Exploration Vehicle) to take advantage of the Duna transfer window.

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33 minutes ago, Mister_Spaceman said:

Today, I lost my career mode save. Went to activate the :science:>:funds: strategy, game crashed, and upon restarting, the save will not load. Tried removing the strategy in the game files to no effect. A moment of silence for Chill Career Take 5: Tokyo Drift...

Its legacy shall live on in Chill Career Take 6: Krakenbait Edition.

What I would have done today is launch OAEV-1 (Orbitally Assembled Exploration Vehicle) to take advantage of the Duna transfer window.

Are you on PC or console? If PC, go to the save directory for your career. You can copy off the quicksave file into another directory, rename it as persistence.sfs and then copy it over the corrupted file. You'll lose whatever progress you made between the last time you quicksaved and the time your persistence file borked, but you won't lose the career save entirely.

Before you do this, check the size of your persistence file - if it's 1 kb, it's already toasted and you should feel free to do as I suggest. Might also check your Backup directories for anything recent. Worth looking in any event...I've had to pull my own career save out of the can this way twice since I started it.

If on console, I'll pour out a forty for it...nothing I can suggest there, I'm afraid.

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Today i landed on MUn for the first time in new careeer with Kerbalism Life support mod. 

Enjoying new graphics of the game in 1.9.1

and.. enjoying the Kerbalism mod so much!, It is a whole new experience from the game, in fact it is like a different game. Many mistakes early in the career, cause I am learning new gameplay mechanics, especially science is tricky, and also there are so many attributes on the ship that you need to manualy configure before the launch. I AM LOVING IT! KSP is again entertaining me with this Kerbalism mod !




Landing in Twin Crates biome

First science happening on right table - showing remaining time to complete - it takes minutes, it takes energy, it takes harddrive space..


Picking up Mun stone, and taking surface sample and EVA report - electric energy needed even for those



Moving only 800 meters sideways, and there is another biome. Perfect landing for more science


Science review before going home. And Nitrogen depleted - NO MORE EVAs possible :/ So i cannot manually take data from Mystery goo. Another lesson from realism


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More JNSQ missions today.  My Minmus ASR (Automated Sample Return) arrived at Minmus for its science gathering mission.  A few days behind was a crewed landing mission - using Jeb & Bill again, to get them their 2nd star.




Finally managed a survivable reentry on the first pass through the atmosphere with the return capsule



I upgraded the Girrok launcher used for the Mun/Minmus-range MPV, replacing 8 Shrimp SRB's with a pair of Kickback's.  This puts the MPV in a 125km orbit with over 1000m/s remaining in the second stage, allowing it to handle most of the transfer before the MPV's Terrier engine has to take over.




After reaching orbit & rendezvousing with the MiL-2 lander, Bill used KAS fuel hoses to refill the MPV before he & Jeb boarded the lander for the trip to the surface



Bill planting the first Minmus flag


Ascent stage leaving the landing site behind


After transferring back to the MPV, they headed for home as well


Much to my surprise, I was able to get the MPV to reenter on the first pass as well - the refill from the lander helped, allowing a significant amount of Jeb to shed a significant amount of velocity & just after entering the atmosphere.  Pictured here just after jettisoning the orbital stage, with pieces of it exploding in the heat


The heat shield did its job, and the crew passed through reentry safely, landing in the desert a few hundred km west of the Desert space center.


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For hours today, I've been testing my new Gilly Lander carrier. I was inspired by @Lt_Duckweed's Nuclear Grace plane - which carried a fuel tank to LKO - and @Matt Lowne's Air-launched Rocket for design ideas, and I eventually managed to stick a three-man lander inside a plane.

  • And, unlike Matt's plane, I won't have to worry about crashing one of the vessels while piloting the other.




  • The final design in the SPH.
  • Root part is the lander cockpit.
    • It has a bit of monopropellant inside in order to get away from the plane after the doors are open.


After more ascent tests than I cared to count, I can reasonably say that you should have at least 1,400 m/s at 220 km altitude BEFORE you lose the lander.



  • Congratulations, it's a boy.
    • Delta-V: 3,475 m/s
    • Thrust: 60 kN
    • Mass: 24.933 tons


For some reason, I started to spin uncontrollably after re-entry. After fidgeting with the buttons a bit, I managed to regain control of the plane 4 km above the surface. I don't know if it was luck, skill, or design, but I'm glad it worked. Eventually, I managed to land the plane on the runway without a scratch.







Also, in my career save, the Raven-Remembrance (also known as the Remembrance-Trainwreck) saga is over. For almost ten months IRL (there were a lot of gaps in between, all right) I transported about two dozen tourists (I lost count) all across the Kerbol system in different ships. Once both ships were on Kerbin, I put them on an SSTO and sent the last remaining tourists to Eeloo to finish their contract. Finally, after so many in-game decades, it's over.



  • The Poseidon SSTO returning to Kerbin after its long journey to Eeloo and back.
    • And yes, this one also landed at the runway.

On a side note, this plane also lost control after re-entry until about 4 km altitude. Now I'm starting to think that my problem with the Gilly lander may have originated from an updated aerodynamics game engine, since I didn't have this kind of problem with other Poseidon planes in 1.8.

  • Still, I would like this problem fixed rather than everyone having to rely on luck and/or skill too much.


According to this Mission Report, I launched the Remembrance somewhere around Y25D342 - exact date may vary. Since it's Y60D268 in my career save now, this whole saga has been going on in the sidelines for about 35 in-game years (or more).

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H iguys things not going smoothly at Kerbal Space program as The notebook with the ubuntu still does not have installed steam as reporting feedback here from forum it is time-consuming work struggling with obstacles, 

Moreover always when i click science/career ther is non tutorial there only building so actually i do not know how to proceed as after 22 i do not have internet. 

I tried to install Windows on the notebook but i t collapsed, 

Yesterday I coped with the grappling device where i opened the advanced grabbing unit not making bigger progress. According to other space researches i order good models from ebay with engine more expensive the last which were lost from the shelter.

Moreover everyday i walk with mathematics sheets so theyare even more than welcome to do these researches as i was told in imperial college london they will allow me to study rocket and spacecraft engineering if i have good grades in mathematics and physics level. a 


There is also debian system but i do not know if it will speed up installation of steam, would be great. 


Much love:> 


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