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What did you do in KSP today?


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3 hours ago, swjr-swis said:

Once more, Valentina ignored her ToDo list, after spotting an interesting aircraft (@HyperDraco's Draconic Sea-Fox F).

She asked the team in the lab if they could make some modifications, and they delivered the DSF R4, a SWiS reinterpretation of the concept. They did try to warn her that it wasn't tuned and ready yet, but off she went to do a River Run...


She'll have plenty of time to evaluate the performance before she tries again.

I am HyperDraco, original creator of the Sea-Fox R, and I approve this.

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My OPM grand tour reached Urlum. The planet itself is nowhere near as beautiful as Neidon, but one of the moons is great. Mixed reviews on the rings, they look good from certain perspectives, from others they are underwhelming


Here A'Tuin is passing straight through the rings. Seen like this, they are just lines


A closeup of Urlum from periapsis


Polta is really beautiful. It is my new favourite celestial body to drive a rover on


And from this perspective, the rings look much better




It's purely a matter of tastes, but the color, the color variations, the topography, they are all perfect.

P.S. The crew pod is red because the life support got broken. Don't worry, there is enough air for two days before the crew start getting CO2 poisoning.


And this is the second moon, Priax. I really did not like it. Its extreme ruggedness makes it really annoying to try and drive anywhere. Plus it is incredibly dark; this picture has, like, 70% light amplification; in normal light, you can't see anything. The one good thing about Priax is the sky, and least from the right spots on the surface


Further from Urlum is the big moon Wal, with its own moon, Tal. Tal is very small, as small as Pol, and somewhat less irregular. It's nice, though I prefer Pol. But it's an extremely important refueling spot


There are flying boulders on Tal too. Unlike stock boulders, which you can pass through, OPM boulders will collide. Here I almost crashed with a boulder in mid-air



Those pictures, taken when Arrowhead was plunging in atmospheric flight inside Urlum, are the best images of the rings I have. From this perspective, they really look good.



Urlum itself is nothing special when seen from orbit, but from the low atmosphere it gets this beautiful glow. I can only describe it as "otherworldly". Which is very appropriate, since it's on another world.


The last moon shown here is Wal, high in the sky while A'Tuin refuels on Tal. Wal is somewhat bigger than Duna, and extremely rough. It looks good from afar, but not from up close


Here is a closer look at Wal, while I'm trying to land A'Tuin on it. Unfortunately the uranium concentration on Tal was below treshold, I had to get down and get more. Wal has a huge mountain range surrounding the whole planet at the equator, guess which biome has the right resources to allow for isru?


Such are the inconveniencies of trying to land a 5000 ton ship on a planet with 0.37 g amid a mountain range. Yes, A'Tuin started tumbling down the incline and exploded. But it's also a pic of the surface of Wal. I didn't take many because I don't like it, from up close the colors make it look dull, washed out


This successful landing is just a few km north of the previous attempts, I managed to hit a relatively flat place amid the foothills. This place is already at 11 km of altitude over datum, and the highest mountains exceed 20 km. You can see one of them in background, part of the wall running around the equator, though I have no idea how high that one is. I tried to explore the place with the rover, but between high gravity and irregular terrain, I kept exploding and it wasn't fun. I eventually gave up.

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3 hours ago, king of nowhere said:

very impressive. But what's the power source on that thing? I can't see any solar panel or rtg or anything. also, what are those wheels? I don't recognize them from stock


yes, this planet does have an atmosphere, the surface pressure is only about 0.5 atm

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More of the usual...


I fully finalized my current iteration of the Nebula as well as the Boradsword.  Not that you can see jack with that much pulse cannon and plasma rockets flying everywhere...




These 2 are actually suprisingly balanced all things considered once they are in point blank.  The Nebula has more guns that shoot faster but is less accurate as the guns are strapped all over, and is just notorious at getting it's pulse cannons shot off somewhat moreso then the Broadsword does.  Ofc it has more of them, so the winner of a 1v1 slugfest is usually determined by who gets the first solid hits on target rather then what ship is techically better designed...



