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What did you do in KSP today?


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I built the artificial gravity station MOS Bastille to serve as a science outpost around Moho. Transfer vehicle Sunbeam towed the Bastille out of LKO over to Minmus, where the mining vessel Rockhound is now running trips to Minmus' surface in order to fuel up the Sunbeam. If all goes well, the mission should depart for Moho in about two weeks.










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8 hours ago, Angel-125 said:

I finally finished the Mk-33 cockpit:



Stock flight controls; my policy for this mod is no external dependencies, including my own. MAS support could happen at some point but not at initial release.





noice, in my jnsq space race someone stole my mk-33 research and used it and denied the fact they stole it from me

im doing a double reenty

this was just after i docked in my jnsq space race

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Today I finally got back to KSP after several days of fighting to restore my computer to health (blech) and surprisingly didn't summon the Kraken with this abomination I have constructed:


Long story short I was launching a very large payload and had to construct a cage to brace it against wobbling to death. Before anyone jumps in, this was not an opportunity to use KJR as the payload in question was part of a strictly stock-only challenge submission.

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My 18 brave kerbonauts finally returned from their grand tour of the Mun, Minimus, and a jaunt outside of Kerbin's SOI. They brought back a bit of science, and now I have a whole stable full of 3-star kerbals for the program.





And as soon as they got home, I sent several of them back out again. Jeb, Bob, and Bill in the new mining ship and set out for Minimus.



And about 10 other kerbals hopped in a crew shuttle also bound for Minimus. This has all my lower level kerbals that need experience, plus another 3-star engineer to run the convert-o-tron at Minimus Station and 3-star scientists to man the MPLs on Minimus and Munar orbit. They stopped and rescued Bezeor in Kerbin orbit along the way.




And finally, the ISRU section of Minimus Station arrived, and then was joined to the rest of the station.




And now the station is almost complete. Once the ore harvester arrives and ISRU gets up and running, I shouldn't need to bring any more fuel back up this way. I still need 5,000 units of ore and another 1,000 monoprop to complete the contract. I calculated the costs of the station based on the contracts:

Station: Contract reward = 786k funds. Cost of the three launched, minus recovered stages = 325k funds. Net = 461k funds.

Ore Harvester: Contract reward = 220k funds; Launch cost = 105k; Net = 115k funds.

So I get a useful station with ISRU capabilities and pocket 576k funds. Gotta love capitalism. :D

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Been working on finding an Eve Lander site. I found one but that was changed in 1.2

Also gargamel had the idea of a challenge of heading to both Ike and Puf (which looks like Mike wazoki) So I made a patch for when KSP 2 releases in 2021

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mike-and-ike-challenge.jpg

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An uncrewed jool mission departed to it's destination today.


Scientists at KSC have been suspicious about the presence of Oxygen in the Laythian atmosphere, hence they are sending a Jet Technology Demonstrator to check for oxygen, and if conditions are nominal the Jet plane will be used to scout for a landing site for the crewed mission after collecting science from nearby biomes. Once it's bingo on fuel, parachutes will drop it safely on the landing zone with all the science data safe.


The deorbit motors of the Laythe Jet T/D being used to boost the vehicle to check flight characteristics.

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To fulfill a contract I launched the Sundiver. 


The ejection burn.


I went WAY out there, beyond Jool's orbit and did an out of communications burn. Just 55 m/s left in the tank afterwards. The required orbit was for 66 deg inclination and a PE of less than 1000 Mm. 


Closest approach at 992,000 Mm.



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Eve Crew Lander passed the surface to orbit test!!!!!

That means I got the Eve Crew Lander to work :D

That means now I got to get it to somewhere over 5000 meters

This means the next part will be building the landing system that can accurately land within 10 meters of the desired landing location. this should be the fun part

Meanwhile I was able to get the other two craft of this mission (all be it smaller) done. 


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Today I sent the second manned(Kerballed?) mission to Minmus in the form of "Minmus Outpost 1." I feel like I wasn't using the breaking ground parts enough so I made this mission mainly to experiment with them.



wd3hvuC.jpg Beautiful shot of Minmus's Mountains


After landing and Valentina planting a flag Bill unveils the secret payload from the service bay...


...a rover!!! Initially I had some trouble getting this thing out of the service bay since the connection was down for some reason(even though its right next to the base :huh:) but all it took was extending  the antenna and I was able to drive it out quite easily.


Gerdorf and Frorigh set up all the science machines which leaves Bill to reveal the final secret about this mission...



... the rover flies!!! Wheeeee!!

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Today Kerbalkind set forth on its glorious voyage beyond the Kerbolar system to the stars beyond...


jk it's all fake. On a whim I threw together something that looked like it came out of Space Engine or some NASA-sponsored concept art blog post, but it doesn't actually have any crew accommodations or delta-V and it's really small, as seasoned Kerballers no doubt notice immediately judging from the known sizes of several familiar parts in it. Still looks neat though, if I may claim as much myself. Maybe it could pass in some fanciful KSP fan-fiction thing.

