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What did you do in KSP today?


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1 hour ago, Single stage to ocean said:

fix this bug with cheat menu, cheat the science, and cheat them to orbit, sorry, but the game started it.

Thanks.  I rarely use cheats, so I didn't even know this was possible.  In this situation, it is called for but....damn, I really would have liked to have made my really cool robotic transfer arm work.  :D

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44 minutes ago, djr5899 said:

Thanks.  I rarely use cheats, so I didn't even know this was possible.  In this situation, it is called for but....damn, I really would have liked to have made my really cool robotic transfer arm work.  :D

From your description, the really cool robotic transfer arm DID work.  It also unfortunately attracted one of the many minor krakens known to inhabit the Kerbol system    :D

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With the Jool window approaching, it was time to get some probes launched.  I rebuilt the basic Jooldiver I was tinkering with yesterday, expanding the descent probe to 1.25m & the entry shell to 2.5m with inflatable heat shields on both ends.  It turned out to be the largest craft built to date - 1075 tons on the pad, with 6 radial boosters to get it into orbit and on to Jool.

Building the probe:





The last pair of radials are 3.75m like the core, also with Mammoth engines


Jettisoning the nose cone and last pair of boosters



I also sent up a Relay & vacuum Lander combo craft for Vall, then built a modified version with an atmospheric entry lander based on the Huygens (aka Draco from Probes Plus mod) for both Laythe & Tylo


Finally, I sent up another large relay to go to Jool with the other probes



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I finally got around to giving the Zephyr V rocket a proper launch platform instead of a bare pad. Garnet 9 carries a high-res altimetry scanner bound for polar Kerbin orbit.


Putting a SAR-X antenna on such a small satellite without it looking dorky proved a challenge, but I think it turned out really well.




The KSC was pretty overcast during the launch of Garnet 10.



Garnet 10 is a bit more normal looking. Same back end (the bus) as Garnet 9, but with a multispectral imager as the payload this time.


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Tested & launched just one craft:  a drone jet to explore Laythe ahead of a future manned mission.   And at 1408 tons, it once again surpasses my previous largest launch in this save (which was yesterday at 1075 tons)

Drone testing:




And launch:



The second stage has slightly under 500m/s remaining to start the transfer, then the quad NERV third stage will take over with a breathtaking 0.2g acceleration.  It will be jettisoned & destroyed before arrival at Laythe to prevent radioactive contamination of the watery moon and a Wolfhound-powered fourth stage will handle Laythe orbital insertion & entry.  An inflatable heatshield mounted on an extendable piston should shield most of the drone through atmospheric entry before it is jettisoned & the drone's Wheesley turbofan takes over.  At least that's the intent.  Note to self - send at least one more relay to Laythe so I don't have a repeat of what happened in an old save.


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The Jool mission continued to expand with the launch of a trio of small relays for Laythe and an advanced science probe (which went the opposite direction for mass - at 323 tons, it was the lightest launch of the Jool mission so far)

Laythe relay trio:




And the advanced science probe - the only 2.5m launch so far for Jool



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In case you were wondering what it would be like to try and land in Jool. About 5 km out from the surface you lose the ability to control your thrust level.


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Landed on Pol, Bop and Laythe to chalk up three more landings in my Kerbalism Grand Tour, now only Vall is left in the Jool system. Much like Laythe, Vall is right in the middle of Jool’s mighty radiation belts and a lethal dose takes mere days even with the maximum possible radiation shielding; unlike Laythe, Vall has no atmosphere, so while Laythe is at least nominally safe on the surface (0.45rad/h is ‘t great, but in low orbit it’s 12rad/h so a massive improvement), Vall is decidedly not- 11rad/h is by some margin the deadliest surface of any solid body in the Kerbol system.

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I fulfilled three "rescue so-and-so from orbit of Minmus" contracts all at once. I just stacked a bunch of lander cans, each with its own set of parachutes, with decouplers inbetween them so they could individually float gracefully down to Kerbin. We ended up landing near one of the poles, but everyone made it back safely and I made over $300k which will go towards upgrading my launchpad in my hard-mode career playthrough.

Here's Jeb patiently waiting for some of his new friends to land:


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Today Jeb had to escape a craft with no parachutes so he fell from the sky and survived. 

48 minutes ago, Clamp-o-Tron said:

Somebody show these to Felipe in 2010… he would have just about the biggest shock of his life.

He sure would of. 

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