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What did you do in KSP today?


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so I came out a bit ago. How is everyone.

I’m doing fine. While I can’t play ksp, I found a loophole of watching my own videos. Knew making them was a good idea


if ur curious which video this is. posted it earlier today:

I would enjoy you watching it and possibly subscribing 

Hopefully I recover soon and be able to be active with the amazing community soon!

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While I'm waiting for the VAB to upgrade in my JNSQ career, I've found that the 1.25m hydrolox engine with 1.875m fuel tanks can really boost your dV.  Slap on a pair of Thumpers to help get off the pad and depending on payload I've been getting 4000-4800 m/s out of the first stage plus boosters while still leaving a good number of parts for the upper stage and payload.  This basic design has given me:

First multi-kerbal vessel - first was abort testing, then a full test flight, then a manned mission with our first space tourist, and finally a week long endurance mission that also saw our first kerbal in HKO



Launch abort test of the 3-man capsule


Manned flight to orbit (or the unmanned test, not 100% sure)


Safe splashdown after the first multi-kerbal mission


Final deorbit burn from the week long endurance mission


After a week cramped in the pod, Kelrik was a little too eager to get some fresh air.   I just yesterday discovered Custom Barn Kit has an option in the Astronaut Complex to also atmospheric EVA, defaulted to False.  So now my kerbals can bail out in atmospheric flight!!


Swimming back to the pod to await recovery


In addition to the manned flights, I also managed an automated Mun sample return.  Even with the hydrolox first stage, I barely had the dV for the mission - after my return to Kerbin burn, I had just 22 m/s left in the lander



Due to part count limits, the best I could do was 3 Thumpers


Descending to a Munar landing




Climbing back to orbit with samples safely stowed in the return capsule


Reentry from Mun orbit was intense but nothing exploded and the return capsule splashed down in the Krenwich Sea



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Been getting into Career mode pretty hard lately, launched my most ambitious mission so far, an unmanned science and sample return mission to Minmus with two smol rovers for surface features:



The monoprop maneuvering system on the rovers has *just* enough delta-V to land on Minmus. Probably not a system I am going to repeat.


Science completed and loaded into the sample return capsule:




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Launch of the Tarkovsky 1 mapping satellite. With access only to rudimentary transmission technology, the satellite records images on film, which have to be recovered. This is also the first test of a recovery from orbit.


After successful recovery of the film capsule, a range of images were recovered, from which we have been able to piece together a low-quality photographic map of Kerbin.

EDIT: not strictly in KSP, but relevant to this mission: I just made a mission poster for it.


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Has anybody succeeded in making a marine propeller smaller than this? It's really bugging me that I can't figure out how to make one in 0.625 m format. (The BG prop blades don't work underwater.)


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Well here we go.

Turns out Sea Base chugs along at about 5-6 m/s when pushed by Perch. Enough if you want to shift it a couple of km.

I'm really happy at how Perch turned out. She's not fast -- top speed is about 11 m/s -- but she's really nice to pilot. Buoyancy is almost neutral, just the tiniest smidgen of a hair less dense than water, and she sits on an even keel as well. Can crawl at less than 1 m/s, cruise at 10-11, push Sea Base, and docks with it easily too.

And yes those names are puns.







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1 hour ago, Dr. Kerbal said:

I did an 11 year Jool mission going to Tylo, Bop, Laythe, and Vall am returning back to Kerbin. I didn’t make it to Poll because I only had a 1.2 K of delta v left which I needed to get back.

Dude, that’s awesome!!! Most players don’t get that far (Heck, I still have to do that!) that’s really impressive, keep it up!

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I was launching a crew of 2 into low Earth orbit, when this happened:


The whole rocket broke apart just as I was about to hit the abort button, tearing the parachutes off the pod in the process, so it looks like the crew are going to need their own parachutes. Except that one of them, despite having a parachute in his inventory, didn't have the option to deploy said parachute, and the other did deploy his parachute but then got Kraken-ed into the sea at a terrifying rate for no reason at all. If that's the way it's going to be, game... REVERT! And magically everything worked perfectly the second time round. Except for the heatshield running out of ablator and exploding during re-entry, but that was my own fault for not putting enough ablator on it.

