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What did you do in KSP today?

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hello ! 

today test of my  first KOS program, after a week of nervous breakdown:) to understand how it works, Kos code, mfd setup etc...

How to use the buttons of the mfd was a chalenge, because of my level of English lol, everything is in English .......

but !!! it's work !!! :cool:

I still have a lot to learn, especially about controlling the direction of the ship, stability a landing function, but I'm happy :).


EDIT :  (25/02/2021)

I just realized that having a brightness setting on the MFD and a page showing the RasterPropMonitor module (e.g. MechJeb) had already been done by @Nertea my apologies.

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I've released my final video this year about a week ago. But I got four videos coming out in January. Here is what I have planned so far:

January 1st: Helvica Gas Giant Planet Mod

January 15th: Minmus City and Providence part 2

January 29th: Jool 5

I also got a minecraft video coming out but that isn't KSP now isn't it.

As for progress on videos... well... let's just say I am having troubles with airplanes and laythe. But hey... I think I will find it out soon.

Anyway, I also changed my pic:


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Well, i finally found the spirit to return to KSP. Today, i undusted one of my old unmanned SSTOs, brought it up to 1.11 standard and flew a Rockomax Jumbo fuel tank to orbit and returned home. Here are some mission impressions:

Approaching apoapsis:


Circularization burn:


Deploying Cargo:




Final landing approach:


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Finished tweaking a spaceplane that can land horizontally on Duna. It's basically a giant flying wing with a Mk2 cockpit and crew cabin. Has enough fuel to land and take back off from Duna 3 times, and has enough lift that its stall speed is below 90m/s in the lowest reaches of the atmosphere. I'll be using it in my career mode to do crew rotations between the future surface base on Duna and the orbital station at 150km.

It was also the last thing I wanted to test and get right before finally starting a new career mode, so time to buckle up and start what I hope will be my final career save ever.

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Kerball 12 approaching Kerberth 2 station to await the nuclear tug for transfer to Eeloo.


Kerberth 2 is the newest space station of United Kerbin, replacing the absolute mess of things that was Kerberth 1. With three modules of common architecture and a docking tug it clocks at just 119 parts, providing passive and active docking ports for any vessel in the fleet, accomodation for 12 kerbonauts and ample fuel storage. Also looks darn good if I dare say so myself.

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So here's a funny story (and this is going to be quite a coincidental post)...

My wife is having a dinner party with her friends.  One of them came in to check my wine glass.  She asked me what I was doing.


I was reverse-engineering the above.  So I explained to her all about the Lego nature of KSP and how the wings are the most intricate part of reverse-engineering; but they have twisty little patterns all different, so it's kind of a detective game to recreate the beauty.

But the thing is that this beautiful machine wasn't quite making it to space and I was wondering where to increase the tankage and had just decided on the engine stacks...

...when, perceptive creature, she pointed out that I was missing the back row of Type E Wing Connectors.  Eureka.  Mystery solved.  Those tanks are now FL-T400s and this machine just went to space (with 112 m/s dV in reserve).


I did elect to make a couple of minute changes to this wonderful design.  I omitted a pair of Type D Wing Connector plates that were being used to cover up collision of the inboard elevons with the RAPIERs and substituted equivalent mass (50 kg) airbrakes to maintain levels of panache.  I see I need to shift a pair of Vernors aft to match their rightful position (victim of experimentation with center fuselage tankage...).

The charm of reverse-engineering is that, if you choose the right subjects: each machine, faithfully reproduced, flies first time.  Such a kick!!

But, of course, one must possess the detective powers of a Hercule Poirot to solve each unique mystery...


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I'm obsessed with Aerial Reconnaissance in this period and i'm building a game mode based on bdarmory called Kold War.

Kold War is mission based, some sort of tribute to early 2000 combat flight sims like Il2. Your mission is to get to the enemy base, escape from rockets and take some cool pics. Obviously a terrible recreation of the SR71 is included! I made yesterday a training mission over the Island Airfield, and planning new stuff like night mission, space missions and so on. 







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On 12/27/2020 at 9:35 AM, 18Watt said:

This is certainly realistic, but I'm wishing there was a way to belt them in better.


On 12/27/2020 at 8:28 AM, Marachdrifter said:

Today, i created my first Mun rover

See close to other type of lights. They can give You better visibility.


8 hours ago, eberkain said:

I think i finally figured something out.  

How You conected this loop with robotic? Mean cylinder moving arm. I tried and found only solution with struts.

Tell me the magic trick please.


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11 minutes ago, vv3k70r said:

How You conected this loop with robotic? Mean cylinder moving arm. I tried and found only solution with struts.

Tell me the magic trick please.

4 struts, 2 are not strong enough.  I wish ReCoupler would work, but it was patched to ignore robotics.  There is actually a pull request to make that optional, but I don't know how to recompile it. 


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36 minutes ago, eberkain said:

4 struts, 2 are not strong enough.

I get stuck in same solution. There is no hope :)

36 minutes ago, eberkain said:

There is actually a pull request to make that optional, but I don't know how to recompile it. 

No way to make a loop in hierarchy that exist now in game strucutre.

Meybe docking ports can cheat it around, but it could end up with some Kraken drivin under weigth.

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The science of slowness :-D


Completed Construction of the Twinstar Mk I:

Fuelcell-powered electric propeller plane. I needed some SAS to compensate for induced momentum along the flight axis - despite using counterrotating propellers on each side. Now it's very stable and reaches up to 240 m/s (235 m/s when full of kerbals). It consumes only 0.02 Fuel during flight at full speed and is very quiet (suitable for hang-over-kerbals), even if it looks a bit like having a piston-driven radial engine (intended).

