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What did you do in KSP today?

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Today was a relatively quiet day in my Rusty Star Rockets career game.  No launches were scheduled but development continued on a new module which will be sent up to dock with the highly appropriately named "Monstrosity" space station.  Believe me guys, I'm the worst ever at designing space stations, this thing's so ugly I would have you leaving this site in droves if I should ever post an image of it!  This new module will enable Monstrosity to refuel spacecraft, greatly enhancing the capabilities of the space station which until now has been basically a floating science lab.

Further from home and the C Team continued their training flight.  Having left the surface of Minmus, they even now hurtle towards a Kerbin escape to put them into a Kerbol orbit to complete their program raising them to level three.  This should see an end to these training flights as all four three Kerbal teams will be on three stars when this mission completes.

Meanwhile whizzing through interplanetary space we have two probes coasting towards Duna.  One is loaded with a host of parts, all to complete a number of tests required by five contracts.  A controlled landing is not planned however, and when it has completed all its tasks, this money making probe should end up splattered all over Duna.

The second is also speeding towards Duna.  This one however is designed to actually enter orbit of the red planet, where it will stay until a suitable window opens to bring it back to Kerbin, again to complete a contract.

RSR's bitter rivals over at the KSA are extremely concerned about all these missions to Duna; they have convinced themselves "those criminals" at RSR are ultimately planning a Kerballed landing with these flights testing parts and technology to further that goal.  These worries are only being reinforced by the increasingly long periods of time being spent by RSR's Kerbanauts on the Monstrosity space station.  However the usually boastful CEO of RSR, Sergei Kerman, continues to remain tight lipped about any future plans his company may be working on in regards to planting a flag on the red planet... :/

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I would hate to say this, but...

My 8-year-old laptop is (presumably) dead. So I'm not gonna post mine on this thread until I've sent this for a fix.

And yes, my stock 2.5m cockpit may be my last creation. For now, hopefully.

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Not sure if this first bit counts as "in KSP," but I've been working on a "Unified Shuttle Guidance" script for use in some missions I plan to do in the near-future with my space shuttle.  Things this script will be able to do is launch the shuttle into an inclined orbit around Kerbin (or in theory any other starting body), execute orbital maneuvers, and assist in docking and reentry.


That's all great, but it's been meaning lots and lots of debugging.  Kind of grindy.


Might be a while before Jeb and company get to space.


On the other hand, a buggy test launch went pretty much straight up, and I ended up using it as an opportunity to brush off the rust on my landing skills under unusual circumstances.



I did the final approach and landing in IVA, and once again encountered the "extreme braking" phenomenon.


Granted, KSP aero and my shuttle's large wing area do result in a rather low stall speed of 62ish meters per second (for this payload), but I still would not have expected it to come to a stop that quickly.


Afterwards I discovered the payload came loose in the bay, but I believe that was my fault.  I kind of stalled in the last second or so and ended up slamming down with something like 10 m/s vertical speed on all 3 gear at once.  Definitely need more practice in IVA.


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New pic
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I found the Monopalooza challenge a few days ago and decided to give it a go. After having a variety of high efficiency mod monopropellant engines ruled out, I made a few attempts before pulling off a major fluke by flying to Eve and getting a slingshot almost perfectly to Duna where Bob deployed his lander craft and touched down (almost) gently; sadly all I could get from Duna was a minor bump on my periapsis which meant I had to wait thirteen years for the next Eve encounter followed by some seriously hairy aerobraking attempts (20 or so in all) to direct Bill to Gills while Jeb landed on Eve itself- Jeb had the only heat shield, you see.

I was originally planning to land on Eve/Gilly first but then realised that the design was all wrong for that and rather than just reverting and switching the three landers around a bit I made it harder for myself by flying all the way out to Duna then waiting for ages to get back to Eve. But that flukey slingshot to Duna made up for it, three flags planted on three different bodies and nobody is coming home any time soon...

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i verified the voices i heard about kerbonauts helmets being indestructible.

i had a craft that was unstable for reentry. it kept reorienting itself nose first, so it was too aerodinamic and it crashed beforw slowing enough to deploy the parachute (even on "open when risky" setting).i decided i would leave the craft with my pilot and land with the pilot's parachute. too bad my pilot was still level 0, and didn't have a parachute available in EVA.

he lithobraked at 45 m/s head first. he survived. it wasn't even a glancing blow, he went down like a brick and barely bounced.

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7 hours ago, Pipcard said:

Y70, D79 - Hyozan Base is founded on Vall


Hum.... those landing legs.... Very Space-X.... where? how? how much? :D 

Edit: after checking around, I think they are from Reusability Expansion, right?

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21 minutes ago, GEPEG_Unconscious said:


To quote Glenn Frey: "The heat is on"


Alternatively, a more alarming response may be: "Complete core meltdown initiated. If you can hear this message, you are too close to the core."

And a proper answer could be 'Mother! I've turned the cooling unit back on! Mother!!'

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16 minutes ago, JorgeCS said:

And a proper answer could be 'Mother! I've turned the cooling unit back on! Mother!!'


Today I am planning on a Mun mission, as this is my first mission on pc (former console user) and want to get the hang of the controls. After that I am going to start a science save.

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2 tourists went on a rescue mission to Minmus orbit and the Marketing department notes that being able to participate in this historical event was at "no extra charge!"



 I got lucky in that my insertion burn was able to be coupled with the intercept burn.