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Evolution... or Miniaturization

On the left, the Condor, on the right, the new Q2.
Both ships have the same performance, horizontal and vertical thrust, ability to take off from Kerbin's surface and reach a stable parking orbit. 
Both are capable of self-supplying through surface or space mining and converting it into fuel.
Both have motorization provided by the Dangerous Systems mod, both of which carry a rover-vtol to explore non-atmospheric bodies. 
The fundamental difference is that BGE DLC robotization problems have been eliminated, eliminating robotization, and substantially reduced size.


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2 hours ago, Dr. Kerbal said:

I did an 11 year Jool mission going to Tylo, Bop, Laythe, and Vall am returning back to Kerbin. I didn’t make it to Poll because I only had a 1.2 K of delta v left which I needed to get back.

Holy smokes nice job.

I made an SSTO and after my 5th attempt, got it into orbit and put a satellite up there. I am now working on another module for my space station (most likely a return module so my Kerbals can get back just in case.



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i landed jeb bob and bill on mun, collected science, and then failed to have enough fuel to break mun orbit. i had enough monoprop to boost them into a slightly higher orbit, and successfully sent Val to go rescue them.

I also screwed up a Minmus mission by staging on the surface and not quicksaving. so that's an entire trip in the trash.

and i did something kinda clever in a sandbox game as a test, i sent up a couple relay satellites on one ship, and then deployed them and adjusted their trajectories so they would end up in a high orbit roughly equidistant from each other. currently their trajectories look like a flower. i did, however, mess up the deployment by leaving SAS on and not extending the solar panels so I had to send Jeb and Bill up to manually extend them, which required a good bit of maneuvering since by then they'd spread out from each other.

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Decided to take some time to play with my toys rather than making new ones all the time. Hudfry and Bob took the Legend from the Kosmodrome to the Sea Base. See, the Legend is among its other excellent qualities, a seaplane. For certain values of seaplane, at least. In any case, the 50 kilometre flight was uneventful, except that the Legend broke 300 m/s for the first time, albeit in a shallow dive.  There was  a happy reunion on board Sea Base, but then kerbals are always enviably happy. I think they phoned home using the extra-powerful relay dish Sea Base is equipped with. Hudfry even managed to make the leap from the wing of the Legend onto Sea Base without having to swim; Bob took a dunk and had to use the ladder to climb onboard.





Edit: I may have fibbed a tiny bit above. The BAK Legend is actually a really crummy seaplane. She can land and she can scramble out of water, but she can't take off water, at least not if it's at all choppy.

The BAK Sea Legend, her stubbier, slower, but much more agile sister, on the other hand, can. Based on the same design but adjusted for low-speed flight and specifically designed to lift off water -- and she does it easily, too. Just put her in "first gear" -- i.e., take-off prop pitch, rev up the motors, and pull the stick all the way back, and she's off. 

Notable design changes necessitated by the new requirement:

  • Shorter booms
  • Tailplane is higher up
  • Wing is higher up
  • Booms and engines are higher up
  • Wings have dihedral so they don't dip in the water on choppy seas
  • Engines are ever so slightly pointed upwards
  • Shorter fuselage
  • KALs added for prop pitch presets: the lowest one gives the Sea Legend an airspeed of only about 35 m/s, but that's enough to pull her out of the water; the next one accelerates her to about 100

Top speed is significantly lower than BAK Legend's -- about 230 m/s -- but if marine operations are an important consideration, the trade-off is worth it. She's also easy and fun to fly with SAS off, controlling climb with the trim controls (Forward/Back axis). She'll make beautiful coordinated turns just by rolling and pulling the nose up a bit. And of course she still has normal landing gear for dry-land operations. I like her so much I might send her to Laythe, too.


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