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What did you do in KSP today?


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I built my second airbreathing SSTO, upgrading the Pandemunium I to the Pandemunium II.  And maaaaaan, this thing is overpowered!  Flies basically the same as the old version, but it carries more kerbals per engine.

Pretty simple design, just a basic shuttle with 3 Nervs and Whiplashes.  only use LF on my SSTO spaceplanes.  No oxidizer.


Whiplashes just look way cooler than RAPIERS.  Why would you want four tiny orange circles when you can have this?


So far so good!  Had to use the runway ski jump, but she flies nice and steady!  Jeb looked out the window and said, "Hey, see that little thing in the sky?  Whaddya say we go there?"


Getting a little fiery!  The Whiplashes are starting to lose their potency.


Seems like 44km is the magic number for the Pandemunium series.  If the plane doesn't get that high on the first ascent, it won't make it anywhere.


We will go to space today!


In orbit with... 3147 m/s of dV!!!!  :0.0: If the plane is sturdy enough to survive intense aerobraking, I could probably get to Laythe on that!  Or I could just make a quick trip to the Mun.


Mun flyby:


Mun orbit:


Alright, little kerbals, it's time to put bootprints on extraterrestrial soil!


This is actually a pretty ideal landing spot, since I will be taking off uphill and then over a crater.


Flag time!


And Jeb has to go investigate that crater.


Bill and Bob don't seem to happy about driving off a cliff.


Hey, look!  It's one of those Breaking Ground thingymabobs!


Mun orbit again!


  That's all for today, cause I'm having some problems with spinning out of control on reentry.

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Today I just redesigned a bit the Stratolauncher (AKA Twin Sardine Mk5, the reason is quite obvious although I know that the planes' bodies look more like a salmon than a sardine... just think that sardines are hilarious after watching a few times 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs') to give her more clearance for the payload. Then, I launched Jeb to Moho. Set him in orbit with just 30dV remaining... and obviously I hit the 'Revert flight' :D 

This is the (I hope final) Mk5 version of the Stratolauncher:


And in my last test something strange happened with the POV...:


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Today I got a contract to save 'Spaghetti Kerman'. Isn't sphagettification the worst way for a kerbal to die in the game? This Kerbal's parents must have really hated him a lot, to name him 'Worst Death' Kerman.

He is going to get bullied so much if I bring him back to the space center..... I decided to keep him offworld at all time, even if it costs me the contract


I sent the Kerb to the Mun, and made him a tiny base to live in.


It has been names 'Demo Base 1' and I am testing the basics of USI-LS and USI-MKS (both very scary mods, not for the faint-hearted)

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Worked more on Kernstellation. (That's the name now), although I didn't accomplish much. I got the DDV, greenhouses, hab, and reactors all assembled in LKO, along with the LF for the Restock+ "Cherenkov" NTR. Docked the NTR to the station (it was its own module launched on an Ariane 5 look-alike), but it wasn't finding the LF in the tanks across several modules (crossfeed all enabled), leaving me perplexed and highly annoyed at the same time. So instead of that (I'll probably just alt-12 infinite fuel) I began designs for a more permanent Mun base, since that is one of the goals of Kernstellation.

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Y63, D156 - KASDA has developed a new giant and monolithic model of the Mobile Interplanetary Kolonization Unit (left) which has less parts than its modular equivalent on the right.


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Whilst the orange-suits enjoy a cruise on the MAS (Maverick Aviation Ship) Endurance, the boffins back at HQ release the latest and greatest...

Behold! The second generation (terrestrial) aviation exploration ship...

...The MAS Perseverance!

50% longer (and "now with more fuel!") the new aircraft carrier is a tad easier to land on with the larger aircraft (and further reaching).

After some brief shakedown cruises around KSC, some elite KSP crewfolk set sail for the first stopover on the inaugural cruise: at Valentina Island outpost. (Whilst the orange-suits have been away, the terrestrials have been busy, more details to come in a future post).

Ultimate destination (marked below in orange) will enable plane stop overs for refueling, and a sort of base for further exploration. But along the way...

Developing a marine variation of the Falcon, we began flight test with that and other aircraft. (below, Falcon fly-by of supply ship Constance)

Visual mission summary so far:

You can see some videos of various tests, successful and otherwise below. ;) Fun!


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Today I started KSP 1.8 with JNSQ in linux about 30 times to find out why it crashes just before loading the main menu. Nothing mod related in the end. KSP was just maxing out 32gb of RAM and because Lubuntu does not make a swap partition if you click the default installation stuff, it crashed. 20 years ago I built linux stuff with "linux from scratch" or Gentoo Linux, nowadays I am just too damned lazy.


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I brought my Pandemonium II successfully home!

I did an aerobraking pass first, because it wasn't the right time of day to land at the KSC.


It's getting a little warm!


