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What did you do in KSP today?


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I used the advancements in fairing technology to make a derpy rough draft ITS/BFR/Starship replica. It not only didn't immediately crumble on the launch pad, but was able to deliver the crew stage all the way to orbit! Unfortunately I hadn't expected to get this far and didn't bother putting a probe core or any other control or recovery hardware on the launch stage, so the simulation ended there xP


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Rescued Jeb (and the science bucks) from Mun !


So, that's a LFL 2L4 (Liquid Fuel launcher, 2 Long stage, 4 SRBs). Basically the same rocket Jeb used for his Mun landing, but with one more tank on each stage. And with a probe core to drive solo for the first part of the mission.


Cruising to orbit (I'm improving my flight pattern too), that's a looong rocket. And a looong lander. Which will be a pain to land right on the Mun.


After a lot of quick loads, I finally manage to land not too far away from Jeb first vessel. I guess he's going to fly its way with the EVA jetpacks at high speed and do not explode too much. While gathering the 17 bits of data he took.


And back to Kerbin. Landed less than 100km from the KSC, which was nice since it wasn't really planned (reentry straight from the Mun). The science gathered by Jeb amounted to a bit more than 500 science bucks, and now R&D can finally discover new engines, and tanks, and a lot of things (I'm going to need to upgrade the R&D building soon), so the Mun orbotal base is back on tracks.

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I made Valentina to climb a tree on KSP 1.10


Don't ask... I'm still trying to figure it out - I just looked to the other side for a few minutes and when I came back to her, I found this. :P 


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I've flown this monstruosity of a composite ship. single launch. it wobbles even worse than it looks like. it wobbled within the fairing! and it was unbalanced at launch despite being symmetric! during launch i always had a skipper engine going at 100%, only to provide stability; and still, it wasn't enough to keep the thing stable.



wait a bit before judging me, i had reasons. this is actually a masterpiece of launching multiple crafts and objectives on a single rocket. and i even managed to bring it safely to orbit without exploding it two times out of three. have to state some premises.

- i have a reusable lander in mun polar orbit that needs resupplying

- i have two rescue contracts for astronauts in mun equatorial orbit

- i have a bunch of tourists

so, i launch the whole thing in orbit. then i detach between green and yellow.

red part contains a tourist that paid for kerbin orbit. so i brake a bit (periapsis at 65 km) and detach red. yellow raises periapsis back above atmosphere. red tourist lands safely, contract fulfilled while only adding one ton on mass in LKO, and 10 m/s of deltaV.

yellow docks back to the main ship, fulfilling the contract to dock two ships in kerbin orbit. yellow then goes to mun, on equatorial intercept. it has 3 seats, one is a tourist that paid for mun orbit, so i get that contract. i rescue the two stranded astronauts, get them back. coming back from mun, i aerobrake into a high inclination orbit. i then fulfill a survey contract i had pending (there is a thermometer on board). overall, yellow fulfills 5 contracts. it has a mass of roughly 5 tonnes, including fuel.

pink+blue+green go to mun on a polar intercept. they dock with the reusable lander. pink is the transfer module, it has plenty of extra fuel. after docking i transfer the fuel to the lander, then i ditch it.

green is a small, light piece with 2 new science instruments that i just unlocked that i had to include in the reusable lander. it will stay docked forever.

blue is four tourists that paid to land on mun, plus some fixed experiments and a science container. i land on mun, do all the science, and put it in the science container. i lift off in orbit. then i detach blue from the lander, and fly it back with the bare minimum of fuel, recovering the four tourists and the science.

all together, this thing fulfills a dozen contracts, in four different places, while leaving the mun lander refueled and refurbished, without wasted effort. and it only costed 80thousand :funds:, including the launcher :cool:

you may notice a lack of solar panels along the thing. yes, i forgot to put them. i had to reload and launch again :blush: (and that's why i can give a 2 successful launches out of 3). i also forgot to put the docking port on the yellow piece :blush:, so i had to make a small, simple probe with a docking port to fulfill that specific contract (it was so small, i launched the whole thing with 3 spark engines in the first stage). but my next contract is making a minmus flyby, so i'll just send the diminutive probe there to save time. the diminutive probe costed 3300 :funds:, launcher included, so still a good show of efficiency.

of course, i could have flown multiple rockets for the different pieces. but i like it more this way.


