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What did you do in KSP today?


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It's been a while since last posting here, this is a good status update on how my career's going.


(As a side-note, the music aligning so well with the video was entirely serendipitous. I just thought the 2001 music would fit well, and it turned out to match the major milestones nicely.)

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7 minutes ago, Caerfinon said:

Went on a little diving expedition in the Coral Lagoon


We would be happy if those features were on land and here you are doing it underwater. So good.

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6 hours ago, lemon cup said:

Slowly getting the hang of working the Canadarm on STS-92!


Check out the rest of our progress in ISS Adventures.


Awesome! The Canadarm was manufactured not to far from where I live!

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The crew of the much beloved CSL returned after 2 years.


And a very successful landing in the desert


I also sent my first jool probe! sadly it did not have enough fuel to orbit but it did a flyby (sorry, I lost the photos of the launch and jool)


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16 hours ago, Caerfinon said:

It is the SQUAD_Cave instances. actually a few of them pieced together.

Do you have a link to the mod that adds these? I've been looking for things to add underwater, and to kerbin in general.

All I ended up doing was adding BG surface features to kerbin:


Geysers in Kerbin's badlands:


Volcanic rocks in Kerbin's badlands:



Ice chunks and "Eeloo" Bergs at the poles (Eeloo Bergs renamed, and not pictured)



On another note, I revisited my reusable 2-stage Eve cargoplane, which got 18 tons to orbit in a medium cargobay and ramp. That darn cargobay combination has a mass of 7 tons (10 tons for the longer version). That bay is seriously restrictive anyway. I thought about it, and I wondered, why am I building these things anyway? My original impetus for building these was that I wanted to construct to mobile modular surface bases. My thoughts were:

1) I can use a fuel truck/depot module to expand fuel capacity of the shuttle, and use it as a fuel tanker in addition to the craft to bring modules down to the surface to construct the base. - But a dedicated tanker craft is more efficient (less tedious repeated tanker trips), and taking modules down 1 by 1 is tedious, particularly on atmospheric bodies. Now with engineers and 1 storage container, I can even remove and put away parachutes after landing to save part count.




2) I could lift all modules of a base back to orbit, and bring them down somewhere else. I have never used this capability. The most I've done is land an ISRU module at a spot that wasn't carefully selected, to fuel up the shuttle, and then go back to orbit to choose a spot for the base more carefully, or to carry the ISRU around to collect biome data. I don't need to go ot orbit for that.

I can do fairings a a couple chutes on Eve. I don't need the down-mass capability. And what do I really need the up-mass capability for? lifting up fuel for something in low Eve orbit (would this eve be more convenient than taking fuel from Gilly?). Lifting a few kerbals up?

So I ditched the idea of an Eve shuttle with a cargobay.. bye bye to this:



To be replaced by 2 different orbiters. One would be the fuel tanker. In place of the 2.5-mk3 adapter, mk3 cargobay parts, and 1.875m side tanks was simply 2 in line orange tanks, with an engine plate at the back (now 3x wolfhounds instead of 2x skippers). 2.5m rxn wheels and batteries became 1.25m ones. 2x solare panels became 1x. 4x canard control surfaces went to 2x. Big-S wings became Swept structural wings. 4x elevons became 2x swept elevons. Mass went down, dV went up, TWR went up (all considering 1440LF/1760Ox as payload). Any even smaller crew carrying orbiter was easily made. 

Instead of swapping out modules in the cargobay, I'm swapping out orbiters for different functions.

With my new orbiters, I got to work optimizing my 1st stage carrier:




The orbiter joins with the carrier by just docking on the ground. Landing gear spring strength is adjusted in case of alignment problems. They join unfueled, and are fueled up by an ISRU base on the ground.

EC was limiting the max altitude on props, so I tried a gigantor based solution, trying to fly below the speed they snap off... results are... not great so far.

Anticipating that the gigantors would work, I ditched 24 2.5 meter batteries (keeping 2), and added some wings (trying to improve ceiling on props, and also keep flight speed down so as not to break the gigantors)

Anticipating a higher ceiling on props, I also removed 2x Kerbodyne S3-14400 Tanks replaced 8 vectors with 2 mamoths, removed another 4 vectors (I had anticipated an orbiter using 2x vectors instead of 3x wolfhounds, and I may want to revist that, so I can use crossfeeding to use those vectors).

I was able to reduce mass from just over 900 tons to just over 700, at the cost of only 200 m/s (anticipated to be made up for by lighting engines higher in Eve's atmosphere)...

It seems like I'm close to a much more efficient and practical system, but I'm still having a problem with supplying the EC.

I could try spamming Ox-stat XL panels, but that would eliminate by part count savings... I don't want performance to suffer too bad. I wonder if the Ox-stat panels would be even better for performance, since they have their "physics significance" set to zero in the config.

I think I'm going to mod the Ox-Stat-XL to have the same physics significance = zero setting, since 1 of those is identical to 8 of the ox-stats, and I want to save part count


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30 minutes ago, KerikBalm said:

Do you have a link to the mod that adds these?