UPDATE: After an unusually busy day of KSP, I've completed the first phase of a new (and not fake) interplanetary mission, specifically a new attempt at the Ultimate Jool-5 Challenge. See my new thread for details.

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My ore miner and crew shuttle arrived at Minimus and put in at Minimus Station. Things are getting crowded there now.






The ore miner put down and started filling the tanks. Bob went over to the MPL and started doing research. I made 5 trips down to the surface, bringing down two 3-star scientists and rotating all the kerbals that still needed flag-planting on Minimus. I now have two 3-star scientists researching on the surface and two more in the MPL in orbit.



With the ore and some newly refined monopropellant, I finally completed the Minimus Base contract. It was a bit weird in that it wouldn't complete until I undocked the old lander and fuel tanker. Apparently with those attached the game wasn't seeing it as a new construction. Undocking them fixed it and then I put everything back together.




Finally, I had some coverage holes in the communications network behind Minimus. I took a contract to place a survey satellite in a retrograde orbit and added comm relays to it.


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Today I FINALLY finished my Minmus refueling System in my Sandbox save.

The Station: Minmus Station 2 (I have another in orbit as well). It has 14 modules, 1 core module, 12 fuel tanks, and one extension Module because I didn't put enough space on the Core, so I had to add an extra girder segment.



The Base: The Minmus Refueling Base. It has 5 modules, the Central Ore Mining and ISRU Node, and 4 fuel tanks.


The Tanker: The "Crazy Horse" Fuel Tanker. It can carry a large 2.5m fuel tank to Minmus orbit and back.


Unfortunately, I forgot the rotation RCS, so it can only translate up and down, making docking with it downright infuriating.

In order to take off from Minmus, it uses the flats where the MRB is located like a runway, eventually lifting off from the surface into orbit.



Then when it lands, it lands and drives to the various docking ports located on the MRB. Rinse and repeat for 6 times.


In total, it took 20 launches, 26 counting the 6 trips to and from the Minmus Station 2 from the Minmus Refueling Base.

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This may not look like much, but it's the product of several evenings head scratching and experimenting.

My kOS launch script launches me to within about 0.6 degrees of Minmus's orbit, which is good but in theory I should be able to improve on it.  However my  plane matching scrip now gets me  to about 0.0075 degrees out from Minmus's orbit. 


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19 hours ago, Moss said:

My first attempt at an Eve return mission! I think I'll do a full mission report later. 




Good luck! Trying my first too :D

As an update on my mission: I have designed a landing system that sort of works;

The main problem so far with mine is that the bottom heat shield doesn't want to pop off during landing. the Drag chutes (used to get to desired landing location.) are not enough to drop the heat shield. I have the desired landing site of the 7500 meter spot but I have backups of a 5000 meter landing spot that's in a wider location but it being steeper. I think I will stay at 7000 because that gives me 500 meters of delta v leftover when I get into orbit (or that's what the testing says).

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I'm reworking the cockpit specular maps again, something I considered "done" for months.
Upon closer inspection, you might realize that especially the cockpits, size 1/2 tanks and a few other parts have these darker lines all over them to separate parts of the mesh, to make it look like the part isn't just one solid piece of material. Now, partly due to lazyness and partly due to being convinced that adding those details wouldn't contribute much, I just ignored them. Little did I know that would catch up to me later.

On the other hand, I get the chance to improve the maps and make them slightly less sloppy. I need to make it look like I actually know what I'm doing, after all...
I'm not an artist. Honestly, I shouldn't be working on this and I'm beginning to be disillusioned about throwing myself into this nonetheless. I massively underestimated the work needed for something like this and I have to somehow clean my own mess up now.

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I turned a "class I" comet, the largest class of comet, by 180 degrees. To do this I cheated 3 craft with 84 large reaction wheels each to the comet and docked them (252 large reaction wheels in total). Turning from retrograde to prograde using SAS took 6 minutes.

To completely mine this comet, a large convertotron would have run for 80 Kerbin days with level 5 Scientist and LF, Ox and LF+Ox running at the same time non stop.


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Today I sent Jeb, Bob, and Summer to the moon in my fancy new lander!



Unfortunately I overestimated the DeltaV on the craft so the crew had to get home through cheating sheer force of will!


After the return of the Mun Mission I spent way too long designing and flying a space station to Minmus.

3URqren.jpgThe Core Module

Initially I wanted to send the core stage to Minmus with the two other modules following suit but Minmus was in a weird position where it was really hard to get an encounter so I decided to assemble the parts in orbit and send them when Minmus was in a more optimal position.


After a while I was finally able to get the craft to its destination, which is probably higher than necessary.

Op34esO.jpgBob takes a leisurely stroll outside while Summer does science stuff, probably

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Submitted an entry for Hypersonic Aircraft Challenge1vxOH40.png

Also made a new title picture for my forum post: 


Also launched the core of my newest station:



The full story is here and features secret intelligence agencies and the truth about whether the government is watching your kerbals.

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