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What did you do in KSP today?


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Continued working on my shuttle landing program.  I've made significant progress, the script now actually tracks the heading alignment circles instead of doing the big weird curve thing, and butters the bread on landing.  It even lands right in the touchdown zone.  Rollout could still use some work though.  The drag chute isn't deploying, and the brakes could be a bit more aggressive.   Also it would be nice (but not critical) to stay on centerline.

Edit:  The landing speed looks a bit faster than it really is, because I sped up the video to get real-time at the beginning, not realizing the lag decreased a bit as time went on.

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7 hours ago, BadOaks said:

@EpicSpaceTroll139 That's some absolute butter right there! Awesome work. You're making me want to finally bite the bullet and learn kOS.

I'd say go for it!  It can look intimidating at first, but it's actually not too hard to learn if you take it in steps.  Start off with something simple, like making the script print something on the screen.  Then perhaps make a rocket stage and fly straight up, then try making it do a simple turn over as it gets higher, etc.  The kOS documentation on GitHub helped me a lot with learning it (and still does today).  It gives an overview and tutorials for using all manner of features.

I started working with kOS quite some time ago, if I were to guess, shortly after it became available (whenever that was), but I don't remember exactly.  Having learned it actually made it much easier for me to get the hang of IRL coding languages as I went through college these past few years, so I highly recommend it both on a gameplay and brain-training basis.

This being said, be sure you're someone with a good amount of patience.  You will encounter bugs in your code, and it will often be frustrating.  Sometimes if you make a complicated code, you'll spend an hour trying to figure out why it won't work, only to find out you forgot a negative sign on a number (facepalm).  But, at least for me, when everything finally works, it's incredibly satisfying :) 

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45 minutes ago, Astrion said:

@Mythical What planet pack is it from?

My own! It's called Distant Lights, it's a big work in progress, but it's a binary system between a red dwarf and a white dwarf, with like 20-25 landable bodies to be once it's all done

I'll likely make a development thread here on the forums once I put out the first playable alphas (likely within a week or two)

In the meantime, though, I may post some more things on this forum thread

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Today I did this on a whim because KSP gives me the freedom to let my imagination create things. It's like Lego you don't actually stand on and go ow ow ow.




I know everybody is excited about KSP 2 but before a nice moderator moves this to a section they think it belongs in, where less people will see it.

I would like to say. I played the X2 and X3 space simulation, sandbox games ,extensively, and always wished I could land on planets realistically, or design my own ships. Here you can. Add in wormholes in the solar system so that we can travel to the solar systems that other modders have created, and no needing to choose which one to play in. Embrace KSP as the step in the evolution to make the most freeing sandbox space/planet/driving/submarine/jet flying game ever created. My 2 cents :D


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I had to rescue a kerbel in an orbit around the Mun.


We ditch the core before coasting out of the atmosphere.


Sight seeing is done while waiting for the intercept burn. The target orbit is 10.6 km X 4.2 km and I want to rendezvous with the target while it is climbing up to the AP of it's orbit.

And there is an eclipse happening on Kerbin here.


"Stop playing around and get over here!"


We also collected our scan data from Laythe with the semi-broken satellite.


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After just 13 years and 282 days in space, Connor and Phoebe touch down in the deserts after landing on Moho, Eve, Gilly, Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Dres, Laythe, Vall, Tylo, Bop, Pol and Eeloo.

With full Kerbalism, on hard mode.


And with that, the Grand Tour bug is well and truly out of my system. Time to go back to doing something easy and simple, like my RO/RP-1 career game...

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59 minutes ago, N_Danger said:

And there is an eclipse happening on Kerbin here.


That eclipse is super cool!

Yesterday I built a simple little space station/science lab above Minmus. I also sent a probe to different orbits, both with awful inclinations, around the Mun and Kerbin to fulfill a couple of contracts. I noticed the transfer window for Duna was closing fast, so I decided to send it over there just because I still had a ton of fuel. I don't know if the antenna on it will be powerful enough to maintain connection to the network, but it will at least fly by no matter what.

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Farlander 1 probe launching on board a Zephyr VI-100 rocket. 



The Farlander 1, bound for Duna, is my first interplanetary probe this for this career. It carries a suit of orbital science instruments including a multispectral biome imager and magnetometer. 


Firing and jettison of the monoprop orbit insertion stage.



Farlander 1 will spend a few weeks at 400 km altitude doing science in a polar orbit over the terminator, and then will lower its periapse to sample Duna's upper atmosphere. 



Full mission album here.

Bonus pic: I finished putting together a launch platform for the Amity / Zephyr VI-500C vehicle.