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I launched a Mun Mission to complete contacts for Maxo and Integrated Integrals. And of course I put logos

all over the place.



Trans Munar burn


Capture burn.


500 meters altitude.



Posing for the group shot before going home.



Take off


I didn't plan it but I will take credit for it.



And my closest recovery yet.



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A new regulation about customizing spaceship has been passed in the KSC, and now everyone is polishing new designs.

Val, being a hot rod kind of gal, was first to stick stuff on an orbital cargo mover, to add fuel tanks to a developing Mun station. She thought that MOAR flames was something interesting to have on something that's going to involve a lot of flame anyway.

So, here it is, in all its splendor, while pulling a fuel train to Mun (and burning half of it)


Flames makes spaceship cooler, she says. The KSP PR team does not support nor condemn such behavior which could lead to a part count race that will probably slow down the whole universe.

And while I'm here, I finally finished this station in Mun orbit, with 2000 LF units. It's been a lot of launches.

First step was to get the LF in orbit, to build kind of a train, depicted above. That's four launch and docking without RCS. Plus one to get Val and too much engines docking with it and pull the whole train in Mun orbit. Praise the autostrut god for its benevolence. In order to reach Hope (MUn base 1), she had to burn through the LF she was carrying. And so, a little bit over 1200 LF unit reached the station.



Docking and RCS maneuver to assemble the station


At least Val likes doing orbital maneuvering.


Two more to go.


And the last one


Hope's fully assembled now, Just need to refill it.



Val then headed back to Kerbin, with just the correct amount of LF, and landed at sundown. This powerfull ship behave quite well and will be a lot of help for building orbital infrastructure.

Small issue now, there's a lack of roughly 700 LF units to be sent into Mun orbit. And mission control didnot really felt like doing 5 launches again. So, a Payload Delivery System (with 2 boosters) and a new tanker driven by Jeb were sent into space. Only one terrier to move a little bit more than 1000 LF unit will make for looooooong burns, but two trip to Mun orbit should do it.


Jeb is more a strip kind of guy. Like sports cars he says. Also he likes purple. So, that's one new tanker.


Approaching Hope MU1 for docking and fuel transfer.

The second trip was soon done too. And, well. Jeb did mess up his ascent trajectory this time. And Hope is now 20 LF unit short of contrqct completion (in fact 19). No way Jeb is doing a full trip for just a Jerykan of LF.

Since Mission Control wanted to fly by Minmus anyway, Val decided to take a flamish cargo mover there, and make an escale at Hope first, in order to get those lawyer agreed that there is enough fuel in this station and that the contract is complete.


She went there, docked and the lawyer were happy about it and validated the contract.


Jeb have then moved is cargo on the ground of Kerbin, getting some science for a desert landing, and pondering the fact that, maybe, landing legs are usefull after all. And that's a second spaceship that could be usefull for orbital work. At least it can bring fuel with it (even if it moves slow, with a TWR of .46 in kerbin orbit).


And Val went to Minmus and back. Since it wasn't really a planned mission, but rather an improvisation, not a lot of science has been brought back. But that's what scientist and engineer are for, not Pilots.

Speaking of, Bill and Bob did some wuick orbit to earn their star, there's a Mun mission coming up soon, requiring some deployed science data.