Here's the situation.  The space center is there, which means it will take just over half a day to rotate around to the right position.  An orbit of about 3.5 hours should just about do it for a good landing.  I got pretty close, just about 20 minutes short.


Ready or not, here we come!


Yikes!  Everybody stay calm!


This landing looks just a little bit sketchy.


The landing was sketchy.  The brakes were too strong, which kept making the shuttle swerve and flip.  The landing gear just seemed to take forever to deploy, and the lights kept refusing to turn on.  The belly fin had very low clearance, and would snap off on an impact with a vertical velocity greater than about 3 m/s.

It took many quicksaves to finally pull it off.  The only thing I wasn't concerned about was dV, as I had about 500 m/s to spare.


But we're not done yet!  It's time for Rodun Kerman to come out in his rover and bring the crew home.


The Pandemonium II is refueled as it is hauled back to the SPH:


And we're home, refueled, and ready to take the next round of passengers to the Mun!


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The rest of my Moho craft arrived today - two small outposts and my MoRo rover. 


MoRo landed first - landing was fine, although coming down in the shadows, I misjudged the surface and hit a little harder than planned but everything seemed to hold together.  I dropped the ramps, decoupled the rover & drove off like normal


Even found a stone to scan right away.   But for unknown reasons, when I tried to switch back to the landing cradle, there was a huge explosion, pieces flying in all directions, mass destruction.  Happily, MoRo was well outside the blast radius.  Apparently my rough landing woke up a sleeping kraken.  The sacrifice seems to have appeased it, since all the roving and the rest of the landings went well.


I checked out 4 different flat-ish areas not too awfully far from the north pole looking for a good spot for one of my outposts, but finally settled for the original spot



Once MoRo found a reasonably flat area in the northern sinkhole, it was time to bring in the Moho-Lancer outpost



It was not my best work - landing ended up being over a kilometer from MoRo, but nothing blew up and the mobile outpost was able to drive over to MoRo and set up its ore mining & processing -  only a 6.5% load though


I wanted the second outpost closer to the equator, and the outpost's magnetometer picked up a nice juicy 11% ore patch.  I marked it and landed on the next orbit.  It's a little steeper than I'd like, but it stayed upright during landing so it works


Finally, I had my Laythe Ocean Explorer (basically a big torpedo with science gear) reach Jool's SoI.  Pictured here setting up a Tylo fly-by for a gravity assist.  The fairing was left on to provide protection during aerobraking at Laythe, but hopefully it can be safely jettisoned in time to use the parachutes on the Ocean Explorer.


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I didn't really do anything too too special today. I just did some work on a mun base. Id show pictures, but, I derped the supply ships landing and its on its side with 0 way to upright it. I tried a winch but, it just ripped the ground plate off the ground. The other reason is, its just 2 modules at the moment. The K&K planetary base core and its green house. Its small for now, slowly expanding it.



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I built an outpost! Delivered in a pair of KAN-70s direct from KSC, refueled in LKO. The command module has  docking port on a piston for fueling craft with their ports at different heights. The drill is also on a piston to raise to the correct height before starting (or, if you will, to pack it into the 2.5 m form factor for delivery).

Those KAN-70s are VTOL by the way. They will now serve as orbital shuttles for crew transfers and what not. Might also use them for a bit of exploration, and eventually to rotate crew back to Kerbin. Empty they have about 3000 m/s on them fully fueled so I can do a lot with them. They're not the most efficient but they are versatile.






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I've removed unneeded parts from my interstellar KSS Venture ("landing legs" that were needed for the ship to be correctly deployed by Extraplanetary Launchpad) and moved it to Rhode's orbit using remaining fuel in the launch engines. Next up is refueling it with antimatter and attaching exploration vessels. Once all is done, it will depart for Kerbol.


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Today I just want to post something I did between october and november last year. But as I made some adjustments and tests, it also counts as today work, right?

The Kermes Mk4 (this I haven't tried yet, the Mk3 I built in orbit in 5 launches, plus two more launches for refueling):


She runs in Argon + electricity, has her own nuclear reactor (close to the engines of course and far away from the habitable area), lab, greenhouse and gravity rotating ring. Also, capable to emulate the 'let's use air as a thruster' moment :D 

The DAV Mk4, self refueling in Duna:


She needs the Convert-o-tron 125 patch, as if she doesn´t she will take too long to refuel. Let's say that KSC monitors the heat status and turns off and on the fuel generation. I tried with kOS but... far too complex. Ah, and the nose is deployable :P 


And the Hab, the Rover and the DAV far away. Unfortunately I'm not happy so far with the Hab and Rover designs:


The only 'inflatable part' of the 'inflatable hab' are the heatshields used as fake habitat... 

Obviously this install is heavily modded, but I don't mind the 10-minute-long KSP loading time. Sometimes. That's why it took me ages to decide to make this post :D 

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