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What did you do in KSP today?

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What did I do in KSP today?  Failed.  Multiple times.  My mission report is going to start reading like something out of RSS/RO

Then, to top it off, the notes for my career disappeared.  I now have two identical screenshot folders on the USB drive I was using to store the career info on, but no career folder.  No career screenshots, no notes, no build time spreadsheet, nothing.  I didn't have enough progress to post an update but I did have enough to be really really frustrated right now.  

I did manage to get my first and second satellites into orbit of this career.  Only took two attempts for the first one:



The second actually made it on the first attempt, giving me a small relay satellite in LKO:


Meanwhile, at Woomerang, it was time to do some LES testing:



Night launch of the new Jabbit 1 launcher with an unmanned Mk 1 pod for testing.  Both of the test flights were the same - first stage great, second stage - wait 10 seconds - engine explosion.  Both pods survived & were recovered, but neither managed to exit the atmosphere




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1962-01-16 - Hatsunia's M-1 rocket launches Sakura, the first communications satellite (modified RSS/RO)



First/second stage separation


Payload fairing separation


Sakura was placed in a low-medium Earth orbit with a perigee of 860 kilometers and an apogee above 6000 kilometers. It provided the first trans-Pacific television signals, as well as wireless telephone transmissions, but could only do so for short periods of time due to the rotation of the Earth underneath the satellite.


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Today I hooked up a joystick, which I now wish I'd done much sooner.  I'm currently taking rovers around celestial bodies, participating in the current Elcano Challenge.  The joystick helps greatly for rovering.  

I have a bunch of old console joysticks, I'm using a USB adapter that allows me to use two PS2 (Sony Playstation 2) controllers.  I have one configured to control steering, wheel fwd/rev, brakes, reaction wheel (pitch, roll, and yaw), camera pan, camera zoom.  Basically everything I need while rovering, I don't even need to touch the keyboard.

Yes, I have a collection of old consoles and their controllers.  In addition to a bunch of PS2 stuff, I have a PS1 and controllers, Sega Genesis and controllers, Nintendo NES and controllers, and yes even an Atari 2600 and controllers.  The Atari 2600 is actually a Sears-branded machine, I guess they were marked under license or something.  My teenage kids (12 and 14 yrs) still use the PS2 occasionally.

I'm on Mac OSX, so getting the Mac to recognize the PS2 controllers was ridiculously easy- just plug them in, bam!  Ready to go.  Getting KSP to function with the joystick(s) was a bit more challenging.  If your joystick isn't plugged in and fired up when you load KSP, the game will recognize the buttons, but not the joystick axes.  That was frustrating until I figured out the problem.

Basically, with two PS2 controllers, I have 6 joystick axes, and 20 buttons available (3 axes and 10 buttons per PS2 controller.).  Not sure where the limitation is, but the controllers actually have two more buttons than can be recognized.  But, 10 buttons per controller is more than plenty for what I like to do.

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What did I do today? I learned the importance of TWR. Here's what I planned to land:

And here's EVERYTHING that survived:

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Launched a science probe into solar orbit today. I’m playing a 2.5x rescale of beyond home, so I launched a craft with 8,000 m/s dv (around 1,500 more than the job required) and launched it straight up. Apparently the vertical gravity losses cancel out the Dv saved from not burning to orbit first because the craft escaped with only 78 m/s left in the tanks. I guess I learned something new today.

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6 hours ago, maddog59 said:

What did I do today?

Imiges not avilable or do not exist.


I get mission to scan Baobab that invaded Kerbin to breake all ground. This time using largest scaning arm. Found about 25m window between manouvers so I lost some hours trying to make it simple way.

I ended up using robotic parts because KAS towing bar do something that is shoudlnt. And do not count as docking.


Job less go for picknign. Just because he do not have a job:


Road legal lights:


Front view:


Base ide was a quad, but it turn ot that smallext good looking wheels are quite big and large scaning arm is size of this quad.

I made a trailer. And few hour story was about conecting it using KIS/KAS> to get it count as docked (to use scaning arm) I used fuel conector:


But this towing bar do not work as mine in trailer. It is why I ended up with robotics.