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Well, since i havent been to moho in ages (literally the only time ive been there was during the time i made a ship to explore every planet and never really bothered since), tried the new mission we have in the game.  I also found what was causing my horrendous memory leakage, and as much as i love the mod, i just had to ditch scatterer as i cant have KSP eating 16 gigs of ram and stuttering like mad when running bone stock (except EVE ofc as i cant give both scatterer and EVE up, and EVE doesnt seem to be as bad).


Immediately found a bug in the new patch, missing heat animation for the maimnsail engine (seriously, it worked fine last update).


Moho looks pretty cool though, even if im still unable to have proper working volcanoes (i really wish we had something akin to mustafar in the game visuals wise, full on volcano planet)...


And ofc, lateron, i went back to what i usually like doing in KSP, making capital ships and having space battles:


So for the first time i actually brought the newest mark-5 Broadsword into a real fight, as its armor proved effective in trial runs.  I rather like this variant, way better armor then previous iterations, actually ok range of ~1800dV (without having to constantly shift fuel around like teh mark-4s), and really the only issue it still has is subpar firepower (which isnt that big a deal as the ship was always designed to take hits and ram if needed with its very heavily reinforced front rather then shoot things.  While not a full replica, heavily inspired by one of the human ships in halo (no idea what the name is, just saw a random picture online and thought it looked neat).


And my newest creation, the mark-3 warhammer class.  Sorta experimental, and my 1st attempt at a warhammer that doesnt require 800 bloody parts.  Came out farily decent, lost some offensive capabilities over its predecessors but gained superior armor protection, range (1700ish, way better then the sub 1000 of the 1st model), and i much prefer the look of this one over the last.  Basically a cross between 3 ships, BC-304 overall hull layout with hangars, the hammer like shaped front off asgard ships (also stargate), and bridge off my super old 1100 part venator replica from like 5 years ago (its useless for anything but i liked the way i did the bridge on it and it fit this ship nicely).  Honestly, its the 1st variant i truly like, since its only 520 parts (which is decent given its size), has weapons that BCorp would normally use in universe (and they arent even all that weak either), and its quite agile for its size if im willing to eat a bit of fuel for vernors.



Sent the 2 against the newest model of the AKS Dimension class, which is byfar my favorite ship ive ever made in KSP.  The 5th gen model cuts parts, adds better weapons (more heavy torps, less SRMs which not only eat parts like crazy but are vastly inferior to the heavy torps not to mention short range only), ups the armor quality and gives the crew a genuine customized bridge.  Not the best screenie to show bridge, but you can sorta make out the 2 kerbals manning their stations (bridge seats a total of 5).  It does have its share of issues (probably worst is the insane mass making even vernors take time to angle it at enemy), but it works and it looks amazing imo.


I dont get why explosions are so bugged in KSP, every time i smack a torpedo into something the camera gets all screwy and the explosion seems to spread out over a huge distance (and i have to quickly hit the change craft button or itll get me stuck in F3 view).


While i did make this thing to be armoed, i sure didnt expect 2 torpedoes to do negligible damage to it...


View of underside, showing the torpedo bays which originally were made with the intent of putting anti-ground weapons in em, but there was not enough space to mount ship-ship torps and i didnt want to use fighter bays for that purpose (and mounting torps on the utside of the hull just looks stupid even if it makes alot of sense in space).


These torps worked better then i expected (especially since this is the 1st time i ever fired them at a target), hits hard enough to obliterate the Dimension's forward SRM battery and destroy the starboard center engine (which sorta sucks as it makes it much harder to fly straight with assymetric thrust).  Still, even with that damage, the hull itself is fully intact and untouched (i checked the internals and only thing that was destroyed in there was 2 more fuel tanks which it can fly without).


3rd torp neuters the Broadsword, even though the ship is still alive (and not 1 of the well protected crew died), its basically out of the fight with the entire weapons array shot off.



And the exact same thing seemingly happened to the Warhammer, 1 lucky torpedo hit obliterated the front section which happened to house all the guns.  Although i dont like this plan, i think ill move at least the 2 torpedo bays to the rear as its too easy to have everything shot off simultaneously.


