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What did you do in KSP today?

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Each M-17 engine could be started or stopped independently. KAL-1000 simulates pneumatic starter - spins it slow, adds throttle for a while and then sets it to idle at 110 rpm. A small servo on the shaft creates wobble and anti-torque. Take-off RPM is 375, increasing to 395 as speed rises and could increase up to 418 on high altitude. Plane can fly on any 2 engines running

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hopefully tomorrow I can find a way to stop my 27 kiloton ssto from clipping through itself and crashing into the ground, perhaps removing the clamps, or maybe launching it from the runway. I will do anything to keep my boosters, don't want to fly a big noodle.

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Hotel26's Second Law: "robotics, claws and wheels do NOT mix"

Of course, there are always exceptions!

The monstrosity on the right is my old Krew Bus.  It's so kugly[1]...

The beauty on the left is my new Paxmover.  The secret is in the springs.


Not quite sure yet it goes low enough for the smallest in my airline fleet...

Accommodates 8 pax and sports a ladder for individual boarding/disembarkation.

Main use for this is KSC (and maybe a couple of selected major airports).

I generally do not like to recover airplanes at the KSC but rather leave them on the tarmac for refueling/reuse.  Paxmover will provide an acceptable way to accommodate/recycle Kerbals on the airport, as well.

ShipManifest makes it convenient to load/unload.

Kudos to @Brikoleur and his LIFTMECH, which inspired (and provided a good part) of the design.  Making it work with the claw has been perhaps my only contribution.

[1] "kerbal-ugly"

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Time to get off this purple rock. First to fuel up my escape craft.



Saying goodbye to the craft that has served as home during the stay


High enough. Time to fire the engines


And detach the balloons


Side stages gone, still building up speed.


Now to cruise to target altitude


And finalising the orbit burn.



Been fun Eve. Now to rendezvous with my mother craft and return to Kerbin for some R&R

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I downloaded the KSP2 beta and have been messing around with the new metallic hydrogen engines and planets:

The new Eve clouds look awesome:


There is no Mohole, which makes me sad, but Moho is still around:


Here are a couple shots of one of the new planets, Ovin.  The rings are 2-dimensional, but that Orion drive really has some kick:


Here is a shot going by the planet itself:


If you want to get the beta, just go to KSP2 website and click "download beta".  You have to have KSP1 for it to be free, though.


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1 hour ago, RoninFrog said:

I downloaded the KSP2 beta and have been messing around with the new metallic hydrogen engines and planets:

The new Eve clouds look awesome:



Happy April Fools!

Nice try, but I can tell those are screenshots off the website :wink:

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1 hour ago, RoninFrog said:

If you want to get the beta, just go to KSP2 website and click "download beta".  You have to have KSP1 for it to be free, though.

Are you trolling us? That link is not on the menu when I go to the site and I don't see any other mention of the Beta on this forum.

EDIT: I hate April 1st! You got me good!

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Thanks guys for 4,5 likes gives courage, motivation, life's will and all good. Still did not fix the parachute to the payload and moreover did not fix the recovery wadding founding that it is new thing and do not know how to fix it. 

Postponing playing kerbal space program due to multitasking and not having best computers in the world and the virus complicates many activities as 90 % are closed. 


Much love :>

Keeps the things together. 

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I started the day by downloading 1.9 and a careful persistence file editing so that I could remove Kopernicus without losing anything. After launching the game, I discovered one of my craft had parts from a mod I haven't installed yet for it's not updated to 1.9 yet. After a cautious craft file editing(and being glad said parts were radially attached and didn't have another part attached to them), I managed to remove those parts.

I started the "playing" part of the game by flying my quadcopter on Duna. At first, it was figuratively but it soon became literal when a mountain got in my way. Thankfully, thanks to the magic of revert, nothing was lost.



Then, I switched to my Duna lander and flew Bill around in the small aircraft included in the lander. Jebediah was pretty jealous at first but he quickly calmed down when ground control reminded him that he had his turn the day before and that, anyway, they still have more than a year to fly around before it's time to come back home. Also, it turns out deployed solar panels produce lift, which allowed Bill to push the craft to 60m/s. I'm starting to think Jebediah has a bad influence on the rest of the crew.






Finally, I noticed the fuel depot on my space station wasn't aligned correctly - the modules required to dock my space shuttle would get in the way of craft attempting to dock with that depot - so I made a quick mission to realign it. After docking with the station, I noticed the module was actually aligned the right way so I returned to Kerbin without making any changes to the station.




