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What did you do in KSP today?


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(1.8.1) It's been a pretty long almost week for me since the last time I posted in this thread. I was out of town over the weekend and combined with events that happened in RL my playing time for much of these past six days has been stymied to say the least. Collectively a lot has happened though.

I began my day last Wednesday with the first of two re-supply mass driver shots of Rocket Parts from the South Base outpost on Kerbin to LSV House Corrino in orbit, with construction of a TBD 7e Moho rover/lander bound for the surface of Eeloo ongoing in Corrino's drydock. That job done, my attention turned to the arrival of the Auk XV 3-passenger spaceplane I had launched on March 3rd at space station Kerbinport. The plane docked without incident, with scientist Samdock Kerman boarding the station and leaving tourists Kerwin and Burtop Keman aboard the plane. The plane took on fuel supplies from the station, after which it departed to head towards LSV House Atreides in higher orbit. The plane arrived at rendezvous with Atreides after a 36 minute flight from Kerbinport.

The Auk XV is another one of those planes that I don't get out of the barn much. It's not because I don't enjoy flying it. More because I usually have more than three kerbals heading up into space at a time...

Upon arrival, Kerbin and Burtop transferred to the Bus Module stowed in Atreides's drydock and the plane departed. After burning down to a 102.7 by 91.0 kilometer, 0.04° inclined orbit, the plane deorbited.


Landing was a bit rockier than I prefer but the plane did make it back intact to KSC 09.

At that point I was out of excuses and all the passengers were aboard, so Atreides shut down her mass driver, engaged her Alcubierre drive and broke Kerbin orbit.

Finally getting this damn trip underway.

Atreides warped over to Jool as the first leg of a trip to Dres, arriving at 14,421 m/s; it took five warp-back maneuvers for her to settle into orbit, which closed out that day.

Thursday began the same way as Wednesday, with the second and final scheduled resupply shot of Rocket Parts to House Corrino from South Base. Job done, I finished the maneuvers to get Atreides into orbit over Jool and proceeded from there to a point 1.25 Gm over Kerbol to bleed off the rest of the speed needed to get to Dres, with Atreides taking the opportunity to recharge her Exotic Matter tanks while she was close to Kerbol. Atreides eventually bled off sufficient speed for direct orbital entry at 288.9 m/s, conducting a conventional burn to correct it to a 246.5 by 215.8 kilometer, 24.45° inclined orbit. While she was still maneuvering, House Corrino completed the TBD print and final supplies of Rocket Parts, fuel, Xenon Gas and Equipment were shot up to the ship from South Base in final preparation for the ship's eventual return to Eeloo. 

Rather than proceed with Corrino's mission however, I opted to stick with Atreides. Pilot Gwenlock Kerman aboard Strange Cargo docked to Atreides had to temporarily relinquish her seat in the command capsule, transferring over to Atreides's Bigby Orbital Workshop module. Colonists Irrey, Camler, Jack, Debbus, Thomton, Desley, Jedster, Eldo and Anfel Kerman then transferred from their seats in the Bus Module to Strange Cargo and the ship departed for space station Dresport, with those maneuvers closing out my day. Total flight time to the rendezvous was one hour and 44 minutes, with the ship arriving and docking without incident first thing Friday morning. Strange Cargo took on replacement fuel from the station's stores while the nine colonists boarded the awaiting Crater Maker 7 15-passenger lander docked to the station. Once refueled, Strange Cargo departed the station to return to House Atreides. Owing to good timing and burns, the ship returned to Atreides a mere eighteen minutes later.

I had to stop play on Friday before I could affect the rendezvous, and RL circumstances kept me away from the game until yesterday. Things resumed with the rendezvous of Strange Cargo at Atreides, with the ship docking without incident. At that point the Crater Maker finally departed Dresport and made its way down to the Sleipnir A outpost on the surface. Landing proceeded without incident.

Took you guys long enough to get here...we've got three weeks worth of backlogged activities for all y'all...

Scientist Malgar Kerman was given the honor of hooking up the lander to the outpost so the colonists could disembark to the outpost's Castillo module. That done, the outpost refueled the lander, Malgar disconnected it and resumed her post, and the lander returned safely to Dresport. Sleipnir A shot replacement fuel supplies to Dresport via mass driver to close out operations over Dres. Total time elapsed from Atreides's arrival at Dres to that point was all of ninety minutes.

With her work over Dres finished, Atreides broke orbit and maneuvered back over Kerbol to gain the speed required to enter orbit over Moho. She then warped to Moho and arrived at 633 m/s, slow enough to enter an ugly orbit.

This is mainly a "pics or it didn't happen" sort of screenie. I needed it for Mortimer to have for his archives in case it comes up in court later.