And finally, despite doing some damage, the fight was a draw, the Dimension was out of anti-ship ammo (still had 2 anti-fighter weapons which are useless against any capital), and BCorp's ships head home to repair at their Mun shipyard somewhat dissapointed in the result...

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Recently downloaded RSS (Real Solar System) and RO (Realism Overhaul). Built a space station with a slightly upgraded falcon heavy. Made a YouTube video on how I utilised a falcon heavy with 2 payloads, Science Module and Dragon 2.



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22 hours ago, panzer1b said:

And ofc, lateron, i went back to what i usually like doing in KSP, making capital ships and having space battles:

well, i always said that any sufficiently advanced technology can used as a weapon.

you are further proving my point.


as for myself....

On 7/4/2020 at 1:22 AM, king of nowhere said:

I've flown this monstruosity of a composite ship.

 this is actually a masterpiece of launching multiple crafts and objectives on a single rocket [...]


i am now dealing with the shortcomings of the previous mission.

red part was supposed to bring a tourist to orbit and back, and it did its job.

yellow part was supposed to rescue two astronauts stranded in mun orbit, in two different crafts. and i rescued the first, all right. then i went into an intercept with the second.

only then did i realize the second stranded astronaut was orbiting the mun in the opposite direction. matching speed would require more deltaV than i had. i stil made the intercept, to take control of the astronaut. this gave me the jetpack for additional deltaV. but even so, it was very expensive to rescue him. though in retrospect i should have done just that.

so i decided, instead of rescuing that astronaut, i would just use its jetpack to move to a kerbin intercept, from which i would deorbit by gravity drag.

turns out, astronauts are far more fragile than i assumed. after lots of trial and error, i found out that a 66.5 km periapsis is the lowest i can go without killing him. it drags about 50 m/s of orbital speed. so, in a dozen atmospheric passages or so, i will be in low orbit. from there i can try to finish the deorbiting (i read that it is possible. i also will have to land without a parachute, but i already did it by accident and survived, so that is also possible) or i can stabilize the orbit and send a rescue craft.

meanwhile, i discovered that another ship i sent back from mun lacked a parachute. which would not be too bad, it was mounting the spark engine and is very light, so it can just do some aerobraking and finish with some rocket braking. it could, if it had more than 60 m/s of delta/v left (isn't it marvelous to be so efficient at planning missions that i don't load any excess useless fuel? :rolleyes:). So, since i could not rescue the second astronaut, i decided to send the yellow part to dock with this stranded vehicle and give it some fuel, so it can land. of course, since i am so efficient at designing missions, the yellow rescue vehicle only had 200 m/s left itself. i mean, it is a perfectly reasonable safety margin, if you don't suddenly decide to change the mission.

anyway, using a lot of advanced aerobraking (including inclining my ship during aerobraking to change my orbital plane without using the rockets) i managed to park in an orbit slighly lower, within a few km, than the craft to be rescued. i have 100 m/s of deltaV left. the other craft has 30 (i had to raise it from suborbital trajectory). with that budget, i must dock the two vehicles, leaving enough to rocket brake the stranded one. as that is lighter than the rescue yellow ship, i calculated it is possible. if i use no more than 30 m/s for the whole docking. 20 would be safer.

but for now i have to way. yellow ship is slightly overtaking the other ship, as it orbits 7 seconds faster. and it must recover more than half the orbital lenght. it should take a couple of weeks of in-game time.

as for the part that was supposed to attach with the lander, it did, all right. i eve was left with some spare fuel, so i decided to keep the pink transfer module halfway through the landing, you wouldn't want me to discard a half-full fuel tank on mun, right? too bad that tank made the lander wobbly, heavy and instable, so i crashed onto mun a couple of times before i learned to compensate enough. it didn't help that i was trying to land near the north pole, which is very rugged terrain.

