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What did you do in KSP today?


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After remembering to install Kopernicus, my 1.10 JNSQ install works so much better.  I also got to mess with some of the extra launch sites since I installed Kerbal Konstructs as well.  I didn't really do anything serious, just working on getting mods set up how I want & messing around in sandbox.

Not sure how the kerbals built that on top of a mountain, but it sure is convenient for polar launches:



With this in polar orbit (100km x 175000km), I shouldn't have problems keeping signal to anywhere:      


SRB-only first stage pushed a Mk2 pod out of the atmosphere.  Got a bit warm on the way....


But the fairing kept Bob nice & cool


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15 minutes ago, OrdinaryKerman said:

Which site is that?

You would ask that after I shut down my gaming computer!!  :o     IIRC it was the Leonov launch center (and I only figured that much from going to the github for JNSQ & digging through it)

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On 3/17/2021 at 8:27 PM, Cavscout74 said:

The abort test used a 1.875m SRB to cheaply launch the pod for the test



I always do a pad abort test and a IFAT (in-flight abort test) using a srb like you did, or a stripped down LV, like with my Leo Crew Launcher's test, the 2nd stage engine was deactivated and the SM engines, removed and replaced with some ballast on the interstage.

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7 hours ago, The Doodling Astronaut said:

Second module down. Third one will launch today


Bonus pic


I was messing around w/ my SOHO replica, and I saw a comet from the corner of my screen, so will use KACET II, launch TBD (KACET I got retired in a blaze of glory).

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I spent an inordinate amount of time poking, tweaking and/or otherwise messing around with my first Mercury orbiter design to eke even more delta-V out of it. At one point I realised that I could drop an entire stage from the design and barely lose any delta-V, but in the end I left it on to squeeze maximum range out of it. I tried swapping engines, swapping fuel tanks and even discovered that despite the upper stage being a staggeringly efficient engine with an ISP of nearly 500s, removing some fuel out of that actually increased total delta-V as the small loss on that stage was compensated for by the improvements in the lower stages.

The best I could get from this design was a smidgen over 32km/s of delta-V. Around 9 of those are needed just to get into low Earth orbit, followed by anywhere from 16 to 20 for a direct transfer into low orbit of Mercury, and at least 4 more to land. Yes, land- the previous design has a mere 29km/a of delta-V so I don’t expect it to orbit and then land, but this one has a pared back science payload and just about everything else has been stripped back for maximum range so it might just- just- make it to the surface in one piece; or if I did my calculations wrong, several pieces and a nice new crater.

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17 hours ago, Cavscout74 said:


That's one hell of a launch site.  I just have 2 issues with it.
#1- It makes getting the KSC's biomes a bit... precarious.
#2- You better pray your planes/VTOL crafts NEVER have engine failures.... Looks like a long way down :p

I Love this... this is awesome, lol.

15 minutes ago, Caerfinon said:


How does it move forwards or backwards?
I don't see any propellers or engines (Assuming you have electric wheels, but they dont appear to be mini-paddlewheels.

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33 minutes ago, Francois424 said:

I don't see any propellers or engines

There are four Feline "Boat Engines" on the underside of the rover to provide water travel with YAW control. I only designed it to cross rivers and bays. So forward, left and right are all I need. 

Works with Bon Voyage as a land or water rover for trip automation

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I begun Operation Eeloo (very uncreative name) where I send a nuclear ship to Eeloo with a smaller lander in the cargo hold. Today I launched both segments of the interplanetary ship into kerbin orbit. I plan tomorrow to dock the two and begin my trip (interplanetary ship has about 8000-ish m/s of delta V once in orbit).

Segment One:



Segment Two:



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The only place I've ever been good at precision landing was Minmus - and that was because I could pack tons of Delta V at a high TWR and had minimal gravity to deal with.


So with that in mind I was pretty happy when I put my prototype for a Luna Colony hub down within 180m of my initial landing zone in Mare Orientale.  I then launched my second generation Apollo craft (slightly better form all around) on a Polar orbit, directly into a Lunar polar orbit, and placed a lander 78.1m from the colony hub!




My refined LEM flies better though has the same mass, TWR, delta V, and part count - I'm just using all those things smarter.


I've still not figured out a good way to get the buggy to fit in the LEM without feeling like I'm cheating or giving up the form factor - so I just had the hub bring a pair of them along.


Edit:  Forgot to add - LEM's decent stage was bingo for fuel, less than 20m/s of delta v in the tank but a perfectly controlled touch down.  Bill and Jeb will make the walk over to the hub station after a well needed rest.  The LEM has plenty of batteries but they'll be shutting down non-essential equipment before they go so that it is ready as a return craft. 


Eventually I plan to get a refinery running as part of the colony and to start refueling the LEMs so that they are reusable and can get the entire crew down - for now Bob is going to have alot of time to work on his screenplay while the other two are on the surface.


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Stock aircraft carrier (works! can land and takeoff and be rearmed (repacked parachute)).



First landing:


Also plane works as a sub:


P.S the kerbal in the command seat on deck is an engineer there to rearm parachute and push the plane back to the back of the carrier for takeoff.

P.P.S if anyone is wondering about operation Eeloo, I got bored with it and canceled it (don't worry I deorbited the ship and all the kerbals are safe).

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55 minutes ago, AMA PR0 said:

Today I successfully landed my first rover on the mun! I call him tiny tim!

Landing a rover on Mün is relativelly easy, you just aim for the Mün and hit it - I rarely miss it nowadays!

Still having a rover after the landing is the hard part - misteriously, most of my rovers that touch the Mün vanishes on a cloud of dust... :P

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