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What did you do in KSP today?

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15 hours ago, RoninFrog said:

I've lately been working with @Hotel26 on designing Whiplash-Nerv powered SSTOs.  Here's the latest SSTO tech on my part, the Ramses I S1.  45 tons, and carries 20 kerbals to orbit.


Thundering down the runway!  45 tons doesn't offer much resistance agains 3 Whiplashes!

The Whiplashes are really starting to open up now!

Engage the Nervs!  Pushing that Ap out at 2 g's!

Speeding upwards at 31km!  The whiplashes died back around 25km.

Almost to space!


When you have more wingspan than length, reentry is very controllable.

Didn't quite make it.  Fortunately, there's still more fuel in the tanks!


Found your Ramses in KerbalX just over my Cheap Apollo :D downloaded and upvoted, gonna test it hehehe



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After 2 evenings trying to relearn my kOS scrips and chase down a bug in my task sequencer module, I finally got my tourist orbit mission working properly.  Launch to 80km, circularise, do half an orbit, deorbit and splash down about 500km from the KSC (not looked at the precision deoribit and landing script yet).

Making the most of it with 3 quad tourist launches for 125k each from a <15k rocket.




I guess it's time for a Mun flyby next.


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Had a fairly busy day - my new lander design passed its flight test, then my first Vall probe of this career landed successfully.  My new base on Mun got its ISRU module landed, followed by the first crew who got everything set up and running

Magas Kerman testing out the new UL3 (Utility Lander, 3 seat), passing through the reentry phase.  Landed ~100km west of the desert space center


Vall lander looking out over the dim landscape


The ISRU module, followed a few days later by the crew brought my Pegasus-Mun base into operation.  Currently waiting on a science module to launch in a few more days which will add a full lab plus long term quarters for 4 more crew.  This will probably be followed by a nuclear reactor module to test - once I get around to designing it.



The ISRU module landed in the dark, but had no problems.  It had a short (and very slow) drive to be closer to the base, then it was time to wait for the crew


Mirwise, despite this being his first Mun landing, pulled off a picture perfect landing


Once on the ground, it was time for Nicole - with help from Mirwise - to raise the solar/antenna tower on the base.  Amazingly, I got it right the first time - even the ladders were on the correct side. 


Then it was time to bring over the ISRU module & dock to the base.  Nicole is checking the docking ports before activating the weld function to permanently dock the ISRU module.  Mirwise & Danory are already in the command center, working on bringing the rest of the base systems online.


Against all odds, jettisoning the skycrane from the ISRU module resulted in zero explosions of base components, and once clear the solar panels & radiators were deployed, followed by the drill.  Once all planned modules are installed, an engineer will need go around removing the wheels to reduce part count.



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Today I made a craft capable of landing almost anywhere in the kerbol system! Fully fueled it has 5,976 m/s. It only has two nervas, so the twr is really low, and even with 4x phys warp, burns take quite a while. I don’t mind, I just will listen to music as I watch the burn progress. So far I have sent it to the mun, from there to minmus where I refueled. Then it was sent on it’s way to Ike. I’d land it on Duna, but I doubt it has a twr capable of punching through Duna’s atmosphere. After I finish re-fueling at Ike, I’m going to send it to Jool. I want to go to Pol and Bop, it seems like no one ever goes there. And I reqlly want to see what they look like. Vall too, I really like the way it looks. Console is still on version 1.6, so the terrain on all the planets and moon looks like trash...but I am going to hopefully switch to pc soon. Jeb, Bill and Bob have been stuck in a mk. 2 cockpit for 426 days now....I better get them out so they can stretch their legs! One of my design flaws  with my lander is that I does not have any rtgs, so I’m a bt concerned if I’ll be able to replenish my ec fast enough all the way out at Jool. If not....well I sure hope Matt will change his mind about being done with the Blunderbirds....

actually, I don’t care if they die or not. Usually I would, but I just wanted to be able to do this mission without worrying to get them back. I will try to, most certainly, but if I don’t then it doesn’t really matter.

sorry for the ramble.

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Found out that you can make a unicyle with simply a reaction wheel set to 50%, a battery, some solar panels, a command chair, and a single rover wheel.

I used the launchpad flame trench as a quarterpipe.

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Currently designing my own Starship.
All science units onboarded except arms. 1 Science lab hidden inside a fairing. Has a mining unit inside a cargo bay which has to be deployed with KAS. I have to put one antenna somewhere but that won't be an issue as there is room left inside the fairing.
765m/s of Δv left in LKO@80km.

Mods used : Restock, Tweakscale, Near Solar Future, Near Solar Spacecraft



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I managed to refuel my Moho mission after realising that i did not have enough fuel to get back home;


After that was done I landed on Moho, grabbed all that science ( this is a career mode save) and prepared to head back. It took me about 30 minutes just fiddling with maneuver nodes and timewarp to somehow get myself a direct encounter from Moho to Kerbin...and then I was 10m/s short to set my crafts trajectory into Kerbin's atmosphere for aerobraking.

So i undocked my capsules from the nuclear engine module and used a Kerbal to push instead :P

I did manage to get an encounter, but then something weird happened with timewarp and I warped straight through the atmosphere or something, I'm not sure. So I pressed F9 and then I realised that my only quicksave was before I did the correction burn for aerobraking so I now have to do all that pushing all over again -_-

Think i should start naming my rockets "PRESS F5"

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Pretty much busy making another two more planes to be up on the TKA Challenge thread. Introducing, Frontinco...








