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What did you do in KSP today?


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16 hours ago, DeltaDizzy said:

Why aren't you using the revamped UA120s? The rust signals they will be removed in the next update.

Given that this is KSP, where there are part packs that have an intended rusty scrayard aesthetic, this seems like a poor choice of texture change to indicate deprecation. There are a decent number of players who will think "that looks cool, I'll use that". @CobaltWolf I think a better way of doing this would be to have a texture inside the part, visible in the editor while it's transparent, with text saying not to use the part.

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18 hours ago, DeltaDizzy said:

Why aren't you using the revamped UA120s? The rust signals they will be removed in the next update.

Like it visually showed, I had them, used it only for a contract in my game, dont really care afterwards.:/ Whats your point other than an update comment?  Thank you for that as well.  

Like our topic says "What did you do in KSP today" :wink:

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Landed on Jade:




Gateway abovehead!


Jade's relatively-high gravity coupled with relatively-low TWR of lander's engines resulted in the landing being a bit rougher than intended: it slammed into surface at nearly 5 m/s. Thankfully, landing legs and the docking port were able to absorb the shock and nothing was broken.


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After making some tweaks, my new shuttle system officially entered service by delivering the crew of the Sunbeam into orbit.





I still need to send up the ascent vehicle before the Sunbeam departs, but if all goes well Valentina and Thompsy will be the first Kerbals to set foot on Eve (and return... hopefully).

Mission album:

















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(1.8.1) Howdy, y'all. Been a while since my last mission report - March 24th, to be precise. This working at home crap is for the birds, I must say. There is a bright spot in amongst the complete loss of kerballing time, though - my wife finally agreed to update our home box from the same Byzantine piece of crap I'd been using since 2010 (i.e. since I started playing KSP in version 0.18), especially seeing as how the hamster that kept it running finally died about six months ago. The new laptop arrived Friday and it handles KSP like a charm - no more worrying when the memory usage gets above 4 GB. Also means I finally have something substantial to report to y'all, so I'll get to it.

At last report, Strange Cargo was en route to LSV House Atreides over Laythe, having botched a transfer burn to take her back to the warp ship after she and her sister ship Necessary Evil had delivered a load of colonists and tourists headed to the C. P. Baker outpost on the surface to space station Laytheport. Construction was also ongoing on the nascent Montara Wellhead outpost on Eeloo, the last outpost I intend to establish in the system without a contract. Much of Montara was already completed by the last report but on March 24th construction continued, with all but one of the base's structures (the storage Depot) inflated that day. Gameplay did not resume until April 1st, when I was attacked by Nyan Cats. Strange Cargo finally rendezvoused and docked with House Atreides successfully, at which point the Auk XVII 24-passenger spaceplane onto which the colonists and tourists had been loaded departed Laytheport bound for the surface.

'And if you'll look out the left side of the aircraft you can see a space Kraken silently passing by....April Fools!!'. Yeah, it wasn't funny then and it isn't funny now...

The landing did not take place until April 3rd. Owing to the fact that I'd overfilled the Auk's fuel tanks (several of which were intended for use as structural members only), the plane was tail heavy and unstable, and I was lucky to get it down the ground relatively intact - without thrust, it had severe pitch-up tendencies and stalled several times. As it was, on the initial landing attempt, the plane's tail slammed into the ground and most of the rear end was lost. Fortunately, none of the passenger cabins breached and the missions continued. To retrieve the colonists from the plane, I initially ordered up a Botulism 7 servicing vehicle at C. P. Baker, with an expected printing time of two hours and 29 minutes. I later realized that the vehicle would not do what I wanted it to - it was designed to refuel the Auk so it could return to Laytheport, which it was obviously not going to be able to. It also would be incapable of offloading the passengers. It wasn't until this past Sunday that I took the time to do anything about it, and in the meantime Montara inflated its Depot to complete construction. The crew there began printing up a Dystopia Planitia 7 Moho orbital shipyard, with an expected print time of just over eighteen hours, closing out the day on April 3rd.

And then the new computer arrived this past Friday. My wife told me I should take some time over the weekend for kerballing, and who was I to argue?

Sunday began with the design of a vehicle to offload the passengers from the Auk, which I ultimately designated as the Ratface 7 (name inspired from the design). During the testing, the game asked me if I wanted to recover the Auk on the Runway, which puzzled me as I was pretty sure I didn't have an Auk on the Runway at KSC, but I said yes anyway. The Ratface worked well enough so I decided to head out to Baker to cancel the Botulism print and begin printing a Ratface. It was then that I realized the Auk the game was detecting was the one at Baker, which was indeed sitting on a Runway...I had just teleported all those kerbals it had taken me months to get out to Laythe right back to the space center. It was time for a revert. And the last time I quicksaved the Auk was 70 kilometers uprange from the Baker 36 runway on Laythe...

