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What did you do in KSP today?


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Having just built a 350 ton launch rocket with a payload capacity of 10 tons to LEO, I tried a few ideas for a 700 ton rocket which ended up putting 25 tons (of really dense ballast) into a low orbit with a mere 5m/s to spare; when the engines have 0.2s of burn time left you know the margins are razor-thin. 25 tons should be enough to make a crewed Lunar flyby possible in one launch and a crewed orbit of the Moon with two,

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I landed on Armstrong (kind of like minmus) yesterday in my current Beyond Home playthrough. To get jeb back home I put the lander in a lowish Rhode (kerbin) orbit, and transferred jeb and the experiments to an Apprentice crew transport for reentry.





Also launched Oculi Station




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I made an unmanned data gathering trip to Mimnus.

The idea was to make a Drop-Pod that I could allow to fly all the way from Mimnus and back to Kerbin and just splash into the atmosphere rather than orbit first.0uMVfYX.png


See the full documented mission report here


Hope you like it.



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I was wondering if I could make my little sub go faster by giving it a bit more power.

Er. Well. This was not quite what I intended but


It went to well above 20 m/s underwater but became a bit hard to control; eventually it breached and then just... kept going.  It is not at all well suited to being an aircraft but it really wants to.

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Just finished up a trip to Eve. It took me three days, actually, but it couldn't have been done in any fewer, so sue me. :P


My plan was to land a 66 ton spaceplane. I vastly underestimated the amount of fuel it would take to push that much weight into low Eve orbit. These were two of several tanks of fuel burned along the way.


Once there, I undocked a small orbiter module and went in on a steep entry. My plane can't take much heat, so I had to burn an additional 2000 dV to slow down. Note the yellow marker north of my entry point -- that's my target.


The distant explosions in this picture are of the deorbiter rocket.


In Eve's atmosphere, my plane flew well, but slowly. It took around three hours of flying at 2x to reach the yellow anomaly marker.


Happy to be on the ground, I park and open the bay doors to release my compact rover. A hinge flips the rover out on to the hull of the plane, where it can drive/slide down. This thing doesn't handle anything like it did on Kerbin, but at least it drives.


Fortunately my marker placement was spot on with the anomaly -- normally I have to drive all over to find it. After staking my claim at the monolith, I drove to the nearest lake of explodium to gather some science and take a nice cleansing swim. 


After watching a movie or two, I found myself back at the equator. I had already practiced this ascent a few times in simulation, so I had no difficulties on my way up to orbit. First stage to 19km, second stage to 50km, third stage to orbit. I made it to 95km x 95km with 1200 dV left in reserve.

I opened the cargo bay and used the same hinge again to dock with the orbiter. After taking all of its fuel, I had over 3000 dV to get home with. A bit overkill, I think.



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1960-12-15 - Negi-2B launches to a polar orbit [modified RSS/RO]


Engineering Test Satellite "Neginohana," using solar panels for the first time, along with a small camera


1961-04-01 - Another launch carries the "Shinsei" satellite for cosmic ray and micrometeorite observation


1961-07-15 - Launch of the atmospheric analysis satellite "Aozora"


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15 hours ago, Daveroski said:

and just splash into the atmosphere rather than orbit first.

Eva kind of experience?

12 hours ago, Brikoleur said:

Er. Well. This was not quite what I intended but

Depth looks negative. Fit sub with altimeter and call it a day.

10 hours ago, InfernoSD said:

After taking all of its fuel, I had over 3000 dV to get home with. A bit overkill, I think.

There is nothing like overkill when going Eve. Its a surplus^^




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1 hour ago, vv3k70r said:

She is about to burn them for sure

I have found that you can re-enter anything into Eve safely, if you simply use retro-thrust.  No shields; no fairings; no funny stuff.

I am currently sending 6 spent LKO boosters to Eve.  Once there, they will be refueled and then wait in LEO.  When a cargo arrives, one of these descent boosters will attach and then effect the de-orbit.

Slow to 2km/s for deorbit.  Slow to 1.2km/s by 70-75km.  Slow to 800m/s by 50km.  Booster separates.  Then payload uses airbrakes and chutes.  Wings if available.  Safe landing.  No fuss.

(See Venus Ascension and Force Majeure.)

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1 hour ago, Hotel26 said:

I have found that you can re-enter anything into Eve safely, if you simply use retro-thrust.

Yes, thats a propper way.

1 hour ago, Hotel26 said:

No shields; no fairings; no funny stuff.

For rover I reserve fairings - they caries lot of bad aerodynamic that is expensive if fall off.