If anyone can explain me how to use KAS to get a common trailer conection.


Wheels are riged so trailer have no powered/no steerable wheels with 125% breaks, quad rear wheels do not have steering and 100% breaks, front wheels are common as they should. I get some issues with seat that sometimes was obstructed and sometimes not. Reaction wheel is aded so Kerbal can pretend to turned it back on wheel after flip. Locker in front carry repair kits ("spare wheels" just in case).



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Read a few pages back from here. Nice stuff everybody!

Some of you may have noticed my absence from the forums. I've been very busy in real life, moving out of Edmonton (provincial capital) to a smaller city just outside of Edmonton, renovating my old house into a rental property and working five 10 hour days at work and putting in 1.5 to 2 hours every night into the old house. Today is my day off, but I'm doing some minor maintenance stuff in the new house.

TTYL everybody!

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TLDR: I went to Duna and back on solid fuel only!




I've been experimenting with Solid fuel boosters and thought it would be nice to perform a return mission to Duna with them.. It turned out to be a very nice challenge. Since you can't throttle or shut down the rockets, you really need to set out your course in great detail. Luckily I found several ways of getting some sort flexibility, which made everything much more doable.


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Another new career. This time with Parallax and Spectra on 1.11.1. Looking good so far. Just put up my first satellite to get some juicy MITE-science (using Kerbalism science config). Welcome Stayputnik 1!


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Made a thing. 

Flew it to Eve. 

Landed it. 

Started flying around to explore with it. 

Kind of hard to control. Needs sunlight and a radio connection to KSP, but since it's solar powered it has effectively infinite range. 

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Set out to design a Moon lander that could feasibly be used with the launch limitations I currently have. Several hours later I had upgraded an existing contract-farming rocket design with better engines to increase its range (and farm more contracts), then stuck some boosters on that to increase its payload capacity (and farm even more contracts), but nothing particularly close to a usable Moon lander. I suspect this will require some additional tech node research and a much bigger launch rocket than what I currently have.

I also made a new launch rocket by taking an existing design (700 tons, puts 25t into LEO), replacing the engines, adding a load of boosters and then adding boosters to those boosters to make a 1200t rocket that can just put 40 tons into an extremely low orbit. I'm pretty sure MOAR BOOSTERS!!!1! is not how you're supposed to play RP-1, but it seems to be working for me so far.

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It went to Gilly and Back! I was short on fuel but got back. The mission Eeee up for 5 years. With many menuvers nodes and with lots of timewarping.

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I went on my first ever interplanetary voyage, and successfully landed a probe on Duna! After 5 years of playing this game I managed to land on another planet! I was easier than I thought, though bringing kerbals would be a completely different challenge.

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47 minutes ago, Xemina said:

I went on my first ever interplanetary voyage, and successfully landed a probe on Duna! After 5 years of playing this game I managed to land on another planet! I was easier than I thought, though bringing kerbals would be a completely different challenge.

It's easier than you think... ya verás ;) 

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33 minutes ago, Xemina said:

I went on my first ever interplanetary voyage, and successfully landed a probe on Duna

Most excellent, congrats! :) 

34 minutes ago, Xemina said:

After 5 years of playing this game I managed to land on another planet

So I'm not the only slow poke then, ha! :D 

34 minutes ago, Xemina said:

though bringing kerbals would be a completely different challenge.

Couple of months ago I did build a vanilla (only stock and DLC but no mod parts) Duna lander for a friend, that can bring 3 Kerbals to Duna and back to Kerbin, let me know if you're interested.

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I've been doing a challenging career game for the past couple of days, in JNSQ with Principia.



First discovery I made is that Vanguard is a nightmare to fly properly. Dawn and dusk launches look incredible though.


A bit later I did six launches of Courier satellites. Unfortunately their solar panels can't maintain the antennas all of the time (I think due to some interaction with Kerbalism), but they're good enough as a cheap relay network until I can afford to launch something better. Regardless of the trouble, I got a good screenshot out of the launch.

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