This time around though I knew the plane was tail-heavy and I had sufficient time for fuel dumps (thanks to TAC Fuel Balancer). The dumps did the trick and this time the plane gently glided to a safe stop (if off center) on Baker 36.

It sure as hell took you people long enough to get here.

With the plane safely down, construction began on the Ratface, which took just under three hours to build. Meanwhile, Montara once again completed its Depot. Total time from start to finish on the construction of Montara Wellhead was ten hours and 42 minutes, which I think is a record of some kind.

How can you tell it's Eeloo? Kerbol is really dinky-looking this far out....solar power ain't happening out here.

The finished Montara Wellhead outpost on Eeloo, the last base i intend to build for a while.

After Montara re-began its construction of the shipyard, my focus returned to events on Laythe. The Ratface was completed and released, and drove unmanned out to the Auk. Upon arrival, engineer Enfry Kerman went on EVA to the nearby Wisent 7 utility rover and drove over there to make the final connection between the two vehicles.

Auk, Wisent and Ratface on Laythe, with Enfry on the ground by the Auk's forward landing gear.

Once attached, the twenty colonists bound for C. P. Baker boarded the Ratface, with the three tourists that were merely surface-bound remaining aboard the Auk. Once aboard, Enfry detached the Ratface from the plane and then both it and the Wisent returned to Baker, with Enfry riding aboard the Wisent. At that point Enfry attached the Ratface to Baker and the colonists offloaded to the outpost. Eight of them have a 24-day colonization mission ahead, while the other twelve have a 12-day mission ahead of them. With her job complete, Enfry rejoined her fellow crewmembers aboard Baker and the Auk took off to return to Laytheport to close out the day.

Two things should've happened before this point - I should've towed the plane to be aimed down the center of the strip instead of to the side, and I should've waited until Laytheport was in the proper position...

The plane returned to an 75x52 orbit around Laythe. Owing to the fact that the space station wasn't in the proper phase angle prior to departure, the plane will have a long flight back to rendezvous...it's currently set at about three hours with a twenty-kilometer close approach. To be honest, I'm worried about having sufficient fuel to return to Laytheport at this point, but that's why I have Edmund Fitzgerald (a mass-driver equipped emergency tanker craft) on standby there...

Earlier this morning I ordered up a Boop-Boop 7x probe at the Imo Pyramis Shipyards over Bop to fulfill a probe mission there, and then returned to C. P. Baker, where pilot Dudtop Kerman boarded the Lima 1 quadcopter parked out by the base. Dudtop flew 340 kilometers of a 770-kilometer flight out towards Site 1-PHL near Laythe's north pole, where he will be conducting a three-point survey including a pair of crew reports and one surface sample; I had to quit to begin my paying work before he arrived at that point, so that's where I am now.

Look ma, it's land on Laythe!! Out here, that's like finding gold!!!

Since the game no longer takes nine minutes to load and unload for me, I might find myself playing more while the quarantine lasts. I need to finish up the survey on Laythe, get the probe built over Bop and get it heading to its final position, and get the plane back to Laytheport. Once the plane is at Laytheport, Gilligan is waiting to take the tourists back to House Atreides to finish up their tour - stops are still scheduled at Vall, Duna, Ike, Mun and Minmus before Atreides can finally head for home, but the big part of her current mission is now finished. I'll be launching the shipyard at Eeloo when it's ready with a way station still planned at Eeloo to finish out the system's infrastructure, and I still have another survey mission at Eve to do at some point. Plenty going on at the moment. I'll try not to wait three weeks to give y'all another report next time...

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Sorry, no screenies :(

Started a science save after not playing since November last year. Not much to note here, except 2nd launch, as expected, spun out of control because of a lack of fins and gimballing engines. 

The real meat was when I booted up a new sandbox save. My first rocket I built there flew to the moon and back, no cheats, which is probably the second time I’ve done that. If I alway rember correctly, it was a 2.5m radial size, with a (what used to be for you not so veterans) big orange and the quarter size of that as the core tank. I used the mainsail as the core engine and I kinda like the revamp, even if the 3 nozzles made about as much sense as turning the Poodle into a 2 nozzle engine did. As boosters, I used 2 of the Thoroughbred on the sides, with big nosecones on top and seperatrons on the side of course. For the 2nd stage I used the poodle with a few solar panels and a fairing. This stage did a lot more that it intended to, possibly saving the mission from one of two the smol disasters that occurred... Inside the fairing was a lander with the lander can mk2 and an eighth size 2.5m tank, plus a cheetah(?) or whatever the 1.875 vacuum optimized engine is. There was also some other fuel in the form of 4 baguettes and 4 dumplings. The landing legs were the largest size, and the lander had a final stage where the fuel and propulsion where jettisoned so the usual reentry fireworks show happened AWAY from the 2 Kerbals.