I plan to aerobrake using Jool^^


I docked spider crane and loosed its crap robotics, but it didnt help to exploding issues with 1.11


because of floating nodes:


So I turn to KIS/KAS that is not issueing such an issue and rebuilded one leg to stiff without robotics. Because it took over one hour to finish one leg I dumped all the parts in space and teleported fixed spider crane to orbit erasing parts and old crane in tracking station.

Then two tankers have met in orbit, this in front caried all those rockets already conected to second one:


Docking of 5 crafts one after another took a while:


especialy that not all of them have manovering aplications, some of them are build from scraps on da Mun.

I took a science exploit trip on da Mun (I'm revisiting all places with all science instruments this time, by rocket - first time I used Mun Cake roller with Bob inside to do this all around da Mun). And because trips are longer and longer from fuel mine I have to circularize orbit saving on altitude:


Call it an orbit:


Landing in dark using lights to determine orientation to the ground:


Pasing first landings site when I dint know anything about rovers in game and crawled mobile lab 1m/s uphill between craters:


Preparation for Moho:


Window opens in 68 days so this one is about to get conected to hauler with big tank (of course nuke drive). It carries 3 rockets with comunication to plant a constalation, 4th with one less antena but with survey scanner. And some capsules with tourist expecting holidays on Minmus, Mun or whatever they would - they are about to be picked up by rockets docked to tanker.

I wonder how is it about holidays in soviet capsule that at the and is about to be tossed for aerocapture on Kerbin.

There is also some extra stuff for engineering vessel. And one small vessel to move things around the ship.

I expect good conection:


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21 minutes ago, Cavscout74 said:

The only time you can have too much fuel is if you're on fire. 


13 hours ago, vv3k70r said:

There is nothing like overkill when going Eve. Its a surplus^^

Haha. Well I made it back to Kerbin SOI with 2200 still remaining, so then I did a vertical landing on Kerbin because why not.

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Huh, new page! It's legal for me to post another update! Anyways...


First order of business was assembling another EV for Eve and Gilly, the EV-4 Tempest:

*montage music*










And... done. The Tempest has 7772 m/s of delta-v unladen, which means about 6500 m/s after I send up the Gilly lander.


Now, a rational person would design the Gilly lander next. But I'm not a rational person. So I made this abomination:


Basically my version of the Soyuz + my version of the Proton. Proton-Soyuz, or in other words, Komrade II-Glushko (The original Komrade/Soyuz launches on the Korolev/Soyuz rocket. But c'mon, that sucks. Then we have this.)



It's been a while since I've launched anything from Kojave Sands, which, in my headcanon, is the Von Kerman empire's launch site. But since I was busy doing all of the Duna missions for the Kerman space program, I forgot to get around to the Von Kermans. Oh well, I guess the Von Kerman empire collapsed or something. It's the CCKP now.



The desert certainly is nice-looking, that's for sure. Definitely better than the old desert shaders.







Booster separation was so quick I couldn't get a screenshot of it at the proper camera angle. I tried out a new concept with these boosters: instead of having just one angled Separatron at the top, I had that and 2 seperatrons on the side. That's probably the standard for most of you, but I'm lazy. It looks like not-lazy paid off though, so I'm definitely doing this for future lifter designs.






Stage separation was also quick. Note to self: Only add 4 Separatrons instead of 8.




And... holy cow! We made orbit with almost a full second stage. That's also a double-edged sword though. If you try to use all of it's capacity, once the boosters separate the core stage TWR will be something like 0.5, when it's already 0.98 just for this. Not good news. I'm going to add 8 verniers on the bottom instead of 4 for the next launch.






Look at it! I definitely think it's an improvement over the original Komrade. 

(Picture for comparison)


If you can't tell, the original Komrade only had a single Spark engine, whereas this has 3 Goldfish engines from NFLV. This extra TWR will be useful for the [classified] Program to land on the [classified].



Realplume is the best.



Here we are! Just to test out it's abilities, we rendezvous(-ed?) with an old Von Kerman station. Sadly, it doesn't have a spare docking port. You can see the old Komrade attached to it. Anyways, I'm going to be retiring this station soon.



On this new iteration, I used a stack separator instead of docking ports. Much quicker.




And... Oh no. We're coming over just east of the Crater.




Stress Level: >1000



Phew... the parachutes opened in time.



Why do we even need floats on the side of a mountain? Idk, but it looks cool.



And... landed. That was a nerve-wracking experience, but the view was worth it for sure.



Next Time... Building more EVs! That's right. We're sending 2 to Duna this time, a crewed one, and a Cargo one that can actually carry a decent base and rover.

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