Still, my favorite part about the nebula is that its turreted, and the fire is actually way more precise when using turrets (forward firing has convergence issues, turrets dont seem to have that solong as you only use one side at a time).  Traverse is pretty solid too, can fire up/down at 30deg, and can fire in 360deg to the sides (and it can fire backwards making retreating while fireing a valid tactic).


And i ended the day with some SSTO messing around (trying to cram even more fuel inside this overloaded monstrosity that should never be able to fly to begin with (one rapier pushing almost 40t is a bit underpowered)...


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UK Cargo flights

Added Titan engines to make more vroom.


Added more control surfaces. More speed mean more flaps to slow it down (the reverse thrust  from the engines helps as well).


Cargo delivered... now where is the pilot's lounge? 


The Expeditor II available at you local KerbalX dealership

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A combination of many builds , for the crane and the skycrane , oh and 39 revert to via the F9 Key later and it's up and running , wobbles a bit , but should let me build something really really silly .

All because of that ground anchor , which really is filling my brain up with idea's .


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Launched a communication satellite on a conspicuously-painted Soyuz



This particular Soyuz-2 rocket were manufactured by RSC Motoki (М.Терасаки Ракет Утю Каися), a space company headquartered in Sinto


Look closely at the fairing, you may notice that a flag of the Soviet Union was shown under Crypton Future Systems logo, indicating that the Soviet Union didn't collaps in this alternate universe


Fregat passing the torch after Blok I burnout


"SORA" communication satellite in orbit, hovering above the Far East



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Today I had my first halfway-decent SSTO spaceplane ready for its first operational flight, and I also had Labree Kerman offering me a lot of money if I would take her to Mun orbit. So, I thought, what better way to test new, semi-experimental hardware than flying a biological payload with deep pockets?


Liftoff of the Akira (it's named after a Star Trek ship class) with Jeb, Bill and Labree onboard. I'm really proud of how I was able to make this look and fly - during testing, it made it to orbit on the second try with no major redesigns required.


Akira made it to orbit and docked with my space station without issue. 


With the SSTO parked at the station awaiting the crew's return, the Kerbin System Transfer Vehicle makes the burn to rendezvous with the Mun.


I chose an extremely low Mun orbit (about 6km above 'sea level'), allowing us to make some close passes with the surface. We already hauled our passenger's wallet all the way here (a not inconsiderably light payload) so we might as well do some closeup orbital-velocity sightseeing.


Jebediah, being the Thrillmaster Extraordinaire that he is, decided to do an EVA while the vehicle was passing a few hundred metres from a canyon wall at orbital velocity. I think the closest I got was about 150m, though my reaction time wasn't good enough to snap a screenshot at that altitude.


We also passed by my Munbase, though we unfortunately didn't get in physics range. Over there they're doing actual science and not just whizzing dangerously close to crater walls.



Time to head home. As much fun as Munar thrill-seeking is, Jeb is itching to fly the Akira down to the KSC.


The AttitudeAdjuster mod is really helpful for this sort of thing, it makes it easy to change the pitch angle on the fly to really dial in an accurate landing location, in this case the KSC.


Despite a temporary loss of roll and yaw control at the end of re-entry, Jeb was able to get it back under control and bring the spaceplane back in for a deadstick landing at the KSC.


With the Akira's shakedown run complete, and Labree's wad of cash slightly thinner than before, this mission is a success!

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I built a base on a Mun Arch.


I sent the crew first to set up the ground anchor.


I sent the base shortly after.


I used a KIS container from MOLE to haul parts to the top of the arch.

My original plan was to offset a part to attach the docking port to, but offsetting something disables its collision for some reason.

I launched a girder to replace it. Once it was docked to the ground anchor, I used the engine on the base at low throttle combined with RCS to dock to it.

And docked.

I added a KAS winch on a crane, but it doesn't quite reach the ground.