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After a few days away from KSP due to my wife being in the hospital, I was able to get some launches in today.  It turned out that Kerbal Alarm Clock lied about the transfer window to Eve - it's not in 52 days, it's in 8 days (or 1 year & something for a better window).  I put up 3 craft - a copy of the Soviet Venera probes with the detachable lander, a modified version of my combination relay & lander and finally a Manned Eve Flyby (MEF-1). 

MEF-1 uses a pair of new kerbonauts.  Specially recruited just for this mission (So the important ones don't die) and launched in a custom-built ship (Cobbled together at the last minute) to perform the first manned fly-by of Eve (probably) then return to Kerbin (maybe).


If this rocket brings tears to the eyes of serious rocket designers, I apologize.  It was late & I was impatient.  Despite it's looks, it actually flew reasonably well.  It might even have enough dV to get the crew back home.  Whether they can survive reentry remains to be seen.












The drop tanks actually had almost enough fuel for the Eve transfer.  The core fuel tank only needed to supply about 5 m/s after the tanks were dropped.


The brave crew on their way to Eve


Course correction maneuver.  They are now definitely on their way to Eve.  I feel like it might even be possible to catch a Kerbin intercept with the dV they have left before running out of life support.  Won't leave them much dV for braking before reentry though....


LRP-AN-Eve was slightly modified from the baseline LRP-AN design with the addition of a second heat shield to the lander for added protection, but was otherwise unchanged from the Laythe & Tylo launches (that ironically are waiting in orbit another 20 days for their transfer window)



Evera-1 also is a combination orbital relay & lander.




I also got a load of life support supplies into orbit, destined for Laythe for a future manned mission.  This set another mass record, at 1687 tons on the pad.   Just to deliver three 2.5m life support supply tanks & a little liquid fuel.




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(Hope your wife makes a good recovery and is out of the hospital soon, @Cavscout74)


I wanted to put my new turboprops to use, so I built this, this evening:



It's modeled on the Twin Otter.  It does about 215 m/s at 3.5 km but it's VSTOL performance is utterly outstanding, particularly when you nudge the props into reverse just as it touches down.

It has a full rack of independent flaps, just like the Real McCoy.

The turbo-props are 3-bladed with a 400-kallon tank, a nacelle and a Juno (for the racket as it doesn't add very much thrust.)  I added the 400-kallon tanks for better range, but it's only about 500km.


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2 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

(Hope your wife makes a good recovery and is out of the hospital soon, @Cavscout74)


I wanted to put my new turboprops to use, so I built this, this evening:


Thanks, she was released late friday and then slept most of saturday because they were waking her up every hour or so for more blood the whole time she was in the hospital. 

Nice plane!

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It's summer break and I have free time, and I've been busy, just not playing KSP. I might just go ahead and warp to the transfer windows already instead of just waiting around.

But of course I get bored, and so back to KSP I come running. The first thing I do is... chores.


Last time we left off, ANTS-2 returned to LKO after delivering a fresh crew to Mungate Station and finally bringing Wilmon home. Of course I was too lazy to do anything about it, so I left it, tanks 1/3 full, drifting in orbit.

I decided to station it at OFD-1 for the meantime for refueling and future use.





Docking and rendezvous were nothing of note, and ANTS-2 joined its sibling ANTS-4. After refueling both tugs, that left a station with nearly empty fuel tanks.


I wasted some fuel on just fuel transfer: I've been building a city in Minetest (Don't have Java Edition) Minecraft and I kept shift-clicking, which of course wastes fuel because both engines are enabled.

Of course, I had designed for this, and I decided to send up an SRTM: Semi-Reusable Tanker Module:


The design itself is rather bad, as it was hastily put together to refuel the original KOFDs as I forgot to include a way to refuel the station. But I've been trying to design a reusable tanker to no avail, so I had to launch it.


The rocket decided to behave strangely and tilt during launch, even though all nodes were attached properly and I had autostrut connecting nearly every single part.


I hastily decoupled the rocket and managed to get it into the air. I thought that mechjeb might be able to save the launch, so I switched on mechjeb ascent guidance.


Mechjeb was doing fine until it decided to freak out and well.. it all goes downhill (literally) from here



Beautiful view of the space center though... for all the lag it causes it's still quite worth it.

The crash left me feeling rather uninspired, so that's the end of it from me. Hopefully I'll do some more in the future.

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I am working on a mobile launchpad truck. It looks really cool (Especially the front. With all those lights and the black color, try to tell me that doesn't look bada**!) But it probably won't work. It's still a WIP, and just for fun, but it would be cool if it worked. I am calling it the KT-2013RKL. A little long, I know.


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