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What did you do in KSP today?

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On 6/12/2020 at 11:06 AM, N_Danger said:

I had a tourist contract, a test a parachute contract, a rendezvous contract and a rescue contract all on one launch.



And landed during a partial eclipse.



*gasp* :confused::o





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Brought a mining vehicle to Pol to bring some tanks of fuel to Laythe for SSTO operations. The lander/rover at the bottom was originally designed to land and then refuel the rest of the ship, but landing the entire stack in microgravity sounded fun...


The crew seemed to have a good time of it.

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Sorry to be back here so fast, folks -- what can I tell you? -- I've gotten myself involved in some kind of crazy "space race"...

I've updated Pandemonium: 1.4 km/s to 75km2 orbit and then, refueled in LKO, 5.2 km/s.  It's crazy...  what you're looking at here is a veritable "phalanx of engines":


you've got yer 3x Whiplash...  you've got yer 3x NERV...  you've got yer 8x Twitch...  all ready  to boogie.  LF:6,320  OX:880

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Multiple contracts in a single launch always lead to some interesting design.

  • Test a Kickback on the launch pad.
  • Recover science from orbit of Kerbin.
  • Test a flea in orbit between 240 and 250km.
  • 2 tourist contracts for suborbital and orbital flight on Kerbin.

So the Flea is my deorbit engine, the whole thing is a bit wobbly as I haven't got struts unlocked yet, and my kOS script can't really handle quite such a long burn from a solid first stage so launches in a steeper trajectory than necessary meaning an overpowered second stage is needed.




Annoyingly I seem to be getting the occasional crash to desktop when going from the VAB to the launchpad.  Only got both DLCs, KER, ScanSat, RemoteTech and kOS running, all of which are pretty well developed and usually stable.  

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Took a break from Jool to put a second base on Minmus in the same savegame. Nothing too fancy, just a single launch to provide crew quarters to help with mining operations. The top of the base (capsule and fuel module) can return the three crew to Kerbin in <10 hours in an emergency.

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The rocket truck I posted last time got some use.



The goal is to upgrade the solar panels on the Minmus beacon so it has enough electricity to run.


Seriously? 0.083 tons too much? F9!


There's no extra seats, so Frorim will have to hold on very tightly.


Now it works.




Returning to the base.


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More adventures of A Certain Aesthetic. I'm quite proud of the tiny little Munokhod -- this time in fact I had a near-disaster on landing, losing signal seconds before touching down; I had a bit of a hard landing, bounce, and ended up on my side. Fortunately the Munokhod's shell worked as designed, protecting it from damage and flipping it upright when opened.

The Munokhod is a really nice rover to use too, not fast but extremely stable, capable of flipping itself upright again if it does overturn, and quite robust thanks to the outer shell. The primary mission is ore surveying with a bit of science on the side.





A medium lifter, the Boson-1, taking up another Mun base. This one has an adjustable-height docking port for accommodating different types of craft.




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Finally my mission report (ran it twice today).

The ultra-cheap Apollo-style mission to the Mun (14320 funds after some adjustments). No remote, no RCS, no MechJeb... :D  All done 100% manually hahaha! I had the idea after checking the cheap lander competition in the forum. And one thing led to the next one and... here I am!




These things only happen in KSP... :D


Descending with style :cool:


WItUSL6.pngAmazing, they survived. Not once, but twice in a row :D 

The craft file: https://kerbalx.com/myrddin/Cheap-Apollo-style-2-Kerbals-for-14320-funds

The more complete album: https://imgur.com/gallery/XReg80J 




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First up for today was placing a memorial where my 3 kerbals crashed.  Of course, the deployment didn't go as planned and engineer Catdon Kerman had to break out the power tools, which kinda butchered the memorial - it was a trio of I-beams on a landing pad (with concealed batteries, RTG & probe core) with a light illuminating it.  The primary I-beam wouldn't release from the docking port, so Catdon had to disconnect it, but then couldn't connect it correctly.  The whole thing looks like a mess now, so at some point I need to go back out & fix it.


Investigations into the cause of the crash revealed unplanned changes by Reaction Systems Ltd to the "Corvus" nosecone parachute, resulting in an unsurvivable descent rate of the crew pod.  The entire MiL3 & ML3 series has been retired and a new version, the UL3 (Utility Lander, 3-seat) with an improved Wild Blue Industries nose docking, RCS & parachute assembly will take their place pending the successful test by Magas Kerman - who is taking the test model on a quick hop out of Kerbin's SoI & is currently on her way home




I did have both an Eeloo-Voyager probe and an Eeloo lander arrived.  The landind was pretty scary - it was down to 1% signal strength, and my career is set to require signal for control, so loss of signal would have resulted in either a crash or launching the lander back to orbit.  Luckily, that last 1% held on till I was safely on the surface






Finally, the core module of a new, larger surface base was launched to the Mun for testing, landing at the site of the MoRo test rover.  It, too, had some serious control issues - mostly due to poor mass distribution from the high mounted sky crane components, but also due to a probe core installed inverted on the base.  Luckily, it had an alternate control point, so I managed to land safely.








The solar panel/science/antenna tower is bolted to the observation deck to reduce the height of the base and will require trained engineers to mount it properly, and additional modules need to be landed to add ISRU & a science lab to bring the base to full operational status


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 I had a 3 star rescue contact that required a beefier booster.


 Jeb asks "How did you get way out here in a MK I cockpit?"


And more tourist contracts. Only 500,000 more funds to upgrade R & D.



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I've lately been working with @Hotel26 on designing Whiplash-Nerv powered SSTOs.  Here's the latest SSTO tech on my part, the Ramses I S1.  45 tons, and carries 20 kerbals to orbit.


Thundering down the runway!  45 tons doesn't offer much resistance agains 3 Whiplashes!


The Whiplashes are really starting to open up now!


Engage the Nervs!  Pushing that Ap out at 2 g's!


Speeding upwards at 31km!  The whiplashes died back around 25km.


Almost to space!




When you have more wingspan than length, reentry is very controllable.


Didn't quite make it.  Fortunately, there's still more fuel in the tanks!


A nice, calm, first-try landing.  No supersonic dives straight down from 13km, and no sudden swerving at 1300 m/s.


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Y64, D234 - The Negi Maru at Wal, the outer moon of Urlum


Camlorf, Anelle, Tiella, and Agaselle on Wal's ~20 km tall equatorial ridge


Y64, D235 - The Negi Maru makes a short trip over to Tal, Wal's submoon


Anline, Kaice, Erilin, and Kabel on Tal (taken on Y64, D255)


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