I would've fixed it, but the Kraken had other plans and sent my kerbal through the base upon reloading.

I also summoned the floating offset gizmo and decided to close the game before the entire base was consumed by the Kraken.


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I created Anos, the large cold moon of Ichor
Anos is a very cold world that is slightly too warm for methane and is barely cool enough for ethane to be liquid. It is 485km in radius, with a gravity of 0.67g, a thick atmosphere at 2.2atm. This moon's atmosphere has large amounts of methane. hmm i might need to reduce the sheer brightness of its atmorim as it is really far from the stars...

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MKywVdv.jpgTwzFYOL.jpgu7MVuc9.jpgTDYwO9k.jpgJR5ijLS.jpgkw48pcD.jpg Today I made the first tests of my first SSTO, and guess what: Failure! My apoapsis successfully goes to 70k and more, but the nuclear engine just isn't enough. I also made a V2 rocket, capable of a sub-orbital flight. Also a New Shepard.

About the V2: Fully stock, uses a fairing for the shape and a Skipper engine. Capable of destroying the VAB. If you want a craft file, well sorry because I play on a PS4.

Next time I'll try a Duna landing with kerbals

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The Mt. Kaytoo Expedition

The team mounts up in their trusty Land Rover and heads from the KSC to the ascent start point.


It's a steep climb up the southern approaches to the mountain.


Eventually the team reaches the point where the Rover can no longer proceed, so time to make base camp


The team heads out on foot on a perilously steep climb around the bowl of the mountain towards the summit.



The team reaches the summit and celebrated with a flag planting


The route taken 


Mountain expeditions courtesy of the Kerbin Geographic Organization sponsorship 7zSBPMo.png

Kerbal herding courtesy of EVA Follower


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Found my first ever Mun Stone by complete accident. Happened to land in visual range of it (few hundred meters away) inside the Southwest Crater, noticed that it looked different when I looked around to check if there were any anomalies nearby (haven't found any so far) so I jetpack'd over and when it turned out to be solid, I knew it wasn't terrain scatter, so I had Bob bag it. +12 science.

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8 hours ago, Caerfinon said:

Checking on the Bluefish Stocks

A little freshwater dive at the Hatchery


Getting an overview of this important ecosystem


So much to do and see on the riverbed.



Singlehandedly bringing life to the seas of Kerbin.

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A robotic arm with a Claw Jr (similar to Krew 5) gets the most reliable grip on any size aircraft but leaves you with the push back problem to get clear.

Pushback "solves" that problem.  But, frankly, I think I've solved this problem (less than completely satisfactorily) so many times over, I prefer a mod for this.

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I've been launching a new series of resupply vessels to make a round trip to Service Station 1. This one is Minbus 4, the fifth launch to Service Station 1. (The first launch was Minbus 0, mainly a demonstration and shall not be mentioned because I forgot parachutes, then had to delay rescuing it for 140 days to launch Minbus 1 and then build the rescue vehicle).


The (soon-to-be) routine launch goes well. Minbus 4 is a simple supply run.



After stage separation, the craft reorganizes itself similar to the Apollo missions. Both segments can operate independently if it so needed. The habitation module is needed to house supplies and extend the habitation life of those onboard, while the service/command module houses the computer core, return capsule, and the propulsion.


Arriving at Minmus and rendevous goes smoothly.


After redocking and transfering the supplies aboard, Minbus 4 docked onto the now-empty supply containers to eject them into Minmus.



Some reorganization later, Minbus 4 finally leaves Service Station 1.




Finally, the return again went relatively smoothly.

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Everyone is quite excited about the new research/rescue ship 

  • Hull will be outfitted with quarters for additional passengers
  • Sub can decouple and dock using RCS (aquatic version)
  • Vessel acts as a Bon Voyage naval rover
  • Perfect for rescue, salvage and exploration missions on the high seas


Made possible by @Angel-125's fantastic work on SunkWorks and @ColdJ's wonderfully repurposed parts for submarines.

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