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What did you do in KSP today?


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I updated Xaxt's heightmap, and use VoroniCrater pqs mod a bit, and layered it a few times, to create a new cratered look!"
Xaxt is the inner moon orbiting Collait in the Estrela Dobre system, it is 45km in radius, with a surface gravity of 0.05g, it is about the size of Pol, but with higher gravity, mostly that it has an unusually large iron core. Despite its higher than pol's gravity, its SOI is very tiny, at only 66km in radius from the center.. It does have some pretty good views of the local system!
i also changed the coloring so it looks better.
A pic from the surface of Xaxt
Due to how close Xaxt is to Correlae, it does present some nice views when the two moons are at their closest points to each other

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After 2 unmanned fuel tankers were needed to provide enough fuel to get home, Pilot Billy-Bobeny Kerman (awesome game generated name) successfully guided his crew home from the Eve system.  While they did not land on Eve or Gilly, they did manage to capture over 4000 science points that will be a big help in completing the tech tree.

First time ever in the Eve system without cheats, and first time there since new terrains have been added over time.  Planned to land on Gilly.  Never have before.  Learned I need some quick firing retrograde rockets for next time.  That Gilly encounter is gone before you blink your eyes.  Next time Gilly....next time. :D

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June 13th, 2013..  Eight years ago I began playing KSP. (real time!) (screenshots in spoiler below)

A couple years ago I landed on Duna with a small experimental mining lander..

Later I developed two massive mining landers, one for the Mun and one for Minmus with orbiting stations holding large amounts of fuel.

As well, I have deployed several Kerbol orbits with relay satellites.

Tonight, I will land an unmanned mission on the mysterious and cloud covered planet Eve for the first time - career mode..

I have prepared a ship with 4 units total:
1. Probodobodyne Okto2 controlled lander, Heat shielding and cooling systems, unlimited power from PB-NUK generators.. full stack of science from a completed tech tree.
2. Two separate & completely automated relay satellites for overall planetary signal coverage to operate everything unmanned. 
3.  A survey satellite to locate resources and solid ground to land on.

The plan is to arrive into polar orbit and place the survey satellite followed by changing to equatorial orbits and obtain nearly perfect circularized orbits for the relay satellites to maintain signal.  Finally to land and perform science, even though at this point all science will do is generate Kredits.

An experienced player might observe the method I used to stack everything tightly in this image.  I used multiple AE-FF1 airstream protective shells, and enabled truss structures in order to have node points above each satellite which normally dont have connecting nodes.  There are stack separators provided and stage enabled.  Previous launches of this ship were fully tested in Kerbin orbit to ensure when the final trip is made, that all units separate properly and function.

Finally all the preparation of the mining units allows this ship to reach minmus, and refuel for the last time before heading to Eve fully loaded, but only using a relatively small main thruster stage.

The two bright pointy objects (near the rearmost point of main fuel tanks) are independently fully automated advanced grabbing units that were designed to be dropped off at minmus station on the way out..  just a small delivery that was needed to allow future visiting ships to connect and transfer fuel efficiently, further enhancing my abilities at the minmus launch point.

If all goes well, I will eventually send manned space stations with maintenance crew, pilots and scientists to achieve higher rank / levels for each kerbal.




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Using a Bonanza to practice going in and out of Lukla, very near the summit of Mt Keverest:

en1GULn.png    MaOjpej.png

I wanted to create a challenging field.  Getting out is hard, let alone getting in -- at a density altitude at which the single Juno is putting out only half its sea-level rating.

There's a very short "runway" (actually a taxiway) here for true STOL and helos to use as an aiming point.  The natural dirt strip (510m), with a steep run-up at the end, has been preserved, as it is flat enough, albeit,sloping.

This place has everything!  Topped off with a short walk to the highest point on Kerbin.


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11 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

There's a very short "runway" (actually a taxiway) here for true STOL

Your capacity for subtle understatement is noted. :D


After a brief intermission with less-than-adequate hardware to play KSP on, I'm back in business. Naturally, this meant entering the (apparently blooming) market for Bonanza V-inspired utility craft with my Beech B V. With a carrier deployed just off the coast, what better way to spend a casual nightly test flight than assessing STOL potential with a carrier landing?





Valentina is happy with its performance... if perhaps a bit plussed.  Now to face Jeb and explain the unannounced visit.


