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What did you do in KSP today?


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Just now, RP1IsSuperior said:

RealPlume adds plumes, but the engines don't 'spool up' like they do with realfuels. This guy's engines had to spool up.

That's probably the case, then. There is an MM patch out there that adds the same thing, but I can't find it now.

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I put together a bigger launch vehicle to hopefully start sending Kerbals farther than low orbit. The staging I wanted to do was a bit finicky but everything's working smoothly now. It's able to put the 5-ton Azimuth spacecraft in orbit with 1200 m/s to spare.


Azimuth 1 launch pics

After the test flight, Jeb and Valentina performed the first docking on the second flight of the Azimuth program. Endurance is a miniature space station where Jeb and Val will spend the next 30 days in order to test Kerbals' ability to tolerate living in space for long periods.



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15 minutes ago, Ultracool said:

I just sent a drone to Eve. The propellers generate a lot of lift and gets the drone into the sky very easily, despite Eve's strong gravity. It actually looks really cool above the clouds with visual mods, and I would upload an Image, but I don't know how.

 I wish I could get to Eve, I only have gotten to the Mun, Minimus and Duna.
Nice job dude!

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Today I put the cap on the Caveman challenge career bottle I had opened up.  I took a 30 part, 17.9 ton probe/rocket into high orbit of the Mun to gather up some needed science, and then did a second launch into high Kerbin orbit for the same thing.  Used the SC-9001 to do this gathering, and picked up 87.5 science just using that between the 2 launches.  This put me over the top for what I needed, and now I can say I completed the challenge.  Waiting on validation, but I feel pretty darned good right now!

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After a years-long hiatus, I started playing again earlier this week and just now finished configuring and testing my mod list for a JNSQ Hard Career mode. I swear that while I've played this game I've probably spent half the times in my saves and the other half testing and installing new mods. All part of the fun. Have some big dreams of a full MKS base on Duna but its anyone's guess if my game brakes before that point :)

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I performed an ambitious mission to Eve !

y4mXmzgvYGb9kClF6HI80rQSViXyejmwciFx09mg  y4mH1CCw4XlViKXaJQflxNJNrDqX4pFz2lyVAy3I

Departure from Kerbin and arrival in Eve system.

y4mPfq2m5JbgQpV-VD06FUHQS3pdqniH-s45s5O6  y4miDhzTYr76qgwhumeD6_N9FFcL1Ay1uNuPK_Xk

Deployment phase of the mission, one synchronous communication relay satellite and bombing of Eve with the lander part. The propulsion stage has been put in a polar orbit for various scanning.

y4m3B89JxsZvHZ_JFOdju_YeBsa--7muaslZ6gqK   y4m6Fs07L_Imkw37b1uCz3sTQNUgqhd8LeoYCZjP

My lander was made of three parts : one static analysis station, one small classic rover for short range exploration and one flying drone for long range operation and atmospheric analysis.

The small rover was also a backup for my flying drone in case of accident.


My flying drone analyzing a small volcano on Eve surface.


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Bill came back from his since trip to polar crater that he veisited with roler:


Now exploring previous location with new, better science tools:


Jumping over satelite path on way back to refuel:


Bill took over Mun Base and rebuilding what was not rebuilded by KIS/KAS&1.11:


Jumping around messy instalation:


Spider took another rocket (not able to get up stright on its owne because of cuts&saving department) - customers are most happy because Jeb is flying back with them:


Rocket gonna be dropped on eliptical orbit and spider will instantly go retrograde to get back on LMO back to base - toursit will get to Kerbin trajectory where they be targeted to atmosphere and tossed to save the rocket on orbit for another mission.

Scientist trapped in first landing rover science lab with ne whells attached thanks to KIS/KAS and some more assembly thanks to 1.11 with Bill presenting crane he build of this science vessel:


KSC - send blue pills for rockets, they have symptoms of aging:


this one too! Lot of pills!:


Docking is obviously bad for rockets.

And because this docking port is a root part we cannot perform any surgery by EVA construction.

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Finally got all transport ships back to kerbin so I could ferry tourists again to free up mission slots they been occupying. 34 tourist have been waiting some almost a year. Playing pool and card day in and day out poor kerbals. They are patient I give them that.

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Jeb and Bob took an Azimuth capsule with beefed up life support supplies and became the first Kerbals to see the Mun up close, fulfilling a contract that's been on my roster for awhile. They entered an eccentric 35x1000 km orbit and reported their observations over three orbits, with Bob doing an EVA on the last pass through periapse.



Things got dicey on the return trip when I realized I'd underestimated the amount of oxygen they'd need (fuel cells are HUNGRY). I had to do an emergency burn to expedite the time to perigee and even then they actually started suffocating as the parachutes opened. Way too close. I think it's time for the Azimuth design to get a new service module.

In other news I did some more Mun landings with robotic Garnet landers, bringing the total to 8.


I also launched several more ScanSat satellites for the KOSat program. This is KOSat-RVHAL, which stands for Resource/Visual High Resolution, Altimetry Low Resolution.


Spoiler shows the current state of my robotic missions, minus the ones that have had critical malfunctions and no longer respond.







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Fired up KSP on the old PC I currently have available due to going home for Christmas and now possibly being locked down for a few weeks, with a totally stock (well, stock plus Soundtrack Editor which barely counts) 1.11 and the settings turned way, way down. Even that was almost too much for the PC to handle and a simple Jumping Flea made it run at 1/4 speed, so no chance at all of it running my RSS/RO/RP-1 career as that usually uses about 4 times more RAM than my current PC has.

Maybe I could spend some more time on my little writing project instead?

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Today, i created my first Mun rover, build from parts stocked in my rocket, with the EVA building. actually, i realised that i didnt had sufficient power to make the scientific instrument to work, and that i missed a beam or two, so i've sent a second rocket with the missing parts. 

It's crude a bit, but it's working





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I learned a few things about the EAS-1 External Command Seat today, while building a rover.  I'm trying to make the rover as indestructible as possible, which is actually going really well.

However, I discovered that Kerbals can be knocked out of their seats if you have a violent enough collision.  For example, driving into the side of a building at 35m/s.   This is certainly realistic, but I'm wishing there was a way to belt them in better.

Also, found a way to get free lights for my rover!  If you have a Kerbal get out of the seat, you can turn his visor lights on.  Then, when you put the Kerbal back in their seat, the visor lights stay on.  Not as good as the driving lights, but they're free, and don't use ship's electricity.

Finally, I noticed there is a slider for 'Ejection Force' in the EAS-1 Part Action Window (PAW).  I couldn't figure out what this was for, as there is not an 'eject' button available.  So after fiddling with the slider, I gave up and moved on to other things.  Later, I took a Kerbal out of his seat.  Aha!  I had left the Ejection Force slider at 100%, and when the Kerbal got out of the seat, he was launched up fairly high.  Neat.


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