3 tourists went on a tour of the moons





And there were a bunch of move satellite contracts including the Duna Sink.





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Finally completed the Minmus Probe Program after I set up my Minmus relay network. "Land probes in three different biomes on Minmus". As I am lazy I did it all with the same probe thanks to Minmus' low gravity. I love this moon for some easy biome hopping and science-collecting although it's much more "grindy" with the Kerbalism science config. Nevertheless it was successfull and now I should have enough science points to finally tackle the first manned program. Let's go to the Mun! :) Here are some screenshots of the Minmus Probe Expedition...








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now I'm back on stream with the PC version installed and running I thought I may as well have a game and get used to flying with a keyboard.

1st flight: 'lawn dart' to gather some science

2nd flight: sub orbital hop

3rd flight: orbital (failed, no casualties, gravity turn incorrect & failed to make orbit)

4th flight: orbit

5th flight: high sub orbital for science

6th flight: Mun flyby

at least stuff works the way I remember. ended the day with 147k funding & 92 science to spend, outstanding contracts for mun orbit and some science from LKO. need to grind a bit to upgrade the KSC before heading for mun orbit I think

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You know when you slightly over do the payload and then realise you can't actually launch it efficiently with your current level of technology? 

Built a Mun lander to my usual early game design, and then realised there's some new ScanSat sensors since last time I played which are available a lot earlier than the old one, so I figured a transfer stage could then go in to a polar Mun orbit with the sensors while the lander heads for an equatorial orbit and landing.  But that meant the whole think was a bit too heavy for a sensible first stage.




Ended up going back to my previous save and taking a slightly different research route to get the skipper and some bigger tanks






Now I just need to finish my Mun transfer and landing kOS scripts.

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Well was in the mood to make asteroid field for a dogfight, got a bit distracted and well ended up making a bit more complex stuff...


Launched stupidly long rocket housing my "asteroid field assembly kit", just a fancy name for a bunch of dual sided klaws with offset tool abuse making the klaws essentially float some distance away from each other. 


it does require upping the offest limit in fine mode to make this, but its 100% stock and about the ONLY way i know of to assembly something vaguely resembling asteroid field (that wont drift away later or anything).  So yeah, i started with a class E that i miraculously managed to drag into kerbin orbit (had 50dV left in a supertanker afterwards)...


And ofc i launched a station to add under the main asteroid.


Heres a shot of the WIP asteroid field as it is right now.  Its a hair buggy (and you can see the assembly kit attached to 1 of the potatoes) but it doesnt actually shake itself apart which is nice.


Docking was super easy as i put on more then enough vernors to make a massive 300 part station (not sure why i even launched it 1 shot instead of assembling on site) rather agile (actually quite used to such sluggish moveent after flying so many battlecruisers all of whih i tend to skimp on RCS).




The interior came out nice, very low on parts but still making the station actually feel like its more then just a bunch of crew containers.  The 2 creweable sections are the doughnuts made of MK-3 bays.  Bottom section is darker (as the red lights dont reach that high), top section is blindingly right so not sure if the kerbals will be very happy in that one...).





The look is a completely original idea /sarcasm :)...

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I sent my new interplanetary transport vessel on its maiden voyage to deploy some relays around Duna. Jeb and friends got some experience as well.


Aerocapture at DunaNtGIm3F.jpg

Deploying the relays:


Aerocapture at Kerbin:
Tomorrow I'll send a shuttle up to retrieve the crew. The ship still has enough dV. to do the entire thing again, but I'll probably refuel it anyway.
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unlocked a bit more science so a pair of sub orbital flights, the first for science low & high in atmosphere, the second for low space & the landing zone, then started to grind tourist sub orbital and orbit contracts to get funds to upgrade the tracking station for the next stages around Mun

worked out how to take screen shots, installed GIMP to be able to do a bit of sensible re-sizing, just need to remember my ftp passwords to start uploading the exploits in some, for here, laughably basic rockets

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I have 10 vessels in a fleet en route to the Jool system to install some important infrastructure for my space program.

Today, when I was checking on upcoming maneuver nodes, I realized that one of the craft was bereft of comms.  This particular one wasn't purpose built for the mission.  It had been gathering dust in LKO, so I figured I would send it along with the fleet, and didn't bother to check beforehand.

I realized the lack of full probe control would be detrimental in any efforts to effectively execute maneuvers, and update future nodes as necessary.  This was a problem.

This problem also had a solution in my stables.  I have a rocket that I use for test contracts around the sun.  It launches fast and stable, and has a respectable reach from LKO, for relatively low cost.  I reconfigured it with a modified construction drone on top, carrying a  compliment of direct antennas, and set it on the pad.  Within a couple of minutes, it was hurling through the void on an intercept course with the soon-to-be stranded vessel.

One mid-course correction brought the closest distance down to 1.6k.  It arrived at the rendezvous about 45 days before the targeted vessel's first maneuver, and successfully deployed and docked the drone to the nose of the ship.  Comms installed, and disaster averted. :cool:

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On 6/26/2020 at 4:52 AM, AG-cs said:

I like that it can also fly after a dive. Its shape is also pleasing. :)

Is it possible to collect scientific data on the ocean floor as well?

The Buffalo mod by @Angel-125 adds a new experiment with shallow & deep water biomes (its the RCS-tank looking thing bolted to the top in front of the high-gain antenna).  I feel like there are a few others have an underwater biome, but I'm not sure if that got added by Buffalo or is stock

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