(The return went perfectly fine. I had to eject the larger docking port because it wasn't part of the original design but a quick and dirty addition to allow the capsule to dock with the fuel depot.)

Unfortunately, while I was getting ready to send another module to the space station, I realized I was wrong: the fuel depot wasn't aligned correctly. Having no choices, I docked with the module again and discovered how "fun" it was to dock something when all the RCS thrusters are at one end of the spacecraft and far away from the CoM.



I circled the fuel depot I had to realign so that you can have an idea of how much fun I had docking this thing. All the fuel tanks at the end are full, by the way.



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I played in orbital construction with tech limited to first tier. Docking still sucks, especially with small ports.

First two modules were sent in boring, optimal, launches. Last either had to be split it five or equipped with moar boosters.



I went with moar boosters because docking is bad for mental health.

After two hours of fighting against Konstruction docking ports I finished my newest brain fart:



Now it needs some fuel and science drop pods, then I will proceed to bombard Mun and Minmus for science.


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modding pain happened today. I sadly don't have any screenshots, but I managed to skip a zero in the planet I was creating which resulted in it being smaller than gilly, with a giant cliff half its radius


at least it ended alright


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Last night I got my 1st contract to find an area on a Minmus location and do some science on it. It was funny tho to actually stand right next to the location within a meter, so I put up a flag anyways marking the location as a first.

Got back to KSC with some awesome science credits, wooot!




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Today I circumnavigated Kerbin in 7 hours with this tiny electric helicopter I made. I was going for a jetpack...but eventually it became this. I'm pretty happy with the design. It weighs 480 kgs!


I made a small video (3:00) of Jeb using it to fly around the globe. !



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Continuing from last time, I proceeded with refuel:



After rendezvous I deorbited and launched again due to lack of docking port...

Then I discovered resource transfer requires 2nd tier of research lab, but I still had enough funds to make it happen.



New color scheme still throws me off, toke me a while to notice that half-jumbo in part list....

And with full tanks I just needed some cargo:



Quite ugly, but I needed it to be short and wide due to suboptimal cargo layout:


Then came yet another RCS ballet:


But first I had to get rid of overpowered construction drones for the sake of part count...


All-Seeing-Eyes surprised me with built-in RCS in telescope, but otherwise were well balanced small crafts, lander pods were confusing to fly as I made mess out of control points

Little unpowered relay sats lacked RCS on one axis, but were fast enough on rudder to make it manageable.


Propulsion wider that payload allows it to fly with unbalanced load without effort, but Differential Throttle makes flight much smoother


And obligatory beauty shot:


Almost 4.5k dV and plenty of space left for cargo. I think manned lander should fit in underbelly. 

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This is a European hedgehog:                 This is a Czech hedgehog:                              This is a Kerbal Hedgehog:

220px-Igel.JPG   250px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-719-0240-26   mCmOyV8.png


This is a working Hedgehog in LKO:


It's intended to be a near-by adjunct to a space station and used for docking equipment (not e.g. space planes which require a wider berth).

In this shot we see the central Hedgehog providing 14 berths.  Docked are: 4x Zephyr boosters, 3x Mule utility tugs, 2x Sparrow tugs, 3x Spear claw tugs, 0x Kraken...

Yup.  No Kraken as of yet.


Today's effort, Duster, a rework of Four Of Diamonds, has the distinction of being a sample of the elusive Mk-1 format SSTO.

iV7OoSn.png   pA5nH3h.png

10 pax which necessitates cabin service (pilot must venture aft once an hour to serve beverages; bc "fed reg") and this model is all Hi-Tox fuel (LF).

Test pilot, Kermany Kerman, has just coaxed it into LKO (722km) with 1.2 km/s dV remaining, utilizing speed runs at 4.5km, 10km and 20km.  (He's now on break, with a cognac, as we view...)

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Bob got dropped off at the "Unnamed Peak" in the Kayak Club.

The brave scientist departing on Runway 1 might not be a volunteer.


But he's going to get to the drop site in no time at all.


Ok... now where's that mountain.


"Over the target, drop the payload Bill"


"Payload away Jeb"


Looks like he's headed for a soft landing.


"Whad'ya mean payload, I'm a thrill seeking, scientific pioneer."

Bob Kerman (In My Own Words).


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