I also had Bill & Bob jumping outta the back (and left Jeb & Val in the cockpit) of my L-6.



Regarding on the L-6, yes,

  1. There's contra-rotating turboprops. Why, because it cancels torque without the need for two engines turning opposite directions. And they look cool to me.
  2. I've clipped two sets of 'engines' into each other to make that contra-rotating propellers.
  3. I've put a Mk1-sized Heavy Rotor behind each R121 Turboshafts to give extra RPM, hence more power and spazzed out props.
  4. I've had a Juno on it as well, but is more of a cosmetic rather than practically functional. In the end, the Turboprop is just a propeller stuck in the front end of a turbojet, right?

So it's not gonna be up on KerbalX soon (my WiFi suddenly became trashed by the time I posted this).

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I really enjoy the early game, after a polar orbit mission for some EVA science, and some tourist missions for cash, it was time for that first Mun flyby for some sweet, sweet science


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Made a gimbal-less variation of my previously mentioned vacuum engine that has a built in docking node for fuel transfer.



Also, having never really dealt with multi-docking much before, I was surprised how well all three of these locked together at once.

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How would you call air launch but from Eve?


Soup launch! Introducing Soup Launcher 3000 — a contraption for a cost-cutting career Eve expedition. The plane unfolds from a 2.5 metres aeroshell and flies wherever the sun ever gets higher than 30 degrees above the horizon (so no poles... Sorry, Poland). It can visit (almost) all biomes, drive around a bit, perform all the science experiments I had unlocked and then get to 15 000 metres (or more) to launch the ascent vehicle with the crew. Once in orbit, the intrepid kerbonauts can spacewalk to the return vessel. More pictures under the spoiler:



Bob and Valentina after some two hundred days in this tin can



Bob poking rocks for science 



Bob planting a second flag because the first one by Valentina wasn't flag enough for Maxo Construction Toys.




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I built this flying... whatever it is. It flies surprisingly well for having only one (truly) aerodynamic surface - the Goliath's wing connector.


Now, the thing with this craft is that it really wants to continue flying. However, attempting to land is... not recommended.


There's a reason this is powered by a probe core and not a pilot.


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14 minutes ago, Delay said:

I built this flying... whatever it is. It flies surprisingly well for having only one (truly) aerodynamic surface - the Goliath's wing connector.

Many, many years ago, while at an airshow with my parents, I heard a USAF pilot comment to my dad that the F-4 Phantom was America's proof to the world that with a big enough engine, even a brick can fly.  You, sir, have successfully 1-upped the US military!!  :cool:

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Today, I wrapped up the  4 year journey of the adventure. I finished fueling it up on ike, then sent it back to kerbin. I was planning on sending it to Jool, but I didn’t have any rtgs and I just wouldn’t be able to keep enough ec to run efficiently. So after the journey back to kerbin, I ditched the lower stage and was left with command pod. It splashed down just about 20 km west of the island runway. I would’ve just recovered it, but I wanted to try something new. So I loaded the stock seaplane, Mallard. I switched the wheesly tubrofans for whiplashes and substituted the nose cone for a claw. I succumbed landed close to the Adventure’s command pod, and latched on to it. I flew back to the ksc, but was having trouble landing. So Bill went on an eva and re-packed the command pid’s chute. With the chute’s aid, I successfully landed. But I was not done, oh no. I taxied over to the vab, and Jeb was feeling quite ballsy. He climbed to the top of the vab and went BASE jumping. It went well, no kerbals were harmed in this mission’s endeavor. Except for all the testers....

but I did successfully land on the Mün, Minmus and Ike. I am going to do this mission again and go to the Jool system, but in a new science save. I’m planning on starting it when console gets updated...

The Adventure was a beastly craft. Weighing in at 59.6 tons, with over 5,900 m/s and 15 meters tall, it was a very good craft. I am quite proud of it and can’t wait to build the Adventure mk. 2

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Time for a empty Tourist Class launch to rescue 3 kerbals in 3 different vessels.


And there were no happier kerbals than these after hearing nominal re-entry trajectory announced after the burn.


And my closest touchdown to KSC so far with 3 tourists.



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My Laythe Ocean Explorer arrived in orbit - but there are no good relays around Laythe yet, so when I close the twin HG55 antennas, it loses signal easily.  The aerobraking pass went ok, and brought it into Laythe orbit, but I had to use the engines for the rest due to losing comm's. I need to check now that I have a huge deep space comm relay (see below), otherwise I'm going to redirect my Bop combo relay & lander to Laythe (at least long enough to land the Ocean Explorer).


Coming out of its aerobraking pass


Then I landed the science & hab module and attached it to my new Mun base - after waiting for daylight to land, I got caught by an eclipse and still had to work in the dark.  We now have quarters for 8 crew, a full lab, greenhouse and ISRU.  There is a reactor module being built, but it is going to take nearly 100 days before launch.


Finally, launched the first very large comm relay into kerbolar orbit - currently aiming for halfway between Duna & Kerbin, but I think I'm going to push it's Ap out between Duna & Dres tomorrow. 


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