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What did you do in KSP today?

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I messed around with the new 1.11 update.


I brought some EVA Science Kits to my space station. When used in space, the kerbal makes the knob spin.

I got a contract to add a battery to a satellite, but it wasn't there. Instead, I added a new scanner to one of my old satellites.

The launch photos were mysteriously missing.


Once I arrived, I used a KAS winch to hold it in place.


I used KIS to remove the engine and attach the scanners since the stock construction system doesn't like modded parts.

The scanner works best at higher altitudes, so I used the winch to carry it to a higher orbit.




Finally, I returned to Rhode in one piece, luckily.


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Bill crashed into the ocean at 110 mph.

It had all started with a contract to test the Hammer SRB at the launchpad. Bill was chosen as he was an engineer and for the sake of realism that is who should run engine tests. The rocket took off and Bill hung on. I had gone bare bones, removing fins, personal parachute, and other nonessentials.  Bill realized that he wasn't able to turn very well and ended up having to shoot straight up.  I thought it would be funny if he had a sub-orbital hop and sure enough he did. But there were some problems. In the interest of saving money, I had left off a decouple so I could recover all the parts. After entering the atmosphere, the craft entered an uncontrollable spin, leveling out pointing down. The craft was rapidly accelerating and Bill had to bail. Unfortunately he didn't have a parachute and hit the ground at 50 m/s. 

However all the damage he got was a crick in his neck and he was able to recover in about 5 seconds.

Another point to show the extremely resilient nature of Kerbals.

1 hour ago, Stamp20 said:

I messed around with the new 1.11 update.


What visual mods are you using?

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1 hour ago, Geonovast said:

I found the origin of the universe. 

Well done, too.  [The translate gizmo] suggesting that Galileo was correct when he muttered, "eppur si muove"...

I'm predicting that if you move it, though, nothing happens?  :)


Meanwhile, I went ahead and refined this idea of Juggernoob. 

BbjegcD.png   EBMpkFb.png

Launched the first Egg in my Orbit production world, rendez-voused with KX2 Pole Star to refuel, and now on the way to the Mun...


It looks like a spider's egg sac, doesn't it?  (Or is it Kraken?)


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1 hour ago, Kerminator1000 said:

What visual mods are you using?

I'm using Beyond Home with a custom config based on SciFi Visual Enhancements to add the colored glow to the atmosphere since Scatterer is too laggy for me.

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41 minutes ago, Hotel26 said:

I'm predicting that if you move it, though, nothing happens? 

I could move it around, but correct, it didn't affect the game any.  It showed up after I moved the kerbal's parachutes from the pod's inventory back into their personal inventories.

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Rover Dude unleashed his newest MKS colonization update, so I had to play with it. I used the "small" 10m, 12 Kerbal factory dome to make a base I can use as a seed to locally build some of the truly massive 20m, 100 Kerbal habitation domes:




It's nuclear powered, with 4 of the new "small" ATLAS miners for metals, minerals and polymers, and 5 medium sized drills for the minor material needs, and also includes life support and extra workshops.


5 large radiators is thermal management overkill, but I like the symmetry of it :cool:



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39 minutes ago, The Doodling Astronaut said:

spill the beans. I want to recreate that.

:D I'm 95% sure the trail is from RealPlume / Smokescreen.

What happened is one of four SRB's failed to ignite (part failure from Kerbalism), which made the rocket careen into the ground just north of the runway. From there, one of the other SRBs survived the impact and rebounded upwards, arcing across the sky and creating that image.

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Started my second career run after getting tired of Eve tour contracts.


I’ve unlocked up to tier 4 technology, and I intend to go no further (as long as possible).

No solar power, no RCS, no probe SAS but I’m having a blast.

I’ve grown to appreciate 1.25m parts more.

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Thy say that rocket should be like a pencil staying on a finger - well balanced. So it is:


It is a tank with nuke engines to haul some scaners and telesats to Eve for future exploration. And because some tourist would go to da Mun and on Muns orbit is rest of the stuff for Eve and fuel for this vessel I put them in soviet capsule inside fairin on the top. They would orbit da Mun and land - granted, but fairing gonna deploy back in Kerbin atmosphere hauled (throwed in fact without carrying a rocket to atmosphere, they have smallest computer in capsule to trigger fairing and chutes) by another rocket. They pay for travel, not to see anything?^^


During the sunrise on Munar fuel base swarm of landers with new updated stuff start falling from LMO one after another and engineers gonna have fun too:




another one:


with 1.11 it start to look like srapyard.

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I fixed a rover on the surface of Armstrong for a contract.




I forgot solar panels, so I visited an old probe from very early in my save file to "borrow" its solar panel.




My parts now.

Halfway through the hop to the rover I ran out of EC, so I had to attach the panel mid-flight.

I used a KAS winch to carry the rover, but later realized I was supposed to repair the rover then drive it to the waypoint.

I had to keep the throttle low to prevent overheating and my camera down because my computer really doesn't like Armstrong.

Before leaving, I decided to do some golfing with the EVA Science kits.



No mission would be complete without a facetumble down the nearest slope.


The EVA Science Kit, when used in space, spins a knob and sometimes kerbals too.

I also explored Hydrus and its moon.


After drifting through space for over a year, the Hydrus scanners I had launched finally arrived.

One of them was dropped off at Hydron, and the other went to Hydrus.

The rover arrived a few weeks later.

A science hopper was sent to Hydron to gather data from all four biomes. By this time, the SCANsats had completely scanned both planets.

Landing 1 occurred in the highlands.

The second landing was a short hop away in the slopes biome.

The third landing was up on the peaks to the south.

The final landing was in the ravines stretching across the moon between the peaks.


The colors on the surface and in map mode don't match up. The highlands are more brown in-game and the ravines are much darker than they should be.

Once the hopping finished, the rover descended to the surface of Hydrus.

I overshot my intended landing area, but I was able to glide to the flat land at the edge of the mountains.


Hydrus is definitely my favorite planet in Beyond Home so far.

It looks amazing, even though my computer disagrees.


The skycrane was launched into the nearest floating rock. Why they float is still a mystery.



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Spent time on building a fuel cell powered turbo-prop-plane... slow (~200m/s) but veeeeery efficient (fuel consumption barely 0.01). It takes 7 Kerbals home from an island runway party night without torturing hang-over kerbals with too much noise.

Spent also time on my fully solar powered propeller-plane... love it.


But i wonder how to get propeller planes faster than 220 m/s, even with adjusting the blade angles. A supersonic propeller machine would be a nice thingy.

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Today, for my Caveman challenge career, I sent an un-Kerbaled probe to do a flyby of Minmus.  Picked up a bunch of science, which now puts me at 8/10 nodes on Tier 5.  Planning a landing for tomorrow, which should put me over the top!

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Zephyr is my most-used and most-heavily developed lifter.  It's second stage is recoverable.  (I've also started refueling and sending spent Zephyr lifters to Eve.  There, they will wait in orbit to be refueled and then serve one more time as a 'decelerator' to step-down the speed of any attached payload.  No more finesse required to land anything, even heavy and/or fragile, on Eve.)

Meanwhile, though, I am perfecting the re-entry to make this repeatable with excellence:


zoJGQRg.png   BcnoSCA.png

xBGgJbX.png   VhCNzXl.png

The trick is to settle into a 45-50 km orbit before/over the desert and then fly like a buzz bomb...


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