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What did you do in KSP today?


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1 hour ago, Misguided Kerbal said:

You don't need to actually add the edit reason, it just leaves it as blank then.


Anyways, this was not today, it was a couple of days back. 















I should've put this all in a spoiler

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Shameless self plug:

This is all from Chapter 6, but I recommend reading all of it :) 


I am 99.99% aware of that but thanks. i like to make things more interesting.

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I got into space in RSS/RO/RP-1 (in Sandbox of course). I haven't even landed Kerbals on Minmus, much less go to Duna, in stock KSP, so this experience will be a great one!

I built a simple rocket using a high pressure integral tank with an RD-180 engine (which I chose for the sole reason of me knowing it's reliable and is used on the Atlas V. No other reason.). I launched a probe core into a suborbital trajectory (really fast) with MechJeb Ascent Guidance since I was really only testing if my computer wouldn't crash with the 8k textures (it ran fine).

Maybe tommorow, maybe not, I hope to get started on my first ever RSS/RO/RP-1 series. I may even turn it into a Mission Report.........

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Today, I finished the career mode of KSP ! After playing several months the same save, I finally did it ! My last mission was a science mission to Eve, and its moon Gilly. I had to earn more than 3000 science to research the last three techs, which cost 1000 each. So, I just put a lab with scientific instruments on top of 4 nukes and a little lander.

After assembling the ship in orbit I successfully reached Eve :


After making a few experiments I plotted my course to Gilly and arrived 8 days later :


I transfered Lodlock Kerman in the lander, then I undocked it and landed in the Midlands :


Then I biome-hopped to the Highlands, and redocked to the main ship.


I fired again the engines and put myself in a highly eccentric Eve orbit, to maximise the Orberth effect.

After 6 years in space, the crew came back with insane amounts of science, though the majority of it came from the science lab.

I actually unlocked the entire tech tree by transmitting the Gilly science :LQHirLA.png

Later I gained 3000 more science with the lab reserch :


The crew returned safely, fortunately.

Well that's it ! It was the first time I completed a career save. I'm so happy now !

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Built a short range relay network over Kerbin.  

Launching 4 at a time, I synced them up by watching what time of day for liftoff. 


16 sats in 4 planes all with their orbital period synced.  Not bad for a couple hours.  Now on to bigger and better things. 


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Like I always say, a pair of thuds atop a rocket can control almost anything.  They and a skipper even got his incredibly draggy lander into orbit without a fairing or anything.

...and when the game crashed, LEFT it in orbit irrevertably, before I'd finalized the design.  I guess this is my life now.


Time to refuel, get a real engineer aboard, and dock a few missing parts (like the Polar Scanner), then minmus-ho!

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Air launched a light aircraft but summoned the Kraken leading to 0.1c and many millions of atmospheres of pressure destroying it instantly, then pixelating the KSC.

Also made it to LEO for the first time, but only in a simulation, and then the editor reverted the changes that made it work and I haven’t found the right combination again.

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Started a new career save and got Val to Minmus and back in one piece! I'm going to not use science labs in this playthrough since they seem kinda overpowered. Also this is my first post ever in the forums :) (been playing for 5 years though).


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Spent time working on my caveman challenge career.  Put a rocket together and, without the benefit of patched conics or maneuver nodes, did a fly by of the Mun.  Had a dV of about 40 remaining after setting Pe to 25000m for the return aerobrake.

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Decided to take the entire tanker to Minmus for extra dv.  Got almost perfect balance just by shutting down two engines.

The bit with the fairing is a satellite that'll be deployed in polar orbit.  The tanker itself will be allowed to crash into minmus.

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Four KRASHed launches (with a brand new rocket design, intended to reach LEO and then drop a return capsule to the surface while the probe remains in orbit for more science);

Three X-plane missions (one of which was cut short due to a catastrophic CO2 buildup in the cockpit, necessitating a new cockpit being added as it doesn’t have any capacity for a scrubber);

Two sounding rockets (to improve a new engine’s reliability);

And a (sample return) capsule dropped in the sea.

That wasn’t originally intended to turn into “twelve days of Christmas” but it worked out OK in the end- I even got the rhythm right, if you (mis)pronounce it as KRASH-ed :wink:.

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