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What did you do in KSP today?


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There's always a lot of neat stuff featured here.

Today the KSC launched a tribute to the sea god, Koral*, into space because; where do sea gods belong? Space, of course!

[*originally this was supposed to be Koseibon, Lord of the Sea but, the finished product was a lot smaller than anticipated. Kerbals, not being ones to waste an opportunity to launch something, redubbed the launch in honor of Koseibon's son, Koral, Baron of Booster Bay]




It took 4 "simulated launches" to get this far.


Koral wards off Kerbol from his domain.



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Been a while since I posted here. Let's see... apparently the R&D kerbals were busy until the wee hours last night. A local news channel opened this morning with some mysteriously leaked photos of an early prototype being tested from the secretive island test site:




More speculation followed after the morning broadcast released a second set of photos leaked by the same anonymous source:








What are they working on over there? Does it explain the UFO sightings of late? And what in tarnation *does* Minmus taste like? It's a good thing our intrepid reporters are on the case.

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I had started a new career to finally land on every planet and moon in KSP, but I switched gears to a Science career.  Also I had been trying to unlock the tech tree in the shortest amount of "game time," but have pivoted to trying to unlock the full tech tree in the shortest number of launches (counting only those that return science points to KSP).  I'm currently on 12 total flights, with the first 5 levels of the tech tree unlocked, 4 of the 12 300 point techs unlocked, and 2 of the 11 550 point techs unlocked.  I can probably complete the 300 level techs by sending a new hopper craft to Minmus and the Mun, as I'm still using early hopper probes transmitting science back from those surfaces.

While my Ike biome hopper was unmanned, I had enough dV to collect science from 2 biomes and still rendezvous with my crewed craft in orbit and transfer the science to them instead of losing data by transmitting.  The Ike crew is now waiting for a fuel tanker to load them up so they can head back home.


Hoping to be able to finish the Tech Tree in 20 or less total launches.  After that, I'll concentrate on visiting the systems that I have never really been to in the game, Jool system, Eve system, and Eeloo.  All the others, I've at least managed to get a probe into their SOI in the past.

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Currently preparing to install a 6000 MW fission reactor (Near Future Mod stuff) and enough cooling panels to my big Station in 500km LKO. Don't know, what the kerbals do with so much electricity... But you know, Jeb said, they'd need moar power! And so I'm about to create the station module with reactor, batteries and capacitors... Solar cells are soooo last century. This station runs fully nuclear powered, because it's possible. 

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1 minute ago, Caerfinon said:

The sea has many secrets...


testing some Site Dive contracts...

I "Like" this but unfortunately the forum software says I have used all mine up.

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Added the last Modules to the Cassiopeia Station in 500km LKO.

As you can see, the inflateable Modules on the right hand side below are not inflated yet. Also the both centrifuges in the middle are not unfolded yet. For these things I will need to get 3 engineers up there. They will also start up the 6000 kW Hermes Fission reactor... Moar Power, you know?! (Jeb proposed a highly powered sauna, which heats up from cold to cozy hot in mere seconds... so he got his wish fullfilled.) Don't let Kerbals play with uranium! I had to tell them, not to play with the rods.

Also some conversion to refill propellants and gases have to performed. Think I will eat up much of the stored ore.

(The Station uses Nertea's Mods (Near Future and Stockalike Station Parts Expansion with some nice 3,75m station parts))

This will be my Science processing lab in the sky. A separate dedicated refueling station for 150km LKO is also planned.



Constructed in 8 launches.





On the left hand side: The main docking port for my SSTO-Spaceplanes. Faaaar away from the hot reactors in the right hand side below incl. a re-enrichment facility for depleted nuclear fuels.



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Now fully operational Cassiopeia-Station @500km LKO with docked Sphinx-Class-SSTO.

Left hand side: Industrial section with ISRU, Gas tanks, reactor core, cooling, uranium centrifuge for uranium reprocessing or Xenon extraction.

Middle: 2 crew centrifuges (counterrotating) for kerbals enabling to reproduce (no, not the three dolphins club), a big science section with big lab and hydropinics and aquatics

Righthand side: controll, habitation and communication.

Far right hand: a docked sphinx Mk II with 20 Kerbal capacity.


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I created Termania, the second circumbinary moon around Collait&Culair, it orbits a bit furtther, and despite Petrichor's lore saying that its water migrated to Termania, most of it actually missed.
Termania is slightly smaller than Kerbin at 550km radius, has 0.95g, BUT unlike Petrichor, it has a surface pressure of 1.4atm, and has a thick atmosphere.
Termania's red oceans are caused by large amounts of iron oxide in its water. Lorewise, its oceans were blue-green due to dissolved iron, until oxygen producing microorganisms evolved and started producing oxygen that reacted with the iron, turning it red. The life is only unicellular, living majority in the oceans, but there is life on land, mostly in the low lying areas, giving it a pinker hue. there is no surface life at 6000m or above.
The surface temperature is a temperate 282K, mostly due to greenhouse effect keeping most of the heat. the atmo color is blue-green
Termania has many large canyons to fly around in, this is in the longest canyon, it stretches at least 200km
Pic of the side with less oceans, it has the canyon near the top in the pic. The life staying in the low lying areas is noticable. flight is easier on this world than on Kerbin
and here is a zoomed in pic from one of Termania's oceans, with Petrichor at its closest point.
and this is a pic of the binary gas giants and the two circumbinary moons' orbits

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On 7/13/2021 at 7:48 PM, Stormpilot said:

That’s odd…

what dose everyone else see?

When I tried to open it in a separate tab on my desktop it tells me you're trying to steal my credit cards. :D


Maybe I'm regionally locked out?

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24 minutes ago, Mahnarch said:

When I tried to open it in a separate tab on my desktop it tells me you're trying to steal my credit cards. :D


Maybe I'm regionally locked out?

Possible. Test by using VPN from a seperate country, state, or location.

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