The base mod for this is Kerbal Konstructs. You can use it to build bases, towns, natural wonders, etc.  You can use stock Squad assets for this. You can use the many many assets others have created as part of various mods. If you are very creative, you can manufacture your own 3D models to create objects that you can import.  

Currently sites created with Kerbal Konstructs, for the most part, work in KSP 1.12, however the site editing function does not work at all. 

If you want to build sites you will need to use a KSP 1.11 instance of the game. The sites you build can be packaged and transferred to KSP 1.12 instances if you wish.

You will find a link in my signature to a beginner's tutorial on creating sites if you are interested.


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Put the first lander on Ike, today, along with an orbiting science sat:


After getting a sling around Duna to match the orbits better, it was a cheap burn into orbit, and time to separate the lander/ground based relay from the orbiter and service section:



The orbiter section had the fuel tanks for the capture burn, a plethora of science experiments, and a number of antenna as part of setting up my "Duna-Net" local Ki-Fi network. One big RA-100 commsat is in a highly eccentric Duna polar orbit, and the plan is to use a mesh of smaller and cheaper relays to bounce the signal to the big antenna that will spend most of its time hovering over the south pole. A key part of the plan is putting a ground based relay on the Duna facing side of Ike, essentially turning the whole moon into a geosynch communication satellite, and in combination with the big polar sat, providing near constant comms to half of the planet.


Ike is known for being a moon that is as big up and down as it is around, so a wide stance and adjustable legs are critical:


Fully deployed and ready to support the next wave of rovers and ultimately the krewed exploration of the surface:





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I rescued a kerbal from the Mun's surface.


I had the somewhat smart idea of using EVA Construction to attach a docking port to the pod of the kerbal I was tasked with rescuing, since the contract also said I had to return the pod.

The pod was stranded in the southern part of the Mun, a good distance from the equator.

I tried to attach the docking port directly at first, but that summoned the kraken and immediately destroyed the pod for some reason. To get around this, I attached a reaction wheel then the docking port.

My plan fell apart when I realized reaction wheels aren't as strong as I thought, so I spent several minutes spinning around trying to get the docking ports close enough to connect.

Eventually it connected, and I spent several more minutes messing with the landing gear to get it upright again.

Before leaving, I built a small platform to gather gravioli and seismic data. (This save has Kerbalism installed, so these experiments take a long time to run.)

The mess that is this craft safely landed on Kerbin shortly after.

I also redirected an asteroid.


While I was launching another mission, I saw an asteroid close to Kerbin and tracked it. The asteroid's trajectory was close to an orbit, and also heading straight for the surface.

I threw together a klaw craft to redirect the asteroid for potential use later along with another asteroid that was already in Kerbin orbit, probably from a Mun assist.



Asteroid was klawed with zero kraken attacks, surprisingly.

I redirected it to aerobrake into a lower orbit that would hopefully not intersect with the Mun's SOI.


The asteroid was successfully captured, at the cost of the craft's solar panels.


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I launched my stock space telescope InSight (not to be confused by the real world mars lander of the same name) from my absolutely badass Sea Golem!


Getting ready to breach the surface


Very awesome liftoff!


Breaking through the atmosphere.


Preforming the burn to solar orbit



Orbit! it will begin  tracking celestial bodies that encounter Duna.

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Pimp My Sub...

Took my USI Otter sub to the shop for some upgrades;

  • Detailing, luxury crew pod, and upgraded lights courtesy of @ColdJ's excellent part upgrades (the inventory space is much appreciated!)
  • Added the reactor and some radiators back in because POWER! 
  • Tricked out the command pod with a Kommodore Sea 64 Dive controller system from @Angel-125 's SunkWorks with some modified ballast tanks.

Let's go diving!


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Experimenting with a "passenger terminal".  A Mk-3 cabin with a short Mk-3 LF fuselage.  Some comms aerials coz...  and a ladder for pedestrians.


A little harder to see, in the shadows under the airplanes: docking stations.



I use the Ship Manifest mod purely for its Crew Transfer function.


Passengers can be embarked/disembarked from/to the passenger terminal (which doubles as longer-term base accommodation) or directly between connecting flights.  And top off the tanks at the same time.

So far, the Kraken have been kind.  (I had 4 stations on this for longer-term parking, but why tempt the Fates, I decided.)

As for getting these deployed to remote airfields...?  Vessel Mover.


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On 6/12/2019 at 1:12 PM, NeoFatalis said:

Flew a BDB Gemini 





Hey man since I can't message you because of a new account I'll ask here, what mod did you use to have that nice bright blue planet going on? Tufx KS3P? And would you share your presets? Thank you

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This is actually old but I successfully rescued a Mk2 cockpit from the Mun with this ungainly rover-ship.  

PS I brought 4 tourists with me to combine contracts.


Got a nice photo of an eclipse reentering. 


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