Controllable rotational speed & blade pitch via main throttle using KAL-1000: 0 - 2/3 Throttle: Ramp up Rotational speed, 2/3 - full throttle: Adjust slowly blade pitch within tested values for reaching maximum speed.

- no mods -


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Also fine-tuned the Electra Mk II:

Fully solar powered propeller-plane with maximum speed of 217 m/s. It also has a tiny baguette fueltank and some back-up fuelcells to enable flight at dawn or sunset.


Controllable rotational speed & blade pitch via main throttle using KAL-1000: 0 - 2/3 Throttle: Ramp up Rotational speed, 2/3 - full throttle: Adjust slowly blade pitch within testet values for reaching maximum speed.

No flight at night possible, as the fuel cells are not sufficient to fully power the engine(s).


- No mods -



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So, I'm back on working on project with too much part™ in them. Like this small O'Neil cylinder (not sure it's actually an O'Neil though).


So, above is the full station, with two counter rotating cylinders, a separator for storage power (and a bit of stability for when I need to change the direction of the station) and, the middle section is made of hollowed 5m structural tube.

The whole station is a bit above 1200 parts, and yes, I have 1.5 SPF (seconds per frame). You can probably hear my CPU screaming in the background of the video above. At least I fixed the low temperature in my bedroom I guess.

I'd like to build that from launches, but with that level of lag and the need for some weird but precise docking, makes it not doable. So I guess, I'll put this project to rest while trying to figure a way to get the part count under some reasonable level.

And yes, it's stock (ok, ReStock).

KerbalX craft file is here : https://kerbalx.com/okhin/OKerman-cylinder Screenshots aren't updated


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I realized, joyously, that Steam and CKAN now keep copies of old versions.

Installed 1.6 (was hoping for 0.90 -- but hey I'll take what I can get!), installed Real Solar System, TAC Life Support, and several other mods, and started a new No-Revert Career game.

Made a series of launchers to take stuff to Low Earth Orbit, did some contracts, and built a space station for that sweet tourism money.  The launchers at this time were only capable of taking 7kt to LEO, so the station was made up of small-ish modules.  As different modules were added, I would send up a maintenance shuttle with an Engineer to remove (via KAS) RCS ports, solar panels, and anything else redundant/no longer needed to help lower part count.

After that, it was time to set our sights even higher.  Using the new tech gained from the space stations science center, we built a much much bigger launcher that could take 20kt to Low Lunar Orbit, and built a Lunar Lander, which I called Lunalith (translates, roughly, to moon dirt).  

It would work sorta Apollo-style: two stages to LEO, then a transfer stage that would be decoupled in Low Lunar Orbit (140km x 140km).  The lander would go down to the surface, do science, come back up, ditch the landing stage and rendezvous with the transfer stage, which would then power the crew pod back to LEO where it would be dropped again, and the crew pod would proceed to a safe landing.

Lunalith 1 reached lunar orbit, but didn't have enough fuel to make the Moon landing.  It returned to Earth without attempting a landing. 
Lunalith 2 reached lunar orbit, and again did not have enough fuel for a landing.  It, too, returned to Earth. 
Lunalith 3 reached lunar orbit, and managed to land on the Moon successfully!  It returned to Earth to much fanfare.
Lunalith 4 reached lunar orbit, landed, but tragically hit a mountain on take-off.  This one broke my heart.
Lunalith 5 reached lunar orbit, landed, returned safely.

We now have the Lunar Space Station in construction and almost ready to receive visitors.  We also have a Mars probe nearly ready for launch.

To the stars!



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Had a huge amount of fun, testing my rough air-propeller drive catamaran with new Scatterer by @blackrack.

Just look at those water and waves and light effects.

Feels like Subnautica, maybe even better :) !






By the way, the black engine you can see on the boat is not for propulson, but to feed energy to Bathymetry experiment, which requires 6EC/s for a quite long time. It drains fuel much faster than prop motors - if not careful, you can end up drifting helplessly. Top speed depending on heading, because waves matter now is up to 15 m/s.  

The boat is quite nose heavy and sometime just plummets into the incoming wave. Fun. Need to develop faster boat - to shift center of mass and use "water" jets below float to pitch nose up a little bit. 

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So, still working on those Cylindrical huge space station, around 5m structural tubes. I've changed the design (a lot), and now I'm only at 1300 parts.


It is still killing my computer (I should probably kill ReStock), and it's a bit wobbly (but not enough to break anything). By main worry is that it is in fact 3 different ships, so I have no idea how that will behave if going out of physics range (timewarping does seems to cause some explosions though). But, surprisingly, it is quite stable (at least the hollowed core remains in position).

There's a refinery and some tanks for refuelling. And it fits in the VAB!


(yeah, working on those cylinders ends is a PITA).

I need to reduce again the number of parts, and to work on stability (the cylindrical sections tend to spin a little bit around the spoke which connect them to the rotors), but it gets harder with the time. I'm wondering if I should try with a 2.5m spokes and rotor ring. Or a different way to attach those sections to the spokes (that will only increase the part count though).

And then, when I have something that's not too laggy, I'll think about building the rockets and stuff needed to launch and assemble this into space.

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Spent the last few days working on my configs again. Now that I'm in vacation I actually have the time and motivation to do this kind of work.

...Meticulously aligning the specular maps with main texture features, I mean, so that highlights look like this...

...and not like this.

It's as fun as it looks, turns out.

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