after going back to orbit again, the blue reentry module headed back to kerbin. the two science container are placed to the outside of the ship to provide drag and keep the ship pointed in the correct direction during aerobraking. hooray! great design!

it would be great design, if one of those two containers was not a SEQ3 unit, from the breaking ground expansion: something that is extremely frail to heating. if i used two, i could just burn them in the atmosphere and keep on normally. but the other one is an experiment container, much more robust. so, if the first unit breaks, the ship becomes unbalanced, it spirals out of control, and it exposes the frail probe core to the atmosphere, destroying the ship.

so, i must be very careful in aerobraking the blue module. i found a trajectory that would lose 60 m/s without destroying the ship. it is an open bet if this thing will take more time to land, or the astronaut trying it in EVA.

but both those missions will be long done before the yellow craft will finally reach its mark.

meanwhile i sent another probe to fulfill the survey contract, since yellow clearly could not do it. it would have been far more efficient to send such a probe to rescue the stranded vehicle, while yellow did its survey mission as planned....

i hope this is not too confusing.

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Spent many hours trying to make my first SSTO which ended being a not so satisfying victory. I've played the game for years now, but never really bothered with spaceplanes and SSTOs so I planned on making an SSTO that could dock with my Minmus station and possibly Duna if I could get enough delta v. After many failed attempts and tweaks I made it into a stable orbit although it cost me most of my delta v leaving me with only 1800m/s left which was... Enough but not what I'd hoped.


In LKO shortly after circularizing.


Returning from Minmus (It burned up in the atmosphere which was the point where I decided to give up for the day)

Was still a fun day since it's an achievement I guess.

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I am finally despatching the first Batwing to Duna:


I tested it on virtual-Duna in the Lab simulator rather extensively when I built it about 15 months ago.  It's VTOL on Duna.

Four disposable RAPIER pods take it from the KSC runway to its LKO refueling rendez-vous.

2.56 km/s dV available for the transfer.

Needless to say, it'll make Duna orbit (from the surface) and return.  I'm looking forward to doodling around on Duna with it.


I'm so stoked to get there with this (since I have an Ike fuel settlement already) that I am probably going to mate it with a 4x NERV Mule and use an accelerated, N.O.W. departure plan...  Or with an Escort, more likely.


Batwing makes rendez-vous with KOT2 Korona, a viral space station.  A Sparrow tug comes out to bring it in...

YBhkxwM.png   34NpVrd.png

All Batwing tanks (including MP) are filled...

Korona has become infamous recently for flooding the orbit lanes.  It specializes in space-ship receptors painted in bright colors to attract unwary interplanetary travelers.  It then shoots them full of ultra-toxic RP-1.

Each receptor is an orange Intellitank.  Once any Intellitank is depleted, it is able to jettison itself from the mother station and de-orbit safely to ground recovery to signal that another, potently deadly Intellitank should be sent up.  The purpose of Korona appears to be to replicate itself across the known kerbolar system.  Scary.


A Star Knife (dimly seen, bottom left) has brought another Intellitank up to KOT2 Korona.



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I rescued a kerbal from around the Mun.



And then sent 2 tourists to the Mun




Carson said " Aright everyone, time for my first landing on the Mun!" Tourists "What?!" Carson "Don't worry I haven't crashed in the simulator for at least a week straight" But things worked out ok.



But only Carson the pilot is cleared for EVA.



Time to go home.





And good chutes end the mission.



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I'm doing a 10% science reward career run - super fun, would highly recommend playing with Science - Full Reward! (continued) and KEI if you decide to try it out - and I accepted a contract to rescue a kerbal who was stranded on the surface of the Mun.

No big deal, I've landed on the Mun twice this run. MechJeb's landing autopilot seems broken in 1.10 at the moment, so I'd need to do it by hand, but still, should be doable. I just unlocked my first two-seat command module, might as well put it to use.