Tourist Lemby Kerman was the only kerbal aboard Atreides that wanted to see Moho and his itinerary specified that he just wanted to visit orbit, and with Atreides having accomplished that, she didn't stay there long - next stop on the itinerary was Pol, so Atreides warped back to Jool, arriving at 15,750 m/s; it took a total of nine warp-backs for the ship to slow down over Jool enough to warp to Pol for flyby, with Atreides arriving there at 312 m/s. Orbital entry was achieved via conventional burn from that point.

One of the nice things about having Atreides fully loaded - I think this is the first time I've been able to use the ship's engines at full burn without tumbling off course. Still had to do some tweaking as I went, of course.

Atreides settled into a 194.3 by 16.0 kilometer, 29.24° orbit - an ugly orbit, but an orbit nonetheless. Once in orbit, tourist Sizer Kerman along with colonists Pawin, Marson and Jedlo Kerman joined Jeb aboard Gilligan docked to Atreides. The ship had been drained of fuel to balance out the weight distribution, so after taking fuel on Gilligan departed Atreides for space station Polport. Total flight time to rendezvous was three hours and nineteen minutes, with Gilligan docking to the station without incident. Once docked, the four kerbal passengers boarded a waiting Spamcan 7a lander while Gilligan took on fuel. After a delay to send up a scheduled re-supply of rocket parts from the Aban Pearl outpost on Moho to the Nonne Ardere Yards in orbit, the Spamcan departed Polport and headed to the Petrobas 36 outpost on Pol's surface, landing safely to close out the day. Nothing's happened so far today.

So for today I plan to finish up operations at Pol - I need to get the three colonists aboard Petrobas to get their contracts churning and get Sizer back to House Atreides. The next stop on Atreides's itinerary is Bop, where three tourists are scheduled for surface excursions. A journey to Vall orbit will occur after that before Atreides finally heads to the big show at Laythe: twenty colonists are headed to the C. P. Baker outpost there along with three tourists (one of them wants to land, the other two want atmospheric flights but will get the landing for free). Once that's done though, the big part will be behind me; Atreides still needs to visit Duna and Ike after that but no more landings are scheduled aside from a set at Mun and Minmus. I'm debating whether or not I want to go ahead and recycle the Bus Module or leave Atreides as a warp-capable high-occupancy space bus. House Corrino is ready to return to Eeloo at this point, so I need to figure out when I'm going to make that happen too. I may do that before Atreides leaves Pol, so that could happen as early as today. Going to be how it strikes my fancy, I suppose. Other than that I don't have much to talk about - still have two survey missions in the pipe and a satellite mission to do at Bop, but all my other contracts are currently tied up with Corrino and Atreides right now. I'll keep y'all posted; hopefully my next report will be a little more timely...

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I put a ring station in orbit of Dres.



I know this station was originally intended for Minmus, but I intentionally designed the carrier rockets the way that they are in case I - or some more ambitious users - want to take this farther. All I have to do is fill it up with a lot of fuel and ore, and then it's ready for refueling craft.

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Made my first Buran:


Well, mostly. The orbiter is a non-landable boilerplate; I was only really interested in getting it balanced during the ascent. Unfortunately, due to limitations in the career I'm developing it for, I couldn't use Vectors, so it has eight Mainsails instead and has to steer and maintain balance by throttling the engines in the core. And it costs something like 300,000 funds per flight of which only 40 some thousand are recovered--the downside of putting the engines on the expendable booster rather than recovering them with the orbiter. On the other hand it makes orbit with enough fuel left to easily orbit the Mun, and it can carry up to a Jumbo tank in the payload bay (or a lot more Polyus style, in place of the orbiter).

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Modification of a rocket to change its lower stage for a cryogenic one led to something resembling the Kistler K-1. The upper stage (still LFO) is tiny in comparison. A linear engine layout seems to make SAS behave better, maybe since it only has to do calculations along a single axis, so I'd encourage others to try it out!


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The last two days, I've not had any of my screenshots show up - first in my 1.8.1 career install yesterday, then today in my JNSQ install.  Then I realized (after exiting JNSQ to discover no screenshots) that my F1 key was stuck & when I tapped it for a screenshot it wasn't hard enough to force it down.  Grrr.  Lost out on some new craft launches in both my career save & the JNSQ test install - I added TacLS for the first time, and had a very scenic launch to put a Mk 1-3 pod into LKO with over 1800 m/s dV and ~28 days worth of life support (limited by food, water was good for ~40 days, and oxygen for 90, although the fuel cell draws from the same oxygen supply). 

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Fairly minimal day to report to y'all today, largely on account of a lack of early morning session and a mid-morning revert that wiped my progress there as well. My own fault really for not taking my own advice and trying to use a KAS resource transfer station to refuel a lander. Bugged out a base and made a lander halfway to orbit think it was travelling over the surface...

