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What did you do in KSP today?


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I've built, in the last 2 days, a space station, which should be capable of orbital construction. Awaiting a couple more resupply missions, we should be featured in my live stream which will take place soon, (within the hour). Also this time, I've featured a complete mod-list in the description.


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4 hours ago, pmborg said:

Replicating the Starship flight in KSP 1.11.2 with a special RO version and KOS code made @pmborg

What do you think?


[1] HOW TO INSTALL: https://github.com/pmborg/SpaceX-RO-Falcons/wiki/HOW-TO-INSTALL

[2] In KSP load this pre saved file: KSP1-10-DEMO-BASE-DroneShip1-2-LZ1-2.sfs

[3] and then in VAB load: Ships\VAB\SpaceX\StarshipQ12021\Starship SN9.craft

and Launch...

[4] on KOS console just type:



and the count down will start...




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Hey all.


Today after the Münning alighting landing of Mün Base Bravo.

Dudster(Engineer) Kerbal used the Bravo Rover to push Old Mün Base Alpha (About 110m away).

He also folded an antenna, removed a solar panel and adjusted the height of the docking port to assure a good docking.


Thanks Dudster Kerbal.


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Today was trials day for my first interplanetary colonization ship:




4x Clydesdale SRB's and 2 5m LFO boosters with a total of 10 Mastadons to get  it off the pad and high enough for nukes to take over.



Booster separation




Beginning the deployment sequence




The starboard side includes onsite fabrication, storage, and the science lab complete with retractable sensor boom.


Gravity ring, antenna array, and greenhouses deployed



Capable of supporting 50 Kerbals for 5 years with full life support and ~4500 m/s DV, it has everything needed for exploration and science missions, including a small fleet of compact planetary probes in the garage behind the bridge:



This is our first nuclear powered craft, so Bill had to go back and check the radiation levels on the engines after the circulization burn:




3.6 Roentgens... Not great, not terrible.


Time to test out the EVA tether system

I'm making a few refinements and will be launching the career version in  the next couple days, which should leave about a month to fully kit out and supply it before the Duna transfer window. Also need to come up with a proper name for it. I usually name my big ships after various sea and sky gods, like Tagaloa or Tiamat, but the name that popped out to me was "So Much for Subtlety"...


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Attempted to make a container ship and, of course, I need to start building gantry and ship-to-shore container cranes to put containers on and off of the ship and onto trucks or other ships. I could maybe start a Kerbal shipping port! :)

Also, check this out 

This too https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ1dklX9uq0hajnbNxBW7sA/videos


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and i made a TIV (a storm chasing vehicle that drives INTO A TORNADO for science! very kerbal :) )

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Yesterday I started digging into redoing a tech tree more to my liking, so today I needed to remember why KSP is fun so I tinkered with a reusable crew launcher for JNSQ.   Unlike my previous ones in stock scale that were able to just make orbit on the first stage & drop off the payload, I had to work at just getting the first stage on a suborbital trajectory.  The first attempt only got an Ap around 75km for the first stage.  After getting an Ap out of the atmosphere on the first stage, I ended up having to put my crew capsule with a much higher (400km) Ap to make sure I had enough time for the booster landing, although I ended up with a lot more time than I thought.  Unfortunately, the booster doesn't have much dV to spare so from a KSC launch, I come down in the middle of the Western Sea.  It did survive though.  I also tested out doing a powered landing on the Tethys pod.  That did require about 400 m/s total (of the 520 in the pod) and I didn't quite time my final throttle up correctly, resulting in the headshield/landing gear failing, although the pod & payload bay survived.



First attempt, with a 3.75m second stage


Second attempt - dropped the second stage down to 2.5m and used some slightly smaller first stage engines, which required the use of SRB's to assist with launch


First stage turned around, with grid fins deployed for reentry


I went with chutes to handle most of the braking, leaving the engines less work - and less dv - for the landing


Happily, it splashed down without breaking into multiple pieces


Even tipping over, it held together. 


After recovering the booster, it was time to attempt a powered Tethys landing




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Felt like developing a bit of experimental Duna infrastructure in a test save. This is part of a project I have named Red Spectre.





Just a descent vehicle right now, it can't handle ascent. In theory capable of landing a crew of seven on Duna, though I'll probably change that to a crew of four so that it can double as a temporary habitat (fuel cell powered, relying on the remaining descent engine propellant) without having to add much extra life support mass. Of course, that situation would only be for the case where the landing site is far enough away from the main habitat that it'd take an automated rover (that I have yet to design) a few days extra to get there, though as things stand it can keep a crew of four alive for four days on Duna's surface just fine.

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1 hour ago, swjr-swis said:

Not sure one can grow any potatoes in that time...

True, but this isn't a surface base. It's supposed to work in tandem with a surface base. The mission profile at Duna would be to send the ascent vehicle, surface base, and rover in one transfer window, and then send the crew (along with this descent vehicle) in the next. I don't remember much about the book you're referencing, but I'm fairly sure that Mars mission used a similar profile.

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