I somehow managed to land right next to the crashed kerbal! I've never been very good at landing close to my targets, so this was a pretty big accomplishment for me. :D


Welcome aboard, Kengun Kerman!

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On 7/3/2020 at 7:18 PM, Okhin said:

Rescued Jeb (and the science bucks) from Mun !


So, that's a LFL 2L4 (Liquid Fuel launcher, 2 Long stage, 4 SRBs). Basically the same rocket Jeb used for his Mun landing, but with one more tank on each stage. And with a probe core to drive solo for the first part of the mission.


Cruising to orbit (I'm improving my flight pattern too), that's a looong rocket. And a looong lander. Which will be a pain to land right on the Mun.


After a lot of quick loads, I finally manage to land not too far away from Jeb first vessel. I guess he's going to fly its way with the EVA jetpacks at high speed and do not explode too much. While gathering the 17 bits of data he took.


And back to Kerbin. Landed less than 100km from the KSC, which was nice since it wasn't really planned (reentry straight from the Mun). The science gathered by Jeb amounted to a bit more than 500 science bucks, and now R&D can finally discover new engines, and tanks, and a lot of things (I'm going to need to upgrade the R&D building soon), so the Mun orbotal base is back on tracks.

Nice rescue!  Although I do understand Jeb was always under your control, in general when I'm attempting a rescue from the surface of a celestial body, I always make it a two Kerbal lander, but with only one crew member onboard.  This is because I'm such a lousy pilot I consider it a pinpoint landing if I get within 20K (slight exaggeration, that) of the stranded Kerbal, and if this is to fulfil a contract, I can't gain control of the stranded Kerbal until I'm much closer.  So I then just EVA my Kerbal towards the one needing rescue, until I'm close enough to be able to get it to fly towards the rescue craft. and then all's good! 

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The relative peace and tranquillity that had descended over the home of Rusty Star Rockets these last few days was brought to a shattering end this morning as a heavy rocket blasted off the pad.

They took this opportunity to debut their nice new launch vehicle, called "Gene's Heartbreak".  This new rocket is powered by three units of a never before seen heavy engine of unusual design, which we later learned is called "Mariveex".  Not much more information has been released by RSR; when asked what the mass of the payload was, we were informed it was "around about a hundred tonnes".  However this appears to be an exaggeration, our experts think the true weight was nearer fifty to sixty tonnes. 


Gene's Heartbreak on the pad.

Inside the fairings was the much talked about refuelling module for the RSR space station Monstrosity.  This is designed to greatly add to the station's capabilities by enabling it to refuel vessels in orbit, a useful addition to its original role of science processing.


The Refuelling Module flying towards the Monstrosity under its own propulsion system.

As RSR has never developed proper docking port technology, they rely instead on the grabbing unit for linking vessels and extensions together in space.  It was decided that docking this large fuel depot to the space station would be much easier if a pilot was to EVA over to the new module to take over from the very basic probe core RSR has access to.  So Pilot Officer and Mission Commander Francia Kerman grabbed her backpack and helmet and off she went!


Francia on EVA.  The idea was to attach the new fuel depot to the Klaw we see on the Monstrosity in this image.

Docking went as well as can be expected using the available equipment, although it did take a number of attempts before Francia had everything lined up properly.  However finally everything locked into place as planned, and Francia headed back inside the Monstrosity for some well deserved tea and snacks.


Manoeuvre Complete!  The module's propulsion system would be detached and deorbited later, but not before RSR would spring another nasty surprise on bitter rivals KSA.

It was then RSR stunned all Kerbin when it announced a new "understanding" with KIS/KAS, the manufacturers of lunchboxes as well as storage systems for spacecraft.  This is a first for RSR as previously they have been considered to be such a crooked and dodgy outfit, no company with any sense of pride would touch them with a modular girder segment!  Nevertheless in what Gene Kerman over at the KSA has termed an "alliance of crime", it has been confirmed KIS/KAS has indeed "sold their souls to the Kraken", and went into some sort of agreement with RSR.