So the revert put me to my last quicksave point, which was just before the Spamcan 7a 4-passenger lander with colonists Pawin, Jedlo and Marson Kerman aboard as well as tourist Sizer Kerman conducted its landing burn at the Petrobas 36 outpost on Pol. The lander arrived without incident, at which point engineer Millas Kerman went on EVA to retrieve a pair of Mineshaft Crew Tube connection points from the base's exterior. After using them to attach the lander to the base, the colonists disembarked to the outpost's Castillo dome while the lander itself took on fuel. Job done, Millas detached the lander and resumed her post in the outpost's refinery. The Spamcan then took off and made its way back to space station Polport with Sizer still aboard. Flight time to the station was 36 minutes, with the lander affecting a safe rendezvous and docking. Sizer rejoined Jeb aboard Gilligan docked to the station, which then departed.

Gilligan departing Polport. Alas, the only screenshot I have for today...

After a quick mass driver shot from Petrobas to Polport to replenish spent fuel supplies and send up Ore, Gilligan conducted a burn to take it to rendezvous with LSV House Atreides in a high, inclined orbit. Gilligan affected the rendezvous and docked 22 minutes later, completing all operations at Pol once Sizer had re-boarded the Bus Module in Atreides's drydock. Total time from Atreides's arrival at Pol to Gilligan's docking was five hours, 39 minutes and 12 seconds.

That's all I've managed to get done these past 24 hours - as I said, fairly minimal. My priority for today will be to get LSV House Corrino currently in HKO to Eeloo, where I hope to receive permission for landing after conducting a quick spacewalk and crew transfer in orbit there. Assuming permission is granted, at least one landing will be conducted later today, that of the rover I'm sending down to scout out a possible base site. If it checks out, I'll be landing kerbals there as well and establishing the final initial outpost I will build in the Kerbol system. House Atreides is also ready to head to its next port of call on its trip, which is Bop. I have three tourists wanting to visit the surface there, and while they don't necessarily need to visit the Bohai 2 outpost on the surface I do have some business to conduct while Atreides is in the area there. A flight to Vall orbit is on Atreides's itinerary after Bop before she heads to the big show at Laythe. Longer term, I have a satellite mission to do at Bop and two survey missions in the pipe, one at Laythe and the other at Eve. Hope to have a better report for y'all tomorrow.

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17 minutes ago, Arco123 said:

How did you get so good fps and what are your mods? Specs?

I didn't. The footage is sped up up to 600% in some scenes. I will refrain from disclosing my FPS, or else you might very well think I'm masochistic :) For mods see video description, please. 

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4 minutes ago, SpacePixel said:

I didn't. The footage is sped up up to 600% in some scenes. I will refrain from disclosing my FPS, or else you might very well think I'm masochistic :) For mods see video description, please. 

FPS? What is this FPS you speak of? XD If it's above 40, you have a miracle computer XD

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1 minute ago, Kerballing (Got Dunked On) said:

FPS? What is this FPS you speak of? XD If it's above 40, you have a miracle computer XD

You're right, of course. It would be more appropriate to speak of FPM (frames per minute) than FPS

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3 minutes ago, Arco123 said:

Wow, I get 30ish at all times. 

Normally I get similar performance even with barely-working on 1.9 Scatterer. However, for some reason the ship causes absolutely massive lag. With all the other featured crafts FPS is ok, but when filming a ship... I don't wanna relive it. 

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10 minutes ago, SpacePixel said:

Normally I get similar performance even with barely-working on 1.9 Scatterer. However, for some reason the ship causes absolutely massive lag. With all the other featured crafts FPS is ok, but when filming a ship... I don't wanna relive it. 

I've been doubling down on increasing fps. The next thing I'm doing is changing the AVP I'm using to 4k or 2k to see if that changes anything because when you fly outside of KSC's boundary it gets all laggy when you're flying and changing the layer volume thing as well.

That is how I did most scenes in my video. I 200% them so they look like 60 or 30 and I get enough contend to go around while looking good. Remember that 24 fps is the norm for movie stuff. 

Also, how did you do the top to bottom flyby and the first shot? Along with some other info on how. I'm still learning how to use it. 





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48 minutes ago, Arco123 said:


Also, how did you do the top to bottom flyby and the first shot? Along with some other info on how. I'm still learning how to use it. 

You mean the flyby at 1:34? Basically a Camera Tools stationary camera with initial orbital velocity as reference frame and a small kick with the engines to get slow movement, IIRC. The first shot is much simpler - dogfight camera with the ship as a secondary target. 

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More progress towards the contract free upgrade of all KSC buildings in my challenge based career game.

Progress that involved testing a Laythe spaceplane.


Launching a Tylo lander, only to realise I didn't have the funds to fuel it in orbit, or to launch the return vehicle.


So with the Reuso 4 heavy launcher splashed down...


it was time for a plucky pair of little ships like this...


to head for Duna...


to grab some much needed milestones cash, from docking in orbit.


Then off to Ike for a repeat performance...


before heading home for a landing just West of the KSC.


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Looking back my first Duna mission that is soon to be a year ago:

eight days from now is the one year anniversary of my first Minmus mission with a rover


Only 6 days before was my first Rover mission


And on March 21st: The one year since my first interplanetary voyage:







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