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On 7/16/2021 at 7:17 PM, Maxxim said:

The plan is to arrive into polar orbit and place the survey satellite followed by changing to equatorial orbits and obtain nearly perfect circularized orbits for the relay satellites to maintain signal

Probably obvious... or too late now... I would separate the scanner probe at the edge of Eve SOI and fly that to a polar orbit independently while rest of the ship goes to the equator. You'll spend a LOT less dV than trying to torque the ship over 90 deg. in low Eve orbit. That takes at least 1962 m/s according to wiki. Good with on Eve! She's a witch.

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This is Donsted-Frobrett AFB (DFB).  It occupies one whole island.  It is 106 km SSW of KSC and has two runways, both short and both grassy.

39PYI0K.png    uvltm8i.png

(All you need is a building, right?)

Great for a Sunday morning flight or a prototype test flight.  Come on down sometime?

Donsted R9  7.01S / 82.17W / 84m
Frobrett R36  6.99S / 82.11W / 119m

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2 hours ago, Hotel26 said:

Great for a Sunday morning flight or a prototype test flight.  Come on down sometime?

Donsted R9  7.01S / 82.17W / 84m
Frobrett R36  6.99S / 82.11W / 119m

I  was on a test flight and decide to take a gander. The island I found at these exact coordinates has a tiny bit of reasonably flat beach on the northeast end, but the rest rises pretty abruptly and doesn't have the flat stretch of field your picture shows.

What is your graphic detail setting, if I may inquire? This is, unfortunately, an important detail to know when sharing things like airfield locations. I have it set at the maximum. I suspect yours is a lower setting. It would explain why our terrain topography varies so much when up close.

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7 hours ago, swjr-swis said:

What is your graphic detail setting, if I may inquire?

Terrain setting on High; Texture Quality on Half Res; but I just set Full Res up to max and no difference here.  R9 is only 400m long before it climbs a hill in its third segment.  The threshold slopes slightly down until meeting the middle segment which is level.  I'm on 1.11.2, of course.  Are you flying in 1.3 or 1.11.2?

(OK, I will try this in 1.3.1...  Oh, boy: that jet 'whistle' makes me nostalgic for 1.3.1.)

If this fails to show any difference, I will start a new world...

UPDATE: OK, I think it is a bit flatter in 1.11.2.

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I'm not dead!
Just been debugging kOS scripts, which feels like it sometimes.

Continuing my habit of making things unnecessarily complicated, I decided to have my shuttle entry guidance script use a program based on the actual space shuttle guidance program Unified Powered Flight Guidance (UPFG) for deorbit.   This program will be able to handle ascent, deorbit, and orbital maneuvers (maybe even abort maneuvers later).  For now I've been testing the UPFG code on ascent, as the most complicated parts are the same as what will be needed for deorbit.  Also, interfacing with a basic gravity turn at the start was quicker and easier to debug than getting the rest of the entry guidance working.

After a several days of debugging, I finally got a flight that makes me think I can safely say I've got the UPFG iteration and steering almost working.  The algorithm converges on a solution pretty quickly and issues consistent steering commands...



The time to go (Tgo) and velocity to be gained (Vgo) decremented over time in a manner I would expect, but the pitch of the steering vector seemed to be a bit off, and I'm not sure why.



The altitude began to drop significantly and the Vgo vector slowly angled up over time, until...



...10 seconds before cutoff, on entering terminal guidance, it hit a bug that killed the script.   I'm not sure exactly what the trajectory would have looked like if the script had run to completion, but I don't think it would have gotten the perigee out of the ground, let alone the atmosphere.  :huh:


There's a possibility I just gave the script an unworkable combination of gravity turn, target orbit, and vehicle, so I'm going to fiddle with those before diving back into debugging the code.  Hoping that works because I've spent way too much time on this :sealed:

Once I get this working, I'll have to interface it with the entry guidance, and add a staging manager if I want to use it for ascent with anything other than this shuttle on this launcher.

Edit:  What really kills me doing this is that my computer for some reason doesn't always dedicate its full performance to running KSP.  Sometimes it will run at near real time.  Sometimes it will run at a slow, but tolerable 1/3rd real time.  But other times it will run at a mind-numbing 1/10th real time, with no obvious rhyme or reason

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