Quick to take advantage of the possibilities offered by such an "understanding", RSR prepared and launched a mission to the Monstrosity to add struts to reinforce the attachment the Klaws had established which could be a bit dodgy at times.  Another team was sent into orbit to assist with this, and considering this was the first time such an operation had been undertaken by RSR engineers, it went better than expected!


The Engineering Team preparing to attach struts between the new fuel module and the space station's core.  The RCS blocks - one is visible here - would also be removed and returned to Kerbin.


The Monstrosity as it's currently configured.  Note the storage boxes added to the upper surface of the space station, the new struts, and the spacecraft which has now been redeployed to the new Klaw on the fuel module.

Tomorrow will see all eyes turn to Duna as two spacecraft launched several months ago finally reach their destination.  One will carry out a series of experiments, testing parts on suborbital trajectories around the red planet at different altitudes, while the other will go into orbit where it will stay until a return window to Kerbin opens, to test reentry techniques into Kerbin's atmosphere from so far away.

And finally, the doubt hanging over RSR's intentions towards Duna was finally removed today when CEO Sergei Kerman officially declared RSR was indeed planning on seeing the company flag proudly standing on the planet's surface!


"...not because it is easy, but because it's worth tons of money!": Sergei Kerman.

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Well, did some digging around with settings and mods and such as ive finally narrowed down where the stinking memory leak was coming from that ive been dealing with for the last few weeks and its not scatterer actually as i suspected before.  Turns out the delta-V calculation thing not only eats the crap out of performance, but also leaks memory like mad especially in teh SPH/VAB scenes and with alot of staging and such (or at least i think its whats causing it).  Killed it using the setting.cfg file and my game finally runs like it should, still laggy with 1000 part ships, but at least its not unbearably slow, and the game runs very nicely with sub 600 part ships solong as you dont bring more then 3 of them within load range in which case it lags like mad again...




The game just looks so pretty with scatterer+sifive mods both actively enabled, especially sunsets, and honestly, given that im able to run whatever settinsg i want for clouds/particles, i think ill never want stock clouds as id need to still mod the game to get them to look now i want them to.




So yeah, after that last completely unconclusive battle i did, i ended up working on logistics to return the Dimension class cruiser into something resembling fighting shape after bringing it to pirate outpost Alpha, and immediately found a huge ton of flaws in it.  Apparently the place i put the starboard and port observatorys just slightly clipped into the torpedoes making it impossible to reload said torpedoes, so i was forced to (at least until i get the ship to a proper shipyard) shove all 4 extra torpedoes into the rear hangar bay alongside a random starfighter the pirates at Alpha happened to have.  Ofc due to my incompetence at orbital maneuvering with ions (wasnt patient enough to do the burn in multiple shots so i lost almost all oberth effect benefits) the fighter is left with ~150 dV in its ion drive.



So yeah, thats what the hangar looks like full of starfighters, torpedoes, and even extra reload of SRMs since half the frontal cannon was shot off previously and only 1 hardpoint was left.  Still, you can see how absolutely massive that hangar is, easily comparable to a fully dedicated carrier akin to macey dean's spiritwolf style (except its on a ship that can actually fight and take hits without any fighters if need be).  Honestly, if i truly shoved them in there tightly, i could probably fit 2 more full squadrons (6 total) of droid starfighters in there if i removed the torpedoes temporarily to make room to let them fly in and dock under/over the torps.  After i fix the reloading torpedoes into their poroper place issue and add maybee a few more reaction wheels (this thing takes forever to turn around without vernors and those eat too much fuel to use outside of final docking sequence), itll truly be my best warship in KSP.


Ohh, and i finished rearanging a few things on a base i had on the mun a while ago, fixed the lack of IRSU cooling systems (i always seem to forget to add radiators to those things and then have to relaunch either the original craft or launch a addon to the craft which will add radiator cooling).

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