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What did you do in KSP today?


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1 hour ago, qromodynmc said:


Too damn many stuff in there.

Ironic that the comm dish is the only thing not inside the radome :D

Seriously though, awesome design! It looks beautiful.

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I had been tinkering with the idea of creating a fully modular surface base system for low gravity bodies.  Each module uses the same foundation core, and is equipped with both wheels and landing legs.  Upon landing, the wheels are deployed on each section, and the landing legs retracted.  This guarantees that the docking ports are aligned, as long as the terrain is reasonably flat.

Then you simply drive one module over to the other, and connect.  Since each module is independently mobile, the base can be reconfigured as design and needs dictate.  It was a perfect execution here at the KSC

In practice, the wheel springs and dampeners had to be turned down on Minmus, but the end results were more than acceptable, as the base construction project had a successful start.


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As of two days ago IRL, I've finally cleared up all the launch and assembly hardware for my Moho mission and have all the planned crew for my next big mission, to Jool, either home or on the way (I may have reported this part here already)... and the Jool transfer window is already open, with the center in only 10 days!

The ship I had designed for this was going to be without doubt the biggest thing I had ever constructed in KSP, with over 700 parts just in its main hull, a mass of over 3400 tons, a length of over 90 meters, and a nominal cost of just over 3 million funds for the hull alone (not considering payload components or fuel costs for launches). It requires 26 launches just to deliver its drive pods, plus however many additional launches would end up being needed to assemble the central hull and deliver the payload components. It promised to be a very impressive mission, but in 10 days, with six hours in each day, to get it done I'd have to complete an installation on average every two hours!

Thus today was spent exploring new, somewhat more modest designs for the mothership in hopes they might allow me to get it ready faster and perhaps a bit more cheaply. A promising idea was to let go of the concept of a single monolithic (once assembled, anyway) carrier and instead have a booster module handle the transfer to Jool, detach from it and have a smaller central ship handle movement within the system, and then reattach to it for the transfer back to Kerbin (a little like the hyperdrive ring featured in Star Wars Episode 2). This would let me carry a lot less dead weight during the various orbital maneuvers, requiring fewer engines and less fuel. My new rough draft also has the perk that the drive pods can dock to both the drive core and the payload section, presumably adding stability to the finished ship.

No pictures because I'm tempted to make a whole big reveal out of this xP

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Started doing the bulk of the work on what may be the pride and champion of my ships, a replica of the Space Shuttle Columbia herself, depicted as she looked in STS-1. 



Pride and champion, given that everything goes well. Which, to be honest, it really hasn't. 


I think I can eventually make something pretty good out of this, though.

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Finally post an update to my Out of the Sands career - I've been off playing a different game the last few weeks, but I needed a break from it and figured some nice simple rocket science was just the ticket.

Got my Eve crew back home safe finally:


And found out my spaceplane flying hasn't degraded too badly - I did overshoot KSC by over 200 km though



And started getting things ready for a Moho mission


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Today we had officially anounced and Inaugural test of the Apollo and N1 program style missions (Saturn VK1 and NK1 LOK):





NK1 LOK and "EXCURSION" MODULE (In detail):




As always the complete report IN THE KSP FORUM or THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT in the KSA Website! (In Spanish).


Also all the PHOTOLOG PRESENTATIONS: APOLOK (Mun program) & NK1 LOK (Minmus Program)

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Today I watched my kerbals complete their mission for the Dustland science base:



KSS Passable burning for Duna with the base, skycrane, solars and landers

Refueling and landing the Rusty science ship



Inspecting the solars a drone landed

Landing the base

Installing the solar arrays

They did a bit of science an then it was time for bed




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I did a rescue mission contract.



I upgraded the rescue rocket to a HECS probe core. Accounting still refuses to authorize RCS and lights for the rescue vehicle, too frivolous is the excuse. 



A one orbit rendezvous.



One happy Kerbal spacewalks over to the capsule


And a safe landing for the newest member of the space program.


I then sent a small satellite to Minmus







The trans Minmus burn was successful.


And after some maneuvers and some time we are on station.



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Today I continued flying tourists to various destinations around Kerbin's SOI or just outside it, in my Rusty Star Rockets career.

One little Kerbal decided it would be fun to hire RSR for flybys of the Mun, Minmus, and then entering a nice quick orbit of Kerbol before heading home.

So the rocket took off, Kerbanaut Martrude at the helm, and just for fun, a gravity assist was used to get from the Mun to Minmus.  Everything went absolutely perfectly, the assist ending with a nice Minmus encounter, which then had a very slight engine burn to get out of Kerbin's SOI for a very brief period.

After this, a quick burn toward Kerbin and in no time at all, the Pe. was down to 35K, all set for reentry and landing.  And no hiccups occured during any of this either, if only all my missions went this smoothly.  It was only after landing on Kerbin... I realised I'd forgotten to load on the tourist! :mad:

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Jeb took some gir friends to a boat ride. :)

(Images scaled down - click on them to the full size slideshow)





Craft made with:



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Of cuorse, a tyop!
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On 7/14/2020 at 6:20 PM, EchoLima said:

I visited an asteroid today for the first time since their release back in .23.5. The lack of an asteroid biome to take science from was disappointing though.


try landing on a comet but if you already did that and i didn't see it sorry

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Didn't get much done - mostly some planning for upcoming transfer windows.  I did get a contract satellite launched to Mun carrying a newly-unlocked ion engine


Then installed a pair of 1000G ground antennas, one near KSC & one near DSC. 

Once in place, stabilizing legs are deployed then the massive antenna is unfolded


Heading out to a good deployment location.  How have I never noticed this vehicle park at the desert space center before now?


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Y77, D223 - Neidon Rabbit 2 (lander + transfer stage) prepares to go to Nissee (Outer Planets Mod)


Y77, D324 - Arrival at Nissee


Y77, D325 - Anline, Kaice, Erilin, and Gusgar (right to left)



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