The flight plan to my knowledge went like this:


Fire first stage at 3rd throttle.

Press D repeatedly with increasing frequency to initiate gravity turn.

Notice that the thoroughbred has gimbal.

Feel a little happy inside.

Jettison boosters.

Ratchet back to full throttle.

Jettison 1st stage and start 2nd.

Make orbit.

Make maneuver node as to make apoapsis be well within Mun SOI.

Initiate maneuver almost perfectly (I’m proud of that one)

Get Mun encounter.

Capture burn.

Retrograde to suborbit.

Burn to 6 m/s.

Jettison 2nd stage. 

Break 3 dumplings and 4 baguettes due to hitting the ground too hard (!)


Get out, plant flag.

Start 3rd Stage. (return)

Initiate small gravity turn.

Burn roughly normal to escape Mun and be on small Kerbin orbit.

Escape Mun SOI.

Burn retrograde.


Burn Retrograde.


Dip into Kerbin’s atmosphere.


Dip into Kerbin’s atmosphere.


Dip into Kerbin’s atmosphere.


Dip into Kerbin’s atmosphere.


Dip periapsis into ground.

Jettison 3rd stage.

Realize that this stage has no parachutes.

Bail both Jeb and Bill out using parachutes from 5000 meters.

Initiate dogfight.

Land both of them next to eachother. (Proud of that as well)

Recover Jeb.

Forget about Bill even though you vowed to get to the tracking station and recover him.

Not recover Bill and probably won’t today either.

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1 hour ago, Arco123 said:

@capi3101 I would recommend install Spectra without Scatterer. Maybe if you have good specs you should install scatterer but it its a performance hit. I would also recommend a visual reentry mod. Along with planetshine on low and TURD. 

I'll consider it. EVE is back on the table again as far as visual enhancement mods are concerned as well...haven't been able to use it since 1.3.

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Brought a floating cottage (with a Kerbal) near the surface of Jool (10km). From there I left the planet again using a floating ascend vehicle that was parked next to it. It was a very challening mission but I had tonnes of fun! :D


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I'm doing a Jool 5.  I had been designing landers, testing them, optimizing them, cramming them into mk3 bays, building lots of asparagus tanks to scatter around the Jool system, and trying to maintain a reasonable TWR using mk3 LF tanks and nuclear engines.  And then I thought, "Forget this!"  I pulled out my good, trusty old magnum opis, the HMS Sauron, crammed a bunch of Kerbals in it, and hit the spacebar.

On the pad:


Burning for space:


Low on fuel; I guess it's time to go grab some Mun rocks to refill the tanks:


Let's see.  Where's some good ore?


Found some good stuff in a crater by the south pole:


All the kerbals (except Bill, he's managing the drills and ISRUs) got out for a quick screenshot:


Back in Munar orbit.  Let's go to Jool!


To be continued...

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Today I redesigned my Duna rover and sent it to Duna...except I couldn’t get an encounter. I finally did, but then my nuclear engines failed at their job. I’m never using nervas again. I hate ‘em. Also, I need to redesign my rocket...I’m thing a couple large tanks with a skipper for the second stage/transfer stage, and two or three ‘big orange tanks’ with a mainsail for the lower. Probably will add some srbs. I’d do asparagus staging, but it’s such a pain to get the decouplers to decouple right. And suggestions for a good(overpowered) Duna rocket that doesn’t use nervas?

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So I've not posted in ages, I've been Soooooo busy I'll try and spread this out over multiple posts

In my entry in what's the stupidest shape of payload I could fit in the faring, I present you with: 


It was about as aerodynamic as you'd think! Fortunatly it was so badly aerodynamic, it was kind of like surfing and you could ride the wave!


Yep it's the "While I'm sending a sattelite up, I might as well send a couple of Tugs up that I need for other purposes":



Then some work on my mining base:


only for me to discover I didn't have enough power, so I sent in a rover with a few solar panels attached. (also part of trial for a cunning plan to have a modular system where I could expand capacity on remote worlds gradually). I was very pleased with myself!


It was glorious, the whole thing unfolded!

Into Kraken bait - no point in a screenshot of the wreakage that ensued when I unfolded it. I have no idea why it worked when tested on Kerbin, but exploded when unfolded on Minmus or Duna. The Kraken is a fickle beast!

More later...

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